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  1. Wrestling UWW World Championships 2017

    We knew about that for a while even though what I heard is slightly different about the Greco rules. there wlil be few more changes, about the time of the weight-in and most importantly they will decide the new weight classes. probably 10 weight classes for each style (6 Olympics and 4 non-olympic) another important decision is about the world ranking, some countries want that to be the Olympic qualifier. that won't be a good news for non-wrestling nations.specially because they want to give ranking points to the nations not the wrestlers, which means countries can send different wrestlers to the competitions to collect points. obviously this favors the wrestling nations
  2. well FIBA published the whole competition system for the World Cup, not sure if this is new but I just found it today. http://www.fiba.basketball/basketballworldcup/2019/competition-system/full.pdf A bit weird, we will have some kind of classification games ! after the 1st round, top 16 teams will continue in groups of 4 teams but each team only play 2 games since results from the 1st round will be counted here as well. the same goes for bottom 16 teams but the difference is there is no more match for them after the 2nd round and they will be ranked based on all those 5 games results (3 in 1st round, 2 in second round, total 5 games for each team) since this is expected to see all Asian and African teams eliminated in 1st round, this is important for them to lose with the lowest margin possible. this is a bit stupid to qualify for the Olympics by losing ''good" instead of winning games ! after all not a fair format at all.
  3. Wrestling 2017 Discussion Thread

    USA and Russia completely dominated the world juniors in freestyle and won 7 out of 8 gold medals ! most (if not all) of our wrestlers lost to Russia and USA and we ended up with 1 silver and 3 bronze and 3rd place overall. a very disappointing result but have to admit that was just fair, USA had a fantastic team this year and they really deserved the team title. we were 0-5 against USA this team, terrible terrible and against Russia we had just one win at the repechage, most of our wrestlers got dominated against Russian or American wrestlers ! I don't know it was just one year or these countries are getting stronger but USA and Russia were way stronger than the rest this year. they mostly teched their opponents. for Russia that's not surprising but I never saw American wrestlers dominating like this.
  4. Wrestling 2017 Discussion Thread

    Disappointing first day for Iran with only 2 bronze medals, Emami at 60kg could win the gold medal he lost narrowly to the gold medalist btw this American kid "Hall" at 74 is amazing, I expect to win few World/Olympic medals very soon.
  5. The World Games 2017

    that was like a silver medal festival for Iran with 2 gold, 8 silver and 1 bronze ! that was great winning 11 medals while we had only 13 athletes in official sports !! only 2 of them failed to win medal. still that was a bit disappointing losing back to back finals. some of these sports (Karate, Sport Climbing, Jujitsu and Compound Archery) will be in the 2018 Asian Games next year, that was important to see where we stand in those non-Olympic sports. I enjoyed watching few sports at the World Games , nice competition and thanks Poland for being always a great host
  6. Volleyball 2017 Discussion Thread

    Asian Champs quarterfinal South Korea vs China Chinese Taipei vs Kazakhstan Iran vs Indonesia Japan vs Australia before the tournament I was sure that Korea, China, Japan and Australia will make it to the semifinal but now two of them will be eliminated tomorrow ! TPE surprised everybody by beating both China and Australia, but that was also very surprising that Iran U23 beat Australian A team today ! If Iran make it to the semifinal that would be a GREAT result for this team, they will be favorite against the host team Indonesia.
  7. Sprint Canoeing 2017 Discussion Thread

    Today Iran won its first ever medal in a ICF World Championship , Mohammad Nabi Rezaei won bronze in C1 1000m juniors. Always nice to win world medal in a new sport.
  8. Japan finished 10th in men's Water polo, from what i see this is the best rank ever for an Asian team in men's world championship. even though there is still a big big gap but looks like Japan (and even Kazakhstan) are improving.
  9. Volleyball 2017 Discussion Thread

    not a big surprise, Indonesia had been in Asia top 8 before and they are the host this time.even though I was expecting them to eliminate Kazakhstan not Qatar. I'm very surprised by Iran's results so far winning 3 matches in straight sets. because thanks to our stupid federation this is not our A team but U23 team.! it will be great if they can make it to the semifinal which is still unlikely.
  10. The World Games 2017

    despite being 5 out of 5 in the finals, Iranians managed to win only 1 gold medal ! Poursheib (who had the least chance for gold) finally beat his archrival Araga ! the others mostly lost their lead near the end of the match and of course as usual there were some dubious calls. specially when you are up against Japan so far 2 gold and 4 silver from 6 athletes, few more left in Muaythai, Jujitsu, Snooker and Archery.
  11. The World Games 2017

    All of our 4 Karatekas today advanced to the final ! (3 of them against Japan !) which means out of 6 athletes we had in World Games so far all 6 of them finished or will finish on the podium. most importantly they all win medals in future Olympic sports, Sport Climbing and Karate. we had Asian Champs in Karate only few days ago and our athletes were supposed to be tired here while Japan rested all World Games participants in Asian Champs. it's funny that 3 of these guys Poursheib, Asiabari and Abbasasli didn't even make the Asian team ! (they were still there for the team kumitee event) for whatever reason our Karatekas usually perform better outside of Asia. even though I still have my own view about Karate but there are only few sports that Iran can win medals in world class tournaments and Karate is one of them. having 5 finalists out of 5 athletes is a very good result (Mehdizadeh won silver yesterday)
  12. The World Games 2017

    I'm not a big fan of Taekwondo (following it only because it gives us medals , same as Karate) but at least in Taekwondo it's clear that you have to kick your opponent and kick hard. but despite following Karate for year, I still had hard time to understand the rules and why this technique should be scored and that one should not ! (and changing rules consistently doesn't help at all) there are few serious problems with Karate first the officiating, then the time of the fight, fights should be longer, seriously only 2 minutes for women ?! and no extra time, at least this new rule (who scores the first point wins the match in case of tie) is better than Hantei. it looks like they just want to finish the whole thing as soon as possible, I don't see any problem with 1 minute of extra time !
  13. The World Games 2017

    well I watched all Karate finals and seriously this sport has no place in the Olympics. specially Kata
  14. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    Mostly nonsense . asking him to clap hands, then something like go on its head, then no don't go,the whale will go down. and btw this is not completely Persian but some kind of a local language I couldn't understand almost half of it,
  15. Fencing FIE World Championships 2017

    That was close, once again. even Belarus almost beat Hungary which could make the life easier for Iran but Hungary survived two close matches. I think our coach made a mistake in order of the players, Abedini should always play the last match. even though I can't complain about coach Peyman, he built this team from nothing all by himself OK we are done with this World Championship, we need more luck next time.