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  1. Croatia National Thread

    tomorrow nikita glasnovic (former sweden) starts for the first time under croatian flag great news for us, altough i dont know why she is doing that she is currently 4th in the olympic catgeory -57kg
  2. Biathlon at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    i know, but i ignored that as he will have few races soon anyway lapshin does count, so it is six quoata places currently korea, belgium, 2x japan, 2x poland
  3. Biathlon at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    update after Östersund 1. Lapshin KOR 38 2. Roesch BEL 49 3. Guzik POL 69 4. Koboniki JPN 82 5. Tachizaki JPN 83 6. Scezurek POL 89 7. Crnkovic CRO 94 8. Langer BEL 95 9. Nedza POL 101 10.Dixon GBR 102 Claude (BEL) not yet in the ranking as only two results (average after two results 85)
  4. Croatia National Thread

    It looks like we will be represented only in two sports at Olympic Games in Korea: Alpine and Cross Country Skiing. There is still tiny chances in 4men bob, snowboard and biathlon, but very unlikely.
  5. Biathlon at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    I read somewhere that Belgium will send their athletes if they qualify. Langer probably will not qualify anyway as Roesch and Claude are better. Not sure but does it matter if they decline or not, as there is no reallocation of quota?
  6. Biathlon at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    Nope not interested at all in the women ranking
  7. Biathlon at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    I tried to do some calculation for the remaining places for men qualification: Standing after first ibu cup 2017/18 1. Roesch Bel 2. Lapshin Kor 3. Guzik Pol 4. Koboniki Jpn 5. Tachizaki jpn 6. Szecurek Pol 7. Langer Bel 8. Crnkovic Cro Claude (bel) will probably come in high in this ranking with his next race, therefore currently it looks like 2xbelgium, 1x Korea, 2x Japan and 1x Poland, but still everything is very close and one very good result could change everything.
  8. Croatia National Thread

    kresimir crnkovic had a solid result in cross country in norway last weekend he should be now below 100 fis points in distance does it mean we get two quoatas in cross country?
  9. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    In the end the worst second will be decided among Slovakia ( if Scotland is not 2nd) Croatia or Ukraine wales or Rep Ireland Northern Ireland (probability very very low) and Greece
  10. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    I don't think those are the seeded teams the fifa rankIng will be crucial, I guess the October one. I don't think Denmark will be among top 4. Northern Ireland has better chances or even Slovakia. Currently Croatia would be 4th but I guess we will drop down in the next ranking. But anyway I don't believe in a win in Kiev
  11. I still don't understand the system. For example according to the current simulation list Croatia has 1 male and two female quotas! But why, I would say it should be two in both?
  12. Croatia National Thread

    Fantela brothers in 8th place after 3 races at the 49er WCH. I did not expect it would work that well already in the first year. Still bit bit worried about our sailing national team, i don't see young talents when the current team retires. In Tokio we could end up with 5 sailors only (laser, laser radial, Finn and 49ers)
  13. taken from croatian federation website http://www.hhs.hr/aktualnosti/nove-tezinske-kategorije-organizatori-svjetskih-prvenstava-u-2018-godini-kvalifikacijski-sistem-ostvarivanja-olimpijske-norme-za-tokio-2020-g/ i wrote about it in more detail in the wrestling thread
  14. Figure Skating 2017 - 2018 Discussion Thread

    I think the chance was tiny anyway 3 spots are blocked by CZ and north and South Korea one spot left....
  15. Olympic qualification for wrestling: 2019 WCH 6 best ringers per weight plus 8 from coninental qualification plus 2 from final world qualification