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  1. Looks great! I would suggest also sharing it on the website if you are able to, not just the Facebook page! egyptsportsnetwork.net Also what y'all can do is share the link to the Egyptian Sports Ministry page on Facebook: @EGMoYouth. 'Share' and then 'To page'. If we can put it on the website we can also get a link we can email it with.
  2. Thought I'd confirm it: Steveanus Wihardja says he will be entered in Short Track World Cups 3 and 4. His brother Johannes might be entered as well but that's unconfirmed. He has also asked his federation to enter him in Olympic accreditation. Chances of him qualifying for the Olympics are slim, his best time is around 45 seconds, 5 seconds behind the world's best. There is also no ice rink in Indonesia so he does all of his training on bikes and inline skates. If he gets lucky in one race, though, he can. The points system works so that one 20th place result gives more points than 3 25th places combined. Maybe in the heats if there was a collision in front... It's great that we'll actually see' Indonesia at the World Cup, though. For some reason the federation didn't tell him of the possibility So when I told him he was basically like "what oh that sounds good sign me up".
  3. You, too. Great contact. Who knows, might make a difference. Lol
  4. Yeah for sure. He said 2022 is his main ambition anyway but would very much like to try these ones. I guess send his message to the Sports Ministry as much as you can and hope for the best.
  5. Google Translate works wonders. Yeah it would be great if the Egypt Sports Ministry sees this and decides to fast-track the creation of a ski federation.
  6. Sweet. Can you please link the article when it's done?
  7. Steveanus and Johannes Wihardja. Both represented Indonesia at the SEA games this year.
  8. No worries. And hey let us know how it goes. What's the website of your sports network?
  9. Haha. I only know because I kind of went and contacted the Indonesian skaters. Now I'm kind of becoming friends with one. Ill ask him on Thursday how his meeting went.
  10. Awesome! Sure! His name is Helmy Elsaeed. I contacted him through Facebook. https://m.facebook.com/public/Helmy-Elsaeed#~!/profile.php?id=501522020 Here is an article about him. He's also a world record holder cyclist. https://www.nydailynews.com/amp/newswires/sports/egyptian-endurance-athlete-sets-new-goals-cycling-record-article-1.3360067 Other than that he's also done the Vasalloppett, a very famous and challenging marathon ski race. He'll be able to give you more insight into the situation of the federation! His coach is currently in contact with FIS and the Egyptian sports ministry. He also has an Instagram, @helmyelsaeed, where you can see videos of him skiing.
  11. An update on : Helmy Elsaeed the cross country skier is trying to establish an Egyptian Ski federation. Apparently it never officially existed and the Egyptian who previously participated had dual US citizenship, so could go through them without national quotas (at the time none existed). The rules of Egypt's Ministry of Sport are that multiple clubs have to play a sport before a federation can be established. Helmy is the only skier, so is trying to get exceptions. He also said he might try to participate as an Independent Olympic Athlete (though I doubt the FIS will let him get points like that). Point is he has to get Egypt accepted by the Autumn meetings in October 3rd-7th as the preliminary entry deadline is on the 9th. If he can manage that he'll probably qualify. From what I've seen he's a capable enough skier.
  12. It is also confirmed at the Short Track World Cup in Budapest we will see , , and . Think North Korea in particular has a decent chance to qualify. Other nations there that haven't qualified for Pyeongchang yet are , and . No , or . Thailand should be at the Asian World Cups in November as they were last year. Latter two odds are slimmer but possible, Qatar has an athlete who got 4 seconds off qualifying time a year ago, far better than their athletes at the Asian Winter Games. Indonesia as mentioned already has athletes qualified. UPDATE: The Indonesian athletes have scheduled a meeting with the federation on Thursday. So far it seems the federation is considering sending them to the short track WCs in Shanghai/Seoul. Very interesting! If they pull off a Bradbury type result even the Olympics would be possible.
  13. I have been talking to the Indonesian short track athletes from the SEA Games (Steveanus and Johannes Wihardja). Both of them have managed to get under 47.000 seconds in the 500m and thus are under the limit for World Cup competition. Steveanus actually managed to get under 46 seconds and is on about the same level as the top skaters in Singapore/Malaysia. Apparently the federation didn't enter them for the first two World Cups, probably because they got the qualifying times at very late notice, but they have both said they will ask the federation to send them to the third and fourth World Cups in November (Shanghai and Seoul). I gave them all the information from ISU regarding those competitions. Qualifying for the Olympics would still be possible but would require lots of luck/two solid results as the top 3 results are taken into account. Then again, in short track, anything's possible. Will keep this post updated.
  14. Apparently they approved the Dominican Republic at this year's 'spring meeting' and they have an 'autumn meeting' in October so maybe Jordan will be approved there?
  15. Commonwealth Games 2018

    Just out of interest what are the 'free' events?