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  1. Skeleton at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games

    No place for Le Conte or the bobsleigh team?
  2. Olympians who died in 2018

    Willi Melliger - Equestrian - 1984/1992/1996/2000 Olympics - Died 15 January Olympic silver medal 1996, 2000 - 13 times European Championship medallist - 4 times European Champion http://www.equnews.com/miscellaneous/goodbye-willi-melliger/
  3. Doping Cases and Bans Thread (2018)

    But I won't post Spanish racewalker Daniel Plaza's excuse or else I might get banned from Totallympics...
  4. Doping Cases and Bans Thread (2018)

    ADRI VAN DER POEL, CYCLING Busted for: Strychnine in 1983 Excuse: His pigeon-racing father-in-law fed him pie made from doped-up birds.
  5. Skeleton at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games

    Just as well. She's 14th in the rankings.
  6. Skeleton at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games

    Does she need to be top 12 of World Cup or top 12 of World Rankings?
  7. Doping Cases and Bans Thread (2018)

    Case #21 Iran #1 Athlete: Aidin Aliyari Sport: Cycling - Road Duration: 48 Months Expiration: August 29th, 2021 Substance: Testosterone Source: http://www.uci.ch/mm/Document/News/CleanSport/17/32/52/20180111SanctionADRVENG2.0_English.pdf
  8. Doping Cases and Bans Thread (2018)

    Case #20 USA #3 Athlete: Clayton Shepard Sport: Cycling - Track Duration: 48 Months Expiration: October 7th, 2021 Substance: GW1516 Source: http://www.uci.ch/mm/Document/News/CleanSport/17/32/52/20180111SanctionADRVENG2.0_English.pdf 60 years old!!!
  9. Bobsleigh at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    I misunderstood the meaning of the document. Netherlands and Slovakia have been awarded a place but all nations still have to confirm they accept the place. The Dutch probably will not accept their place, Slovakia have problems, so there is still a chance for Poland,
  10. Bobsleigh at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    And the IBSF and IOC will have to approve the deal.
  11. Luge at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    Great Britain will take up the quota in men's luge. Official announcement Thursday
  12. Skeleton 2017 - 2018 Discussion Thread

    http://www.ibsf.org/images/documents/downloads/Quotas/2017_18/Quota_allocation_IBSF_RANKING_Women_Skeleton_14_01_2018.pdf http://www.ibsf.org/images/documents/downloads/Quotas/2017_18/Quota_allocation_IBSF_RANKING_Men_Skeleton_14_01_2018.pdf
  13. Bobsleigh at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    http://www.ibsf.org/images/documents/downloads/Quotas/2017_18/Quota_allocation_IBSF_RANKING_Bobsleigh_2_Man_14_01_2018.pdf 2 man http://www.ibsf.org/images/documents/downloads/Quotas/2017_18/Quota_allocation_IBSF_RANKING_Womens_Bobsleigh_14_01_2018.pdf 2 woman
  14. Bobsleigh at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    Took me too long to work that out...