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  1. Eurosport will broadcast qualification races once again
  2. Talk about a close encounter with a judge, starting at 6:07
  3. That wouldn't matter as the likes of and will always qualify through rankings.
  4. Moving here @uk12points In alpine skiing it's average of top 2 results that needs to be under 140.
  5. Wow, I stayed in front and won my second gold ever. And in the process I finished in front of user who has animated biathlon targets on his avatar. Anyway, congrats @heywoodu and @rybak
  6. African championships ended today with the road races. Although we are far away from Olympic qualification, it's fun to see which nations would probably earn quotas if this edition was qualifying event. It would be and , both of whom never participated in cycling before. Swaziland wouldn't be far away actually. African road qualification is always one of those very unpredictable events.
  7. I don't think these are the best Ukrainians, so they should have no chance of competing at the Olympics. So what are they doing in Pakistan if not helping them to qualify?
  8. So if these Ukrainians had a DNF, or if they had (a lot slower) a little slower times, then the Pakistani girl would have been well inside the Olympic qualification points...
  9. They have no chance for next year, their results are very weak. But hopefully they will improve over time and become more competitive.
  10. He is already qualified for Korea, following the recent result in Bosnia.
  11. I guess having some non-Olympic sports could have brought more interest to the smaller winter nations, like in 2011 when Iran, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia grabbed a couple of medals in bandy and ski-orienteering.
  12. You'll survive, biathlon worlds are held every year...
  13. Expected number of different nations on the podium is 4-5, that's gonna be so exciting.
  14. Ah, my prediction wanted Eder second and Boe third. After leading from the start I'm gonna drop
  15. Boe will catch them