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  1. strange website
  2. italy always feels good during the 1st half but will fail and lose by a large score during the second
  3. will not be like that they will make some arrangements , and mostly the songs in live are differents than on youtube i remember many songs were predicted as winner and finaly didn't qualify to the final
  4. i really can't understand this hell of no luck , when i predict one norwegian as winner will be always russian and if i predict the russian of course will be norwegian
  5. where can i find the results of the SKI JUMPING Men's Individual Normal Hill ? this official site is ugly
  6. oh f.... my prediction CROSS-COUNTRY Men's 30 km Skiathlon Day 3, February 25th, 2017 Martin Johnsrud Sundby Finn Hågen Krogh Sergey Ustiugov
  7. wales wales
  8. do you know this smartphone application called "charlie charlie challenge" it's a Ouija game , seems you can communicate with a ghost pupils used it at school just to know the subjects of exams but many real dangerous incidents happened as faints,Gas explosion ,things moved.....etc it was a polimic here , Which prompted the Ministry of Education to prohibit this application ......but how will they proceed !!
  9. wrong prediction again SKI JUMPING Women's Individual Normal HiIl Day 2, February 24th, 2017 Sara Takanashi Daniela Iraschko-Stolz Any Other
  10. Sara Takanashi
  12. my prediction 0 point i hope that you will stop these predictions of winter sports NORDIC COMBINED Individual Normal Hill / 10 km Day 2, February 24th, 2017 Jørgen Graabak Fabian Rießle Akito Watabe