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  1. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    what a match the atmosphere was like watching the FIFA Futsal World Cup final I really enjoyed watching futsal here. so many interesting matches (mostly Argentina included)
  2. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    that was indeed a penalty
  3. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    that was a textbook goal. experienced teams always score "easy goals" like this. btw if refs were better (and to me they are not) we should have 2nd penalty already in 2nd half . both teams play aggressive. so many fouls. I still think we will see second penalty here.
  4. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    I'm watching Futsal and surprisingly this is Argentina that dominating Brazil !
  5. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    Egypt just made it very easy for Russia. how the hell they didn't use the flying GK ?! when you are down by just 2 and you are in knockout round where GD doesn't matter and of course you can't create any major chances with 4 players you have to try something new. and damn, Russia shouldn't even be here if it wasn't for that last minute corner kick
  6. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    they are different actually. Beach wrestling now has official registered rules. we just had World Beach Wrestling Championship few days ago. but traditional wrestling means any kind of nonsense include grabbing someone's leg or throwing him.
  7. thanks that makes sense because we are doomed to always somehow get Poland in our group. but that group with Canada and Argentina looks easier, there is no "big team" there. (by big team I mean USA, BRA, ITA. SRB. POL, RUS and FRA) that's not a good news for European countries. with this I see only 4 European teams in Tokyo. and we have "at least" 5 very good European teams.
  8. 2 years ago I would care about this and already tried to calculate and find out our possible opponents in this OQT . but considering our current situation there is no way Iran can beat a top 6 team (most probably at its home) and qualify directly. so we have to focus on beating China and Australia in AVC QT. but still I would like to see our possible group to see which teams are going to beat us in the OQT.
  9. Or maybe they are just waiting till the end of Women's competition to publish both rankings together. just saying
  10. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    Portugal's 13th goal was just wow !
  11. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    watching Bolivia-Portugal in futsal. Bolivia started playing with flying GK very early and conceded two more goals very early at the end of 1st half but the funny thing is they don't even bother to replace the GK when they lose the ball. they just continue like that the final result will be something 20-1 for Portugal if Bolivia continues to play stupid like this. taking risk and trying your best to win the match is something but being stupid and getting humiliated is something else.
  12. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    IAWF.ir (Iran wrestling) usually posts photo gallery from the competition but most probably tomorrow. not now after midnight you also can check UWW instagram page tomorrow (if you didn't know that yourself) Iran Olympic committee website posted few pictures of today. the whole podium for 65kg but for 110kg. only our wrestler almost in tears on 2nd place !
  13. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    another silver in wrestling well I didn't expect this at all, if I had to make a prediction before the Games. this was our best gold medal chance but it seems you never can underestimate Russia in wrestling. Zare lost 6-5 and based on the scoreboard it seems he gave up a 4pts throw. it happens when you push your opponents, you also give him a chance to throw you. seriously that's a shame. they didn't even show a single minute of wrestling competition. no medal chance for tomorrow. let's see what we can get in Karate. 6 G - 3 S - 1 B so far. that will be nice if we can stay in top ten in the medal table.
  14. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    and Karimi lost to Azerbaijan as expected. only silver here. this is our first (and hopefully last ) defeat in wrestling in this YOG. Iran actually qualified 3 freestyle wrestlers but had to pick 2. 110kg was no question but they had to pick between 65kg world bronze medalist (who lost 8-2 in SF to Azerbaijan) or 80kg silver medalist who lost 7-6 to Russia in the final (later upgraded to gold but they didn't know that at the time they had to pick) and in a very stupid decision they picked up 65kg wrestler who lost easily 6-1 today. the only reason they didn't pick Ghiasi at 80kg was what happened at the end of this match. that was kind of punishment . he was leading 6-2 with 10 seconds to go and made a dumb mistake . and with this. Iran just easily threw away a possible gold.
  15. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    Pakistan beat USA in wrestling and won the bronze !! wow