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  1. Wow Mikica.
  2. Lindsey Vonn again wants to make a mixed gender event in alpine skiing. http://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1045960/american-star-vonn-to-make-second-attempt-to-compete-against-men
  3. Wow, you are so quick to report. Hopefully there are no casualties.
  4. So today Mirjana Lučić-Baroni won her first match at Australian Open since 1998 (19 years ago).
  5. As usual, I am great at football contest.
  6. The timing of that incident is rather interesting.
  7. So Totallympics will have to choose one for each freestyle skiing and snowboarding. Will there be voting to decide which ones will be used?
  8. The top-300 period. Having two racers per gender at the Olympics is not an easy task. Lithuania for example was allowed to have only 1 per gender in Sochi, and they do have some tradition in both cross-country and biathlon. Spain was allowed to have only one female racer even though they had Laura Orgue at the time, and she was even capable of getting top 30 finishes at WC level.
  9. Their presumption is so wrong, very optimistic in fact. Looking at Mourao's results, she is way above the maximum of 100 FIS points which are required for "A" standard. This basically means that, as of today, Brazil will only be allowed to send one female racer who will be allowed to start in only one race (either 10km free or sprint classic). To get an "A" standard her average of distance FIS points has to be under 100. And having one "A" standard does not guarantee the second quota. "A" standard merely allows the racer to start in all of the individual events. Having two athletes requires both of them having an "A" standard AND one of them being inside the top 300 on the Olympic FIS points list (distance or sprint). If the rules were as generous as Brazilians think, then even the exotic likes of Mongolia and Iran would be able to have two female racers.
  10. Who knows, maybe I'll go and watch if Samorin gets it Although, so far I have never witnessed an equestrian event live.
  11. Lisa Wilcox and Galant delivered the goods and won the first freestyle with 77.2%. http://gdf.coth.com/article/watch-lisa-wilcox-and-galant-earn-victory-in-fei-grand-prix-freestyle In other news, Kentucky withdrew their bid for 2022 WEG, leaving Samorin as the only official candidate. @hckosice
  12. It's either no snow or too much snow this year...
  13. Looks like no. He most likely missed his chance for a gold in Vancouver, in Torino and Sochi just winning a medal was a big success. And if we are going to win a medal in Pyeongchang, then that's going to be in women's slalom, since that is the only event scheduled for 14th of February in which Croatia is going to compete. Since 2002, on every Winter Olympics we won a medal on Valentine's day... That stat was especially astonishing in 2010 and 2014. In 2010, Jakov Fak was our only athlete who competed on 14th and he won a medal out of nowhere. In 2014, Ivica won combined silver on 14th, even though he was very much out of shape for a whole season. Despite his bad shape at the time I still expected a medal, because men's combined was appropriately scheduled for 14th.
  14. Well, they were never anywhere near podium. It was the best race for Ivica in a while, however after the race he said that this was his last WC race... Maybe only WCh in combined to come, but that's it.
  15. The other two persons on the podium are also "no names". It was a joke, completely decided by the weather conditions (first ten starters in downhill had a huge advantage)...