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  1. Asian Games 2018

    I'd be surprised if they don't have some Americans or Australians in the team.
  2. Asian Games 2018

    Still less ridiculous than women's football tournament in 2014 when Hong Kong qualified for quarterfinals by virtue of losing both group matches 5:0.
  3. Retired Athletes in 2018

    And so goes the tennis.
  4. Men's Baseball WBSC Under 15 World Cup 2018

    Panama humiliating Germany. How often do you get to see that?
  5. Equestrian FEI World Games 2018

    Still nothing from FEI... However a bunch of eventing teams have been named in recent days. http://eventingnation.com/brazil-names-final-squad-for-2018-fei-world-equestrian-games/ http://eventingnation.com/dutch-squad-announced-for-2018-fei-world-equestrian-games/ http://eventingnation.com/great-britains-announces-team-for-2018-world-equestrian-games/ http://eventingnation.com/australia-announces-squad-for-2018-world-equestrian-games/
  6. [OFF TOPIC] Movies & TV Series Thread

    Zootopia is definitely one of the best animated pictures I've watched in recent times.
  7. Equestrian FEI World Games 2018

    It's the other way around actually. Enzo (Valentina's father) doesn't let Valentina and any other rider in their team to compete for Italy at championships... Italian federation got angry at Enzo for selling Eremo del Castegno (Valentina's top horse) right before Rio, even though the federation was paying them to keep the horse until Rio 2016. Enzo however claimed that they didn't break the deal because they still qualified for Rio on Eremo (and eventually competed with experienced Chablis)... Italian federation in fact sued Enzo, but apparently in the end the lawsuit was dropped and settlement outside court was made.
  8. Equestrian FEI World Games 2018

    Yeah, looks like no team following withdrawal of Pia Laus-Schneider due to a riding accident. Also Valentina Truppa and Co. apparently continue their boycott of national team... At least having two individuals is better than having nothing like at Europeans last year. Progress.
  9. Men's Baseball WBSC Under 15 World Cup 2018

    WBSC youtube channel is broadcasting all matches.
  10. Men's Baseball WBSC Under 15 World Cup 2018

    Interestig to take a peak at some of the games. At times the plays look very amateuristic. Also I'm quite sure I've never seen U15 Worlds in any team sport.
  11. Equestrian FEI World Games 2018

    Looks like something happened to Vittoria Panizzon. Too bad.
  12. Equestrian FEI World Games 2018

    A lot of teams have been announced in the last 48 hours or so, but hopefully FEI will publish the nominated entries soon so that I can post them all at once.
  13. Olympic Videos & Pictures

    Yay, upon my own suggestion (), Olympic channel uploaded this video as part of their Music Monday series. Tinne Vilhelmson-Silfven & Don Auriello performing to the Beach Boys medley at Rio 2016.
  14. European Championships 2018

    Equestrian having additional Europeans in WEG year? Not happening.