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  1. Commonwealth Games 2018

    Hi- apologies if this is the wrong place to ask this but it seems to make the most sense. I have a friend in New Zealand who's interested in going to the 2022 Commonwealth Games representing a British Overseas Territory. His parents are from that Territory and born there (had British citizenship) but they moved to NZ, where my friend was born. He never got British citizenship even though his parents did and is instead a New Zealand citizen. I looked at the Constitution and it said: Subject to Byelaw 17(3), where a competitor was born in a Commonwealth Country which has common citizenship/passport with other Commonwealth Countries, the competitor may initially represent either the competitor's Commonwealth Country of birth; or the Commonwealth Country of birth of his or her father or mother who shares the same citizenship/passport. This is kind of confusing. Even though he was born in a Commonwealth Country with common citizenship (New Zealand shares with Niue etc) his parents were born in a British territory. He has NZ citizenship, while his parents, though also having NZ citizenship (sharing a passport) also have UK citizenship. But because of some weird rules around British Overseas Territory citizenship he never got the citizenship, and NZ and the British territory don't have a common passport. The word 'who' is quite confusing here as it could refer to either the parents, or the territories, sharing citizenship. I know plenty of people have represented UK territories despite never living in there. But these people, the ones I could find anyway, are British citizens born in Britain. Their parents' territory and the UK share a citizenship. NZ and UK territories do not, and that's the problem. Do any of you know of any precedents where someone with connections to British territory but not born there, living there or a UK citizen represented that territory? The Federation wasn't able to say. Cheers
  2. It’s brilliant. I might go to Oslo now maybe if I have time. Basically I waved a Russian flag at the Opening Ceremony and everyone wanted to know why, considering I’m American-Czech. It was all very funny.
  3. As a spectator, I’ll do it from that angle: Favorite moments: Gold medal hockey game/finding a German fan club at the game 15k cross country Any short track event Biathlon women’s relay Actually being able to talk to people about biathlon in real life Starting pin trading Getting on the Today Show audience/meeting the US team on it Being interviewed by 7 Russian TV channels The events at Czech House Meeting the Eurosport biathlon commentators Getting Koshechkin’s autograph Randomly meeting like 5 exotic athletes Being able to use discounts I’m not really eligible for Disappointments: Opening ceremony- so freezing Buses- not enough in times of high demand, often waited an hour That I barely caught Ledecka’s medal ceremony (I ran in as the anthem was playing) The lack of atmosphere at some events Struggling to understand volunteers That I couldn’t resell tickets because I’m not Korean
  4. Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018

    Maybe I should pass on this one- just because I’m so out of touch on Czech music and anything I pick will for all intents and purposes be random..
  5. Winter Olympic Games 2018 Ceremonies

    Gosh. It’s actually over
  6. Biathlon IBU World Cup 2017 - 2018

    Lord yes!!!!
  7. Biathlon IBU World Cup 2017 - 2018

    Czechs will too
  8. Figure Skating at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    Yuzuru I was thinking for a second had a natural talent for it
  9. I ask about the email since they change it every bloody season It’s difficult to keep track, and I can’t remember it nor find it.
  10. They’re cool people. Talked for a bit. We were all tired and cold though lol so didn’t last long.
  11. Lol yep. I literally turned on Eurosport and saw them in the mix zone. That’s the only reason I recognized them.
  12. Oh they beat the Czechs haha
  13. Hope Russia goes down after today’s events
  14. Hopefully Tokyo will be better. It has to be.
  15. Met my favorite Eurosport commentators today at biathlon Forgot to ask their email though. Aaah Does anyone know it? They say it in broadcasts apparently. Might send over the picture lol