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  1. Croatia National Thread

    I found a bit more about our team: in archery Mario Vavro compound in diving Juraj Melsa in gymnstics the team is Matija Baron, Renato Prpic, Jakov Vlahek, Kristijana Vugrinski and Ema Kajic in Athletics Dudek and Lucija Pokos seem confirmed in Judo Azinovic 60kg, Draskovic 66kg, Beljic 90kg and M.Kumric 100kg; Matijevic 48kg, Sikic 52kg, Blagojevic 63kg, Babic 70kg, Sutalo +78kg it is also clear no team sports, and we don't have anyone in fencing, weightlifting for the rest will have to wait the update of the official site
  2. Croatia National Thread

    Our team for the wrestling championship Lizatovic 59kg Janecic 66kg Starcevic 80kg Huklek 85kg Practically as expected only Etlinger is missing. Don't know why
  3. Croatia National Thread

    Does anyone know our team for The Universiade i know we will have a male team in gymnastics plus one girl, few people in judo ( something like b or c team). There will be I guess few in athletics, I heard about Ruzic and Dudek (both 400m).
  4. Men's Road Cycling Tour de France 2017

    There is a camera view from above when you see that it is clear. Dsq justified
  5. Croatia National Thread

    Matija Kvasina cycling, caught with doping in May
  6. Men's Road Cycling Tour de France 2017

    the dsq seems to me justified , it was on purpose i would say
  7. Athletics EAA Team European Championships 2017

    You are wrong! See Serbian athletics page
  8. Athletics EAA Team European Championships 2017

    2nd league: Two big surprises: Slovakia in 2nd place and Serbia going to 3rd league! also Cyprus was much better than expected.
  9. Athletics EAA Team European Championships 2017

    Actually the official side is quick today after 31 event is almost clear that Hungary, Slovakia and Lithuania go up, Cyprus and Slovenia save Iceland and Moldova down The rest within 7 points !
  10. Athletics EAA Team European Championships 2017

    They are published,
  11. Athletics EAA Team European Championships 2017

    It is going to be tough second day for Croatia, we have two last places as 110m hurdles, m 3000m steeple safe and few more with places at the bottom as w high jump, w shot put, m javelin, w 1500m.
  12. Taekwondo WTF World Championships 2017

    Medal for Croatia in women's 49 for Kristina Tomic
  13. Athletics EAA Team European Championships 2017

    Here a link to the Austrian federation. They say they are currently 10th which means 3rd league next year http://oelv.at/news/detail.php?id=6228
  14. Athletics EAA Team European Championships 2017

    If it is only 2 countries going down then it is clear, otherwise will be huge fight between rank 5-10. on the top Hungary safe. Slovakia probably as well, which is for me the biggest surprise. Probably it will be between Slovenia and Lithuania