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  1. this critera is poor they focus on terro while there are many most dangerous things like the hurricanes , virus , mafia , sharkes ....etc
  2. again equality with portugal
  3. by the way as i know that Slovakians are not big travelers so they are not concerned by any categories
  4. World record woooo International Powerlifting Federation - IPF à Minsk Sports Palace. 25 juin, 06:07 · Minsk, Belarus · World Record Bench Press with 277.5 kg by Ilyas Boughalem ALG in the 120+kg class
  5. child doped LOL this is the worst crime you could inflict ,he will grow with cancer or something , just for this your federation should be ban forever
  6. they have the yakuza Ninja ninjutsu
  7. Weightlifting Wolrd Junior Championships tokyo2017 105 kg bronze medal for Aymen touiri Gold Iran , Silver Armenia
  8. some people are stupid including who gave reputations to gianlu , this new user posted only 1 message but his english was so perfect/tried to push his own nation down LOL , so he is not i can bet for intoronto as i know the personnality of each one so just activate your brain and try to improve your IQ over 20
  9. the worst react inX factor , very funny
  10. 3 days for the diamond league "Paris" and this is the lonly stage without 1500 m Men ,very strange
  11. bronze for ABUGHAUSH the gold medalist in rio and he is Palestinian migrant in Jordan
  12. @Sindo can you plzz confirm the nationality of this new user http://totallympics.com/index.php?/profile/704-algerian/
  13. 6th palce for us , only 65 points as we didn't participate in women's pretty good result as we are better than Serbia FINAL STANDINGS
  14. July is the best month for sport ,there are tons of events