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  1. Thanks Dan But i think ITA, POR or BUL will fight for the win. For Romania a top 5 will be awesome .
  2. BRAVOOO ROMANIA !! Well done Ilinca & Alex ! Great performance tonight !
  3. Romania is in the Final ! Good luck YODEL IT !
  4. Congratulations Selim ! Great tournament ! Bravo Pablita ! Well done Ady 48 - Romania is proud of you
  5. Well done Tahiti ! Good luck on the Big Final
  6. Check their last performances at World Cup : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tahiti_national_beach_soccer_team someday they will win this competition, who knows - maybe this year on Bahamas
  7. Thank you for all who gave points to Romanian song. Great performance UK - wonderful event and CONGRATULATIONS !