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  1. Your own Summer Olympic Games Programme

    Summer Olympics Template Aquatics - Diving [10] 3m springboard (m/w) 10m Platform (m/w) Synchronised 3m Springboard (m/w) Synchronised 10m Platform (m/w) High Diving (m/w) Aquatics - Swimming [26] 50m Freestyle (m/w) 100m Freestyle (m/w) 200m Freestyle (m/w) 400m Freestyle (m/w) 800m Freestyle (m/w) 1500m Freestyle (m/w) 4x100m Freestyle Relay (m/w) 4x200m Freestyle Relay (m/w) 100m Breaststroke (m/w) 200m Breaststroke (m/w) 100m Butterfly (m/w) 200m Butterfly (m/w) 100m Backstroke (m/w) 200m Backstroke (m/w) 200m Individual Medley (m/w) 400m Individual Medley (m/w) 4x100m Medley Relay (m/w/mixed) 10km Open Water (m/w) Aquatics - Synchronised Swimming [3] Women's Duet (w) Women's Team (w) Mixed Duet Aquatics - Water Polo [2] Tournament (m/w) Archery [4] Individual Recurve (m/w) Individual Compound (m/w) Team Recurve (m/w/mixed) Athletics [44] 100m (m/w) 200m (m/w) 400m (m/w) 800m (m/w) 1500m (m/w) 5000m (m/w) 10,000m (m/w) 110m/100m Hurdles (m/w) 400m Hurdles (m/w) 3000m Steeplechase (m/w) 4x100m Relay (m/w) 4x400m Relay (m/w/mixed) Cross 10 km (m/w) Marathon (m/w) 20km Race Walk (m/w) 50km Race Walk (m) Long Jump (m/w) Triple Jump (m/w) High Jump (m/w) Pole Vault (m/w) Shot Put (m/w) Discus Throw (m/w) Javelin Throw (m/w) Hammer Throw (m/w) Heptathlon (w) Decathlon (m) Badminton [5] Singles (m/w) Doubles (m/w/mixed) Baseball [2] Tournament (m/w) Basketball [4] 3x3 Tournament (m/w) Tournament (m/w) Boxing [10] 5 Men's weights 5 Women's weights Delete 2 bronze medals. Canoeing - Slalom [5] K-1 (m/w) C-1 (m/w) C-2 (m) Canoeing - Sprint [13] K-1 200m (m/w) K-1 500m (w) K-1 1000m (m) K-1 5000m (m) K-2 500m (w) K-2 1000m (m) K-4 500m (m/w) K-4 1000m (m) C-1 200m (w) C-1 1000m (m) C-2 500m (w) C-2 1000m (m) Cycling - BMX [6] BMX Race (m/w) Park (m/w) Vert (m/w) Cycling - Mountain Bike [2] Men's/Women's Race (m/w) Cycling - Road [4] Road Race (m/w) Time Trial (m/w) Cycling - Track [12] Individual Sprint (m/w) Team Sprint (m/w) Team Pursuit (m/w) Keirin (m/w) Omnium (m/w) Madison (m/w) Individual Pursuit (m/w) 1 km Time Trial (m) 500m Time Trial (w) Points Race (m/w) Scratch (m/w) Equestrian [6] Individual Dressage (mixed) Team Dressage (mixed) Individual Jumping (mixed) Team Jumping (mixed) Individual Eventing (mixed) Team Eventing (mixed) Individual Dressage (m/w) Individual Jumping (m/w) Individual Eventing (m/w) Fencing [6] Individual Foil (m/w) Team Foil (m/w) Individual Épée (m/w) Team Épée (m/w) Individual Sabre (m/w) Team Sabre (m/w) Field Hockey [2] Tournament (m/w) Football [2] Tournament (m/w) Golf [2] Individual Stroke Play (m/w) Gymnastics - Artistic [12] Individual All-Around (m/w) Team All-Around (m/w) Floor (m/w) Vault (m/w) Pommel Horse (m) Rings (m) Parallel Bars (m) Horizontal Bar (m) Balance Beam (w) Uneven Bars (w) Gymnastics - Rhythmic [2] Individual All-Around (w) Group All-Around (w) Gymnastics - Trampoline [4] Individual (m/w) Tumbling (m/w) Handball [2] Tournament (m/w) Judo [10] 5 Men's weights 5 women's weights Team Event (mixed) Delete 2 bronze medals Karate [6] 3 Men's Kumite weights 3 Women's Kumite weights Individual Kata (m/w) Delete 2 bronze medals Modern Pentathlon [2] Individual (m/w) Rowing [14] Single Sculls (m/w) Double Sculls (m/w) Lightweight Double Sculls (m/w) Quadruple Sculls (m/w) Pairs (m/w) Fours (m/w) Eights (m/w) Rugby Sevens [2] Tournament (m/w) Sailing [12] RS:X (m/w) Laser (m) Laser Radial (w) Finn (m) 470 (m/w) 49er (m) 49er FX (w) Nacra 17 (mixed) Star (m) Elliott (w) Kitesurfing (m/w) Shooting [15] 10m Air Rifle (m/w) Mixed Team 10m Air Rifle (mixed) 50m Rifle Three Positions (m/w) 300m Standard Rifle (m) 10m Air Pistol (m/w) Mixed Team 10m Air Pistol (mixed) 25m Pistol (w) 25m Rapid Fire Pistol (m) Trap (m/w) Double Trap (m/w) Mixed Team Trap (mixed) Skeet (m/w) 10m Running Target (m/w) Skateboarding [6] Park (m/w) Street (m/w) Vert (m/w) Softball [1] Tournament (w) Sport Climbing [2] Combined (m/w) Surfing [2] Shortboard (m/w) Table Tennis [5] Singles (m/w) Doubles (m/w/mixed) Team (m/w) Taekwondo [6] 3 Men's weights 3 Women's weights Delete 2 bronze medals. Tennis [5] Singles (m/w) Doubles (m/w/mixed) Triathlon [2] Individual Race (m/w) Mixed Team Relay (mixed) Volleyball - Beach [2] Tournament (m/w) Volleyball - Indoor [2] Tournament (m/w) Weightlifting [10] 5 Men's weights 5 Women's weights Wrestling [12] 4 Men's Freestyle weights 4 Men's Greco-Roman weights 4 Women's Freestyle weights Delete 2 bronze medals. Rugby Union [2] Tournament (m/w) Beach Soccer [1] Tournament (m) Futsal [2] Tournament (m/w) Water Ski [2] Combined (m/w) Darts [2] Individual (m/w) Bowling [2] Individual Tenpin (m/w) Roller Speed Skating [4] Sprint Race (m/w) Elimination Race (m/w) Roller Hockey [1] Tournament (m) Cricket [1] Tournament (m) Summer Biathlon [3] Sprint (m/w) Relay (mixed) Orienteering [2] Long (m/w) Sambo [6] 3 Men's weights 3 Women's weights Delete 2 bronze medals. Sumo [4] 2 Men's weights 2 Women's weights Delete 2 bronze medals. Wushu [6] 3 Men's weights in sanda 3 Women's weights in sanda Delete 2 bronze medals. Squash [2] Individual (m/w) Polo [1] Tournament Total medel events: 344
  2. [hide] Sporting Rivalries and Medals (15) 1- On Day 1, the first 5 Gold Medals will be awarded to athletes from 5 different countries. [YES - 3] 2- At least 27 countries will win a Medal, surpassing the Sochi 2014 Games' total. [YES - 3] 3- At least 2 events will not result in the common 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze Medal Podium finish. [NO - 3] 4- South Korea will finish in the top five on the medal table. [NO - 3] 5- Canada will finish ahead of the USA in the medal table. [YES - 3] 6- By total medals won, Norway & Germany will win more than Canada & the United States, who in turn will win more than Japan & South Korea. [YES - 3] 7- At least one nation will win their first ever Gold Medal at a Winter Olympics. [NO - 3] 8- Excluding DNFs, at least one irish athlete will finish ahead of a briton. [YES - 3] 9- A nation will win six or more medals without winning gold. [NO - 3] 10- Austria will finish ahead of Switzerland in the medal table. [NO - 3] 11- We will have at least 5 Gold Medal winners being less than 18 years young on that given day. [YES - 4] 12- At least 3 Torino 2006 medalists will win a Medal in PyeongChang. [YES - 3] 13- At least one medal event will be postponed to another day. [NO - 3] 14- More women than men will win medals for the nation that will rank 1st on the medal table. [NO - 3] 15- At least 3 nations will win 10 or more gold medals. [YES - 3] Alpine Skiing (5) 16- Mikaela Shiffrin (USA) will win at least 3 Gold Medals. [NO - 3] 17- Norway will win the most medals on the Men's side. [YES - 3] 18- At least 33% of the starters in Men's Slalom will not reach the finish on the first run. [YES - 3] 19- Naoki Yuasa (JPN) will finish both legs in the Men's Slalom. [YES - 3] 20- The podium of at least one event will feature only countries associated with the Alpine Region (Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Slovenia and/or Switzerland). [YES - 4] Biathlon (5) 21- Johannes Thingnes Boe (NOR) will win more medals than Martin Fourcade (FRA) during the whole 2018 Winter Olympics.[NO - 3] 22- Anastasiya Kuzmina (SVK) will win her third olympic Sprint title in a row. [NO - 3] 23- An athlete who finished 21st or worst in the Sprint will win a Pursuit medal. [NO - 4] 24- There will be a Gold Medalist in the individual races with 1 or more misses on the shooting range. [YES - 3] 25- The Ukrainian team will win more total medals than Italy. [YES - 3] Bobsleigh (2) 26- Germany will win at least 6 medals between all events. [NO - 3] 27- Humphries (CAN) will win her third gold medal in two-women's bobsleigh. [YES - 4] Cross-country Skiing (5) 28- On the Women's side, all 6 Gold Medals will go to Norway. [YES - 3] 29- Overall, medals will not go to more than 6 nations. [YES - 3] 30- Swiss athletes will win more total medals than Olympic Athletes from Russia. [NO - 3] 31- The Men's Sprint will see a medalist who finished 21st-30th in the Qualification. [NO - 3] 32- The athlete leading the Men's Skiathlon at half-point will eventually win it. [NO - 4] Curling (3) 33- Canada will defend its Gold Medals in both the Men's and Women's events. [NO - 3] 34- A team from Asia will medal in any Curling event. [NO - 3] 35- The italian men's team will win at least 2 games. [YES - 3] Figure Skating (3) 36- The north korean pair will finish ahead of their south korean counterpart. [YES - 4] 37- Spain will win its first ever medal in Figure Skating. [YES - 4] 38- No nation will win medals in both Men's and Women's Singles. [YES - 4] Freestyle Skiing (5) 39- Devin Logan (USA) will win both the Women's Slopestyle and the Women's Halfpipe. [NO - 3] 40- Dominique Ohaco (CHI) will achieve Chile's best ever Winter Olympic result - bettering 11th place in Men's Alpine Combined from 1998. [NO - 3] 41- Sweden will be represented in the Women's Ski Cross Final by at least 2 athletes. [YES - 3] 42- No athlete who was victorious at the 2018 Winter X Games will win a Gold Medal in Pyeongchang. [NO - 3] 43- South Korea will win at least 1 medal, while Australia will win at least 3. [YES - 3] Ice Hockey (5) 44- A team from Group B will defeat a team from Group A in the Quarterfinals of the Women's Tournament. [NO - 4] 45- At least one match in the Men's Tournament will finish scoreless in regular time (60 Minutes). [NO - 4] 46- The Women's Unified Korean Team will win a match. [NO - 4] 47- Russia will win the Gold Medal in the Men's Tournament. [YES - 4] 48- Sweden will finish ahead of Finland in the Men's Tournament. [NO - 4] Luge (2) 49- Germany will win all 4 Gold Medals. [YES - 4] 50- In at least one event the eventual winner won't be in first place after the first run. [NO - 4] Nordic Combined (2) 51- In both Individual events, the first-placed Athlete(s) after Ski Jumping will not win a Medal. [YES - 4] 52- Germany will sweep (win Gold, Silver and Bronze) at least one of the individual events. [YES - 4] Skeleton (2) 53- The margin of the Men's and Women's winners to the Silver Medalists combined will add up to at least 1 second. [YES - 4] 54- South Korea will win its first ever Gold Medal in Skeleton. [NO - 4] Ski Jumping (3) 55- Poland will win at least one gold medal. [YES - 4] 56- At least two athletes will win medals in both men's individual events. [YES - 4] 57- The podium in the Women's Normal Hill will feature at least 2 of the following athletes: Katharina Althaus (GER), Sara Takanashi (JPN), Maren Lundby (NOR). [NO - 4] Short Track Speed Skating (3) 58- In all individual events, at least 3 participants will be relegated or disqualified in the A-Finals. [YES - 4] 59- South Korea will win all 8 Gold Medals. [NO - 4] 60- Two different athletes will win a medal for Hungary. [NO - 4] Snowboarding (5) 61- Czech Republic will win at least one Gold Medal. [NO - 5] 62- There will be an athlete who will win at least 2 Gold Medals. [NO - 5] 63- The winner in the Men's Halfpipe will receive a higher score than the winner of the same event at the 2014 Winter Olympics (higher than 94,75). [YES - 5] 64- Both Snowboard Cross events (Men + Women) will be won by european athletes. [YES - 5] 65- In his sixth consecutive Winter Olympics, Jasey-Jay Anderson (CAN) will win a Medal. [NO - 5] Speed Skating (5) 66- There will be a clean sweep (to win Gold, Silver and Bronze) by the dutch in at least one event. [YES - 4] 67- At least 5 men will clock under 13 minutes in the Men's 10,000m. [YES - 4] 68- The Bronze Medal winning team in any Team Pursuit will clock a faster time than either of the Finalists. [NO - 4] 69- Four continents will win a medal. [NO - 4] 70- At least 2 athletes will win 2 or more individual Gold Medals. [YES - 4] [/hide]
  3. X-Games

    From X-Games disciplines it can be men's snowboard half-pipe.
  4. Bandy Discussion Thread

    Russia - Sweden 5:4
  5. X-Games

    Men's Ski Big Air Rank Name Top 1 Top 2 Top 3 Best 2 1 Henrik Harlaut 43.00 43.00 26.00 86.00 2 Oystein Braaten 45.00 41.00 39.00 84.00 3 James Woods 44.00 43.00 38.00 82.00 Women's Snowboard SuperPipe Rank Name Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Best 1 Chloe Kim 90.00 29.00 93.33 93.33 2 Arielle Gold 82.66 61.33 92.33 92.33 3 Maddie Mastro 80.00 81.66 89.33 89.33 Sunday, January 28 Women's Ski Big Air Rank Name Top 1 Top 2 Top 3 Best 2 1 Sarah Hoefflin 43.00 43.00 41.00 86.00 2 Johanne Killi 46.00 34.00 33.00 79.00 3 Tess Ledeux 43.00 41.00 40.00 71.00 Men's Ski Slopestyle Rank Name Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Best 1 Henrik Harlaut 93.00 52.00 90.00 93.00 2 Oystein Braaten 47.66 90.66 92.33 92.33 3 Andri Ragettli 66.66 89.00 92.00 92.00 Men's Snowboard SuperPipe Rank Name Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Best 1 Ayumu Hirano 93.00 96.66 99.00 99.00 2 Scotty James 96.00 19.66 98.00 98.00 3 Ben Ferguson 26.00 94.33 95.00 95.00 Snow Bike Best Trick Rank Name Run 1 Run 2 Best 1 Rob Adelberg 89.00 64.00 89.00 2 Jackson Strong 86.33 86.00 86.33 3 Robert Haslam 75.00 80.33 80.33 Snow Hill Climb Rank Name 1 Travis Whitlock 2 Logan Cipala 3 Austin Cardwell
  6. X-Games

    Winter X Games Aspen 2018 RESULTS Saturday, January 27 Women's Ski Slopestyle Rank Name Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Best 1 Maggie Voisin 92.33 14.00 42.00 92.33 2 Isabel Atkin 88.00 54.00 68.66 88.00 3 Jennie Lee Burmansson 83.66 28.33 85.00 85.00 Women's Snowboard Big Air Rank Name Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Best 2 1 Anna Gasser 8.00 47.00 21.00 86.00 2 Reira Iwabuchi 25.00 27.00 44.00 71.00 3 Jamie Anderson 33.00 28.00 38.00 71.00 Video Men's Snowboard Slopestyle Rank Name Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Best 1 Marcus Kleveland 40.00 93.66 39.66 93.66 2 Darcy Sharpe 87.66 26.33 91.00 91.00 3 Mark McMorris 36.33 90.00 65.66 90.00 Snow BikeCross Rank Name Time 1 Cody Matechuk 11:42.981 2 Brock Hoyer 11:51.419 3 Kody Kamm 12:05.696
  7. Bandy Discussion Thread

    2018 World Championship started yesterday. Group A plays in Khabarovsk, Russia. Group B plays in Harbin, China. Group A Pool A Pool B Group B Pool A Pool B don't play this year. But Slovakia plays first time in the sport history.
  8. X-Games

    Winter X Games Aspen 2018 RESULTS Thursday, January 25 Special Olympics Unified Snowboard Rank Name Run 1 Run 2 Best 1 Meece-Klug 16.3 13.3 29.6 2 Shilts-Teter 15.4 14.4 29.8 3 Trmalova-Norendal 15.8 14.2 30.0 Women's Ski SuperPipe Rank Name Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Best 1 Maddie Bowman 84.33 92.00 26.33 92.00 2 Brita Sigourney 88.66 90.33 80.00 90.33 3 Cassie Sharpe 30.00 76.66 88.66 88.66 Snowmobile Speed & Style Rank Name Score 1 Brett Turcotte 88.94 (GOLD MATCH) 2 Levi LaVallee 88.67 (GOLD MATCH) 3 Willie Elam 85.50 (BRONZE MATCH) Men's Ski SuperPipe Rank Name Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Best 1 David Wise 90.66 79.00 94.00 94.00 2 Alex Ferreira 71.66 76.00 91.33 91.33 3 Torin Yater-Wallace 86.66 43.66 30.00 86.66 Friday, January 26 Women's Snowboard Slopestyle Rank Name Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Best 1 Jamie Anderson 57.00 94.00 83.33 94.00 2 Julia Marino 90.00 92.00 83.33 92.00 3 Enni Rukajarvi 85.66 87.33 49.33 87.33 Snowmobile Freestyle Rank Name Run 1 Run 2 Best 1 Brett Turcotte 90.33 92.00 92.00 2 Levi LaVallee 87.33 88.00 88.00 3 Justin Hoyer 84.33 82.00 84.33 Men's Snowboard Big Air Rank Name Top 1 Top 2 Top 3 Best 2 1 Max Parrot 44.00 31.00 30.00 75.00 2 Marcus Kleveland 47.00 26.00 13.00 73.00 3 Yuki Kadono 38.00 30.00 21.00 68.00
  9. Your own Winter Olympic Games Programme

    Winter Olympics Template Alpine Skiing [10] Slalom (m/w) Giant Slalom (m/w) Super-G (m/w) Downhill (m/w) Combined (m/w) Team Event (mixed) Biathlon [11] Sprint (m/w) Pursuit (m/w) Individual (m/w) Mass Start (m/w) Team Relay (m/w/mixed) Don't need to add single mixed relay. Bobsleigh [4] Two-man/woman (m/w) Four-man/woman (m/w) Possible change: from crews with two people to monobobs. Another idea is trying to create mixed competitions with changing pilots from run to run. Example for Two-mixed: 1st run: man is the pilot, woman is the pusher. 2nd run: woman is the pilot, man is the pusher et cetera. Cross-Country Skiing [13] 15/10km Interval start (m/w) 15+15/10+10 km Combined (2 race: 1st - interval start, 2nd - pursuit) (m/w) 50/30km Mass-start (m/w) 4x10/5km/2x5+2x10 Relay (m/w/mixed) Individual Sprint (m/w) Team Sprint (m/w) Diffcult to say about styles with growing of double poling in classic races. Curling [3] Tournament (m/w/mixed) Mixed Doubles (mixed) Figure Skating [4] Singles (m/w) Pairs (mixed) Ice Dancing (mixed) Team Event (mixed) Freestyle Skiing [12] Aerials (m/w) Moguls (m/w) Halfpipe (m/w) Slopestyle (m/w) Ski Cross (m/w) Big Air (m/w) Possible change: from moguls to dual moguls. Ice Hockey [2] Tournament (m/w) Luge [4] Singles (m/w) Doubles (m/w) Team Relay (mixed) Nordic Combined [4] Individual Normal Hill+10km/5km (m/w) Individual Large Hill+10km (m) Team Large Hill+4x5km Relay (m) Later maybe more women's disciplines. Short Track Speed Skating [10] 500m (m/w) 1000m (m/w) 1500m (m/w) 3000m (m/w) 5000m Relay (m/w) 5000m Relay for women instead of 3000m. Skeleton [2] Singles (m/w) Ski Jumping [5] Normal Hill (m/w) Large Hill (m) Large Hill Team (m) Normal Hill Team (mixed) Later maybe more women's disciplines. Snowboarding [12] Halfpipe (m/w) Slopestyle (m/w) Big Air (m/w) Giant Slalom (m/w) Parallel Slalom (m/w) Snowboard Cross (m/w) Not parallel Giant Slalom. Speed Skating [12] 500m (m/w) 1000m (m/w) 1500m (m/w) 3000m (w) 5000m (m/w) 10,000m (m/w) Mass Start (m/w) Points Race (m/w) Team Pursuit (m/w) Bandy [2] Tournament (m/w) Speed Skiing [2] Speed Skiing (m/w) Downhill Ice cross [2] Cross (m/w) Luge on natural track [3] Singles (m/w) Doubles (m) Freeride [4] Ski (m/w) Snowboard (m/w) Total medel events: 121 in 20 sports
  10. Your own Winter Olympic Games Programme

    In my opinion ice and snow are the only things which still create difference and identity for Winter Olympics vs. just Olympics. If we will take voleyball, handball, judo or any other indoor sport to the winter games it will be just Olympics and Olympics every two year but maybe with full different programs.
  11. The system with 4 athletes + 1 possible replacement for team events in case of injury looks better. Especially for the countries which are weaker in this sports because fifth athletes of the strong countries took some quotas. But FIS decided to change the system to worse. Just two months before the Olympics...
  12. All qualification procedures for FIS sports now have some differents compare to the second post of this thread. But the biggest are in ski jumping and nordic combined. FIS went back to the maximum 5 athletes per NOC for men instead of 4 and delete all about alternate athletes. In the nordic combined changes in the rules had finished a week ago. Now the qualification situation looks very different - Russia and the USA are losing their places in the nordic combined team event. Slovenia and Poland are taking this places instead.
  13. Doping Cases and Bans Thread (2016 & 2017)

    Wrong. After losing its license RUSADA controlled by UKAD (United Kingdom antidoping). ESPN wrote: "UKAD's formal role ended in June, after it helped develop a test distribution plan for the rest of this calendar year". Until June 27 this "formal role" means: RUSADA can do only what UKAD and International experts ask it to do and nothing more and only in Russia. And even after that day according to WADA RUSADA can "plan and coordinate testing under the supervision of International Experts and the UK Anti-Doping Agency" https://www.wada-ama.org/en/media/news/2017-06/wada-permits-rusada-to-plan-and-coordinate-testing-under-the-supervision-of So UKAD still works. I don't know where UKAD can work outside Russia but if it will do themselves doping-test for Kulizhnikov or anybody else outside Russia - that's UKAD's test not RUSADA's and that not counted to RUSADA's stats but only in UKAD's (we don't know about its stats and ESPN too). Anyway even if Kulizhnikov or other athletes else have 0 tests when spend their time in Russia - you have to ask UKAD first why, not RUSADA. And there is another thing in ESPN text. It wrote that RUSADA has conducted 3,782 tests thus far in 2017. And 2,556 in 2016 (this year was under fully UKAD control). And of course ESPN will not write that in 2014 before UKAD's period there were 14887 tests, in 2013 even more. So those small numbers last two years - that is what UKAD asked to do but not that RUSADA wanted.
  14. Doping Cases and Bans Thread (2016 & 2017)

    Of course. These athletes spend most part of their time outside Russia (where RUSADA can't work) and were tested many times with international federations (nobody knows how many times but ESPN prefer to write only about 0 by RUSADA and not about international tests). These athletes intentionally staying and works with "clean" international antidoping system, but ESPN still don't happy. The other way around. I think if these athletes would have tested by RUSADA, ESPN would have ask: "Why did they test by RUSADA? They have to work only with international tests!".
  15. Doping Cases and Bans Thread (2016 & 2017)

    WADA clears 95 Russian athletes