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  1. The World Games 2017

    Polsat Sport News is broadcasting USA-COLOMBia. You can try if you don't mind Polish commentary
  2. The World Games 2017

    Oh, and also i see Wojciech Bogda was 4th in Task 1 and 3rd in Task 2 Awesome
  3. The World Games 2017

    Great results so far for Marcin Bernat in Air Sports: Paramotor Slalom Finals He finished 3rd in Task 1 and then was the best in Task 2 Still 16 more tasks to go though...
  4. The World Games 2017

    so many World Games Records in the Lifesaving competition
  5. The World Games 2017

    Our three main broadcasters. They don't broadcast the games 24/7, also other sports and disciplines, but since there are 3 of them I think if you switch between them you'll always find a broadcast of The World Games Polsat Sport : http://www.stream2watch.cc/streaming-television/poland/polsat-sport-live-stream Polsat Sport Extra : http://tele-wizja.com/polsat-sport-extra/ Polsat Sport News http://wizja.tv/watch.php?id=78
  6. The World Games 2017

    Working Sport1 stream, currently boradcasts climbing https://www.firstone.tv/Live/Germany/sport1-14
  7. The World Games 2017

    So far we did not qualify any athlete in Boulder or Speed Skating
  8. The World Games 2017

    We lost 13-3 against Canada.... well, we are amateurs, and they are amongst the best in the world
  9. The World Games 2017

    ok I see now
  10. The World Games 2017

    I think our second athlete, Aleksandra Goss will start as the last one.
  11. The World Games 2017

    Our historical point against Canada
  12. The World Games 2017

    I think here http://results.totallympics.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1154&extra=page%3D1
  13. The World Games 2017

    We are already losing 0-2 against 0-3 now
  14. The World Games 2017

    Finally the Ultimate match between and starts in a few minutes Let's go us
  15. The World Games 2017

    Wow, most of the competitors in this event are over 45 years old
  16. The World Games 2017

    Well.. not much, he said at the end of his speech " long live our freedom, long live democracy". Tommorow PiS officially approved law giving them control of supreme court, and the supreme court decides if the elections are valid.
  17. The World Games 2017

    Political speech byDutkiewicz
  18. The World Games 2017

    We hope for at least 10 medals this year
  19. The World Games 2017

  20. The World Games 2017

    While y'all enjoy the parade of nations, our broadcaster decided to switch to commercials instead
  21. The World Games 2017

    I don't think so, it serves just as a decration I believe
  22. The World Games 2017

    Parade of nations
  23. The World Games 2017

    I just did not like the song
  24. The World Games 2017

    Also, the attendance of the ceremony is reall weak comparing to previous ceremonies I watched online i don't understand why they did not hand over free tickets to school
  25. The World Games 2017

    Well, this was supposed to be a "charming" song