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Everything posted by VolleyRuller96

  1. Belgium qualified to World Championships 2018 after beating Estonia 3-1 in the last round of games. Shockingly, Germany, bronze medalists of last edition, finished only 3rd in the last qualification tournament and won't play in Italy and Bulgaria
  2. Updated polsat channels schedule
  3. We are losing 4-13 against Madagascar in Petanque doubles
  4. From TWG fanpage Due to weather conditions today's competitions in:️️- archery are paused,- boules are paused,- fistball are paused,- ultimate frisbee are paused (match POL - USA CALLED, bronze medal match and final will be held according to plan)- air sports in Szymanów airport are paused.- sumo are delayed.
  5. too strong wind, I guess
  6. Ultimate game between and cancelled due to weather conditions
  7. Updated Polsat Channels schedule for 23.07. on the first page
  8. Wow, disqualification ?
  9. Both our teams finished 4th in life saving
  10. polsat sport extra is showing skating right now
  11. What luck for Reza
  12. Well... guess no medal forus in speed climbing
  13. Marcin's error
  14. http://v2.ustreamix.com/stream.php?id=polsat-sport They now boradcast climbing instead of gymnastic qualification as our athlete has serious hopes for medal
  15. apparently Polsat sport news changed schedule and are right now brodcasting lifesaving which was not earlier in the schedule.
  16. Only U.S.A has a weaker team
  17. Time for some 'Murikan football
  18. second Gold for Albrecht
  19. Gold and bronze for Italy
  20. So we have to wait until 12:00 but the finals seem exciting
  21. So first medal in this discipline for as they will have 2 athletes in the final four
  22. Another crash and Korean athlete injured
  23. oh, right
  24. When I wil update the schedule for tommorow, should I include the reruns, or just live broadcasts?
  25. done