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  1. Iran had a 5th place finish in men's slalom, not far from a medal but they needed two more DNFs. or a bit better performance. and North Korea finally won a medal here, good to have another country beside those 4 in the medal table
  2. ^^ OCA has this rule for a long long time, even for the summer Asian Games. actually in most events they limit the number of athletes per nation to two to avoid such situations, they did that 6 years ago in Kazakhstan I don't know why they changed it for the winter games probably because the number of athletes in some events could be too low. (for example in Kazakhstan we had only 4 skier starting the mass start event !!) for the summer Games I think only in Shooting, Golf and Bowling we have more than 2 athletes per nation and that's because they need that for the team event ! even in road cycling we have only 2 per team !!
  3. Casey Wright of Australia finished 3rd in Women's Cross-country sprint. but didn't win the bronze per OCA rules, to me this is stupid. if they let AUS and NZL participate they should be eligible for winning medals.
  4. and these are not even Ice Hockey players btw apparently they are going to barrow some players from the opposite team they are not serious friendlies. just having fun. I don't know about IIHF eligibility rules but OCA rules are clear about 3 years residency. this is probably Iranian officials fault. they probably didn't even know such rule exist since Iran rarely use such players in any sport. back in Incheon 2014, OCA didn't let UAE uses those Moldavian judokas they had for the same reason.
  5. to be accurate Iran was "disqualified" for not having enough players ! OCA knew the situation about those players and still gave them their ID cards for the event but later some countries apparently protested that , since Ice Hockey doesn't exist in Iran, that left Iran with only 9 eligible players ! (those are in fact inline hockey players) they are still in Sapporo playing according to the schedule but only their results count as friendlies ! with only 9 inline hockey players they lost 8-1 to Macau
  6. yes and they are already in Iran, waiting for the start of the competition tomorrow. the problem is solved at least FOR NOW. the competition will start tomorrow Group A Iran, Turkey, India, Mongolia Group B Russia, USA, Azerbaijan, Gerogia easy group for Iran, while group B is tougher. Russia is sending a 2nd/3rd tier team (still strong though) I think it will be between USA and Azerbaijan, and I expect a Iran-USA final.
  7. Nice job by UWW All Wrestling Action from the Olympic Games Rio 2016 Now Available to Fans for the First Time https://unitedworldwrestling.org/article/all-wrestling-action-from-the-olympic-games-rio-2016-now-available-to-fans-for-the-first
  8. Yes I was expecting the same, at least based on previous news. American wrestlers are usually quite popular here and always welcomed , I'm sure even our wrestling federation didn't expect such answer from the government but apparently since yesterday they will go as "an eye for an eye" policy against Trump. yesterday USA announced Iran Archery team can't go there for the World Cup in USA (they already had their visa) on 10 February. they are saying "we didn't start this, they did"
  9. Iran will host the freestyle World Cup in two weeks, the best 8 teams from the 2016 Olympics including USA were invited to the event. but since dumbass Trump banned Iranians from entering the USA, Iran did the same. in past few days we were expecting them to make an exception for the US wrestling team but surprisingly today they said NO and US team can't enter Iran ! this is really disappointing, I won't surprise if UWW cancels the tournament since there is no time left to change the host.
  10. Terrible accident today in the heart of Tehran. I went to that building so many times. R.i.p to the victims. specially firefighters watching pictures of firefighters (who are supposed to be tough) crying for their friends/colleagues were really heart breaking. The most annoying part was those stupid people blocking roads to take pics or film with their phones so that hospital personal cant get trough with injured people.
  11. Rumors say UWW is into some revolutionary changes , if their board approves this we wlil have 3 major changes 1. Increasing the number of weights per style to 10. still only 6 will be at the Olympics. 2. 2 day tournaments, means semis and finals will be held on the second day 3. Same day weigh-in ! Specially the 3rd is a big big change, at the moment we have weight-in one day before the competition, which let wrestlers to cut huge weights. for example wrestlers at 65kg category are usually 70kg or more in the competition day.
  12. well there were rumors about two wrestlers Taymazov (UZB) and Fedoryshin (UKR) ! since UWW officially denied rumors about Asgarov (AZE) and didn't say anything about these two cases , they are probably more than just rumors. Akkaev is a weightlifter. ironically he didn't even particpate in London 2012. came to the location but withdrew in the last day because of an "injury"
  13. New list from IOC ! https://www.olympic.org/news/ioc-sanctions-eight-athletes-for-failing-anti-doping-test-at-beijing-2008-and-london-2012 Lei CAO - 2008 - Weightlifting (Women's 75kg) - Gold medal Xiexia CHEN - 2008 - Weightlifting (Women's 48kg) - Gold medal Chunhong LIU - 2008 - Weightlifting (Women's 69kg) - Gold medal Nadzeya OSTAPCHUK - 2008 - Athletics (Women's shot put) - Bronze medal Darya PCHELNIK - 2008 - Athletics (Women's hammer throw) Sibel SIMSEK - 2012 - Weightlifting (Women's 63kg) Intigam ZAIROV - 2012 - Weightlifting (Men's 94kg) Norayr VARDANYAN - 2012 - Weightlifting (Men's 94kg) if I'm not wrong IOC talked about 101 positive results in re-testing, (so far) now with this they already sanctioned 96 cases. which mean 5 more remaining.
  14. Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani one of the most important persons in the history of Iran died yesterday at 82. He was number 2 (or maybe even the real number 1) for so many years, 30 maybe. he was a key person in 1979 revolution and that bloody 8 years Iran-Iraq war, actually the one who ended the war. so many secrets and stories die with him. for years he was the most hated person in Iran and since life is unpredictable (and so the politics in Iran) he eventually died as a "good man" and people are actually mourning for him. Good or bad, his death will be a big blow for Hassan Rohani
  15. A member of Iran Greco-Roman wrestling team in Rio Bashir Babajanzadeh (130kg) tested positive for doping and received 4 years ban from UWW but not for the Olympics but the last event before the Olympics. ! (Greco World Cup in Iran) I guess this will disqualify his result in Rio as well (even though he was terrible and lost in QF) this makes him the 2nd Iranian ever at the Olympics to get his results disqualified for a doping violation. that was a shame, considering his age and this 4 years ban we will never see him again on the mat "hopefully"