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  1. Snowboarding at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    Thanks, so possibly Germany will reject one quota in womens PGS and one quota in mens PGS.
  2. [OFF TOPIC] Music Thread

    Heard this song in the radio recently and really liked it, you should give it a try, it is not your "usual" rap music.
  3. Winter Olympic Games 2018 Team Sizes

    German athletes so far: So far 43 german athletes have been nominated: 25 men's ice hockey 8 figure skating (Bruno Massot, Aljona Savchenko, Ruben Blommaert, Annika Hocke (Pair skating), Kavita Lorenz, Joti Polizoakis (Ice dance), Paul Fentz (mens individual), Nicole Schott (womens individual)) 10 luge (Toni Eggert, Sascha Benecken, Tobias Arlt, Tobias Wendl (mens doubles), Felix Loch, Johannes Ludwig, Andi Langenhan (mens singles), Natalie Geisenberger, Tatjana Hüfner, Dajana Eitberger (womens single)) It is expected that the german team will be as big as 150 athletes.
  4. Snowboarding at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    How many quotas does Germany have? Apparently so far 11 athletes have been nominated (Ramona Hofmeister, Selina Jörg, Carolin Langenhorst, Patrick Bussler, Stefan Baumeister (PGS), Paul Berg, Martin Nörl, Konstantin Schad, Jana Fischer (Cross), Silvia Mittermüller, Johannes Höpfl (Freestyle)), but two more athletes (Anke Wöhrer and Alexander Bergmann (PGS)) haven't been nominated so far, because they didn't reach the national qualification criteria.
  5. Not being able to predict on day 1 really fucked my chances ... At this point i hope that someone ends up with at least 40-45 points more than me, otherwise i will have to find a way to punish Sindo for what he did to me ...
  6. [hide] Men's Singles Quarterfinals Part 2 Australian Eastern Daylight Time (GMT +11) Date and Venue Athlete 1 T1 T2 Athlete 2 January 24th 2018, h. 14:30, Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne Tennys Sandgren 1 3 Hyeon Chung January 24th 2018, h. 19:00, Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne [19] Tomas Berdych 1 3 Roger Federer [2] Women's Singles Quarterfinals Part 2 Australian Eastern Daylight Time (GMT +11) Date and Venue Athlete 1 T1 T2 Athlete 2 January 24th 2018, h. 13:00, Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne [21] Angelique Kerber 2 1 Madison Keys [17] January 24th 2018, h. 20:30, Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne [1] Simona Halep 2 1 Karolina Pliskova [6] Men's Singles Quarterfinals Part 1 Australian Eastern Daylight Time (GMT +11) Date and Venue Athlete 1 T1 T2 Athlete 2 January 23rd 2018, h. 11:00, Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne [3] Grigor Dimitrov 3 1 Kyle Edmund January 23rd 2018, h. 19:00, Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne [1] Rafael Nadal 3 1 Marin Cilic [6] Women's Singles Quarterfinals Part 1 Australian Eastern Daylight Time (GMT +11) Date and Venue Athlete 1 T1 T2 Athlete 2 January 23rd 2018, h. 11:00, Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne Elise Mertens 0 2 Elina Svitolina [4] January 23rd 2018, h. 13:00, Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne Carla Suarez Navarro 0 2 Caroline Wozniacki [2] [/hide]
  7. Alpine Skiing at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    It isnt even about not wanting to send someone who never cam close to top 20, its just not possible. To qualify for the olympics you have to finish top 15 twice or top 8 once, so someone who never cam close to top 20 couldnt be nominated by german skiing federation, because then german NOC would decline, otherwise hell would break lose and everyone would sue them for making an exception. Of course we could talk about whether finishing top 15 twice in nordic combined for example is as difficult as finishing top 15 twice in cross-country skiing for example.
  8. Athletics 2018 Discussion Thread

    Ok, then i misunderstood you, when you said that he had to drive to Atlanta because otherwise the record wouldnt have counted. We still dont know whether it counts or not, so we cant say at the moment whether its a new world record or not.
  9. Men's Handball EHF European Championship 2018

    I know how down i am every time Kuzmina wins something, must feel really bad to feel like that whenever a certain country wins something, especially if that country wins so much.
  10. Athletics 2018 Discussion Thread

    Is it already ratified? Hopefully not, it would be a joke, but considering that this is an american athlete and its only some non-olympic indoor event, i wouldnt be too surprised honestly ... 1) If it takes hours after the competition for him to take the test, the result is already pretty meaningless. 2) Was a NADA/WADA official with him all the time, otherwise there is no way that this can be ratified.
  11. [OFF TOPIC] Music Thread

    He claims to be 2Pac's son, do you think that he has inherited his talent?
  12. National & International Sports Awards

    I would like to organize one, but its probably too late for 2017, so maybe at the end of this year. Something like: Best female/male individual athlete, best team, best moment, biggest surprise, rising star male/female, best comeback, best event (best host/best organized event) and something like honorary awards for retired athletes. Maybe we could also do something in reverse: "Who is gonna be the rising star in 2018" or "Who is gonna be the best female athlete in 2018"
  13. National & International Sports Awards

    I always liked the totallympics awards, sadly there werent any for 2017 ...
  14. Men's Handball EHF European Championship 2018

    If slovenian team decides to retreat, Germany could still reach the next round with 4 points. Let's go Slovenia!
  15. Men's Handball EHF European Championship 2018

    The decision was within the rules, but it says a lot that all those insults in this thread still werent deleted and it also says a lot about the self-control of certain people, but thats also nothing new. A win for slovenia would have been ok, the german players were too arrogant and Lemke was clearly missing. Hopefully this will be a lesson for the german team, but if you cant beat a team like slovenia, you probably dont deserve to make the semifinal.
  16. Yes it better not, i didnt complete my predictions, when i saw that it was cancelled ... So now this will certainly only be for fun for me, because it will be difficult finishing high without any points from the first day ... I can personally say that i dont care about the general standing, so for me its fine to not include this contest.
  17. I still dont get it ... 1) So not allowing anyone to predict the results is better than some people missing the contest because of the short notice? How? 2) I think everyone here who predicted saw that the draw wasnt completed, so everyone who still posted a prediction was well aware of that problem. 3) How exactly is this contest taking time away? Isnt tuniscof the one who manages it and therefore should decide whether he has enough time or not? I am sorry, but i really hate this decision. Either you shouldnt have allowed it from the beginning (but again, why?) or you should have just stayed out of it. Many people invest quite some time and really looked forward to this. I think this problem has been adressed before, if you try to control everything, people will lose interest if they have no freedom to creat their own threads, contests and so on.
  18. I dont see the Netherlands winning that many golds, at best 6-7. France + Italy should win 8-10 golds, South Korea should win at least 3 or 4 golds in short track (+ possibilities in skeleton or speed skating). Japan should win 6-8 golds, so i think this would be pretty balanced.
  19. Alpine skiing: Mens downhill/super-g: Norway Biathlon: Any individual even on the mens side: Norway Bobsleigh: Mens 2/4-man: Germany Cross-country skiing: Norway on either side in many events Figure skating: Womens individual: Russia Freestyle skiing: Mens halfpipe: USA Luge: Womens singles/doubles: Germany Nordic combined: Germany/Norway Short track: South Korea Skeleton: Women: Germany Ski jumping: Germany/Norway, maybe even Poland Speed skating: Netherlands Snowboarding: Halfpipe/big air/slopestyle: USA, Japan, Canada, Norway
  20. Too low of course ... Interesting that you didnt mention the team event in alpine skiing.
  21. I have the same expectations: Good: Gold+silver in doubles Gold in the team Gold+silver/bronze in womens singles Gold in mens singles 4 golds, 6 medals in total Great, not completely unrealistic: Sweep in doubles Gold in the team Sweep in womens singles Gold in mens singles 4 golds, 8 medals in total
  22. Bobsleigh at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    Thanks, never heard of him, maybe she will be the first black female to win a medal at the summer olympics for Germany? Edit: I just remembered Robin Szolkowy ... I also dont think that a black pilot ever won a gold on the womens side.
  23. Yes, we should be thankful to the people who organize it, i am sure they will make it a fun contest. Snowboarding: We could also say "Will 2 out of the following three events (halfpipe, slopestyle, big air) be won by the same athlete?" I also had a similar question to your third one in mind, but i thought it wouldnt be considered appropriate. Something like "Will we have at least 2/3 minor/under 18 olympic champions in snowboard or freestyle skiing?" Nordic combined: A german sweep is very unlikely, maybe you could ask whether any country will sweep the medals in an individual event, although i still would consider the chance of that happening somewhere between 25 and 33%. Overall: I dont see any chance of Germany + the Netherlands winning more medals than Canada + USA, but maybe you could ask whether Germany + Norway will win more (gold) medals than USA + Canada or whether some combination of France/Switzerland/Austria/Italy will win more gold medals than South Korea + Japan.
  24. Some questions: 6 medals at most in luge? 2 medals at most in skeleton? 5 medals at most in bob? Where do you expect a second medal in snowboard, apart from womens parallel slalom? 3 medals in alpine skiing? Did you miss the injuries of Neureuther and Luitz? You are very optimistic to see a chance for a medal in cross-country skiing.
  25. Ok: Medals: 30 Golds: 10 Good: Medals: 32 Golds: 12