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  1. The last day was just perfect for Iran, winning all 8 available gold medals. Iran completely dominated Wushu by winning all available golds, all of them easily without losing a single point. but the most impressive result was in table tennis, Iran won both team golds, men's gold medal was predictable but women's gold medal was probably the most surprising medal for Iran here in these Games. they beat Turkey and Azerbaijan here, Turkey is ranked much higher than Iran and Azerbaijan had 3 Chinese players. Iran won 39 gold medals here. I guess the result was OK in general. Turkey and Azerbaijan were much more prepared for the event. only in Tennis Iran participated but failed to win a single medal. Iran has won 39 gold medals , here is the list (men + women) Taekwondo 3 (2+1) Shooting 4 (1+3) Wushu 6 (6+0) Judo 1 (1+0) Wrestling 5 (5+0) Table Tennis 3 (2+1) Zurkhaneh 6 (6+0) Karate 2 (1+1) Weightlifting 2 (2+0) Diving 3 (3+0) Volleyball 1 (1+0) Paralympic Athletics 3 (3+0)
  2. Yes , maybe not "too" much but there are big differences. people are more educated in Tehran, but almost the same goes to the other big cities. I would like to write this after having the detailed results cty by city but not published yet. but on Friday we also had the election for city councils (alongside the presidential election) now we have the results, the conservatives lost badly, in Tehran the reformists had won all 21 seats which means fortunately Tehran will have a new mayor the current Mayor Ghalibaf was Rouhani's number 1 enemy but withdrew from the election to support Raeisi. the same happened to all major cities such as Isfahan, Shiraz and even Raeisi (and Ghalibaf) hometown of Mashhad (the second most religious city in Iran )
  3. Iran won 7 gold medals in penultimate day , 5 in Zurkhaneh , and one in Diving and Volleyball ! the level of diving competition was really low, Iran won 3 of 4 men's gold medals ! Malaysia could dominate the diving competition for sure but I wonder who is next after them ?! winning the gold medal in volleyball was very interesting, they beat the senior A team of Azerbaijan with naturalized players 3-0 in the final. Iran also won the gold medals in this sport in previous editions but this time with a very young and Under 21 team. with only 11 finals left for tomorrow , Iran will be in 8 of them, 2 in table tennis and 6 in Wushu. which means we will finish the compettion with 98 medals. not bad, not great. I will write a detailed summary about every single sports in Iran national thread later after the competition. I watched all Wushu semifinals today, each country could enter 6 athletes in 7 weights and all of 6 Iranians are in the final, none of them lost a single round so far. Iran is probably one of the few countries in the world with a separate "Wushu federation:" and the sport is very developed here. no surprise even our B/C team still easily dominates the event. Iranian top athletes are preparing for the Universiade and World Championshps later this year.
  4. I wrote a bit about them in my previous post, I think the official website will upload few videos about individual events tomorrow . and yes you are exactly right, this sport wasn't supposed to be like this, this is the root of wrestling in Iran, most of our top wrestlers 40-50 years ago came from Zurkhaneh but not anymore. the new generation doesn't feel connected with this. this wasn't a competitive sport, when they created the international federation they started creating a scoring system. if you look at the scores, the Iranians usually won the gold medals with scores more than twice the second placed athlete/team except this event, I have a feeling they wanted to give a gold medal intentionally. but no surprise Azerbaijan is also good in this sport, there are strong cultural tires between two countries , actually Azerbaijan used to be a part of Iran long time ago.
  5. yeah their events are completely different. Charkhe Tiz and Charkhe Chamani are a bit similar , they are both whirling. that baseball bat is "Mil/Meel" and there are two events with that Meelbazi and Meel Sangin, the first one is more acrobatic while the other one is about lifting very heavy Mils. Sang is sheild lifting and Kabbadeh is "chain and bow. speaking of live stream, I didn't watch almost nothing in first days but later Iranian channels started broadcast few events live (mostly wrestling and taekwondo) and there were also live stream for Idman channel which is broadcasting the event live for the entire day.
  6. oh yes I'm very happy for that , it's great to see people singing and partying for this victory. but I would be happier if the gap was much bigger. Rouhani was needed more than 58% to make a big big change. actually this makes me sad to see 16 millions (Rouhani got 23.5) in my country still vote for such guy. there is not a single positive thing about this guy. well, still a long way to go for the Iranian people.
  7. At the end of wrestling competition Iran won only 5 gold medals, not a great result but still OK , the level of wrestling competition was very high here, for example our 86kg wrestler (who is an Olympic Champion himself) had to beat an Olympic gold medalist and an Olympic silver medalist to win the gold medal ! 24 gold medals so far, I guess Iran will finish on something like 35. only 2 days left but I think Iran will dominate Wushu and Zurkhaneh events. not our A team in Wushu here but I guess even this team is good enough to win most of the gold medals. I assume nobody here knows anything about this sport of "Zurkhaneh" this is a traditional Iranian sport, very boring ! actually the original sport was much more boring but they made it a bit westernized. Iran will win all gold medals here unless they want to let other countries win something intentionally just to help promoting the sport in the world.
  8. Looks like Rouhani is winning, even the hardliners almost accepted that, not official yet though , too early for celebration ! the turnout was also very high, A record for the city of Tehran and also for Iranian abroad ! in Istanbul or some cities in US people had to wait 4-5 hours to vote in a weekday (Friday is holiday in Iran) apparently people understood the importance of this election as I said before. I don't know about the rules in Canada, but they didn't let Iranians to vote in Canada , some Iranians even drove few hours to the US to vote in Buffalo ! with half million Iranians living in Canada , the Canadian government should found a solution for that. Iran has no relation with US for 4 decades and still even under Trump there were 55 different extraterritorial polling booths in the country.
  9. Alamian brothers in table tennis final TT is one of my favourite sports and was one of the few sports that I cared more about and glad to see them beating Chinese naturalized players from Qatar, Azerbaijan and Turkey back to back. I wish we could have top players of Egypt and Nigeria to have a complete tournament but still that was very good for Alamian brothers.
  10. it matters a lot, the supreme leader might have the absolute power over everything but it doesn't mean he uses it for every single case. in past few years he used his power only in few limited cases. of course few things are off limit like nuclear program (even though Rouhani changed that) supporting Bashar Asaad's regime, supporting Hezbollah in Lebanon, hatred toward Israel. and etc. who knows ?! we never had an election about having/not having that position. people once vote for the "Islamic Republic" 37 years ago and they think that's enough forever ! people who vote for Rouhani (or reformists in general) usually don't believe in this system and wants change (but in a non-violent way) at the moment, in 2017 there is no charismatic person to become the next leader. if he dies tomorrow I have absolutely no idea who will be next ! when Khomeini (the founder of IR) died 11 year after the Islamic revolution, they made Khameneyi the leader and at the time they made him something like god (for their religious supporters) but Iran nowadays is a different country. and with all these things internet. social media etc this will be really hard for them to "create" another "Supreme Leader" if he dies without having a serious candidate there is chance they might go after having a "council" instead of single person as a leader. at least that can be a small step into the right direction to get rid of that position one day. Raeisi was relatively unknown 4-5 months ago. which means his past is almost clear for the people. (as I said he ordered mass execution long time ago but it seems people don't care much about that since they were MEK terrorists.) Sepah (IRGC) and other extremist groups tried their best to make him somebody. that makes me worry. he might be their chosen one. but he has to win this election otherwise it will be very hard to later "sell" him as a leader. you guys answer short questions but seriously they need long answers but I really tried to be brief
  11. pfff, Iranian elections are highly unpredictable. you never can trust Opinion polls here. none of them are accurate AT ALL. 4 years ago Rouhani had no chance when he started his campaign but one debate and what he said during that changes everything and later reformist leader (Ex-president Khatami) asked other reformist candidates to withdraw for him and put his support behind Rouhani and he won the election by 51%. I live in Tehran and from what I see (work, family, street campaigns etc) almost everybody will either not vote or vote for Rouhani but I know Iran is not just Tehran. people are more educated and less religious here but this doesn't apply to small cities. educated people usually won't vote or vote for the reformists so it depends on the turnout. low turnout always helps the conservatives. they always have their fixed number of votes from religious/poor people here. Rouhani's economical results were not brilliant in past 4 years (specially with US somehow cheating by bringing other sanction after the nuclear deal) maybe that hurts him during the election. PS: and there is always chance for a replay of what happened in 2009. rigging the election. I know so many people myself who never voted and will never vote again but that time they all came to vote to get rid of the disastrous Mahmoud, we were sure about the outcome but then the next morning ... that was shocking. I believe and i hope they learned their lesson to not do that mistake again.
  12. no, actually the other 4 approved candidates weren't "clergy", 3 of them withdrew (to support either Rouhani ro Raeisi) and the last one said himself he will vote for Rouhani ! just for info he is a former IOC member. and Mahmoud "the disaster" Ahmadinejad wasn't a clergy
  13. well I don't know much about what non-Iranian media say or believe about the candidates but Raeisi is a new version of Ahmadinejad, less stupid but more brutal. and he is not interested in open foreign policy, all extremists support him and we "in Iran" know how they want to deal with the world. he may say nice things during the candidacy but that's just populism. he is a judge and was involved in mass execution of political prisoners 30 years ago and he never said he is sorry or something about that. just one thing to know Raeisi better, he is from Mashhad, a big religious city in northeast of Iran. he and his father in law run the city. actually they own the city and because of their view, no concert is allowed in that specific city !! there are rumors that Raeisi is a candidate to become the next leader after Khameneyi. if he wins the election and Khameneyi dies during his presidency he most probably will become the next leader and that will be disastrous. but if he loses he will lose that opportunity as well and will go back to his cave forever.
  14. VERY important election in Iran tomorrow. I think only 2009 election had the same importance. with Khameneyi being old and sick he may not last another 4 years which gives more importance to this election. The atmosphere is also very similar to 2009 (not as passionate though, that was something unique which will never repeat) very polarized , now it's officially a two way race and won't go to the second round. I just hope the outcome won't be the same as 2009, that was one of the worst days of country's history. Rouhani is weaker now since he couldn't deliver all he promised 4 years ago but if Raeisi wins then God bless our country the way all hardliners/extremists put their support behind him makes me worry, he was relatively unknown 5 months ago.
  15. and when I said that ? actually even a 4th place finish wlil be good for this U21 team against the seniors. and you also stop saying nonsense about B/C/Z teams. there are people who can google and find out the truth