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  1. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    I can't see anybody talking about that. from an Iranian point of view that wasn't an important moment of the match. now everybody cursing the VAR (even though I believe the linesman called that first even before VAR), Azmoun (for just walking the entire 90 minutes) and Taremi for missing some good chances. I just remember the commentator said that Costa should get a yellow for that and Beiranvand should not act like he got hit by a car. unfortunately I have to admit we learnt that from some of our neighbors. specially that WCQ Bahrain match back in 2001. since then time-wasting, gross-rolling became somehow a culture.
  2. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    Well. that was heart-breaking. really heart-breaking. specially after that equalizing goal celebration. the same as Argentina 2014. that was more sad to let a dirty player like Costa taking credit for that goal which was in fact an own goal thanks to Rezaeian. we should take one of our chances in second half , I’m not saying we played pretty when we were parking the bus but I think we played good after the goal and had enough chance for at least a goal. Taremi should have equalized with his late header. Amiri's dribble (on Piquet) and cross was gold.
  3. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    Parking the bus so far, a very big one. didn't expect anything else against the best players in the world. but Rezaeian and Beiranvand's acting was disgusting. no need to exaggerate anything
  4. Fencing AFC Asian Championships 2018

    A bit disappointed with the results. mostly because Fotouhi and Rahbari lost to non-Korean fencers ! apparently there were some dubious calls in Pakdaman-Gu semifinal which Pak lost 15-13. Iranian officials are very angry about this. our coach Fakhri is also an experienced FIE referee . when he protests he usually has a good reason. in team events I only expect a silver in men's sabre. we used to be good in men's epee but not anymore our NOC was supposed to decide about Fencing quota at the Asian Games based on these results. their initial decision was sending only men's sabre and men's epee.
  5. Fencing AFC Asian Championships 2018

    probably men's team success inspired the women's team to try more but it's not like they are training together or having the same coach. I just hope our NOC changes its mind about not sending any female fencer to the Asian Games. women's sabre team deserves a chance.
  6. Fencing AFC Asian Championships 2018

    very surprised to see an Iranian girl in top 8 in Women's Sabre. I assume that's for the 1st time ever.
  7. Football 2018 Discussion Thread

    Iran wanted to vote for the North American bid but after Trump's treat they preferred to vote for none
  8. Basketball 2018 Discussion Thread

    I'm waatching the FIBA America U18 Champs, USA-Panama and guess what, USA just finished the 1st quarter 43-0 ?!!!!!!! I don't know if it happened before or this is a record. but at least I don't remember such thing. based on previous results they were not supposed to lose like that !
  9. Karate 2018 Discussion Thread

    thanks. so the current ranking matters after all ! I have to check the ranking how many Iranians are in top 50. I wonder if our federation has the motive and the budget to send them all to the next Karate-1 events.
  10. Karate 2018 Discussion Thread

    That was an interesting tournament for the Iranians. since Istanbul is the next door, they sent a big delegation and while some of our veterans lost badly, we had some new faces in the final, to be honest I never heard the name of some of them ! while this is indeed a good thing, but for Olympic qualification we need someone to be consistent in all tournaments. winning medals by different athletes doesn't help ! but they were Iranians in all 5 male kumitee events with 3 gold and 2 silver. (and 3 bronze) female team was disappointing with just a bronze by Khaksar. and of course we already gave up trying in Kata. I wonder if there is any limitation about the number of athletes per country in this Karate-1 events ?
  11. Karate 2018 Discussion Thread

    Is this Karate-1 tournament in Turkey the first competition counted toward the Olympic qualification ranking ?
  12. Taekwondo WT World Grand Prix 2018

    I don't think they have a new coach, they started their progress few years ago and they are getting better and better.
  13. Taekwondo WT World Grand Prix 2018

    in a genius decision, our TKD federation decided to not participate in this GP
  14. Men's Volleyball FIVB Nations League 2018

    I think Italy is the best team in the world right now, they beat two very strong teams this weekend. as for Iran, that was a disastrous weekend losing to Japan but I think we have to lower our expectations about Iranian volleyball.
  15. Shooting ISSF World Cup 2018

    Actually the second competition and not only for the women's team. their results were really bad until today specially in Air Rifle events. (no finalists in World Cups until today) new coach new system they say it takes time for shooters to adopt, Asian Games is their main competition this year. which is no easier than the World Competitions considering the level of China, Korea, India etc.