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  1. 1) It's still extremely early in the season, last year Hruba (born in 1998) and Sukh (born in 1999) jumped 1.93 and 1.92, maybe they will go even higher this year. 2) Ukraine had many very young girls in the last couple of years jumping around 1.90 and none of them became really big, so let's see 3) According to IAAF she is 15 https://www.iaaf.org/athletes/ukraine/yaroslava-mahuchikh-310529 So who is more trustworthy? 4) She is shared 21st on the all time U18 list and has until the end of 2018 to improve. Some interesting comparisons: Kostadinova also jumped 1.90 as an U18 athlete, Kuchina and Cloete jumped 1.91, Meyfarth jumped 1.92 as a 16 yo, Vlasic and Astafei jumped 1.93, Lake and Cunningham jumped 1.94.
  2. Again a great observation! I feel like you are one of the very few here who understood this contest, which is why you should be part of the legendary committee. For example the lithuanian song was like a really bad imitation, on the other hand the song from New Zealand was very original and should have placed higher. I only look for the "honesty" of songs when i have to distribute my points and the lithuanian song for example didn't seem very honest, i had the feeling that the artist just wanted to make a popular song, without putting much personality into it.
  3. I just noticed that Zedd co-produced your song. I might have given you more points if i would have known that earlier, although i don't like the song. Maybe next time i will also pick a song by Zedd ... ? https://youtu.be/L8eRzOYhLuw https://youtu.be/IxxstCcJlsc https://youtu.be/X46t8ZFqUB4 https://youtu.be/h--P8HzYZ74 If you pick "HUMBLE." by Kendrick Lamar for the next contest, i can guarantee you, that you will get 12 points from me.
  4. GB/Ireland shouldn't be allowed to nominate english songs, it's as simple as that, all problems solved.
  5. You mean the contest or the committee ... or both? If you would try to tell me your secrets, i probably wouldn't understand them anyway ... so it's probably for the better if you guys keep them to yourselves.
  6. Yeah, the good old inception ... i already started to wonder what Leonard Di Caprio was doing in his free time, besides saving our planet by slowing down climate change ...
  7. If not even the members know what is happening in there, then the committee itself is senseless. It is clearly a discriminatory organization and in addition to that there are are obvious flaws, for example : If in the past some other user from your country was responsible for the voting and failed to give points to the eventual winner, then you won't be able to become part of the committee, even if you yourself always gave points to the eventual winner ... right?
  8. Adel Tawil is a horrible singer in my opinion, i guess you just have to wait and see what i got for you at the next contest.
  9. Aren't you part of the committee? If yes, then it would only be logical for you to try to discredit me. If no, then you can have no clue about what is really going on up there, they probably secretly influenced us all, so that GB would win, meaning that they would be allowed to keep their seat in the committee.
  10. I hope that other users will follow my example, this elitist behavior has to stop. The committee needs some fresh (female) blood. If bestmen doesn't become part of the committee, germany won't participate at the next contest.
  11. Never heard of him ... I made an agreement with catgamer that i will be allowed to pick the german entry for the next contest, because he picked the german entry this time and i absolutely didn't like it. Now i at least know that i won't pick Holger Czukay, because that would now be boring. I wonder if any country ever finished a TSC without any points? If not, then challenge accepted ... see you at the next contest.
  12. I think that this is very dangerous, because the fact that they might be excluded from the committee (if they wouldn't have given points to the eventual winner), might have influenced their vote. They knew that GB/Ireland were most likely to win, so they decided to play it safe.
  13. Sad to see that all the committee members are men, i guess that is why the results were so clear ... I DEMAND that the best men becomes a member of the committee immediately! Otherwise i will boycott the next contest and i hope that many other users will follow my example.
  14. What a coincidence ...
  15. What is the committee? Does it have any importance for this contest?