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  1. My country's presale quota for tickets was exhausted. So.. relying on general sale. I'm not sure if I can make it anyway, depends on cash flow. Thanks, though.
  2. Does anyone have an idea of how hard tickets will be to get when they go on general sale in September?
  3. India racing in IBU Cup :O
  4. 2 minutes behind at the first interval Aagh
  5. The dream is finish Hopefully we can get our men through, we have a tradition of doing well in the men's event.
  6. Resulted from me not refreshing the page.
  7. Yeah, that time it was that the fastest times were spread out evenly. There's a small 'q' as opposed to a big 'Q' so I think that's what it means. The results are consistent.
  8. I think based on last year it's top 2 from each heat by right and then 6 fastest times. So Czechs aren't out of it yet, we just need one of the teams in the next heat to have a crisis of sorts. Since Novakova and Barton aren't racing (our best male and female sprinters respectively) any final would be a success.
  9. I'm looking everywhere. Seriously it's like they're trying to keep it secret or something
  10. Is the team sprint not on Eurosport? Can't seem to find it on Czech TV website either..
  11. We would have seen Bruna again But at least we got to see her in the qualification and the sprint. Is she happy about the way things went? I should think so!
  12. I guess I'll carry the Czech flag for this one. Dont live there or follow their music much, but I like this song quite a bit.
  13. What else could you expect? Good result from Berouskova, 27th place, WC points.