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  1. 3 new songs Joci Pápai - Origo (language Hungarian, plus some phrases on Romani) Kasia Moś - Flashlight (language English) Claudia Faniello - Breathlessly (language English) Hungarian song is very interesting, plus it's really nice to hear Hungarian for one more time on ESC stage. Song from Poland is just old-fashioned and only good thing there is Kasia's voice. And Maltese one is really great, just amazing ballad. For now my faves are Italy, Malta and Switzerland. Far the worst are Germany and Spain
  2. Italian song is AMAZING. I love it. So far its my number one. Bravo ragazzi! Spanish song is pure crap and French one is just ok.
  3. Pozitivno iznenadjenje od strane naseg Fed kup tima. Svaka cast devojke, svaka cast
  4. New songs: Alma - "Requiem" Norma John - "Blackbird" Timebelle - "Apollo"
  5. What is wrong with big dicks?
  6. Wow Fedex
  7. Хвала
  8. Jel ucestvujemo mi uopste na ovoj zimskoj Univerzijadi? Juce smo bili na listi ucesnika, a danas nas nema. Plus nigde nista ne puse o tome, ni na sajtu uuus-a ni oks-a
  9. Its official, they will sing on Belarusian in Kiev. My faves in Finland was Emma
  10. I am really happy for Slovenia, always cheers for them. Congrats Zmajčeki
  11. This is really great, and for the very first time they will sing on Belarusian. BTW Finish song is so boring and depressive
  12. Only good song so far is Belarusian one. British is biring as hell, Georgia sing about peace spiced with political propaganda, and Albania wtf is that?
  13. And Rafa is next on line
  14. It will be really nice to have Rafa vs Fedex in final again
  15. So France and Croatia will fight for gold medal