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  1. Claudia Salman-Rath (LJ) is another victim of unprofessional judging in Lille. Her foot wasn't even close to the foul line and yet they gave her "X".
  2. Ukraine appealed our relay DQ and we won. They changed everything back to norm and we're 4th in total in 4x100 men's relay This is the 2nd appeal that we won in 2 days. The judging at this championship is disgusting & disgraceful... judges celebrated some high jumpers' flopped attempts, it was so awkward I understand that you cheer for some nations but go to the audience and cheer & laugh when somebody flops from there, you're a friggen judge! I must say I had a very low expectations for our team but I'm even happy now, esp for unexperienced (at such level) athletes =) NU23R, few SBs and PB in hammer throw (she's one of my faves).
  3. Happy for Iryna Herashchenko who equaled our high jump NUR (1.95). This will be a one hell competition at the national championship with 3 athletes hopefully going past 1.94. Back to Lille. This is probably our weakest team ever. Many athletes skipped the national selection for this championship and chose commercial starts instead (can't blame them though). Certain people basically gave their spot away to less experienced competitors at the selection. Others simply chose the WCH as their priority. I'm very happy for Smelyk. He's a refugee from the war zone and he barely finds money to pay his rent in Kyiv. Thankfully he's got help to take part this season.
  4. I lulz'ed when they laughed & hugged each other like old pals (that is kinda true btw) at the side Yeah, that episode with Shamatrin ruined my mood a lil' bit. The judges were visibly happy when he twitched
  5. It seems that Uroš Velepec buried the hutchet with Jakov Fak. Ukrainian women's team & Jakov on a barbecue/picnic in Estonia with our trainers, Vita's husband and a baby meanwhile Nadiya Belova came back to Poland (w/ Weronika Nowakowska): https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DChTn0eXUAA3Vpb.jpg
  6. Yep she said it's gone (yay! ) & she hopes it won't come back, she's still recovering after that but it's nothing serious now. I guessed about that 1 year ago when Valj was in the middle of her surgery (or right before) & threatened our 1st Olympic biathlete/medalist for implying that Valj was pregnant like Vita. She clearly was in a bad mental state. But it's all good now & she's training... Vita's baby travels with the team so it's 1 huge family )))))))
  7. Valj Semerenko revealed the true reason why she flopped one season & basically skipped another one & it explained those pictures in the woods from the hospital while everyone was on trainings, thought it was an ordinary recovery. The head of federation was saying that she's got tired and she needs to find motivation. The real reason is that she had cancer She said that yesterday while departing to the trainings in Estonia. She doesn't want to talk about it though.
  8. 1.89 is a mediocre result for a senior high jumper... but not for Yuliya. She fell from the training equipment & injured her leg in April. 5 stitches Despite that she had her 1st competition in the middle of May and another one 1 week ago. She finished with 1.83 at both. Crying/screaming from pain, being exhausted - I've been at both, I've seen that. Now she jumped 1.89 in Poland from the 1st attempt and tried to clear 1.92 (her outdoor PB) and I'm friggen speechless. She's my hero
  9. Nafi Thiam scored 7013 points in Götzis
  10. Pole Vault. NU20R from Vladyslav Malykhin - 5.70
  11. IAAF ratified the Pentathlon U20 WR of Alina Shukh. They didn't ratify her result from Zaporizhzhya (4550) because the venue is not certified. They took her Tallinn result instead (4542). On a good note - starting from 2019 all UAF competitions will be hosted by certified arenas/venues/routes only.
  12. IAAF goes with what official ID documents say. She said she's 15, her local federation said yesterday that she's 15, our national federation wrote an article about her.... etc etc etc.
  13. What do you mean? Levchenko (19 yo) jumped 1.94 and almost jumped 1.96 in March (dammed, it was so close). Herashchenko (22 yo) jumped 1.93 this winter. Okuneva (27 yo) jumped 1.94 in the end of February. Shukh (18 yo) jumped 1.92 and refused from 1.95 last June, but she's a heptathlete and they (she and her mom-trainer) don't prefer separate events. She said they could prepare for HJ only & achieve the Olympic standard but she wouldn't have gone to the Olympics in any case. By the trainers decision AND her mom's. She jumped 1.89 this winter btw. The only one who struggles to jump higher than 1.90 is Chumachenko (22 yo). I think I'm gonna have a stroke because of her She jumped 1.90 twice this winter though. Our trainers never force young athletes to show senior results, even if somebody qualifies to big events they won't get chosen by the Council too. You can show 1 awesome season and then disappear forever/get a serious injury etc. We've had such policy for decades. We prefer more smooth system. I'd say Levchenko is the only exception.
  14. According to her profile at UAF she was born on 19.09.2001. According to her own OK social network profile she's 15 years old
  15. HJ. 15 years old Yaroslava Mahuchikh has just jumped 1.90 & refused from jumping 1.93