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  1. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    because you accept to see this part called Holland taking the independence from the Netherlands ?
  2. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    USA is behind this idea, they want their petrol like they did with Sudan
  3. @amen09 don't forget the entry list
  4. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    during last night thousands of people have been evacuated as tremors shake Mount Agung volcano in Bali the volcano woke up , how are things @Griff88 ?
  5. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    ooh f... you will not believe it , i just saw now an asteroîde /UFO ? from my window
  6. Boules Discussion Thread

    and we have the Podiums , only 5th place for us + 1/4 finalist , like always medals lost easily
  7. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

  8. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    just now , another earthquake in Mexico 6.1
  9. he is in the only users who could miss this edition are : @Il_qar ,@Ruslan and @Glen they are not online for longtime
  10. Rowing 2017 Discussion Thread

    nothing cancelled , the date still 23/09 , did the hurricane destroy the park ? http://wrch2017.com/
  11. tomorrow will strart the Invictus Games, Toronto but not much participating nations while the wars are everywhere http://www.invictusgames2017.com/nations/
  12. there is no TISC without hckosiçe
  13. Wushu Discussion Thread

    14th World Wushu Championship – Kazan, Russia 28/09 to 03/10/2017 Official site
  14. @opruh could join for the Philippines
  15. for each edition i try to pick one different style ,... here is the song of this time ALGERIA AçYL I listen to your nonsense and I stay awake and calm I support all your prejudices, I think you have the right I gave up reacting, it’s useless To see you tormented it’s delicious! Because you are the folly and the cowardice And you are afraid of the awakening of righteousness You breathe as you envy me The pollution deep inside me Full of hate you reproach me what you will never be: Me Because you are the rancor, the pettiness Hooker you sell your self, and you huckster Just blame your self you created The part of me who betrayed Forget the ways you failed and what I did for you Where were you when I taught astronomy, and philosophy when I irrigated the drought? Nowhere, you were nowhere Ungrateful X and Y, the math variants علم التّشريح=ilm etachrih = the science of anatomy Adapting the Hellenic sciences I gave you Ptolemy Ungrateful The memory, the short memory
  16. Road Cycling UCI World Championships 2017

    Gold for Italy is coming
  17. Chess Discussion Thread

    FIDE World Chess Cup 2017 2 to 28/09 Tbilisi Georgia and finally we have the finalists : VS well done Maxime , this guy was brillant
  18. Chess Discussion Thread

    what a match of semi , in live https://tbilisi2017.fide.com/live-games/
  19. Chess Discussion Thread

    FIDE World Chess Cup 2017 2 to 28/09 Tbilisi Georgia Official site Participants
  20. so we can post the songs at 12:00 why this precision