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  1. New list from IOC ! https://www.olympic.org/news/ioc-sanctions-eight-athletes-for-failing-anti-doping-test-at-beijing-2008-and-london-2012 Lei CAO - 2008 - Weightlifting (Women's 75kg) - Gold medal Xiexia CHEN - 2008 - Weightlifting (Women's 48kg) - Gold medal Chunhong LIU - 2008 - Weightlifting (Women's 69kg) - Gold medal Nadzeya OSTAPCHUK - 2008 - Athletics (Women's shot put) - Bronze medal Darya PCHELNIK - 2008 - Athletics (Women's hammer throw) Sibel SIMSEK - 2012 - Weightlifting (Women's 63kg) Intigam ZAIROV - 2012 - Weightlifting (Men's 94kg) Norayr VARDANYAN - 2012 - Weightlifting (Men's 94kg) if I'm not wrong IOC talked about 101 positive results in re-testing, (so far) now with this they already sanctioned 96 cases. which mean 5 more remaining.
  2. Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani one of the most important persons in the history of Iran died yesterday at 82. He was number 2 (or maybe even the real number 1) for so many years, 30 maybe. he was a key person in 1979 revolution and that bloody 8 years Iran-Iraq war, actually the one who ended the war. so many secrets and stories die with him. for years he was the most hated person in Iran and since life is unpredictable (and so the politics in Iran) he eventually died as a "good man" and people are actually mourning for him. Good or bad, his death will be a big blow for Hassan Rohani
  3. A member of Iran Greco-Roman wrestling team in Rio Bashir Babajanzadeh (130kg) tested positive for doping and received 4 years ban from UWW but not for the Olympics but the last event before the Olympics. ! (Greco World Cup in Iran) I guess this will disqualify his result in Rio as well (even though he was terrible and lost in QF) this makes him the 2nd Iranian ever at the Olympics to get his results disqualified for a doping violation. that was a shame, considering his age and this 4 years ban we will never see him again on the mat "hopefully"
  4. UWW is considering a new qualification system for the 2020 Olympics, if confirmed they will use a ranking system, based on world and continental championship and few selected international tournaments. this is just a proposal for now but UWW is seriously working on it.
  5. According to Iran NOC, they received a letter from IOC, informing them to return Kianoush Rostami's bronze medal and diploma from 2012 Olympics, apparently they officially awarded him the silver medal
  6. I thnk they should seriously change the name of "Greco-Roman wrestling" into "Caution wrestling" or something like that. this is terrible, absolutely terrible. if they bring this into the Olympics with these rules, Greco-Roman will be out of the Olympics for sure. these rules are only good for age group or minor events, while in highest level it's really hard to score. in these 2 days most matches were decided by cautions. if you check the results you can see a lot of "1-1" or "2-1" scores. means nobody actually scored and all those points were from cautions. for example tonight in 3 medal round matches, 2 of them decided purely by cautions, and in the final we had only ONE takedown ! which means only one scoring technique in 3 matches, 18 minutes !! and obviously with rules like this, the host nation will benefit the most ! Hungary won nothing in Rio but here with two average wrestlers they finished with 1 gold and 1 bronze !! (btw UWW had to make up for them, Lorincz got robbed blatantly in Rio)
  7. We will have World Championships for non-Olympic weights starting from tomorrow, the brackets are out. tough draw for Biaboongard in Greco but it's not that bad for our Ehsanpour in freestyle. I think the level is quite good, interestingly wrestlers from the 2016 Olympics are NOT allowed to compete here. beside that we had World Club Championships in the same venue yesterday and today, important competition because that was the first senior tournament with these new rules in Greco-Roman. I have to admit matches are more interesting and more active because of these rules but yet we had so many matches decided by the referees !! it's hard to score in standing position in Greco in high level matches and then refs will decide the winner. I still think the forced par-terre should be a part of Greco-Roman wrestling.
  8. I'm sure you know better than me but if you read IOC reports they say The IWF is requested to modify the results of the above-mentioned event accordingly and to consider any further action within its own competence. Doesn't it mean that IOC will accept IWF's decision no matter what ? it's like they are saying they have done their part and it's now an IWF matter
  9. Yeah , not only Aukhadov, they redistributed few more medals.they closed the case and officially dsiqualified few more athletes like Chinshanlo, Maneza, Podobedova and Rybakov. 2008 http://www.iwf.net/results/results-by-events/?event=21 2012 http://www.iwf.net/results/results-by-events/?event=214
  10. The mastermind of Kazakhstan Dopinglifting is now resigned ! this is his interview . you probably remember this guy "Alexey Ni" with his celebrations "Kazakhstan Number 1" !! http://www.inform.kz/en/alexey-ni-my-resignation-is-a-sign-of-solidarity-with-my-team_a2973588 I still can't believe how come they let Kazakhstan participate in Rio in this sport ! almost their whole squad from 2008 and 2012 failed the test and they also had a big number of positive tests from 2015 Worlds ! beside that almost their whole 2016 squad had a history of doping suspension ! you can't find a country with a doping record worse than this in any sport ! Kazakhstan is indeed "number one" but in doping.
  11. and finally Ilyin ! They disqualified 7 athletes but two of them got it twice for both 2008 and 2012 ! https://www.olympic.org/news/ioc-sanctions-seven-athletes-for-failing-anti-doping-tests-at-beijing-2008-and-london-2012 Ilya ILIN - 2008 - Weightlifting (Men's 94kg) - Gold medal Pavel LYZHYN - 2008 - Athletics (Men's shot put) Aksana MIANKOVA - 2008 - Athletics (Women's hammer throw) - Gold medal Natallia MIKHNEVICH - 2008 - Athletics (Women's shot put) - Silver medal Sviatlana USOVICH - 2008 - Athletics (Women's 800m) Ilya ILIN - 2012 - Weightlifting (Men's 94kg) - Gold medal Aksana MIANKOVA - 2012 - Athletics (Women's hammer throw) Boyanka KOSTOVA - 2012 - Weightlifting (Women's 58kg) Nastassia MIRONCHYK-IVANOVA - 2012 - Athletics (Women's long jump)
  12. oh no ! another "brilliant" idea by IOC. looks like they don't understand the importance of the Olympics !
  13. I wonder when IOC will announce it officially. with Ilyin's suspension we most probably will have our 5th gold medal (13th medal overall) from London 2012 !!! I think London 2012 will remain our best Olympic ever for a while ! maybe ever. hard to match those results with current financial issues.
  14. It seems UWW officially re-awarded medals from 2008 and 2012 re-testing. even though all of them are from 2008. the only case from 2012 (so far) was Kudukhov, IOC decided to not disqualify him since he is not alive. https://unitedworldwrestling.org/article/todo 2008 - Men's Greco-Roman 60kg Vitaliy Rahimov - Silver medal ==> Disqualification Nurbakyt Tengizbayev - Bronze medal ==> Silver medal Sheng Jiang - 5th place ==> Bronze medal 2008 - Men's Greco-Roman 96kg Asset Mambetov - Bronze medal ==> Disqualification Mark Svec - 5th place ==> Bronze medal 2008 - Men's Greco-Roman 120kg Khasan Baroev - Silver medal ==> Disqualification Mindaugas Mizgaitis - Bronze medal ==> Silver medal Yannick Szczepaniak - 5th place ==> Bronze medal 2008 - Men's Freestyle 74kg Soslan Tigiev - Silver medal ==> Disqualification Murad Gaidarov - Bronze medal ==> Silver medal Gheorghita Stefan - 5th place ==> Bronze medal 2008 - Men's Freestyle 96kg Taymuraz Tigiyev - Silver medal ==> Disqualification Giorgi Gogshelidze - Bronze medal ==> Silver medal Michel Batista - 5th place ==> Bronze medal
  15. New list of 2012 disqualification mostly in weightlifting and mostly 94kg https://www.olympic.org/news/ioc-sanctions-12-athletes-for-failing-anti-doping-test-at-london-2012 They disqualified almost everybody but Ilyin !! I wonder if they are letting him get away with this. Andrey DEMANOV - 2012 - Weightlifting (Men's 94kg) Oleksandr DRYGOL - 2012 - Athletics (Men's hammer throw) Cristina IOVU - 2012 - Weightlifting (Women's 53kg) - Bronze medal Alexandr IVANOV - 2012 - Weightlifting (Men's 94kg) - Silver medal Hripsime KHURSHUDYAN - 2012 - Weightlifting (Women's +75kg) - Bronze medal Iryna KULESHA - 2012 - Weightlifting (Women's 75kg) - Bronze medal Rauli TSIREKIDZE - 2012 - Weightlifting (Men's 85kg) Margaryta TVERDOKHLIB - 2012 - Athletics (Women's long jump) Almas UTESHOV - 2012 - Weightlifting (Men's 94kg) Nataliya ZABOLOTNAYA - 2012 - Weightlifting (Women's 75kg) - Silver medal Yuliya Zaripova - 2012 - Athletics (3000m steeplechase) - Gold medal Anatoli CIRICU - 2012 - Weightlifting (Men's 94kg) - Bronze medal