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  1. oh well I don't blame Indonesia, host nation wants to benefit at max but it's OCA 's responsibility to keep the balance. but when IOC let Japan (as 2020 host) added 5 sports to the program what we ask from OCA lol and also they had no other option since Indonesia saved OCA by hosting the event when Vietnam withdrew. as a crazy sport fan I follow SEA Games sometimes, and I know how it works there. but I believe Asian Games should be much bigger than this. I understand adding 1-2 sports with limited events but 16 is too much for Pencak Silat. and btw I'm not against all those changes, some of them are actually positive, having team events in shooting was too much, cutting half bowling events were actually great ! I also like the changes in Basketball, Swimming, Golf and Judo. the worst changes are in Cycling and Fencing. and also removing events from Tennis and Table Tennis program while Badminton has its full program was quite unfair. so you are saying this is not final ? do you have any more information, the possible "new" change will be about adding or removing and in which sports ? beside that they only publish the numbers, do you have the event names by any chance ? (mostly in Fencing, Cycling, Climbing, Shooting and Wushu) from my country's point of view, these changes hurt us but not much, and in those "new" sports apparently we will participate in all of them except Bridge. and yes we have Pencak Silat in Iran (apparently that's a bit similar to one of Iranian traditional martial arts) removing non-Olympic weights in wrestling is the biggest disappointment, also whatever they cut from Sanda program in Wushu. beside that I don't think other changes affect us negatively.
  2. OCA published the number of events and sports for the 2018 Asian Games, this is from few days ago but I didn't notice that before. they made revolutionary changes in the program, huge huge changes. I understand Indonesia saved OCA after Vietnam gave up hosting the event very late but still I can't believe they let them make such big changes ! they have this program to benefit Indonesia, we were supposed to have Kurash, Roller skating, skateboaring and Sambo here as well but fortunately they removed them from the program. these changes will change the medal table A LOT, I mean China, Japan and Korea will be in top 3 for sure but that will change a lot for the rest. here I'm comparing the events with previous program, the only sport they completely dropped from the program comparing to 2014 was Cricket, not a bad idea when top Asian countries (India, Pakistan etc) didn't take it serious. Diving (10) - no change, we will have Olympics events plus 1m events. Swimming (32) - they cut 6 non-Olympics 50 meters evens, can't say I'm sorry about that Synchronized Swimming (3) - no change Water Polo (2) - no change Archery (10) - We already had compound in the program They added two more events, both mixed team events. not a good idea but Indonesia wants that. Athletics (46) - they dropped one event from 47, most probably the 50kg walk event. Badminton (7) - no change as expected, this is their national sport ! Baseball (1) - no change Softball (1) - no change Basketball (4) - Surprisingly they added 3-on-3 basketball as well. Bowling (6) - They cut it from 12 events to 6 ! A very good decision, this is not fair to award several medals for doing EXACTLY the same things. Boxing (12) - They dropped one from 13. I don't know how, did AIBA change the weight classes again ? Bridge (6) - what the hell is this ? is this even a sport ? what a shame Canoeing (16) - no change Cycling (16) - They dropped 3 track events and added 1 MTB event ! track event was already tiny thanks to IOC, this is really disappointing, I wonder which events won't be in 2018 program. Equestrian (6) - no change, this is in the program at the moment but apparently not finalized yet and they may drop the whole sport, will decide about it after the Asian federation election. Fencing (10) - unbelievable ! they did the same as IOC probably dropping two team events. but no details I don't know which events will be gone. but I guess this will be the same as 2020 program. Football (2) - no change Golf (2) - They dropped both team events, not a bad idea in my opinion. Gymnastics (18) - no change Handball (2) - no change, believe it or not, Indonesia wanted Handball go but OCA at least didn't let this one happen. Hockey (2) - no change Jet Ski (3) - No comment ! Judo (14) - They dropped both team events, don't complain about this as well Kabaddi (2) - no change, surprised they didn't drop this one as a non-Olympic sport Karate (13) - no change JuJitsu (8) - This is another stupid new addition, I don't know what's the deal between OCA and Jujitsu, but they are supporting this sport A LOT, only this one is not probably an Indonesian addition. Pencak Silat (16) - LOL , I knew this will be in the program but seriously 16 events ??!! this sport almost doesn't exist outside of Southeast Asia ! Wushu (12) - They dropped 3 events, I'm almost sure that's from Sanda and not Taolu cuz Indonesia sucks in Sanda. the sanda program was already very tiny, if they drop men's Sanda events that will be a VERY bad news for my country. Modern Pentathlon (4) - no change, surprised they kept the team events Paragliding (6) - No comment ! Rowing (15) - they added one more event here, I have no idea what's that new event, Rugby Sevens (2) - no change Sailing (10) - They cut 4 events here. making it similar to Olympic program probably. Sepak Takraw (6) - no change, this is exactly where we needed to drop something, only "regu" event should stay Shooting (18) - This is where the BIGGEST change happened. we had 44 events in Incheon, and now only 18 !!! with 18 I don't know if we will have any mixed team event or not but I guess this is 2016 Olympics program + 3 more individual events. Soft Tennis (5) - they probably dropped both team events, I would be happier with the whole soft tennis gone. Sport Climbing (8) - The only new addition that I fully support. but having 8 events making me wonder what's the last event ? a mixed event the same as 2020 Olympics or a speed team event to help Indonesia ? Squash (4) - no change Table Tennis (4) - unbelievable , this sport is QUITE popular in Asia and we always had full program in this sport and now they dropped 3, most probably all doubles events. what a shame. Tennis (5) - They dropped both team events the same as soft tennis. well we always had team events in tennis, that was traditional at the Asian Games Taekwondo (16) - no change, there were rumors about dropping non-Olympic weights but I'm glad they were not true. Triathlon (3) - no change Volleyball (4) - no change Weightlifting (16) - they added the new weight of women's 90kg to the program as expected. Wrestling (18) - Very sad for a wrestling fan like me, they dropped non-Olympic weights, that was expected though but very disappointing
  3. Why they are using such a weird system this year ? was it hard for them to find a host for a 16-team tournament ? or maybe they were just bored of having a decent tournament and they came up with such stupid/strange idea.
  4. Iran will send a big delegation this time as well, after finishing second in Indonesia 4 years ago they want to repeat that again, with all of our favorite sports in the program Wrestling, Weightlifting, Taekwondo, Karate and Wushu we would probably even able to top the medal table but I guess that's always reserved for the host nation in multi-sports event like this with the exception of Football, Handball, Basketball Rhythmic Gymnastics Iran will send team to all other sports even in Tennis and Gymnastics Artistic This is a good chance for some minnor sports like those to do something and get results. for example we will never win medal in table tennis at the Asian Games, but here there is a good chance. from what I see in the squads, in volleyball we are sending the junior team, in wushu and men's taekwondo this is our B or C team. (women's taekwondo will be A team only without olympic medalist Alizadeh) in weightlifting this is a mixture of A and B teams since none of our stars are available right now , in Greco-Roman wrestling this is a mixture of A and B team (will be held at the same time as the Asian Championship) for other sports we are sending our very A team ! the biggest surprise was sending the A team including our Olympic medalists in freestyle wrestling, apparently our NOC pushed the wrestling federation to ignore the Asian Champs and send the whole team here. will be a nice competition with Azerbaijan and Turkey. I think out of all those sports, Karate competition will have the highest level, with Egypt, Iran, Azerbaijan, Turkey and few more good countries like Malaysia.
  5. now I can answer this question, based on their proposal, the draw will take place the previous day
  6. oh yes he is, in China open looks like he gets more headlines outside of Iran he always writes about that in his instagram posts, have to say he is very upset about this.
  7. I thought I'm the only one here in this forum following Snooker btw we could have a player in main draw for the very first time, Vafaei lost a match he could win to Ford in the last qualifier after missing some easy shots in last frames, most probably because lack of experience. first time I started watching snooker in Eurosport (almost 10-12 years ago) this sport almost didn't even exist in Iran . so having two players in the pro tour is quite a progress in such a short time.
  8. A surprise, the referee didn't buy in to Barcelona's theatrics. Barcelona's players are unbearable. Every tackle on any of them they are screaming for a foul. really disgusting, and how come they expect "fair play" from Juventus when they did the opposite when Mandzukic was down. not a Juve fan when they play in Serie A, but I really hope Buffon wins the champions league, he deserves it.
  9. Iranian team of Raoufi/Salemi won the Asian Championship today in Thailand ! that was a big surprise since they were 15th seed before the event ! Does anybody know what's the tiebreaking criteria in beach volleyball ? I assumed it's the same as indoor volleyball but I was wrong look at Pool A here http://asianvolleyball.net/2017-avc-beach-volleyball-championships-men-schedule-results/ the Iranian team who eventually won the competition should be eliminated in 1st round if set ratio was the tie breaker, is this point ratio ? or only points ratio between tied teams ?
  10. well forget my previous post, based on some Iranian sources (who has informant in UWW) the new proposed weights classes are something like this for both freestyle and Greco-Roman (Olympic classes in bold) 59, 62, 65, 70, 75, 80, 86, 92, 100, 130 This one makes more sense but some countries like Iran and Japan are not satisfied by these daily crazy changes in the rules without asking others' opinion.
  11. Election time in Iran and today Ahmadinejad surprised everybody by registering for the election ! he said twice, (the last time only 7 days ago) loudly and clearly that he won't run for the presidency yet he still did that ! I know all politicians lie most of the time but this guy is beyond all records in term of lying ! Because of the weird system here, all candidates should be approved by a council and I know it's likely for them to disqualify him but still that won't be easy for them to drop the two time "president", things will change if he enters the election, Rouhani's position is weakened now and losing the election is not impossible at all. with a moron like Trump in office, the last thing we want is another idiot here, things can get out easily of control with all these US military forces in Persian Gulf not far from the Iranians.
  12. Rumors say the new weights in men's wrestling will be 55 60 65 70 75 80 85 90 100 125 no idea which 6 weights will be at the Olympics but I guess 60 65 75 85 100 125
  13. Talakhadze broke the snatch world record in last day of the Euro Champs. 217 is the highest snatch ever in weightlifting history, we had max 216 even before changing the weight categories in 1998. less than a year ago, all 3 super heavy weight records belonged to the Iranians , Talakhadze already took two of them, only CJ record left for him to break.
  14. World Youth Championship: 69kg winner, Clarence Cummings (USA) 322kg European Senior Championship: 69kg winner, Bernardin Matam (FRA) 320kg looking forward to see this Cummings kid in senior level soon, meanwhile I'm disappointed by the first ever women's 90kg competitions. the level is quite poor, I was hoping for a new world record here
  15. well we heard about that few months ago, about both him and Fedoryshin and UWW didn't deny that. (they denied rumors about Togrul Asgarov which means they deny false rumors) and to be honest we knew this for a long time. he was my favorite non-Iranian wrestler but still we knew he is up to something, this is not a good day for wrestling fans I wonder if they already tested his 2012 sample and it's negative or that's for the future.