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  1. To be fair, when you got Charandy Martina, the Netherlands had to take the rest of the country too
  2. Hughes had no choice except to compete for GB because his country, Anguilla, can not compete at the Olympics, Francis is from Montserrat which has the same problem (except he'd lived in Antigua since the volcano wiped out half of Montserrat). British Virgin Islands compete at the Olympics so McMaster doesn't have this problem,
  3. He won 2 individual gold medals in major championships. The European Junior Championships in 1975 Olympic Games in 2016. He had to wait 41 years...
  4. Not me. I give clue - i have 158 points
  5. And me
  6. Starts 17 days after Tokyo 2020 ends
  7. Excellent team management
  8. This time last year the British Federation were very worried about getting good results in Rio - but they always said that a new generation would be ready for Tokyo and possibly be better than ever before.
  9. I can understand sending a weakened team for this year. Next year there should be no excuses.
  10. 19 year old Zambian Sydney Siame runs 9.88 for the 100m in Lusaka
  11. There are rumours that other Kenyan failed tests at the same time, Maybe up to 5
  12. Nigeria's bobsleigh women are #42 in the world rankings. Go up 2 places and they get an automatic place reserved for Africa
  13. The greatest day in the history of Iranian snooker as Hossein Vafaei defeats former world finalist Judd Trump to reach the semi-finals of the China Open
  14. Could Singapore qualify for Olympics here despite missing free skate?
  15. Fantastic long jumping by Luvo Manyonga of South Africa. 8m 62cm - best jump in the world for 8 years and makes him 12th on the all-time list