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  1. Normally i always enjoyed watching the road cycling world championships, but this time i am just glad that its over ... 1) Where were the spectators? I feel sorry for the riders, especially the juniors. 2) Why do we have to host the world championships in the desert at 35°C? I think the next 3 world championships will be much better and i might attend in 2018 or even 2017. 3) Pretty much all the races were boring and decided in a sprint (as expected). 4) Congrats to Sagan, i am glad that Cavendish didnt win, every medal for him is bad for the sport. Belgium has had an amazing year, gold at the olympics and bronze here, compared to 0 top 10 finishes for Germany, with riders like Degenkolb, Kittel or Greipel ... 5) The german head coach must go NOW! How is it even possible to make so many bad decisions and never get a good result if you have 3 of the best sprinters in the world? When i heard that a group of more than 20 riders had a lead of more than 3 minutes, i already expected that no german was in that group ... and sadly i was right. If he would write all possible strategies on a paper and randomly pick one, than the results would be much better ... This is a complete waste of talent, its the best generation Germany ever had in road cycling. 6) Results in womens time trial (Another american granny, who was banned for doping before, coming out of nowhere to win a gold. This sport got what it deserves, cycling is the perfect sport for americans, i wonder why they arent any better in weightlifting already ... i guess there is not enough money to earn) and mens u23 time trial (the winner got extremely lucky with the conditions and Kämna got robbed the second year in a row) were absolutely disgusting, all the other results were ok. 7) I just found out that some no-name from Denmark won the gold in womens road race! Amazing to hear that she beat all the elite riders! Great results for nordic countries overall! They seem to have a very bright future in cycling, not only in road cycling, but also in (womens) mountainbike and track cycling. 8) This time it wasnt possible for me to watch the live stream on Youtube, which is one of the main reasons why i didnt watch much. Thanks stupid Eurosport! Hopefully they wont broadcast the next couple of years ...
  2. So you want to say that you knew the guy who won the gold medal before the race? In my opinion he is a complete no name and got extremely lucky with the conditions, he doesnt even have a team for next year ... There cant be any doubt that Kämna wouldve won the gold medal for the last two years if the conditions wouldve been fair. Its just heartbreaking that Kämna didnt win a gold medal the last two years, although he is about 1000 times more talented than the other guys who participated.
  3. Martin proves again why experts consider him as the best time trialist ever. A healthy Martin is unbeatable in regular time trials. Thank god we have finally a fair result, after the disgusting result in womens elite time trial and mens under 23 time trial.
  4. What a shocking result! Second year in a row that Kämna got beaten by much less talented athletes thanks to the conditions, i cant believe this disgusting result. Kämna wouldve easily won the gold the last two years if the conditions wouldve been fair. Instead some complete no name got lucky with the conditions and won the gold.
  5. Yeah, its not your fault, i just wonder how someone is able to get the rules wrong twice ...
  6. Really? I told you on page 31 ... Edit: You probably told him to correct and he still did it wrong?
  7. I was just kidding ... great work! It wouldnt have bothered me to lose by 1 point, if it would have been necessary to distribute exactly 400 points, then i wouldnt have participated, because my concept was to use 1 or 10 points for each question, a question with any other number of points would have ruined the picture. If it would have been possible to distribute 407 points, then i also wouldnt have used more than 399. Prediction contests are only fun if i can test a special strategy, i did the same with biathlon world championships prediction contest a while ago, but sadly many people thought that it was unfair ...
  8. I am very surprised to see that i won the most important prediction contest of the past 4 years, i wonder how everyone else was able to score worse than me, i thought that my score was pretty bad ... I was pretty sure about the answers to the following questions: 10 Yes -> Yes 12 No -> No 16 Yes (Ai Yanhan, Ren Xi, Mima Ito) -> Yes 18 Yes (Kimia Alizadeh) -> Yes 19 No -> No 20 Yes -> Yes 22 No -> No 27 Yes -> No 28 No -> No 29 Yes -> No 31 Yes -> Yes 35 No -> Yes 37 No -> No 42 Yes -> Yes 43 Yes -> Yes 45 Yes -> Yes 49 Yes -> No 52 No -> No 53 No -> No 54 No -> No 57 Yes -> Yes 59 Yes -> No 64 Yes -> Yes 69 No -> No 71 No -> No 72 Yes -> Yes 75 Yes -> Yes 86 Yes -> Yes 88 Yes -> No 91 No -> No 92 No -> No 93 Yes -> Yes 101 Yes -> Yes 103 No -> No 105 Yes -> Yes 106 Yes -> Yes 109 No -> No 110 No -> Yes 112 Yes -> Yes 113 No -> No 115 No -> Yes Sadly it wasnt possible to give 10 points for more than 31 questions, so i had to pick 31 out of those 41 questions. Out of those 41 questions i answered 8 incorrectly (27, 29, 35, 49, 59, 88, 110, 115). Guess for how many of those 8 questions i used 10 points ... i gave 10 points to 7 of those questions (all except question number 35), thats what i call unlucky ... If i would have excluded those 8 questions, than i would have had much more than 300 points ... Hopefully the number of points will be more carefully chosen the next time, this time i was only able to use 399 points (31 x 10 + 89 x 1) instead of 400 points.
  9. France and Australia are pretty close to Germany in this table, but have clearly less (gold) medals, which shows that Germany got pretty lucky with the number of gold medals. Its also not surprising to see that China is clearly ahead of GB in this table, China was pretty unlucky, while GB won tons of extremely lucky gold medals. I am very sure that China will turn it around in Tokyo. GB deserves all the success they had, considering how much they invested in the last decade. I am a bit sad for Australia, they deserved and expected more for their money.
  10. German teams were doing crazy good in Rio, all teams won a medal: Mens table tennis: Bronze Womens table tennis: Silver Mens football: Silver Womens football: Gold Mens hockey: Bronze Womens hockey: Bronze Mens handball: Bronze Womens beach volleyball: Gold All our teams won a medal. In general 42 medals are very disappointing for Germany, but 17 golds is the best result since 1996. I never thought that Germany could win more than 40 medals with so many "safe" german medallists not performing at their best (Storl, Schwanitz, Müller, Heidler, Stahl/Hussong, Holzdeppe, Heß, Jungfleisch, Abele, Tasiadis, Anton/Benzien, Pfeifer, Vogel keirin, Kluge omnium, Eilers keirin, Hausding/Klein, equestrian individual jumping, Hartung, Frey, Trajdos, Schöneborn, Buhl, Koch, Ovtcharov, Gülec, Stäbler, Focken). Not to imagine what Germany could do if more money would be invested for swimming, boxing, fencing, artistic gymnastics, judo, rowing, sailing, taekwondo and wrestling ...
  11. I really dont get why some people here are so desperate to cut certain sports from the olympics. Do people here realize that cutting a sport from the olympics can "kill" a sport? I would think twice before cutting a sport from the olympics if i would be an IOC official. If IOC would really like to reduce the number of athletes to lower the costs, then they maybe shouldnt add 5 new sports for the next olympics or they should cut some weight classes or disciplines. I dont get the sense of cutting canoeing sprint or equestrian dressage, because both those sports use facilities that need to be build anyway for other sports. It would make more sense to cut a sport like canoeing slalom or golf. Here is what IOC officials should do in my opinion (if they would want to reduce the number of participants): Archery: 16 teams for each gender + 16 individual athletes -> draw of 16 for teams, draw of 64 for individuals Athletics: Much less participants for marathons and mens/womens 100 m, maybe 50-60 athletes each, no more mens 50 km race walking I think this means that we wouldve had 100-200 athletes less in Rio only in athletics Basketball: 16 teams for each gender Boxing: I think 6 or 7 weight categories should be enough on the mens side, for example -54 kg, -60 kg, -68 kg, -78 kg, -90 kg, +90 kg On the womens side they should add another weight category, for example - 46 kg, - 56 kg, -70 kg, + 70 kg Canoeing slalom: I wouldnt cut mens C2 and i think womens C1 isnt developed enough to be added. I would keep everything pretty much the same, but i would allow all those athletes who qualified in mens C2 also to compete in mens C1 In my opinion there shouldnt be any semifinals, but top 10/12 after 2 heats (best time counts) should advance to the final Caneoing sprint: I think it would be enough to have the following disciplines: Mens K1 1000 m, mens C1 1000 m, mens K2 1000 m, womens K1 500 m, womens K2 500 m + maybe womens C1 500 m Cycling road: Allow 3 athletes per nation for the individual time trial, keep the rest the same Cycling BMX: I think there should be 32 participants on the womens side and they should have the same system in heats and the semifinals. In my opinion it would also be better to have less riders in every heat (so that there are less crashes) Cylcing mountainbike: Keep everything the same Cycling track: I think omnium should be replaced by the elimination/points race Diving: I think there should be at least 12 teams in the synchronized events or they should completely cut the sychronized events Equestrian: Personally i would like to only have 2 events, jumping and a cross-country competition, but if they want to keep the same disciplines, then they should change the system for individual eventing, with the final result determined by 4 rounds Fencing: Personally i would cut the team events, so that top 64 from olympic/world ranking (3 per nation) qualify for the individual events. If they want to keep the team events, than it would be better to have all team events at every olympic games, but there should be more spots for individual athletes who didnt qualify with a team. Field hockey: I am not sure whether it would make sense to allow 16 teams for each gender ... ? Football: 16 teams on the womens side, open age category on the mens side Golf: Keep everything the same Gymnastics artistic: I dont know whether it would make sense to allow 16 teams for each gender ... ? In my opinion there should be more spots for individual athletes. For example Romania should have been able to qualify more than 1 athlete on the womens side. There are some other minor changes i would make, but nothing really important. Gymnastics rhythmic: Personally i would cut this sport, because results are determined by judges and sometimes very hard to "understand". I think the format in general is ok, i think they can keep everything the same if this is supposed to remain olympic. Gymnastics trampoline: I would allow more than 16 competitors, maybe 32 for each gender. Handball: I think this sport is competitive enough to have 16 teams per gender, teams like Spain or Iceland cleary would have improved the level of competition on the mens side. Judo: In my opinion 5 weight categories would be enough for each gender. I dont get why we have 3 weight categories for womens -57 kg ... Modern pentathlon: I think this sport should remain olympic with the current system, the equestrian part is almost like a lottery. I think they should cut the fencing bonus round and replace the equestrian part by something else, for example rowing or cycling. Rowing: I think they should cut the lightweight weight categories and add a womens four. Rugby: I think this sport is competitive enough to have 16 teams per gender and in my opinion each game should last a bit longer, maybe 2 x 15 minutes. Sailing: Personally i would cut the nacra discipline, in my opinion there shouldnt be mixed competitions in general. Shooting: I think they could cut one out of 10 m air pistol/50 m pistol (25 m pistol on the womens side) and one out of 10 m air rifle/50 m rifle prone/50 m rifle 3 positions (on the mens side), i think mens double trap should also be cut. Swimming: Personally i would maybe cut 50 m free and 400 IM, but in my opinion it would also be ok to keep everything the same. I dont like the open water competition, because its almost impossible to distinguish the athletes, maybe everyone should wear a cap with his/her nations flag on it ... I would also make the distance a bit longer, 15 or 20 km, to make it more difficult for athletes like Wilimovsky or Van Rouwendaal to double up. In my opinion there is no need to have relay-only reserve swimmers, if a nation wants to bring some of them, then they should house them in a hotel, the same is true for reserve/relay-only athletes in all other sports. Synchronized swimming: My problems with rhythmic gymnastics are also the problems i have with synchronized swimming, but like rhythmic gymnastics this sport uses facilities that need to be build anyway, so there is no need to cut it. I think this sport is not competitive enough to have so many different duets, 12-16 would be enough in my opinion. I also have a problem with sports that are only for men or women and i guess no one would want to see mens rhythmic gymnastics/synchronized swimming ... Table tennis: I would replace team events with doubles events, this might increase the diversity of medallists and it would be more likely that China gets beaten. Taekwondo: I think this is the only sport with the right number of weight categories, i would keep everything the same, but maybe allow more competitors. I think it would be nice to have 24 competitors in each weight category, top 8 seeds automatically advance to the second round. This is one of the most diverse sports, so maybe they could even allow 32 athletes in each weight category ... ? Tennis: I would cut mixed doubles. Maybe they should also think about only allowing athletes who qualified individually to compete in mens/womens doubles, otherwise 16 doubles per gender should be enough. Triathlon: No need to change anything. Volleyball indoor: In my opinion this sport is clearly competitive enough to have 16 teams per gender. Volleyball beach: I would allow 32 teams per gender (3 per nation) Water polo: I dont know whether this sport is competitive enough to allow 16 teams per gender ... ? In my opinion it might be the least competitive team sport together with rugby and hockey. Weightlifting: In my opinion 5 or 6 weight categories should be enough on each side. Personally i cant stand this sport anymore and maybe it is time to cut it from the olympics, considering the number of doping cases ... Hopefully IWF will find a way to solve this problem. Wrestling: Personally i would cut greco-roman, its completely confusing to watch it. I really dont think that there should be 18 gold medals in wrestling, considering that its one of the less popular sports. To sum it up: Cut weight classes/disciplines instead of whole sports and increase the number of teams in team sports, because team sports are the most important sports in my opinion. Its easier to identify with/cheer for a team than for individual athletes in my opinion, so more spots for teams would probably make the olympics more interesting for many people.
  12. Funny, but your logic is vey poor again. Where did i get angry about Germany losing mens football gold or womens k2 500 m or ... One counterexample proves you wrong, a dozen counterexamples make you look stupid (again). Some other interesting points: I got "angry" after Germany won both golds in rowing quadruple sculls, whats your explanation for that? I got also "angry" about results in many events where Germany didnt have any medal contenders (mens 1500 m, mens long jump, mens team pursuit and so on) Its funny how you reacted to GB winning most of the gold medals in track cycling, considering that you showed exactly the same behavior You might look at what i wrote about the german mens quadruple sculls to see that i am also suspicious about performances by german athletes, but if your country wins so few medals in doping sports like cycling, athletics (mainly track events) and swimming, then there is not much to be suspicious about Please do some research before you make a clown out of yourself next time, its getting boring to expose all the nonsense you write.
  13. Yes very true, the scope of the tournament was very different, but i like how much effort Brazil put into winning this. I really wonder what the german team wouldve looked like if Germany would have hosted this tournament. By the way: Why did your previous post got deleted, did you insult people from Argentina in some way?
  14. Thanks! Very interesting list you have there ... Germany lost the golds in team eventing, mens eight, mens/womens field hockey and mens handball, but what about team sprint and womens javelin? Interesting topic you have to talk about with your uncle, sounds like a fun sunday afternoon, have fun. Bye! Dont know who this kid is, but his hair cut is absolutely legendary, is he Joachim Löw's secret son?
  15. I didnt show disrespect anywhere, i didnt say that its bad that Spain won more than 5 golds, but before the start of the games it was more than unrealistic for Spain to win 5 golds or more, just accept that you got extremely lucky and wont repeat this result in 4 years. About your list: Your mens handball team and Javier Gomez didnt even compete here, so they dont count. Your womens water polo team NEVER had a chance to win the gold, its ridiculous to think that they ever had a chance to win the gold. In general it doesnt make any sense to count all those athletes who became world champions in the last couple of years, at best you could count those athletes who were defending world champions. Before the start of the games only Marin and Belmonte (womens 200 fly) were favorites for gold, your gold medal winners in canoeing sprint couldnt be considered gold medal contenders, its a huge surprise that you won not only one but two golds in canoeing sprint. Lopez/Nadal got very lucky, because Wawrinka/Federer had to whitdraw, otherwise it would have been very unlikely for them to win the gold. No one could seriously consider Beitia a gold medal contender and before the start of the games no one would have thought that 1.97 m would be enough to win the gold. Only your two shooters, your womens 49er, Gonzalez, Chourraut and maybe Lopez could be considered gold medal contenders, but none of them was the favorite to win the gold. In my opinion 3 gold medals wold have been a very good result for Spain and the probability of your country winning 7 golds was definitely below 1%. I would put it like this: 3 golds for Spain = lucky 4 golds for Spain = very lucky 5 golds for Spain = extremely lucky 6 golds for Spain = once in 10.000 years 7 golds for Spain = probability of Germany sweeping mens and womens marathon medals in Rio