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  1. [OFF TOPIC] Science & Technology Thread

    Meh, I would like to see how ground looks during the total eclipse. But it's always just corona that they show.
  2. Para-dressage individual competitions were held today, first time I had an opportunity to watch it. Historic moment for Latvia as Rihards Snikus won their first ever medal. Even Croatia had a participant in the Grade I class, with a decent enough performance in his debut. Hopefully next Paralympics are in the cards for him.
  3. Vuelta a España 2017

  4. Gareth Hughes' Don Carissimo failed at the horse inspection so GBR will be competing with the team of 3 in dressage. Competition start tomorrow. Here's the startlist. It's slightly unusual to see that pretty much all competitions will be held in afternoon and evening.
  5. Summer Universiade 2017

    Spoke too soon.
  6. Summer Universiade 2017

    Canada going for gold here.
  7. Venue for this event will be quite spectacular.
  8. SEA Games have the worst website to be honest.
  9. Summer Universiade 2017

    I feel sad for the Taiwanese athletes, having to compete under some artificial flag their home event.
  10. And Ingrid finally does it. Reiner Klimke would be proud. She blew up everything at Badminton this year in the exactly same situation.
  11. Jung Not touching a single fence by the way...
  12. And Sara blows everything, meh.
  13. And that's a team gold for GBR with 0 pens in show jumping.
  14. At this rate there will be British clean sweep.
  15. And now Ennis touches once fence and it falls down. Looks like my jinx worked very well...
  16. Canter touching fences everywhere, but nothing fell. That's exactly why I never liked show jumping much.
  17. Clear for Kai Ruder. Putting pressure on everyone in front.
  18. Roman with two fences down. But damn, he touched like 90% of the fences.
  19. Good stuff for Karin Donckers. 5th at the WCh in 2014, but eliminated in both 2015 and 2016 so this is a bit of a relief for sure.
  20. Very dissapointing ending for Bauer after an excellent XC round, 24 penalties.
  21. Third clear in a row, Krajewski