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  1. Taekwondo 2018 Discussion Thread

    two more medals for Iran in the last day. gold and bronze. 1) this was worst ever result for Iranian girls at the world Juniors with only one bronze medal 2) this was best ever result for Iranian boys with 7 gold and 2 bronze medals only one failed to win a medal
  2. Taekwondo 2018 Discussion Thread

    wow. what a great tournament for Iran so far only one bronze so far for the girl's team but the boys completely dominated the competition. winning 6 gold (and a bronze) out of 8 weights so far is quite an achievement. specially in this sport where everybody is competitive.
  3. Yeah, exactly. the same for me. but after all. certain teams always benefit from the refs. well done Juve. but they should go for the 4th goal with shitty Real defense instead of parking the bus and waiting for the extra time.
  4. Road Cycling 2018 Discussion Thread

    I don't follow Cycling that much. but I think the Petrochimi Tabriz team doesn't exist anymore, the city of Tabriz also has another team "Shahrdari" though. no idea. maybe they lost interest, and obviously Iran is getting weaker in cycling after some of those veterans finally retired after million years ! btw Iran used to host so many Continental tours per year. but only one of them is still alive. I guess that shows the level of interest of Cycling here. Cycling only making the headlines here after the doping cases.
  5. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    nope, Russia and Iran btw we only got bad and worse results since the "Rio disaster" but this was a good result here in Tunisia. good too see our TKD is still alive. even though winning only one gold medal is a bit disappointing.
  6. The article says each country can qualify 1 per gender and then 2 more with 10-19 doping cases . means 3+3, for Iran just 3 Edit OMG ! I made a mistake. you are right. we can't qualify more than 2. that's much worse. I could live with 3 but now just 2 ??!!! I wonder if IWF counted those numbers before making the rules. why 10 ? and not 12 for example ? I wonder if it had something to do with our federation not backing Ajan during the IWF election and trying to support his rival.
  7. oh Great, there are only THREE sports we can win medal at the Olympics and they are making our chance less and less first IOC dropped a weight class, then IWF made the limit of max 4 per NOC and now this doping rule means we can't qualify more than 3 weightlifters right now we have FOUR former or current Olympic champions in our squad plus 3-4 more world medalists and only 3 of them can go to Tokyo I took a look and damn we have exactly 10 doping cases since 2009 we will lose a very important Olympic quota just because some stupid kids took drugs few years ago during the Asian Juniors thanks to one corrupt coach Iran had no positive cases since 2014 but well... Kazakhstan already has more than 20 and Russia also will surpass that number when they announce the sanctions for re-analysis , same goes to Belarus and Azerbaijan. they can qualify only ONE weightlifter ! I'm a bit lazy to count for the rest. but it seems Armenia is also in danger.
  8. Football 2018 Discussion Thread

    Of course Portugal is not unbeatable (and remember we have a Portuguese coach) but first we have to beat (or not lose to) Morocco to stay alive for the last match. This is a very tough group but in football there is always hope. and we always can count on our fighting spirit which is always our biggest weapon. well even Cambodia was probably better than random Sierra Leone team. that wasn't a FIFA day, and they were supposed to play with their local league players but later Iranian media found out there is no league in Sierra Leone because of Ebola we still don't know who were those guys, they didn't even want to leave Iran after the match the controversy of that match still continues. and people make joke of that team here like forever. Queiroz confused everybody with his lineups. I hope Morocco coach scouts Iran based on those two matches, even though with Queiroz you never can be sure about anything, he always surprises with his lineups and formations .
  9. Football 2018 Discussion Thread

    that was even better, they were supposed to play Libya as well few days before Tunisia match but a last minute cancellation made them play "some guys" from Sierra Leone The Morocco match is the key match for Iran (and actually for both teams) that's not surprising to prepare more for that one. but Queiroz tested some weird combinations in defense in both matches, giving up so many chances to Tunisia and Algeria. btw we lost to Tunisia because of the Egyptian referee a normal referee would give a clear penalty to Iran and few red cards to both teams
  10. Football 2018 Discussion Thread

    That almost worked well against Argentina back in 2014, didn't it ? yeah people say such things about Queiroz here, but I'm not sure if that's the case this time. the current Iran is much better than 2014 team. actually not because the current team is so great, but because that team was so crap . probably the worst Iran NT I remember (alongside with the 2010 team) I stlil don't know how they made it to the world cup. I think the problem is our federation and its VERY poor management. also top teams ask for money which Iran doesn't have. and the political situation also matters a lot. I remember back in 2006 we had hard time to play friendlies. some countries like Romania cancelled the friendlies in last minutes for political reasons. we ended playing only couple ex-Yugo countries before the World Cup (thanks to our Ex-Yugo coach) this time we will play the mighty Lithuania before the World Cup
  11. Football 2018 Discussion Thread

    Today we have the complete list of 2019 Asian Cup qualified teams. with Philippines, Yemen and North Korea earning the last spots. this is the first time with 24 teams . we will have so many one-sided scores like 5-0 etc with kinds of Philippines, Yemen, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, India, Lebanon and Vietnam.
  12. Field Hockey 2018 Discussion Thread

    well, outdoor hockey isn't active much in Iran. lack of hockey pitch, poor hockey federation etc. I don't know how hard it is to adjust to outdoor hockey but based on previous results Iran is probably good for a 7th-8th place in Asia right now. BUT Iran NOC has some policies about the Asian Games participation, with few exceptions like Gymnastics and Swimming, they only participate in sports where they can be competitive and compete for medal. last time in 2014 Iran qualified for the Asian Games but the NOC didn't send them to Incheon.
  13. Wrestling 2018 Discussion Thread

    That will change a lot after the European and American Championship. we only had Asian and African Champs so far this year. having this ranking is better than nothing but this is still new and doesn't show anything . don't take that serious.
  14. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    This is exactly when we celebrate the "Persian New year" in Iran. as we did yesterday. unlike most countries in world the new year doesn't start at 12:00 am here. but it changes every year with the equinox .sometimes midnight, sometimes in middle of the day and etc.
  15. so Asian Games in Jakarta will be an Olympic qualifier . that's interesting but most of top Asian nations will probably finish in top 8 at the worlds later in 2019 and will qualify a complete team. so what if Korea wins the gold in Jakarta and later qualify a team ? the spot goes to the next best unqualified nation ? in this case we may see a 5th-6th placer from AG gets the spot. or even lower than that. while Indonesia completely destroyed the Asian Games by even removing some Olympic events , I wonder if other sports use the AG as Olympic qualifier.