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  1. Italy National Thread

    This is what I call hard talk, but I agree.. It's true..
  2. Men's Volleyball FIVB World League 2017

    Thank you very much for the live feed links..
  3. Italy National Thread

    I didn't see the match but from the highlights on YouTube it seems referees were poor...
  4. Futsal Discussion Thread

    There's a suspected foul in Egypt's fourth goal and penalty for Italy not given. Poor refereeing?
  5. Italy National Thread

    I can't find the words to reply. I am still in shock... the spirit of Roberto Baggio; you are right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Italy National Thread

    how is that even possible? Egypt?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Italy National Thread

    Pallavolo maschile è nella finale. Pallanuote femminile hanno vinto la medaglia argento. Giusto?
  8. Italy National Thread

    It is not Italy's problem that Brazil and France needed a score from us or for Canada to lose. It's unfortunate
  9. Italy National Thread

    Campriani seconda d'oro? Or just delayed transmission here in England?
  10. Italy National Thread

    Campriani per favore
  11. Italy National Thread

    E questa è la medaglia d'oro.. Forza l'azzurri forza Garozzo forza ragazzi e ragazze
  12. Italy National Thread

    Garozzo per favore per favore
  13. Italy National Thread

    What happened to pallavolo italiano? Pallavolo femminile ha perso e Lupo e Nikolai hanno perso anche.. Perché?
  14. Volleyball 2016 Discussion Thread

    Squander a 2-0 lead is fashion, typical.. I'm not happy