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  1. Equestrian FEI World Games 2018

    Grade IV and V freestyle competitions in para-dressage are about to start.
  2. Equestrian FEI World Games 2018

    I don't know why, just Guam. In show jumping. Croatia and Slovenia did qualify some athletes in endurance/jumping, but sent nobody to America. Both countries have competed at several WEGs in the past, however the only ex-Yugoslav nation in Tryon was Macedonia.
  3. Hey it's not over. But really, prediction contest in these formats are mostly a game of luck.
  4. Equestrian FEI World Games 2018

    He is a German who wanted to compete for Guam, but eventually choose Croatia because it was easier to get citizenship. His daughter is competing for Croatia these days, but only at amateur level.
  5. I'm in the game of getting no points from NZ.
  6. Bookmark this for when NZ gives 12 pts to Lithuania.
  7. Equestrian FEI World Games 2018

    Current medal table: Germany has won almost half of the bronze medals so far. And today, they could quite possibly add at least 3 more of them.
  8. There is, but they didn't bother to send a team last time. I guess they will this time seeing how they went in Tryon. Still, that leaves a spot for one rather undeserving team...
  9. After missing Olympic qualification by exactly one place at both Rio qualifiers, the Irish show jumping team has again missed it by one place. That's absolutely incredible. And ridiculous. And therefore everyone who dares to use term "bad luck" on this forum will get a stern look from me. Meanwhile, this is how Group G team jumping qualification event for Rio 2016 looked like. Two quotas were on offer - Japan and Australia qualified. This time we have 2 quotas on offer again, but with a twist lying in a fact that both Japan and Australia are already qualified! Absolutely ridiculuos. One of these teams needs to avoid elimination and the joke is real!!
  10. Men's Volleyball FIVB World Championship 2018

    Yeah, I predicted 3-1 for Serbia. Didn't think about it twice.
  11. Equestrian FEI World Games 2018

    McLain! That was, WOW. Best competition of WEG so far.
  12. Equestrian FEI World Games 2018

    McLain will have 0.21 seconds in hand over Fredricson.
  13. Equestrian FEI World Games 2018

    What a jump-off!!
  14. Equestrian FEI World Games 2018

    What a fail for Baryard.
  15. Equestrian FEI World Games 2018

    Gotta give it to Australia though. Kermond and Raymont arrived to Europe few months ago, and when they entered World Cup finals in Paris they looked completely out of place with fences flying left and right. They have made an outstanding improvement since.
  16. Equestrian FEI World Games 2018

    Top 25 with max 3 per nation.
  17. Equestrian FEI World Games 2018

    Jump-off for gold! Wow, imagine the odds!!
  18. Equestrian FEI World Games 2018

    So next year we'll have Europeans with yet to qualify. My heart breaks for Ireland.
  19. Equestrian FEI World Games 2018

    And here we go... Australia qualified. Great news for Chinese Taipei.
  20. Equestrian FEI World Games 2018

    Australia guaranteed to finish at least 7th. Cian needs clear to qualify Ireland. That's it. EDIT: Wait, Rowan can already secure it...
  21. Equestrian FEI World Games 2018

    Eric Lamaze has withdrawn.
  22. Equestrian FEI World Games 2018

    At least silver for Sweden. If USA has 0+4 then we have a gold medal jump-off...
  23. Equestrian FEI World Games 2018

    So, if Whitaker has 2 down, and O'Connor has 1 down, then Australia doesn't even have to jump for qualification. Mind blowing.