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  1. OMG You are a typical anti-Russian propagandist. Russians always and everywhere are to blame. Give another link to the New York Times
  2. Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018

    yes I in also
  3. These were the weakest Olympics in the last 30 years .. Empty arenas, bad schedule and weather, lack of excitement and passion, hockey without NHL, the transformation in x-games, and most importantly - a very nervous and difficult atmosphere. Too much negativity. Such this Olympics will remain in history.
  4. Beckie Scott is the cheater who at the Olympics in Nagano took 60th place, and in 4 years suddenly began to take medals? What a progress And when did Dick Pound Russia take a moment of glory? Maybe at the IOC session in 2001 in Moscow, when he voted for Jacques Rogge. not for him? scoundrels
  5. Sorry Czechs, they are more worthy of a medal. Canada was afraid to be humiliated in the final
  6. Come on, dont disgrace, Canada. Each goal is asked by the review. You are still in WADA contact, to Beckie Scott and Richard Pound
  7. what a cheerful third period
  8. Snowboarding at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    Dirty politics. This is not a sport. Very sad
  9. 4 medals and no gold? I dont think he will be very happy. In sports is only one place - the first. He was very upset after the finish
  10. Okey man, everything's fine
  11. All the same Russian skiers are the best. I'm very happy for Harvey, the fourth place is his place
  12. Cursed Olympics, it would have ended faster
  13. FUCKK ..Why Bolshunov didn't change skis? It's all decided, no experience yet