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  1. Canadian team: Men: Samuel Girard Charles Hamelin Charle Cournoyer François Hamelin Pascal Dion Women: Kim Boutin Jamie Macdonald Kasandra Bradette Marianne St-Gelais Valérie Maltais I expect a lot from this team. Got to see them in Shanghai a couple of months ago, and it is very strong.
  2. Does anyone know where to find information on what will be on offer at the Gangneung cluster? I know the Canadian House will be there, but I'm having difficulty finding any more information. We planned to arrive early to see what's going on, but I just realized the flame will (likely) be at Alpensia park since that's the main area where the ceremonies will be. We're now considering hopping off the train one stop early to see what's going on there, but that will mean complicated shuttles over to Gangneung to get to the hockey game. Not sure if it's worth the headache, but if you're going to the Olympics you should see the flame, right? The other option is to go back to the area on Saturday before our evening flight out, and then take the train to Incheon. But then what do we do with our luggage? Anyway, not sure if it's worth all this headache or if Gangneung will have enough to entertain us before and between events. Edit: I found this list of hospitality houses: https://medium.com/road-to-pyeongchang/olympic-hospitality-house-list-pyeongchang-ultimate-guide-to-pyeongchang-2018-cee00632a2c3 in addition to Canada, the Gangneung cluster will host Czech, Japan and...wait for it...the Holland Heineken House! So, yeah, I think my friend and I will find enough Asahi, Urquell and Heineken to keep us busy between events. Russia is also on that list, but I'm not sure now.
  3. Well, as I said I decided to just drop by for a few days instead. I'll be sitting on a beach in Thailand the rest of the time. Much cheaper...and warmer! Yeah, lots of tickets for everything. Unfortunately, only the very expensive tickets left for short track ($350). I'm surprised short track is available at all still, considering how popular it is in Korea. I expect that to sell out soon. Biathlon and other ski events are plentiful and cheap.
  4. I will! I'm actually only going to be in Korea for 3 days, and at the Olympics for 1 because I will stay in Seoul. It'll be a long day - 8am train out to Gangneung, returning after midnight. Really, really excited! Everyone is saying that the ticket sales are low because of North Korea, but I would have stayed much longer and bought many more tickets if it was organized better. There was no way to really stay near the events. Luckily I used to live in Seoul and know my way around, but I didn't want to take the train every day there and back (expensive and tiresome). All my friends in Seoul want to go see things, and maybe they'd pay the Olympic ticket prices. But then add $50 for a return train trip, 2 hours each way, and very few of them are going to bother going. The North is a nice scapegoat, but I think the organizers have to take some responsibility. But still very excited!
  5. I'm going to the women's gold medal hockey game and then the men's curling semifinals, both on 02/22. If Canada's men make it to the hockey semis the next day I will try to get tickets for that as well.
  6. Canada National Thread

    Yay! Was able to get to Korea for the Olympics after all! Going to be there at the end, got tickets for the women's gold medal hockey game, which should be even more fun because I'm going with an American. Also got tickets to the men's curling semis the same day. If Canada's men get to the hockey semis the next day I'll try to get tickets for that, too. Leaving before the gold medal game, though (stupid work!). Tried to get short track tickets, but only the super expensive ones are left ($400). I did finally get to see some short track here in China a couple of months ago, so that'll have to hold me. So stoked! Always wanted to go to the Olympics!
  7. Canada National Thread

    Hey there Canada (esp. intoronto)! I've been in China which basically blocks everything. Long story, but I should finally have access to this place, just in time for the lead up to the Olympics. I used to live in South Korea, so disappointed that I will miss this one. Tried to make it work, but the tickets and accommodations were just way too expensive. I could have stayed in Seoul, but that's missing the point. I was going to drop by the final weekend, but it didn't work out. Instead I'll be on a beach in Thailand watching instead. Tough life, I know. Just excited I can finally come here and elsewhere (CBC was also blocked).
  8. Figure Skating ISU World Championships 2017

    Yup. When you consider the team competition in 2014, our weakest point was the women's and to have two medalists here is very encouraging. We should have threats in every discipline in Korea.
  9. Winter Olympic Games 2018 News

    It's sort of disappointing that the Korean writing is just the English names in Hanguel. "Ru-jee" = Luge. "Ah-ee-ssuh H-ah-ki" = Ice Hockey. And so on. I would have liked them to have the Korean names, if only so I could actually learn the Korean names. On the other hand, if anyone here is planning to go next year you can learn Hanguel (the written language, speaking is a bit more difficult hence me wanting to learn the words) on the plane over, it's super simple. Then you can get around easily. Can't wait!
  10. Winter Olympic Games 2018 News

    My Korean friend tells me that tickets for 2018 will go on sale in February. No word yet if it's just for Koreans or for everyone yet. Luckily I have enough contacts to secure me some curling and speed skating dates. Hopefully hockey, too.
  11. Summer Olympic Games 2020 News

    I don't know how skateboarding will do, and I'm not sure if it should be in the SOG. However, all these X-Game sports in the WOG that people make fun of have HUGE followings in North America and East Asia. I know Canadians/Americans who have only started to care about the WOG because of snowboarding and freestyle skiing. I live in China now and Korea before, and kids are really into those sports, too, along with short track of course. They're not so interested in the 'traditional' sports. I think people have to realize that there are massive markets outside the traditional Euro-zone that don't care about biathlon and ski jumping. In my personal opinion, opening up to more 'extreme' sports (I hate that title) works very well in WOG because there were so few sports to begin with and things can be more niche. It's less successful in the SOG, but I'm willing to see how it works out before I pass judgement. If we can have monarchs prancing around on horses for medals, we can tolerate Brice doing some sick tricks on a skateboard, too.
  12. Winter Olympic Games 2018 News

    I signed up for updates on that site back in September. I haven't gotten one update from them. I'm also very frustrated with the ticket situation. Last I read they were supposed to open sales up to Korean nationals in October. Even my Korean friends can't find any information on it. It's not just that we can't find dates, we literally cannot find any information on tickets at all. All we've come up with is a pricing schedule that was released back in May. If you want biathlon, I wouldn't worry too much since it's not terribly popular in this part of the world. However, I am very interested in high-demand tickets to long and short track speed skating and hockey. I also really want curling tickets. I mean, I'll take anything else I can fit in, but those are really important to me and I know they're going to be hard to get. But like much in Korea, there doesn't seem to be much organization or forward planning so you just have to wait and see.
  13. Canada National Thread

    This is totally random, but I was having a conversation tonight about how fast guys can swim the 100m free. Long story short, when looking at the times I realized that Yuri Kisil's time in the 4x100m free relay (both the heats and the final) would have been good enough for silver in the individual 100m free. Unfortunately he went half a second slower in the semis and missed the final. I just found that interesting.
  14. Your Summer Olympic Sport Program Review

    But I don't think they've 'earned' their domination. Like I said, they've dominated it since it was added to the programme. Is it one of the most played sports in the Olympics, though? I'd like to see numbers on that. And I don't mean 500 million players in China. I mean seriously competitive leagues in many countries around the world. I have lived on three continents and have friends from all others (besides Antarctica of course...those penguins are so mean!) and have not met anyone who cared about TT in any way outside East Asia (and even here a lot of people don't care). I have honestly met more people into equestrian, archery and trampoline. But anyway, I've yammered on about this enough. I've made my point.