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  1. Embarrassment for Canada.
  2. Canada National Thread

    I'm not sure. Women's curling and bobsled were supposed to be gimmes, and they look doubtful. Women's short track relay was denied a medal for the first time, and given the reffing I'm not sure what's going to happen in the men's relay either. Need a couple surprise/outside shots to get on the podium to beat 26, i.e. the women's pursuit team tonight.
  3. Here are the two Koreans on the track, at least half a lap before the hand off. The Korean closer to the inside has not been tagged, yet is clearly interfering with the Chinese, and getting int he way of Canada. Two seconds later, two Koreans still on the track. Now the non-tagged Korean is clearly blocking the Italian skater. I really, really want to make it clear that I am complaining about this not because Canada lost out on a medal (though there is that, too). It's because I really like this sport and corruption like this does not help its image. It already seems dodgy, and decisions like this with no accountability (the judges didn't even have to give reasons for their decisions), really discredits the sport.
  4. Bobsleigh at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    Well, Humphries was 0.23 down last Olympics after the first day only to come back and win gold. The bad news is she was in 2nd, and now she has many more to jump over. Not to mention she's further behind.
  5. Over scoring for the home team and a call here or there is expected. But tonight was blatant cheating and corruption, and it's not just the Koreans but the officials. The only reason Canada and China were DQ'ed was so Korea can say that their extra skater on the ice wasn't a problem since those other teams were already not 'official' anyway. Imagine in the 4x100 relay at the SOG a runner going into someone else's lane completely and intentionally pushing them over while their teammate started out of the blocks before they had the baton and then ran ahead of everyone to win. That is basically what happened tonight. That would never be accepted in the SOG, yet Korea gets its gold here.
  6. First time Canada did not medal in the women's relay at the Olympics. Instead the gold goes to the corrupt judges. Sincere congratulations to Italy and the Netherlands. Man, I can take losing, but I can't take cheating and corruption.
  7. Oh, I lived there for 10 years. That's how I know exactly what just happened.
  8. So you can have two skaters on the track for a lap and trip another team and they get DQ'ed???? I've never seen anything like this. Korean bullshit reffing.
  9. There were two Koreans on the track right before the fall before they tagged!
  10. Koreans got in the way!!!
  11. Well, technically, if Canada wins both their remaining games they may still have a shot, but I'm not exactly sure how the tie breaker would work out. Just have to hope Canada beats GB and OAR while both the USA and China lose to Sweden. Anything's possible at the Olympics!
  12. For the first time ever, Canada will not make it to the medal rounds in olympic curling.
  13. Figure Skating at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    3 golds *two silvers (2010 gold, 2014 2x silver, 2018 2x gold).
  14. I agree. I was suspicious, but now she deserves 1st no doubt.
  15. Winter Olympic Games 2018 News

    Canadian network TSN reported the same yesterday, but now this positive drug test is throwing that into doubt.
  16. Bobsleigh at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    We can share! We're a very accommodating country! See also: Oleksiak, Penny @ 2016 SOG
  17. My above comment might seem like a joke, but I'm in Vietnam right now and ran into a couple form Western Canada last night and we immediately jumped into a serious conversation about Rachel Homan's rink. It's a very hot topic for our citizens right now.
  18. EVERYTHING IS FINE!!! *35 million Canadians panicking*
  19. Bobsleigh at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    C'mon Justin!!!
  20. Huge steal for Canada!
  21. Canada National Thread

    Also a couple of setting up of medals today. Ice dance and women's big air and ski halfpipe. And of course women's hockey semis.