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  1. will you do it tonight ? here yes for one hour , 20:30 to 21:30
  2. the 4th Islamic Solidaity Games , the tickets are released around 120 euro of the opening ceremony i'm thinkin to go there , never been in centrale Asia
  3. we have one member called @goofy900 he is online he is real
  4. i remember this old cartoon but i never knew his name LOL goofy
  5. kids
  6. oh really !! so you are alone against the Univers
  7. usa did use saddam to make the war against Iran , you don't know that i guess what ever you say i will not change my opinion because it's just the truth
  8. i just hope that the taste of pizza is not unpleasant
  9. this one is much more funny
  10. LOL this puppet is born in 1997 and talks politic i didn' t noticed that , you should be at school if you have one
  11. like if i care you are just a puppet , farewell
  12. my name is "6 days" and i can't catch the ball,
  13. Petition started for Taiwan’s name to be used at Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games , no more "Chinese Taipei " china will not be happy here here
  14. also benladen worked for the CIA for longtime
  15. the terro explode the moskes /kill the muslims /and they never attacked israel : this is the proof that they are not muslims also they defeated the Syrian/Irakian army because they use very strong weapons only Usa/Europe/israel have , so they got these weapons from where ? is it the Congo ? the US army bombarded the Syrian/Irakian army when they were in front against the terro many many times , ...they say it was by mistake oh really !!?