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  1. Modena 0-1 Craiova so far in Champions League
  2. well, can't say they did not fight. Really decent performance by our young team.
  3. And here we go with 2017 mens World Championships Hopefully Brazilians will be capable of putting a good show against France
  4. Wow, now we can even follow updates from the glorious nation of San Escobar using social media https://www.facebook.com/sanescobarcountry/
  5. Cristopher Columbus discovered America. Witold Waszczykowski discovered San Escobar http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/01/11/polands-foreign-minister-mocked-naming-non-existent-country/
  6. So, in 1 day we have Turkey, Germany, Switzerlad and Jordan
  7. Russian ambasador in Turkey shot according to some sources he died in the hospital. The attacker apparently yelled about "avenging Aleppo"...
  8. Once again almost empty stadium in Sad...
  9. Well, sure both sides are trying to make the other looks bad, even the western Media have their "favourites" as much as i disgusts me to say it, but even the UN admits such situation takes place, so I don't think its fake,Besides i prefer not to listen to media in such casesbut try to find sources on my own
  10. I really have no words to describe how I feel when I read her tweets
  11. Assad's troopes going from house to house and murdering civilians including children in Aleppo So yeah, go back to your country and stuff
  12. Dimitri Muserski tested positive on doping according to Mclaren's report
  13. Noriaki Kasai
  14. SCM U CRAIOVA leada against Skra Belchatow