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  1. http://www.worldtaekwondo.org/competition/world-taekwondo-championships/championships-2017/information/ Draw
  2. Actually those bigger teams are happy with these changes because FIVB promised them more money with the new format. like it or not Volleyball is alive mostly with east Asian money beside that when you look at the WL ranking, I think only 2 or 3 teams deserve more here. Belgium, Slovenia and maybe the Netherlands. AUS, Japan, China and Korea were ranked 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th. so putting them in a 16-team tournament doesn't seem very wrong.
  3. Well the Iranian Volleyball Federation published the new format teams two months ago ! 12 teams guaranteed for seven years BRA-ITA-USA-RUS-POL-ARG-SRB-FRA-CHN-JPN-GER-IRN 4 teams only for 2018 BUL-AUS-KOR-CAN
  4. Today we had a good chance for our first ever gold medal at the Asian Championships, OK maybe not the first , I don't have old results but at least the first gold medal after a long long time but we finished with a silver and a bronze. we have a good Sabre team now but Korea is just better and they have the individual and team title in Asia in this event for a long time. today Rahbari beat two Koreans before losing to Gu Bongil in the final. out of our 4 Sabrists, they only lost to each other or the Koreans !
  5. I wonder how they want to determine the best team of Asia as an example. imagine all Asian teams got eliminated in 1st round. if they go with points ratio that would be quite unfair. because they won't face the same level of opponents ! China as host will be seeded and will get easier opponents. Another option is having a mini tournament for the eliminated teams but that most probably won't happen.
  6. Korea lost to Qatar ! this secured the 1st place in Group A for Iran Korea is in real danger to fail to qualfy after a long time, now even China and Qatar are still alive for a playoff place. it will be fun to make things worse for Korea by beating them next match we still remember WCQ 2010 when they came to the last match by one aim to eliminate Iran in other Group. UAE is 99% out which is not a good news for fair play ! I hope they play fair with their Saudi "brothers" Saudi needs GD and they can score a lot against UAE. Japan made the life harder by not beating Iraq in Tehran. they are still in top but their next two matches will be against Australia and Saudi Arabia !
  7. World Cup here we come Iran qualified to the World Cup for the second time in a row, which is a first for Iran. And it has yet to concede single goal after 8 matches. I also hope we can help Uzbekistan by beating Korea in next match, even though that won't be easy , they are seeking revenge
  8. IRN-UZB 1-0 at half time, now they only have to do their usual Job (another clean sheet ) and we will be qualified,
  9. yes that's fair and at the same time they are awarding athletics and cycling.
  10. Sure , I'm against any kind of mixed events, those athletes can win medal in individual events if they are good enough. and the team competition in Taekwondo is very weird, anybody fights against anybody. they couldn't separate men from women in this format. ! imagine a +80kg guy fighting against a 50kg girl !
  11. They have only 3 solutions, cutting the lightest weight , cutting the 105kg or changing the whole program. in this case they have to erase all world records etc. I don't know what should I do if that was my decision.
  12. Very disappointing, I don't like almost any of these changes. (maybe except one or two) poor IWF, they wanted to add one more women's weight, now they even lost a men's weight ! I wonder if they change the whole weights once again or just pick the lightest weight to cut we have a canoeist, who had a 4 years plan to win a medal in Tokyo, someone has to tell him that his C1 200m event is gone now !
  13. well the Government (by Government I mean Rouhani, Zarif etc) is smart enough to make any threat right now , even the intelligence minister denied Saudi's involvement in this, at least for now since they have no proof yet. but IRGC published an statement claiming they will take "revenge" ! they didn't mention Saudi's name though but we know they are talking about them. probably just an empty threat but you never know.
  14. well things are apparently getting better with Hamas new leader Ismail Haniya. which is not a good new for the Iranian people in general, meaning they will spend/waste more money to Hamas. I wouldn't say that if that money couple help the Palestinian people and their lives but we know it doesn't hlep much. mostly create more problems for them
  15. This is a good summary but things are not black and white like this. for example Hamas is a Sunni group. and some Sunni countries like Oman and Kuwait always had good relationships with Iran. and I also don't believe all those new about Iran's influence in Yemen and Houthis, Iran is not that interested in Yemen. and about today here people remember this comment from the Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman only a month ago. " We will not wait until the fight is inside Saudi Arabia and we will work so that the battle is on their side, inside Iran, not in Saudi Arabia "