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  1. I see , didn't notice the difference, people here mostly consider Shemshak, Tochal, E. Hashem and Dizin as parts of Tehran ! yes they are all ski resorts near Tehran, Tehran is next to mountains, so many ski resorts here.
  2. Well I'm almost sure this is not the first FIS race in Tehran, they held so many competitions in ski resorts of Tehran.
  3. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    Yes by my calculation (actually FIFA ranking tools calculation) Denmark wll have 2 pts more than Sweden even if the win. so something like this seeded teams SUI/POR Italy Croatia Denmark Unseeded teams Northern Ireland Ireland Rep. Greece Sweden
  4. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    so which 4 team will be seeded for the Playoffs ? I assume SUI/POR, Croatia, Italy ? who is the fourth team ?
  5. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    Shame I couldn't watch Egypt-Congo Match, I'm sure there is a great atmosphere there right now with a 90+5 minute goal. Congrats Egypt
  6. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    I think we can already congratulate you in advance, even though nothing is guaranteed in this sport, specially when it comes to Africa interesting that Egypt won the African Cup multiple times in past few years but didn't qualify for the World Cup in 28 years.
  7. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    It's not about the results, but the way they play. Italy didn't create much chances against a team like Macedonia today, no much time left till the crucial playoffs. I hope all main players return for those 2 matches. as I said before I can't even imagine a world cup without Italy.
  8. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    well I follow the Italian NT since 1993 and even Donadoni was a better coach than Ventura. btw the only time I cried for a sport , that was for Italy NT long time ago I don't think he stays if Italy fails to qualify which is very possible now, I hope I'm wrong , big teams like Italy usually find a way to win crucial matches, this Italy has so many good players but today's match was just terrible, I remember we played this Macedonia team away last year and even Iran completely dominated them.
  9. Darts Discussion Thread

    no I mean in general, as you said there are more than "one world championship" in this sport. I'm not sure if they are working hard, I can compare it to something like snooker, while there was no proper organization for Snooker (and now Darts) the younger generation developed the sport. even though Dart is even much easier than Snooker to play.
  10. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    watching Italy-Macedonia match, this Italian team is a complete disaster, a year ago they had a good team with Conte, now with Ventura I can't believe if my favorite team Italy misses the world cup but that's now very possible, this Italian team won't be favorite against any team in the playoffs.
  11. Darts Discussion Thread

    LOL sports like Dart is a bit hard to follow, cuz you really don't know what's the highest level of the competition, there are so many amateurs/pro tournaments. I heard about some achievement during the Dart World Cup but didn't take them serious since I don't trust Iranian sport media
  12. Weightlifting 2017 Discussion Thread

    Four members of Iranian weightlifting team denied visa by US embassy in Dubai ! two weightlifters and two officials, Ayoub Mousavi and Saleh Cheraghi both Asian silver medalists from 2017. fortunately all of our stars will be there in US. here is the list of those who went to Dubai for visa. because of the long visa process they can't add anybody else to the list. the Iranian federation is trying to solve the issue with the help of IWF and the US NOC, but they will probably fail. 69: Majid Askari 85: Kianoush Rostami, Saleh Cheraghi, Ali Miri, Masoud Chatraei 94: Sohrab Moradi, Ayoub Mousavi 105: MohammadReza Barari, Ali Hashemi, Alireza Soleimani +105: Behdad Salimi, Saeid Alihosseini, Homayoun Teymouri with all those countries missing the competition, most of Iranian weightlifters will be favorite for the medal. if Mousavi misses the tournament, they have no other option to bring Askari (probably the only one without a chance) , you can't send more than 2 weightlifters per weight, the most interesting name in this list is Saeid Alihosseini, weightlifting community remembers him very well, he is still the world junior record holder. he had some crazy numbers in training 8 years ago. something like 215+270=485 ! but he got a life ban (later reduced to 12 years) for his 2nd doping test. apparently according to new rules his ban is reduced to 8 years and he is clear to participate, nobody knows about his current shape .they kept it like a secret.
  13. IRAN Faramarz Aslani - Age Ye Rooz (If One Day)
  14. Weightlifting 2017 Discussion Thread

    the same ? in term of winning medals you mean probably ! let's say why not Poland ? Szarmiak and Zielinski brothers say hello in past 6-7 years Iran had almost 1 positive test per year (last time 2014) which is still bad but nothing comparing to others. and actually Iranians never failed a drug test in a major competition, mostly because they test weightlifters in the national camp regularly before the major competitions, because of the costs they can't do that for all athletes and all competitions of course I don't deny what we had with our Bulgarian coach long time ago but everything has changed since 2009 and because of the past record Iranian weightlifters are under IWF/WADA out of competition tests so many times per year.
  15. Weightlifting 2017 Discussion Thread

    This is a big news. that was the right decision, I'm glad to not see our country in this list ! we had a bad record in this case but at least in past few years they took it serious. even though advanced doping with higher technology doesn't exist in Iran, so if an Iranian uses something he will get caught soon and not 4 years later ! this will improve our results in the World Champs even though since USA is hosting the event and with the travel ban I'm not sure if we can even participate ! our athletes are already in Dubai for visa things.