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  1. India is nowhere close to top in Judo but as far as I remember we used to win couple of medals at CWG. Regarding Weightlifting medals, it’s not a complaint but comparison with previous CWGs where separate medals were given and it inflated our tally.
  2. Commonwealth Games 2018

    Honestly speaking, can’t complain
  3. Taekwondo 2018 Discussion Thread

    Israel athletes banned from taekwondo event in Tunisia
  4. You can find the details Here To sum up: 1) Archery: Same as Rio. For Mixed same as Archery World Cups 2) Shooting: Same as Rio. Can find actual list of quotas in the thread mentioned by me. Qualification starts in September 2018 3) Boxing: No information yet 4) Wrestling: Same as Rio 5) Badminton: Same as Rio
  5. Commonwealth Games 2018

    And she is just 16.
  6. Amazing performance. Manika Batra was amazing. And Mouma Das finally has a Commonwealth Gold to go with her Silver and Bronze.
  7. Commonwealth Games 2018

    Thats 5th Gold for her in last one month (2 Gold in WC, 2 Gold in Junior WC and 1 Gold in CWG). CWG is not strict about adhering to the Olympic events/formats.
  8. Commonwealth Games 2018

    Manu Bhaker continues her golden form. Complete domination.
  9. Commonwealth Games 2018

    Kind of expected. Asian nations are not expected to win many medals in Swimming, Gymnastics or Cycling.
  10. Commonwealth Games 2018

    It should be happiest people not happiest man #Peoplekind
  11. Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018

    Where is Dan? I am hearing rumours that he is in Antarctica finalising the deal with Penguins
  12. Rakesh qualified for final but in 5th place. Also, sadly Ghoshal and Sandhu lost in Squash.
  13. Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018

    with so many countries yet to vote, you are sending just 3 reserves? Brave choice
  14. Triple starter = competing in 3 events which is possible. Actually if a shooter with quota in 10m Air Rifle gets MQS in Trap, he can compete there as well.