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  1. Valj Semerenko will come back in Ruhpolding Not having high hopes though.
  2. Kontiolahti, Finland to host BMW IBU World Cup 8 http://www.biathlonworld.com/news/detail/kontiolahti-finland-to-host-bmw-ibu-world-cup-8
  3. Pryma committed historical breakthrough from 57th to 9th place. Only one man was better than him 12 years ago - Julien Robert (60->10). Thanks to Slovakian coach Juraj Sanitra we can have 3 or 4 men in tomorrow's mass start. Another historical event for our team.
  4. IBU Youth/Junior World Championships 2017 to Take Place in Osrblie, Slovakia http://www.biathlonworld.com/news/detail/ibu-youth-junior-world-championships-2017-to-take-place-in-osrblie-slovakia The venue for BMW IBU World Cup 8 will be announced soon.
  5. Anastasiya Kinnunen (Dubarezava) left the Belarusian team after Pokljuka - she's pregnant Domracheva will come back in Oberhof as planned.
  6. Iryna Starykh is listed in the start list of the Russian competitions tomorrow. Alexandr Loginov won the individual race. Meanwhile Glazyrina won't start which heated rumours about her doping ban.
  7. ^ Everything is unofficial so far. It's between Holmenkollen and Kontiolahti. Raubichi are in but they have no chances. Our male team wanted Almaty (after Universiade), our female team roots for Holmenkollen. ps. FIS suspended 6 Russian skiers (including Legkov & Vylegzhanin). All of them took part in Sochi Olympics (4 medals). I guess all these cases in other winter sports will influence biathlon too.
  8. http://www.biathlonworld.com/news/detail/ibu-press-release-extraordinary-ibu-executive-board-meeting Russia was stripped of the World Cup in Tyumen and Youth/Junior World Championship in Ostrov. There's only 1 biathlete from the local level among doping offenders. 30 (!) biathletes who took part in international competitions. 2 biathletes were suspended, the rest 29 wait for IBU's decision. According to recent interviews at least 1 of those 2 took part in the OG in Sochi, the main competitors for hosting the World Cup event are Holmenkollen & Kontiolahti.
  9. The media close to their officials say it's Starykh, Loginov & Iourieva from those who've already been caught. Olga Zaitseva, Olga Vilukhina, Yana Romanova from those who've already retired. Glazyrina & Shumilova from the active biathletes. + numerous local biathletes who've never competed internationally.
  10. Out of nowhere. Valj Semerenko is training in Pokljuka... with the main team. In a bib, lol. Trainers planned that she will return in January. Wondering if she's ready.
  11. Official info: Valya Semerenko will skip this season. After numerous continuous diseases (it started 1 year ago) she's going to a health resort and she will join the team in spring. It seems Pidhrusna's come back inspired her and she chose do not end her career.
  12. Direct quote: "It's not my first summer championship so I don't think it will leave some psychological trace on the end of the season. We end the summer season and begin preparing for winter from scratch. It's totally different things, especially when we have only a few top sportsmen here..." Not disrespectful at all. Not being hypocrite like certain biathletes who say that they love everyone [/end of gossip] Almost all best biathletes skipped this event. There's nothing bad about saying that. If somebody's star disease is hurt, she's sorry. Moreover she was very sober by rating her own performance - she sets for herself enormous standards... like when she didn't end the season after losing consciousness/having heart problems right during the race. Or training with a broken foot etc. Or competing & winning Olympic gold when her husband was wounded at the Maidan events 2 years ago. Diva, disrespectful? It's definitely not about her. Btw, she praised Kaisa and said an obvious thing once again: "she was unbeatable today".
  13. Ukrainians are competing here after hard trainings/physical stress so this championship is a part of the training plan and our adult team (and some girls) weren't supposed to show good results. And they weren't good even despite all the gold medals. Pidhrushna said that she has no emotions after the victory and it's not valuable comparing to winter biathlon, no serious competitors except Kaisa so she's pretty sober about that.
  14. Women's 100 m Hurdles Oksana Shkurat - 12.96
  15. https://www.directathletics.com/results/track/46652_2885521.html + he's got 8.20 (+2.0) at the Sunshine Invitational on May 2 but I can't find the official results.