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  1. yeah The results of the other games could not have been better. I believe if we win next two games (both at home against opponents we have good record against) we are mathematically qualified. even though Uzbekistan beat Iran last time they came to Azadi stadium 4 years ago, that was their only win vs Iran.
  2. Yes I don't know how many golden opportunities our guys wasted in counter attacks today, but still 1-0 was good enough and after 6 matches in this round we didn't concede yet 4 matches to go, 3 at home, I think we are safe but you never can be sure, still important to beat China with Lippi next Tuesday.
  3. China beat South Korea and also Syria beat Uzbekistan ! now Syria is also in contention for a top 2 (or 3) finish. actually these results keep everybody alive in Group A if we beat Qatar tonight in Doha, we will be 4 pts clear over Korea and 5 with Uzbekistan. and with 3 home matches remaining we will be in a very good position, but still beating Qatar in Qatar is no easy, considering the situation we had. I think Queiroz will play for a safe 0-0. our next game will be against China in Tehran, they are a much better team with Lippi but still they always make their pants wet when they play at the Azadi stadium. ------- in other group, Saudis got 3 valuable points in Thailand and they also improved their GD. they have a very good chance to qualify directly, specially cuz Australia wasted two points in Tehran against Iraq. also Japan will be in danger if they don't win tonight.
  4. I just sent my vote, I have to say I found voting a very tough job specially if you try to be responsible and not just vote randomly. I'm in holiday these days because of the new year, still I spent enough time to listen to all of them at least twice (much more than that for my top 12) and my initial #1 ended up 7th ! and surprisingly for myself there are so many non English songs in top of my list ! btw I was curious how you guys selected your song, the one you enjoy more ? or the one you think has more chance to get more points in he contest ? personally I just picked what I like myself even though I knew there is a good chance for that song to finish last
  5. RIP, very sad news I'm quite sure our friend "thepharoah" will explain it much better but let me tell you that's because Arabic countries mostly don't follow the western naming system.(given name + surname) their names are usually consisted of 3-4 parts or more, sometimes they refer to the person wtih 1st part, 2nd part and 3rd part, sometimes the the part, the only consistent thing is the 1st part which is the given name. (the 2nd part is the father name) for example, Egypt wrestling legend is worldwide known as Karam Gaber but I also read some Egyptian media know him as Karam Ibrahim.
  6. Only few hours away from the Iranian new year of 1396, peopled voted in a TV program about the best Iranian athletes of 1395 year. this is not a very popular vote but there is no other one Men 1. Hassan Yazdani (Wrestling) - 2016 Olympics Gold medal 2. National Futsal team - 2016 World Cup Bronze medal 3. Kianoush Rostami (Weightlifting) - 2016 Olympics Gold medal - Set 3 new world records 4. Siamand Rahman (Paralympic Powerlifting) - 2016 Paralympics Gold medal - Set a new world record 5. Mojtaba Abedini (Fencing) - 2016 Olympics 4th place 6. Komeil Ghasemi (Wrestling) - 2016 Olympics Silver medal 7. Sohrab Moradi (Weightlifting) - 2016 Olympics Gold medal Women 1. Kimia Alizadeh (Taekwondo) - 2016 Olympics Bronze medal (first Iranian women to win an Olympic medal) 2. Zahra Nemati (Paralympic Archery) - 2016 Paralympics Gold and Silver medals - 2016 Olympics participants and the flag bearer 3. Sara Khademalsharieh (Chess) - World Grand Prix 2nd place 4. Mansourian sisters ! (Wushu) - ??? (I don't know why they are even nominated !) 5. Hamideh Abbasali (Karate) - 2016 World Championships Bronze medal 6. Sareh Javanmardi (Paralympic Shooting) - 2016 Paralympics two Gold medals 7. Elaheh Ahmadi (Shooting) - 2016 Olympics 6th place As someone who knows almost everything about Iranian sport, I'm only fine with #1 for both genders. even though having some random athletes in women's ranking is not surprising since Iran usually have limited achievement here. for example Sara Khadem is here in this list only because of that bogus fair play story. good too see people didn't forget Abedini and despite his 4th place finish still rank him above some Olympic medalists. he was just one touch away from the Olympic final and a historical medal.
  7. I guess most people here can't remember we had 10 weights in men's wrestling for something like 30 years until 1996 Olympics, FILA had to cut two weights and make it 8 to make room for women's wrestling, later they made it 7 and then 6 ! I'm quite sure wrestling community is happy with this decision cuz right now for example there is a big gap of 12kg between 74 and 86. but yes I think having 10 weights for women's wrestling is too much.
  8. Good question, they didn't mention that , these are just the headlines, they will publish the details later after testing these changes in few events. but I believe the same day right after weight-in . having the draw before the weight-in will result in some disqualifications or walkover since we always have wrestlers who can't make weight.
  9. UWW announced revolutionary changes in wrestling rules ! these rules will be applied from January 2018. https://unitedworldwrestling.org/article/ten-weight-categories-two-day-format-highlight-wrestling-improvements https://unitedworldwrestling.org/sites/default/files/media/document/07_2018_changes.pdf here is the summary of important changes * They increased the number of weights from 8 to 10 ! the exact weight categories will be announced after the 2017 WC * Finally they found out their current team ranking is not fair and changed it. now the champion will get 25 pts (instead of 10) and second place means 20pt (instead of 9) in old rules there was only 1pt difference between gold and silver medal ! * There will be a ranking system to seed top 4 wrestlers . wrestlers will get points for world and continental champs plus few selected international tournaments, this seeding system will be used also for the 2017 Worlds * now we will competitions in two days instead of one ! repechage and finals will be held on the second day. they will test that in upcoming tournaments to make it official or not * we will have weight-in in morning before the competition and once again in 2nd day morning with 2kg allowance for the 2nd day. this is the biggest change here, right now we have weight-in one day before the tournament which let the wrestlers cut 6-7 kilos . this is impossible now and will change so many things, I believe most of top wrestlers will move up one weight because of this rule. * only after few months they regret their new Greco changes (I wrote about that in another thread) they are studying the situation to bring back the forced parterre. even though with adjustments, the current Greco format is terrible and boring. forced parterre was always a part of this sport. * if a wrestlers tests positive for a team event, they will disqualify the entire team ! (to me this is not fair, they only have to disqualify that wrestler and his results) * They also changed the format for competitions with 6 or 7 wrestlers, now we will have two groups of 3 or 4 wrestlers in round robin competition
  10. You can play like shit for 70 minutes and still score 6 goals to have a "historical" comeback ! all 6 goals had happened in first and last 5 minutes of each half ! The god of football is cruel sometimes ! and long live diving.
  11. Iran Mohsen Yeganeh - Behet Ghol Midam (I Promise You)
  12. Sweden was way behind, now they are in race for the bronze and most probably will win it thanks to Helner
  13. yes I read that in the first post. otherwise I would like to nominate my favorite song from 30 years ago both songs in my mind had released in 2016, will pick one tomorrow.
  14. hi guys, since the beginning of this contest, so many users contacted me to join here but I didn't, this time here I am but first I want to be sure about my responsibilities here. I read the rules in first page but that was too long, and I'm not a fan of Eurovision to know its format. so in short I have to pick an Iranian song in next couple of days (I already have one or two in my mind) then I have to listen to all those selected songs from all countries to pick 12 and rank them from 1st to 12th. that's it ?
  15. Iran had a 5th place finish in men's slalom, not far from a medal but they needed two more DNFs. or a bit better performance. and North Korea finally won a medal here, good to have another country beside those 4 in the medal table