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  1. Korea have really great team this year and after they won Kazakhstan its obvious they will play elite champ next year. And for second spot it will be between Kazakhstan and Hungary. In group B is now or newer for UK
  2. EU was a big possibility some 20 years ago but not today....
  3. Who normal want to be part of EU now, except banana countries from european east? I really hope we never become part of that neo liberal freek called EU. ALLEZ MARINE
  4. Happy Easter guys!!!
  5. Juliya was not on that idiotic black list. However the best option will be baning of entire post soviet block. I am sick of them and their fucking politics. Only Estonia can stay
  6. well bomb is some.kind of firework, very explosive one
  7. Serbia won Belgium after 12 years
  8. Језик прегризао. Стварно сам разочаран. Нисам очекивао победу над Румунима, али онај пораз од Аустралије је стварно био превише. До сада смо углавном добијали Шпанџе, Исланђане и Белгијанце, ваљда ће и овај пут бити тако. Исто је било и прошле године, вадили су се у задње две утакмице. Јбг
  9. New champ, old story. This really hurt
  10. No, he is idiot.
  11. And this year logo is Celebrate Diversity
  12. What to expect from Ukrainian nazi regime
  13. Sorry but this song is awful. Maybe the worst song of the year
  14. Great winner and top 3 candidate for sure. And all show was amazing, Swedes are masters for stuff like this. For now i really love songs from Italy, Belgium, Macedonia, Estonia, Sweden and Serbia. And Azerbijan is very good this year too.
  15. Ti si se pretpostavljam zavlačio tamo da vidiš ko se sve pre tebe uvukao u istu? Već rekoh da su ljudi na ovim prostorima opterećeni politikom i vide je u svemu, od pakovanja margarina do crkvenog hora. Ti stadioni će ostati za buduće generacije, ne bitno ko ih je i pod kojim pobudama sagradio