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  1. Road Cycling UCI World Championships 2017

    What a shocking result in mens U23 road race. I was absolutely sure that Kämna will win the gold. He must feel devastated now, he threw away a safe gold in the time trial for this ...
  2. Totallympics Open International Song Contest 2017

    Ok, sorry didnt get it, belgium people probably just have a different sense of humor.
  3. Football 2017 Discussion Thread

    And that is because european nations normally dont compete with their best teams + african age cheating. England is really strong this time, its hard to not see them winning the whole thing, probably only France or Brazil can stop them. I got used to never see Germany competing with the best team at junior tournaments, but this time its even more annoying, because i really would have liked to see 12 year old Youssoufa Moukoko play against the best international talents, i think he could have shocked the world, considering his performances at german U17 level. Mbom, Batista-Meier, Früchtl and Evina are also very special talents, overall this age group is the best since the "1996 age group" (Brandt, Dahoud, Tah, Werner) in my opinion.
  4. Football 2017 Discussion Thread

    Groups for FIFA Men's U17 world championships in India, beginning October 6th: Group A: India, USA, Colombia, Ghana Group B: Paraguay, Mali, New Zealand, Turkey Group C: Iran, Costa Rica, Germany, Guinea Group D: North Korea, Brazil, Spain, Niger Group E: Honduras, Japan, France, NEW CALEDONIA Group F: Chile, England, Iraq, Mexico Surprising that Argentina and Nigeria didnt qualify, Italy and Portugal are two other big nations that are missing. In the semifinals we should have: Brazil/Spain vs. England USA/Colombia/Ghana vs. Germany/France Very "weird" draw, the winner of group A doesnt have to face any other group winner until the semifinal, while probably only one out of Germany/France will be able to reach the semifinal (if they win their groups). In my opinion the title should be between England, Brazil, France and maybe Spain, but with all the age cheating in african nations, you never know ... Germany is missing many top players, like Christian Früchtl (second goalkeeper for Bayern München, after Neuer got injured, biggest goalkeeper talent Germany produced in a very long time), Youssoufa Moukoko (only 12 years old, but arguably the best player in the german U17 league), Franck Evina (doenst have the german passport yet), Manuel Mbom (injured, best german defensive midfield talent, described as new Yaya Toure), Oliver Batista-Meier (best german talent in the offensive midfield, but still U16 and DFB basically never nominates younger players ... ). So basically the 5 biggest talents are missing. There are 4 or 5 other talents who should have been nominated (according to most people who follow the german U17 Bundesliga), but werent nominated for one reason or the other, for example Jesaja Herrmann, Marcel Zylla or David Philipp.
  5. Totallympics Open International Song Contest 2017

    I think my comment was pretty clear ...
  6. Road Cycling UCI World Championships 2017

    Just sad that 2 of the last 3 major time trials werent real time trials (Rio and Bergen). Tony Martin is still good enough to medal at real time trials, but his reign is over. Dumoulin will dominate for a couple of years, although he looks really weird on his bike. I hope that Kämna will be good enough by 2020 to take the olympic gold from him.
  7. Road Cycling UCI World Championships 2017

    Interesting that Kämna couldnt even be bothered to compete in the time trial, otherwise he would have completely annihilated this field. Now he basically has to win gold in the road race ...
  8. Shooting ISSF Shotgun World Championships 2017

    The top 2 in mens skeet are both only 22 years old, which is very surprising, because normally shotgun events are dominated by older athletes.
  9. Men's Basketball FIBA European Championship 2017

    I am surprised that Germany won, but not too much. Of course France was missing many good players, but its not as if Germany wasnt missing top players as well (Nowitzki, Kaman, Zipser, Kleber, Pleiß, Zirbes, Mushidi, Wagner). I hope that Germany will loose by less than 15 against Spain.
  10. Men's Volleyball CEV European Championship 2017

    So you cheer for Russia ... ? As an objective fan i can say that Russia already won enough, so Germany should win.
  11. Men's Volleyball CEV European Championship 2017

    I dont agree, i think Wieczerzak, Bachmann or Doll winning gold was a bigger surprise, probably even Schmidt winning bronze. The coach is the main reason for this, but i also think that adding many young players was very important, after the team had been basically the same for many years. This really changed things up and brought a whole new dynamic to this team.
  12. Men's Basketball FIBA European Championship 2017

    Anthony Randolph plays for Slovenia? How did that happen ... ? I also heard something about Slaughter playing for one of those teams ... ? Nice start for Germany, Schröder is clearly the best european point guard and for sure among the 10 best european players currently. With so many missing players (4 NBA players + Zirbes, Pleiß, Mushidi, Wagner) i dont expect more than a 3rd place in this group and a loss in the next round.
  13. Figure Skating 2017 - 2018 Discussion Thread

    Obviously ... i just cant cheer for her, she doesnt amaze me. Russia will always have multiple world class skaters, they have the best depth in the world.
  14. Figure Skating 2017 - 2018 Discussion Thread

    I know, i didnt want to mention it here, because apparently its not confirmed by the russian federation. Their head said that he didnt hear anything about a retirement ...