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  1. Merry Christmas for all the members of this wonderful site ! Kind regards and good luck ! Cristian
  2. Congrats Ireland !!! Good choice Dan - lovely song Muy bien Mexico ! Great 2nd place for a nice song ! Bravo Canada for the 3rd place ! Thank you for all who gave points to Romania . Werloc and Dan - wonderful contest, super organisation and fantastic atmosphere for TISC 2016 ! See you in 2017 !
  3. This is a fantastic evening for Romanian handball 28-23 against mighty Poland ! Well done boys ! Good luck in the rest of the games ! We CAN qualify for Euro 2018 ! Bravo RO- MAN-IAAAAAA !!!
  4. 40-29 the correct score. Ireland played fantastic tonight. It was a superb match and both teams were great .Bravo !!!
  5. I voted ! Good luck for all !
  6. Thank you and good luck for Lithuania too !
  7. The Romanian participant for this Contest will be Alexandra Stan with Mr. Saxobeat .
  8. Congratulations for the medalists ! Well done boys !
  9. No - wasn,t your fault Sorry - you have right - terrible math
  10. I choosed also 32 of 10s and the rest with 1 pt , but i'm not in the classment. It was my strategy - putting 10pts of my strenghts bets and 1 pt for the other.Too bad - i didn't understand this contest correctly.