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  1. Matej Vidovic has won the European cup in Slalom, means a fixed place in World Cup for next season.
  2. Maybe, but they plan to change the qualification in athletics completely. There will not be an entry standard but qualification will be via ranking
  3. 1st place for Martin Markovic at the European Throwing Cup in discus throw (U23) with 63,24m This is his personal best and 26cm short of the entry standard for ECH in Berlin. Matija Greguric was 4th in Hammer Throw (U23) with 69,92m. Tomorrow start Bartul Zemunik in javelin, Anamari Kozul in hammer throw and Marija Tolj in discus (all U23) Important to mention that the condition were not the best, it was relatively cold 15C, and it was raining until just before the competition
  4. I think limitation to one country is good, as there are several disciplines. This is really stupid idea. If they do it in canoeing then they have to do it in rowing as well and maybe few other sports, and for slalom canoeing as well. Why not having then more than one competitor per nation in wrestling, taekwando, judo etc.
  5. Sandra Perkovic opens season with 68,44m in Split yesterday despite cold and bad weather. few other her promising results: Marija Tolj 57,90m in discuss as well, she is last year junior and qualifies for the ECH in Berlin with this throw. Martin Markovic , former junior world champion, finally again over 60m in discus and Matija Greguric, former youth world champion in hammer, over 70m. So so far we have five athletes qualified for Berlin: Perkovic, Tolj, Simic (high jump) , Horvat (pole vault) and Zunic (shot put).
  6. Both were last year still juniors, therefore chances rather low but you never know but Loncaric brothers are in the same discipline as sinkovics, therefore if at all they will have to move m4 and with girls the first precondition is that they stay together
  7. Maybe it is even enough to win in Romania to advance to 2nd round but what then? I don’t think with this team we can win against Hungary and Poland, not to mention Lithuania
  8. Taekwando G1 Slovenia Open: 1st places: Lovre Brecic (M-63), Kristina Beros (F-62), Ivan Sapina (M-87), Marko Mutak (M-74) 2nd places: Bruna Vuletic (F-57) did not fight in the final, Luka Turkalj (M-54), Kristina Tomic (F-49), Paola Strascek (F-46) 3rd places: Marija Pavic (F-73), Nives Kerner (F-62), Helana Mrzljak (F-62), Lucija Abramovic (F-46), Matija Ruzic (M-80), Luka Mavracic (M+87) Nikita Glasnovic was in Egypt (G-2) but lost in QF, which means again no points for her, somehow since she represents Croatia no results Her brother is competing today.
  9. 2nd place for Barbara Matić at the Judo grand prix In Düsseldorf
  10. Eto već otpade košarka za tokio
  11. prerano, pa jos nisu ni objavili kako idu kavlifikacije za vecinu sportova ali ti slobodno pisi, nema ovde nekih pravila
  12. if at all then novakovic in flat water and marinic in slalom but will be very difficult,
  13. 2nd medal for Croatia at the Shooting ECH in Hungary yesterday our junior team in men 10 m air rifle won silver (non-olympic) Today Petar Gorsa won bronze in 10m air rifle. Pejcic just secured the final in the same discipline
  14. Shooting European ch just going on in Hungary this week
  15. Very good weekend fro Matej Vidovic at European Cup in Jaun (SUI) On Friday he won, yesterday he was 2nd. He is now leading the overall slalom cup in EC, as there are two races left it looks very good that he will secure an fixed place for SL in the next WC season. He has to be in the top 3. he has 140 points more than the 4th. If this works out we could have 4 places at the beginning of next season in SL. Elias Kolega was 11th and 12th, Rodes 17th and 18th. They are now on the way to South Korea for the Olympic slalom.