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  1. and will play Hubert Jerzy Wagner Memorial 2017
  2. Haha, yeah I personally know ( via Facebook) some American person who constantly posts that he didn't even care to vote after Sanders and at the sime time is all angry and can't believe Trump won It's like"Dude if you can't stand a politician SO MUCH, then go out and vote for the only alternative" Well, my dislike for far-right parties does not come in any way because I'm a "leftist" (although I would classify myself as center-left) but from my family's history. I hope they won't get in power because, even if I am all in for at least limiting middle eastern immigration to only the truly skilled people I also can see when someone "doesn't get it" the other way. I mean, like it or not many Muslim families have already been in Europe since a few generations, feel this is basically their home now (an ultra-extereme example is that Iranian-German kid who shot mostly Turks and Albanians in Munich last year because he thought he is a better Aryan than them) and again like it or not 99% sure are gonna stay here so we should at least not push them into Isis' hands by supporting the Jihadist ideas that the western world hates Muslim, but sends Christian soldiers to Islamic Countries. It's enough that George W. Bush claimed to have attacked Iraq because "God told him to do so"
  3. That's good news but as far as i know he already has been on a decline once during this campaign so I am not yet celebrating I don't want to brag bout politics much, but TBH I just don't understand and I am irritated about some people who claim - at least that was what I saw on Reddit - that "They will vote far-right this year to get rid of Muslim Scum" and then vote liberal in the next election. Regardles of how disgusting (for me) that sounds i can't believe someone is considering support for aparty who in many instance already claim that democracy is an outdated system and then expect for them to just get out easily when they lose. I just have a feeling that IF people like for example Le Pen win, it won't even be a month until we hear about "massive protests in France after the government announced the plan to seriously change the constitution", and I can tell from "experience" that it's most probably gonna be this way because that is exactly what happened after the win of Populism in Poland, Hungary or Turkey Plus, it's no doubt that ISIS or other jihadist group would be really happy about that, as they already announced Trump's Travel Ban an huge win
  4. Well, Mocking Trump is great and fun until you realize some european countries are either on the best way to elect clowns ( le pen currently at 44% chances of winning France's election, while a month ago it was just about 30%, Wildeers leading in Netherlands just 3 weeks before the election) or already have idiots in power (Kaczynski in Poland, Erdogan in Turkey) and as someone who not only listens about Trump's "brilliance" but also lives under authoritarian semi-catho-theocratic government (just lately they decided that onky catholic organizations have the right to help in child adoption of foreigners) can't help but wonder how some people can actually support those ideas
  5. But still some people will say the goal-check technology is not needed in football because it "takes the spirit of the game away"
  6. God Damnit some moronic Legia Warszawa "fans" attacked the Dutch fans of Ajax Amsterdam which were enjoying themselves in a club. The Pub is said to be completely devastated Could someone PLEASE just eliminate this club already so it's supporters will stop making Poland look like some wild uncivilized s**thole before every match???
  7. SLOVAKIA !!!!
  8. Only one suspect now in th invstigation of Quebec Mosque Terror Attack - the French-Canadian Alexandre Bissonette. Police also arrested the Moroccan man Mohammed Khadir, however after investigation they changed his status to "witness"
  9. Modena 0-1 Craiova so far in Champions League
  10. well, can't say they did not fight. Really decent performance by our young team.
  11. And here we go with 2017 mens World Championships Hopefully Brazilians will be capable of putting a good show against France
  12. Wow, now we can even follow updates from the glorious nation of San Escobar using social media https://www.facebook.com/sanescobarcountry/
  13. Cristopher Columbus discovered America. Witold Waszczykowski discovered San Escobar http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/01/11/polands-foreign-minister-mocked-naming-non-existent-country/
  14. So, in 1 day we have Turkey, Germany, Switzerlad and Jordan
  15. Russian ambasador in Turkey shot according to some sources he died in the hospital. The attacker apparently yelled about "avenging Aleppo"...
  16. Once again almost empty stadium in Sad...
  17. Well, sure both sides are trying to make the other looks bad, even the western Media have their "favourites" as much as i disgusts me to say it, but even the UN admits such situation takes place, so I don't think its fake,Besides i prefer not to listen to media in such casesbut try to find sources on my own
  18. I really have no words to describe how I feel when I read her tweets
  19. Assad's troopes going from house to house and murdering civilians including children in Aleppo So yeah, go back to your country and stuff
  20. Dimitri Muserski tested positive on doping according to Mclaren's report
  21. Noriaki Kasai
  22. SCM U CRAIOVA leada against Skra Belchatow
  23. 48,5 percent votes for yes, 51,5 for no. Can be a close one...
  24. http://elezioni.interno.it/referendum/scrutini/20161204/FX01000.htm live vote count for Italian referendum