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  1. IAAF goes with what official ID documents say. She said she's 15, her local federation said yesterday that she's 15, our national federation wrote an article about her.... etc etc etc.
  2. What do you mean? Levchenko (19 yo) jumped 1.94 and almost jumped 1.96 in March (dammed, it was so close). Herashchenko (22 yo) jumped 1.93 this winter. Okuneva (27 yo) jumped 1.94 in the end of February. Shukh (18 yo) jumped 1.92 and refused from 1.95 last June, but she's a heptathlete and they (she and her mom-trainer) don't prefer separate events. She said they could prepare for HJ only & achieve the Olympic standard but she wouldn't have gone to the Olympics in any case. By the trainers decision AND her mom's. She jumped 1.89 this winter btw. The only one who struggles to jump higher than 1.90 is Chumachenko (22 yo). I think I'm gonna have a stroke because of her She jumped 1.90 twice this winter though. Our trainers never force young athletes to show senior results, even if somebody qualifies to big events they won't get chosen by the Council too. You can show 1 awesome season and then disappear forever/get a serious injury etc. We've had such policy for decades. We prefer more smooth system. I'd say Levchenko is the only exception.
  3. According to her profile at UAF she was born on 19.09.2001. According to her own OK social network profile she's 15 years old
  4. HJ. 15 years old Yaroslava Mahuchikh has just jumped 1.90 & refused from jumping 1.93
  5. Olena Pidhrushna will take part in the Wings for Life World Run. Wondering how many km's she will run. Anastasia Merkyshina will take part in Skarverennet ski marathon o_0. Olha Abramova won the case against the IBU in Lausanne The CAS lifted 1 year DQ. Unfortunately nobody will give her that lost season back. New Season: Ukraine, Russia, Sweden, USA, Switzerland Announce Teams http://www.biathlonworld.com/news/detail/new-season-ukraine-russia-sweden-usa-switzerland-announce-teams
  6. What an awesome comeback for Vita 3 years without competitions because of a back injury & giving birth to a baby (she's been training for 2 years after recovery though). Thanks to Marie for giving advices to Vita on how to combine pregnancy & biathlon. + before the race she had a chat with another mommy Weronika Nowakowska who's going to start there as well. imho Vita & Valj won't reach Dzhyma's level next season)) but it will be a crazy competition for the last 2 places in the Olympic team 4sure. ps. Valj Semerenko finished her season (as planned). Olena Pidhrushna became ill in Korea so she decided to finish her season too. Both didn't start their summer trainings well (Valj fully skipped all summer work) so here's the result Vita said she's not going to risk with her health and World Cup in Oslo would be too much for her. She's putting a stake on preparations for the Olympics.
  7. What a long jump)) Elvis left the building (( Congrats to Albania o_0 Losing by 1cm is not the best thing, but yesterday's WCH qualification standard is awesome for him, just like 3 jumps past 8m today.
  8. Didn't expect that from Levchenko, she was so close in her 2nd attempt 0_o. It was only the 2nd start for Okuneva this season))
  9. Finally! 8.18 for Nykyforov he's been ready for such jumps for 2 years, gosh I witnessed so many failed jumps from him ... can't stop facepalming every time I see his run-up I hope his technics will become more stable. Overall having 4 guys who had jumped past 8m but didn't qualify to the Olympics was awful((
  10. Congrats to the 3rd best team of the race Pidhrushna was in the start list originally but skipped the race because she felt sick ... a shitty result in the relay is coming
  11. Vita Semerenko is training in Otepää right now and she will debut in the IBU Cup there in March
  12. speaking about luck Dzhima had an involuntary shot o__0 (VERY rare thing in biathlon but it happens) in the individual race which cost her a medal. Varvynets - her bullet got stuck in the relay.
  13. If Varvynets didn't count crows at the last shooting... Merkushina Pidhrushna And of course unbeatable Germany In the rare moments when I wasn't hyperventilating I cheered for Slovakia, USA & Belarus
  14. All Kazakh doping tests are thankfully negative.
  15. Virolainen who was in the preliminary start list was sent home. Supposedly because she didn't feel well.