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  1. Egypt leads against USA at u21 World Champs it is possible for the Americans to finish with only 1 won match (3-2 vs Czech) and 3 won sets in the tournament
  2. World Championship European Qualification 3rd round draw MEN in Kortrijk, The Best team will qualify to World Championships Belarus Belgium Estonia Germany Slovakia Spain Women in Rotterdam, The 2 best teams will qualify to World Championships Belgium Bulgaria Czech Republic Greece Netherlands Slovenia
  3. Japan also will play in group 2 final
  4. Expected 3-0 against Morroco for our boys at the start of U21 World Championship in Czech Republic, However i am surprised how bad Morroco performed against us (25-9 25-15 25-15)
  5. http://www.nooooooooooooooo.com
  6. This is like euro 2012 again
  7. Nothing is known yet about what will happen with excluded countries. They might play European League but with teams like Albania or Luxembourg the level is so low and costs high I think they will just not play at all
  8. According to our media, there will only be one group next year. Most of the teams that currently participate in Group 2 and 3 excluding Japan, China, Korea, Australia and Germany won't be able to play anymore.
  9. Apparently Slovenian federation plans to sue FIVB if the new rules will be applied. Slovakian and Dutch federations which will be totally eliminated from World League under the new system stated they will support the Slovenian federation.
  10. To many easy mistakes again... i have a feeling this is not going to end well
  11. I agree. Personally I think the teams should boycott the next World League if these changes take place. Perhaps even create their own tournament, like basketball clubs did some years ago. I would not be surprised if the stronger team joined too, as they have their reasons to be angry at FiVB,
  12. Can someone explain to me what is wrong with some people? Maybe (hopefully) it's just a Polish thing ? Some of the comments about today's terror attack in london are just disgusting: "Finally europeans start to defend themselfes" "So, I don't care for mooslems" "Hopefully it's just a start" "let's go white people" probably they are the same people who keep saying stuff like " so called moderate muslims are still happy with every terror attack"...
  13. Estonia won Group 3 final four after they beat Spain germany are third, Mexico finished fourth
  14. Awful draw for Canada... they should be happy if they get even onevpoint from this group
  15. Car had driven down people near mosque in London 1 dead, 10 injured... The driver is alive and has been arrested According to some medias driver has been a white male which indicates this might have been far right terror.