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  1. And apparently they just ignored countries like Cape Verde, Gambia, Sierra Leone (unless all of those are completely safe ).
  2. Well, Jonty Evans at least did well. Meanwhile, the only really sad thing I can remember is Shane Rose's elimination within the very last minute, following a foot-perfect ride...
  3. Well, I wish to see the replay of eventing cross-country. But that's not happening apparently.
  4. Looks like they've uploaded full men's 50km walk. Some may have been waiting for that.
  5. Honestly, I thought "algerian" was bestmen. Trying to make a point how nobody on the forum seems to care about Algerian swimming.
  6. Yes, we are like China in table tennis.
  7. Actually it's not the first time that they stay here. I think it was also before 2015 WCh or something. Anyway, it's right next to my home town.
  8. Yeah, don't go down that road...
  9. Maybe he thought EPO was so out of date that they are not testing it anymore.
  10. Just a thought. Not all Algerians live in Algeria.
  11. RIP Argentina
  12. This is a quiz for bestmen. https://www.sporcle.com/games/zoltrix2388/immigration_countries Saudi Arabia and UAE in top 5. UAE 85% immigrants. lol
  13. Doesn't look like we're competitive though.
  14. I prefer August. Starting with athletics Worlds, followed by Europeans in equestrian disciplines.
  15. I watched it actually, and I agree, it is boring to everyone that likes the classical slalom canoeing format... Same as ski and snowboard cross. Overtaking after the start is next to impossible.
  16. That's just Wikipedia.
  17. [hide] Knockout Round June 28th - July 2nd, 2017 4 Nations, Semifinals, Bronze Medal Match, Gold Medal Match Semifinals Moskow Time (GMT +3) Date and Venue Team 1 T1 T2 Team 2 June 28th 2017, h. 21:00, Kazan Arena, Kazan Portugal 1 1 Chile June 29th 2017, h. 21:00, Fisht Olympic Stadium, Sochi Germany 2 1 Mexico [/hide]
  18. This is an awesome game. I actually played it few days ago for the first time in a while. My favourite event is probably canoe slalom though. I also like gymnastics.
  19. Lol, EAA claims that only 2 go out. http://www.european-athletics.org/news/article=germany-crowned-european-team-champions-full-standings-and-results-all-leagues-available/index.html
  20. Two nations will get relegated, not three.
  21. Rotterdam weekend over, Americans indeed managed to beat the Dutch. It's not like the Dutch are winning everything these days, but seeing how Rotterdam is always their selection event they always have their best team here (other nations mostly didn't have the best riders). But anyway, it has been quite a weird weekend altogether. Funny weather, flying objects, spectators loudly falling in the stands during competition and so on. All this atmosphere caused some unusually bad scores in the dressage portion of the event though. Gust of wind blew away the entire long side of dressage arena during Anabel Balknahol's ride.