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  1. Found a provisional list of nations registered for the 2017 World Championships (from the organizers). Definitely some interesting ones in here! 1 AFG Afghanistan 2 ALB Albania 3 AND Andorra 4 ARG Argentina 5 ARM Armenia 6 AUS Australia 7 AUT Austria 8 AZE Azerbaijan 9 BEL Belgium 10 BIH Bosnia and Herzegovina 11 BOL Bolivia 12 BRA Brazil 13 BUL Bulgaria 14 CAN Canada 15 CHI Chile 16 CHN P.R. China 17 COL Colombia 18 CRO Croatia 19 CYP Cyprus 20 CZE Czech Republic 21 DEN Denmark 22 ESP Spain 23 EST Estonia 24 FIN Finland 25 FRA France 26 GBR Great Britain 27 GEO Georgia 28 GER Germany 29 GRE Greece 30 HAI Haiti 31 HUN Hungary 32 IND India 33 IRI Iran 34 IRL Ireland 35 ISL Iceland 36 ISR Israel 37 ITA Italy 38 JPN Japan 39 KAZ Kazakhstan 40 KEN Kenya 41 KGZ Kyrgyzstan 42 KOS Kosovo 43 LAT Latvia 44 LBN Lebanon 45 LIE Liechtenstein 46 LTU Lithuania 47 LUX Luxembourg 48 MAD Madagascar 49 MAR Morocco 50 MAS Malaysia 51 MEX Mexico 52 MKD FYR Macedonia 53 MLT Malta 54 MNE Montenegro 55 MON Monaco 56 NED Netherlands 57 NOR Norway 58 NZL New Zealand 59 PER Peru 60 POL Poland 61 POR Portugal 62 ROU Romania 63 RSA South Africa 64 RUS Russia 65 SLO Slovenia 66 SMR San Marino 67 SRB Serbia 68 SUI Switzerland 69 SVK Slovakia 70 SWE Sweden 71 TGA Tonga 72 UKR Ukraine 73 USA United States of America 74 UZB Uzbekistan
  2. Yeah, let's hope he doesn't leave to Slovenia I agree he has lots of potential, he's quite fast.
  3. Ahhh okay I see
  4. Oh. Hahaha. I'd have gone for it. But now he knows he's capable of making pursuits!
  5. He didn't start in the Pursuit for some reason. Shame, wasted opportunity.
  6. She might well reconsider, actually! http://www.nzherald.co.nz/sport/news/article.cfm?c_id=4&objectid=11777780 Great to see her, though.
  7. That's a shame.. Any ideas why? Hopefully we'll still see them around
  8. Isn't it a while since you had a Serbian in the World Cup? What's happened to your team? Did Rastic and Hrkalovic go somewhere?
  9. They penalized the Mongolians
  10. Well it's still the same time on the IBU website so... Haha If it does go ahead we'll probably see something like that.
  11. You never know. Wonder how it compares to Beitostolen. Remember that time during a WC relay when it was freakishly windy and athletes more often than not went on penalty loops? That was when the Czechs got second
  12. So far out of the 'Wildcard' women who are around the limit for the WCH, we only really have Tsakiri, and I imagine the two "Moldovans" could make it. If someone else can get under 150 or 180 it could be today, it's at the point where virtually any woman out of the top 30 in the Nations Cup who gets under 180 will be at the World Champs. Any update on Bruna's ski speed? As I recall it was very promising!
  13. Aaah it's Trimester 2 you know what that means! Great to see Picin there..what happened to Lucas, though?
  14. We tried. We seem to be matching ourselves very well with the stronger teams. I definitely don't think we should be ashamed, but there's a lot to work on. The medal will come someday.
  15. The only sort of link I can find is they sent her brother too, who didn't start his races but posted a half-decent time in the last Asian Games.. But that's no excuse..