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  1. Ouch. But she's all fine. God bless the air vests.
  2. Very influential cross-country in Kentucky yesterday. Clark Montgomery failed miserably... Two refusals, and once again I thought it would finally go well for him... Michael Jung takes the command after XC, in front of Maxime Livio. Interestingly, we had exactly the same situation at 4* in Pau last year when Livio came through in the show jumping and surprinsgly defeated Jung! Let's see if history repeats itself. Some really cool rounds in XC yesterday. Tim Bourke went from 41st after dressage to 9th (!) after achieving one of only few clears inside the time.
  3. Lol, Finland is the only non-big curling nation that got qualification in mixed event. So much for this event allowing smallers ones to get into Olympics.
  4. Hey, you got points from me too!
  5. Canada's membership is perhaps the most impressive. They had several different users over the years and they are still in.
  6. Yep, TISC analytics tried to get inside the House of the Committee today, but failed. We only have some official photos.
  7. It would be cool to see @vinipereira making logo for his own contest this time.
  8. The only countries that never failed to give some points to the eventual winners. The likes of Denmark, Lithuania and Italy are now 8/8.
  9. That's right, Iran has been accepted in The Committee. Agger, the president of The Committee should officially introduce Iran. The rule of The Committee continues strongly.
  10. Congrats Great Britain! Well, I did not see that coming to be honest. Well done Brazil and Serbia too! Once again I didn't give any points to the winner. And I used to think it's easy to give the points to the eventual winners.
  11. Looks like there were some behind-the-scenes controversies.
  12. By default India isn't the member. However, I don't know if there are some alternative ways...
  13. I knew I can count on you Grazie Italia! Which Italian user gave me the most points?
  14. It's similar to from last year, though a bit better. Btw, Asian record in points, held by Vietnam was finally broken.
  15. I do expect points now @Gianlu33
  16. Iran 100% Probably Brazil and Argentina
  17. Some Algerian for sure Though, that might be kungshamra apparently!
  18. Portugal is crazy in this last session 12-9-11-5-11
  19. Thanks Brazil We surpass 60 pts.
  20. That's right. Ireland's wins in 2014-15 were at different contests.
  21. We are going to be scoreless in the last session it seems.
  22. Portugal's points so far in this session: 12-9-11 Not that I disagree with that