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  1. Biathlon 2017 - 2018 Discussion Thread

    Greenland single mix relay??
  2. Biathlon 2017 - 2018 Discussion Thread

    What’s with Bruna’s name change? And apparently the IBU Cup will have a ‘super sprint’ now. Interesting.
  3. Beijing 2022 Olympic Sports Programme

    No speed skiing. It was a long shot to begin with, though I'm gutted all the same. But, if Sion wins the 2026 Games, they have a nearby venue (Verbier) that last hosted the World Cup four years ago. Fingers crossed! Ladies' Nordic Combined really seems a shoe-in. I really don't like mixed teams all that much, I'd rather have a 3-person ladies' competition for ski jumping or something. Or even a ladies' large hill- I know they don't jump it as much in the World Cup, but they do on occasion, and they will likely do so more in the coming years. Big Air could be good but not nearly as interesting as Aerials. Totally opposed to the freestyle and team events (except possibly snowboard cross) and alpine skiing parallels. They add nothing new. Telemark could be interesting somewhat. Not many people know what it is though. It would be interesting if the FIS proposed Grass Skiing for the Summer Olympics!
  4. Could be good news for the athlete from Ghana, too. As it stands he's over 100th, and needs to be in the top 60. UPDATE: This is the Men's Skeleton Ranking List, but I've included only the top 3 athletes from each nation. Not sure if they would all count or if only the top 3 athletes from the top 2 NOCs would count, but this is the worst-case scenario for the Ghanian, and he still makes it (though only just) in the top 60. Since there are no other Africans- he just needs to hold his position and he's made it. 1 KOR YUN Sungbin 435 2 LAT DUKURS Martins 435 3 GER JUNGK Axel 392 4 RUS TRETIAKOV Alexander 376 5 LAT DUKURS Tomass 368 6 RUS TREGUBOV Nikita (Junior) 344 7 GER GROTHEER Christopher 336 8 AUT GUGGENBERGER Matthias 296 9 USA ANTOINE Matthew 288 10 GER GASSNER Alexander 248 13 CHN GENG Wenqiang (Junior) 230 14 KOR KIM Jisoo 224 15 CAN GRESZCZYSZYN Dave 224 16 CAN BOYER Kevin 224 18 GBR WYATT Marcus 206 19 NZL THORNBURY Rhys 202 20 RUS KULIKOV Pavel 202 21 GBR PARSONS Dominic Edward 196 22 CAN ROONEY Patrick 188 26 USA WEST Greg 170 27 USA DALY John 168 29 UKR HERASKEVYCH Vladyslav (Junior) 152 31 KOR JUNG Seunggi (Junior) 150 32 GBR RICE Jeremy 149 35 AUS FARROW John 142 36 AUT AUER Alexander 140 39 LAT NETLAUS Krists (Junior) 140 40 ESP MIRAMBELL Ander 136 44 JPN MIYAJIMA Katsuyuki (Junior) 125 46 ITA CECCHINI Joseph Luke 120 47 AUT MAIER Samuel (Junior) 120 48 JPN TAKAHASHI Hiroatsu 118 50 SUI AUDERSET Ronald 110 54 JPN SASAHARA Yuki 100 58 ROU VELICU Dorin 88 62 ISR SELIGSTEIN Joel 83 63 SUI ROHRER Marco 81 66 AUS TIMMINGS Nicholas 72 67 SWE OTTOSSON Rasmus 72 68 ISR EDELMAN Adam 71 71 ITA RETTENMYER Nicholas Adam 70 73 CHN YAN Wengang (Junior) 68 75 AUS TIMMINGS Dean 66 77 SUI GRAF Riet 66 80 ITA SCHWAERZER Manuel (Junior) 59 82 NOR HESTENGEN Alexander (Junior) 58 87 CHN CHEN Wenhao (Junior) 52 88 POL JAKOBCZYK Michal (Junior) 50 89 ISR SIDNEY Lawrence 50 90 LUX BAUER Jeff 48 91 ROU PACIOIANU Mihai Daniel (Junior) 48 94 ROU ENACHE Mihail Sebastian (Junior) 42 95 IRL DOYLE Brendan 42 96 JAM WATSON Anthony 38 97 TPE CHIANG Chun-Hung (Junior) 38 98 NOR HANSSEN Alex 36 99 BUL BANGIEV Marin 34 100 NOR SCHEIE Hakon (Junior) 34 102 POL POLYVACH VLADYSLAV (Junior) 28 106 GHA FRIMPONG Akwasi 24 107 SWE SAHLIN Ludvig (Junior) 23 108 SLO LORENCIC Denis 22 109 SWE ADLERS Carl (Junior) 20 110 NED ZEEGERS Bram (Junior) 20 119 MEX SOSA Reynaldo Arturo 11 120 NZL DELLA SANTINA Joe 9 121 ESP BELLVER CATALAN Sergi (Junior) 5 122 BRA PADUA Guilherme Augusto da Cunha 3 123 BEL FREELING Colin (Junior)
  5. That's great! I think it's too late for accreditation now, but I definitely think we'll see them next time.
  6. Helmy told me his federation wouldn't let him unfortunately He is now going to try for 2022, which he said is his 'realistic' goal anyways. What has to happen is for a certain number of skiers to actually be active before the Egyptian Olympic body approves the federation. They did just build an indoor ski slope, so it's a start. I said he might be better off representing Algeria or Sudan or something and he said no, it's Egypt or nothing. As for Jordan I wrote them a couple of additional times, but they haven't replied. Since they weren't on your accreditation list, I doubt be possible for them to compete anyways. But again from their email they seemed 2022 was their objective. Haiti wrote me back just now after 2 months (lol). And they have a 'secret project'! Sorry to answer 2 months after your message but sometimes, with new technology, Emails are going in the wrong files. We are just starting the new season so we pay more attention at this time. Haiti will probably not compete in the 2018 Olympics. We could have Ski, but our only 2 racers who could have any chance (Benoit ETOC and Celine MARTI www.facebook.com/haitiski ) have difficulties to be present. We planned also to have a new winter sport for Haiti, skating but the Haitian winter spirit is too young to accept that. We have a skater (Maxime Billy FORTIN that took part to the French skating gala one year agowww.youtube.com/watch?v=u4u7qmYzZ58 ), but not the federation until now. But: In ski, we have some younger Haitians (until 13yo) that can maybe compete for Haiti. The best and closest goal could be LAUSANNE 2020, the young Olympics game. Then we can have also the skater. And we have also another secret project but we need a lot of money to develop it. Best regards Thierry MONTILLET
  7. Well, they've never fielded an actual Azerbaijani, ever. Maybe they'll realize they have to actually start developing something in their own country instead of shopping for athletes.
  8. Ah okay. That makes more sense! Though in the WC ranking this year, they omit the lowest score anyway.
  9. Our athlete Vojtech Loudin qualified for the 1500m despite being ranked 52nd. (49th if you could extra athletes) Must have been a lot of reallocations. Or I'm not understanding the system right. http://shorttrack.sportresult.com/Rankings.aspx?evt=11213100000003&rep=15127 Fun fact: Singapore actually had a quota in 2014 in 1000m. Similar qualification style to Goh. But the athlete wasn't very competitive. She did 500m in 58 seconds, so they probably rejected the quota.
  10. Yeah Goh was like 10 seconds behind in the semifinal, so she wouldn’t have been close otherwise. There must have been four people battling and Warakomska brings down two of them. Sport is so funny sometimes.
  11. From what it looked like I think she got lucky and everyone in front of her in Shanghai fell. But that’s part of sport and it’s great for her.
  12. Realistically I doubt he’d have made it anyway Maybe because of this he might try in 4 years
  13. Indonesia will take part in the World Cup in Korea for the first time! According to to the athlete. I kind of told him to look into it. So glad for him that the federation signed him up. 2022 Olympics here we come!