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  1. Considering how many points India receives, it is a lot.
  2. Nope. I think you have voted for Indian entries multiple times.
  3. That was one of the best songs I have heard in TISC.
  4. Can't belive it is first 12 points to Ireland from India. Also, didn't know we had given so many 12 points to GB
  5. What about India's 12 points over the years?
  6. Thank you. I was expecting from points from you.
  7. I am hearing rumours that Ireland has already promised the penguins that next contest would be hosted in Antarctica in exchange of help in winning all these contests.
  8. Still remember the 12 points you gave to my all time favourite Luka Chuppi in last year's open contest.
  9. My aim was one medal, I ended up with 1 gold and India's best ever finish. Can't complain.
  10. You emotional ladies want to sleep and eat. Be a man and complete this farce of contest where only emotional songs win due to points from their neighbours.
  11. after 4th listen you may have dropped to last position
  12. Wow thats detailed. And nice to see India leading in all three rounds. By margin
  13. Ireland can enter the contest with any Corrs instrumental (with lot of flute) and get 12 points from me.
  14. Activity? That user has only one post and that is the entry in this contest. I won't be surprised if it was a ghost account by someone just to enter the contest.