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  1. Fantastic long jumping by Luvo Manyonga of South Africa. 8m 62cm - best jump in the world for 8 years and makes him 12th on the all-time list
  2. Causil, the Colombian speed skater has made huge improvements this winter
  3. The Russian press are reporting that Solano saw snow for the first time five hours before he started his race, Don't know if it's true but it's a great story
  4. The Iranian men's ice hockey team will play their matches but the results will not count because many of their team are not eligible, They lost 8-1 to Macau today. http://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1047214/updates/26640
  5. Some sort of Caribbean link with the Dutch skater?
  6. To mess things up I have a feeling their father may be British and work for the European Union in Luxembuorg, Not 100% sure but it looks like it.
  7. Can't complain too much though. Wales maybe were slightly the better team today but if the better team always won then all sport would be boring,,,,
  9. There are reports that the FIS and WADA may appeal to have the ban extended
  10. Anybody notice some of the Canadians sprinting to catch up with the rest of the team? And the Chinese too....
  11. Jamaica losing a gold is a big story but Lebedeva testing positive is an absolute disaster for Russia that could make things very difficult for the nation.
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bando_(sport) One of the completely forgotten parts of sporting history. Possibly the first professional team sport. It's a small link with bandy but fascinating....
  13. Not long ago he was saying "Can a British skier finish in the top 50 this time?"
  14. http://bucs.org.uk/news.asp?itemid=22502&itemTitle=GB+flag-bearer+selected+for+2017+Winter+Univerisade&section=8&sectionTitle=News which flag will they carry?
  15. Team Great Britain (65) Aerials Elodie Wallace – University of Bath Alpine Alice MacAulay – University of Bath Alex Barounos – University of New Mexico Curling Rachael Halliday - University of Strathclyde Angharad Ward - Durham University Gina Aitken - University of Glasgow Rachel Hannen - University of Stirling Rowena Kerr - Heriot-Watt University Gregor Cannon - University of Strathclyde Derrick Sloan - Robert Gordon University Bruce Mouat - Napier University Alasdair Schrieiber - University of Strathclyde Bobby Lammie - University of Stirling Figure Skating Charles Parry - Evans - Nottingham Trent Ice Hockey (Men) James Scott - Sheffield Hallam Lucas Branin - University of Tampa Montgomer Gailer - Oxford Brookes Ivan Antonov - Royal Holloway University of London Thomas Hovell - Nottingham Trent University Christian Johnson - University of Aberdeen Thomas Parkinson - Leeds Beckett University Adam Long - Anglia Ruskin UCP Matthew Croyle - Sheffield Hallam University Alexander Sampford - Surrey Jackson Price - Cardiff Metropolitan University Liam Charnock - Sheffield Hallam University Michael Mawer - Sheffield Hallam University Andreas Siagris - Imperial College of London Daniel Rose - St Marys Christopher Fox - University College London Stuart Mogg - Southampton Solent University Elliott Dewey - University of Portsmouth Joseph Gretton - Nottingham Trent University Samuel Cheema - Kingston University Christopher Cooke - St Marys Rupert Quiney - University Centre Farnborough Ice Hockey (Women) Lucy Kendall - Nottingham Trent University Jessica Holgate - Arden University Danielle Turnbull - Leeds Beckett Saffron Allen - University of Gloucestershire Hannah Worthington - The Open University Lucy Lickman - University of Nottingham Charlotte Ahmed - University of Sheffield Abbie Thornton - Leeds Beckett Louise Adams - University of Essex Rosanne Adey - Bournemouth University Clara Ashton - University of Central Lancashire Meghan Sullivan - Kings College London Elizabeth Milne - Abertay Judith Browne - Sheffield Hallam Sarah Hutchinson - Sheffield Hallam Samantha Bolwell - Sheffield Hallam Holly Steeples - Nottingham Trent University Megan Rathbone - Sheffield Hallam University Emma Sanders - University of Nottingham Long Track Speed Skating Ellia Smeding - HanzehogeSchool, Groningen Cornelius Kersten - Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences Moguls Elodie Wallace – University of Bath Liam Keyes – University of Sheffield Sam Jones – Keele University Ski-Cross Laurence Willows – University of Portsmouth Scott Garvie – University of Aberdeen Slopestyle Calum Paton – Sheffield Hallam SBX Gillian Finnerty – University of Leeds Douglas Green – Robert Gordon University Rob Wagner – University of Brighton