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  1. Biathlon 2017 - 2018 Discussion Thread

    Meanwhile Ukrainian fans started "leaving" our biathlon since the women's team had been headed by the Russian with a doping history Semerenko sisters openly went against Merkushyna and Varvynets (1 day before their race at the Olympics) saying that the federation is unprofessional and those girls didn't deserve their place in that race even despite Valja flopped the final training/preselection. The team is still a divided mess with unhealthy relationships. Both Semerenkos like the new Russian. Merkushyna and Varvynets have their own coaches. Since Uros Velepec has been fired, Dzhyma trains with the Slovenian team because his methods suit her well. She hinted at sisters saying that there's no team spirit and she hasn't talked to anyone in the team for a long time, even at the Olympics o__0. Pidhrushna says neutral stuff but knowing her position I'm 100% sure she can't stand the new coach and what's going on with the team right now. She didn't go training with that group ... supposedly because of a minor shoulder injury I cheer only for Dzhyma, Pidhrushna, Merkyshyna & our men's team because the women's team is a huge disastrous mess. Varvynets refused from a surgery meaning that she will probably never improve to her best level. Vitaliy Kilchitskiy is back. Thank gawd that Russian dopingophile is not their coach - Kilya would physically assaulted him (not joking, I'm dead serious). But he didn't compete for a long time so I don't expect a lot from him.
  2. Athletics IAAF Under 20 World Championships 2018

    Our throwing supermen and the wondergirl: She looks ok actually, maybe she will recover until Berlin after all.
  3. Athletics IAAF Under 20 World Championships 2018

    Pleased with Nikitin, hope nothing bothers him and everything goes well next year. He's had only 1 start this season at the U20 NCH with the same result. Yep, my first thought was: "oh, this is when it's over for him"
  4. Athletics IAAF Diamond League 2018

    A lil bit disappointing results in HJ. Quite unusual to see Lasitskene at the 3rd place with 1.90. Imho, it's a low result for Tabashnyk.
  5. Athletics IAAF Under 20 World Championships 2018

    Yaaasss! Double podium
  6. Athletics IAAF Under 20 World Championships 2018

    Happy that Nikitin jumped 2.15 He's only just recovered after serious injury. Woah! Shukh said she wants to take part in Berlin She injured herself in the yesterday's JT. So she competed at 100mH with an injury .... imho that was stupid :| It's not the right occasion to play a superhero, gurl((. I'll have a heart attack at the ECH if she goes there.
  7. Athletics IAAF Under 20 World Championships 2018

    I know. But it depends of what exactly she has got - inflamation or a strain etc. If she was able to run 100mH I don't think it's something serious Makukh had a strain and we all saw how it ended on track for him
  8. Athletics IAAF Under 20 World Championships 2018

    My worryings came to life Gold in JT is a nice compensation and she didn't look that injured during 100mH so I hope it's nothing serious. Most def no Berlin for her though.
  9. Athletics 2018 Discussion Thread

    They tried to eliminate Semenya, Wambui etc. so hard they forgot to introduce the same rule for men all the bald guys beware, lol. IAAF competes with FIFA for the title of the most corrupt & hateful trash dump of the sports world. Testosterone research has existed for decades, so why now? To make it even more hypocrite they didn't prohibit other hormones from " when administered exogenously" list to ban everyone with naturally "abnormal" (in their opinion) levels.
  10. Athletics IAAF Under 20 World Championships 2018

    Unfortunately it wasn't just a spasm and Makukh is out of the season with a strain(( Not sure about her Heptathlon result. Imo, she could have been in a better shape this season.
  11. Athletics IAAF Under 20 World Championships 2018

    HT. Kokhan. The hammer hit the gates but it's still a Q mark Really sad because of Vasylevskiy's false start at 110mH I was so ready for the new NU20R.
  12. Athletics IAAF Under 20 World Championships 2018

    Shukh is going to compete in Heptathlon and JT. Sis, miss you in HJ sector ... Mahuchikh skips this competition because she needs to rest until YOG preparations start. Can't wait to see Kokhan again.
  13. 1.94 ... Mahuchikh
  14. Kokhan improved the World Best by Bence Halász in boys hammer throw . 87.82 This week is quite successful for our hammer youngsters - 19 years old Piskunov got that Berlin standard too. 75.50. ps. Nice throw by Andreev, he's only 16... o_0.
  15. Gotta "love" Eurosport broadcast. Ivanenko set the best result in the girls HT since 2013. Only few people in the world used to throw better than her. They went to commercial