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  1. Didnt know youre stalking me, kind of creepy to be honest ... on the other hand its good to know that someone is always thinking about you, so i guess ... thank you?
  2. Free tv? Thats great, but in most countries its completely different and it would be interesting to know how many danish people actually watched it. Dont get me wrong, swimming is a great sport and super healthy, so the more kids do it, the better, but for me there is no doubt that swimming is doing a very bad job in marketing itself and swimming is also much less interesting to watch than athletics for example, but thats probably not something you can change. All athletes are swimming in their own lanes, most of the time you only see them from the top and can barely seperate them + you dont really see whats going on. The people at home can only get excited, if they can regularly watch the athletes and not only every 2 or 4 years at world championships/olympics. They would also have to be closer to the athletes to get more excited, only seeing the race from the top is really boring. Maybe FINA will find a way to get the cameras closer to the athletes during the race.
  3. 1) Yeah i wont watch, the only race i watched today was womens 100 fly semifinal heat 1. I think i only watched like one half of an evening session at the olympics last year. I didnt watch any of Hosszus races last year and i wont watch any of her races this year, the same is true for Ledecky, womens breast (hate King, even more than Efimova), Dressel, mens fly or mens back. Its not the countries who necessarily spend the money, its enough if they tell/show their athletes that they wont try to catch them, then the athletes have the green light to dope, its the same in kenyan/ethopian athletics. In addition to that Hungary hosts the world championships (because they were too expansive for Mexico) (while Germany for example can't afford to host world championships) and it feels as if Hungary is hosting at least one major event every year (correct me if i am wrong), this year Hungary also hosts the EYOF and i think Hungary was also awarded the short course world championships in a couple of years, last year Hungary hosted the junior european championships and in 2019 they will host the junior world championships, so please dont tell me that hungarian swimming isnt "swimming" in money. WADA for sure controls a lot at the world championships, but ... a) You have to be an incredible fool to get caught at major championships ... huge fool ... b) If you get caught, nothing will happen anyway (just look at the "punishment" that Efimova, Sun Yang and so on got), there is almost no risk in doping. I dont think that Hungary developed a new performance enhancing substance that gives them a huge disadvantage. Today most of the drugs are produced in countries like Paraguay, hungarian life sciences arent on a level high enough to come up with great new drugs, Paraguay is much more developed. What does "dont you think that sport is much more important here than there" mean? Is swimming more important in Hungary than in Germany? Yes, so what ... (this explains why Hungary is better than Germany, but pretty much all countries are better than Germany in swimming, so ... ) If you want to think that i am jealous, than thats ok, because if i would be hungarian i would probably also turn my head, no doubt about that. I would also be happy if Heintz wins a medal in the 200 IM this week, but then i would remember his progression and stop being happy. I try to never get too involved, sport is just entertainment. Whenever there is money to be earned, there will be people who try to cheat, that doesnt mean that you should just accept that, even if you benefit from it. What is your point about the african swimmers and the number of medals they could win here? I dont get it ... Its not about Hungary winning a medal in the relay. Its all your athletes suddenly being in amazing shape right in time for home world championships. The times are the proof, not the fact that Hungary won a medal. Last year the hungarian relay was 12th at the olympics, at the 2012 olympics the hungarian relay was 14th (behind Serbia), at the 2015 and 2013 world championships the hungarian relay didnt even compete ... i guess its just a coincidence that you suddenly got those great "talents" just in time for you home world championships. Central europe: Maybe i didnt read my own comment carefully enough, but where did i mention "central europe" or what is your point? Central europe isnt the same as western europe ... Its good to know that your nerves are fine, you should enjoy your home world championships and all the medals Hungary will win. The roof will probably go off when Milak wins the 200 fly (although the stadium looked pretty empty today, maybe the tickets are too expensive?), i am already looking forward to it.
  4. Apparently Theis will play at the european championships, very good news for the german team. Schröder, Pleiss (if he is allowed to play), Voigtmann and Theis might do ok, finishing third or even second in the group. Unless Serbia doesnt finish 2nd or worse in their group, there still shouldnt be any chance to fight for a medal. I think in a couple of years Germany might become a medal contender. With Theis, Voigtmann, Schröder, Zipser, Kleber and talents like Wagner, Mushidi, Hartenstein, Da Silva, Bonga, Jallow or Olinde there might be enough depth and quality in a couple of years. I think 1985 was the only year were at least 2 german players were drafted and i am pretty sure that next year at least 2 german players (out of Bonga, Da Silva, Olinde, Mushidi, Wagner and Jallow) will be drafted. Bonga, Wagner and Mushidi should definitely be drafted, unless they get seriously injured. At the U20 european championships Greece is currently playing the final against Israel! I think Israel didnt reach too many finals in their history ... ? They seem to have a great bunch of talents.
  5. 16 year old Rudolf Molleker (born October 26th 2000) qualified for the main draw at the ATP 500 tournament in Hamburg by beating Leonardo Mayer and Casper Ruud
  6. We also shouldnt forget that the only world record that was broken today was the one in womens 100 free, but Sjöstrom is from Sweden, so she isnt suspicious, swedish people in general dont dope, although their health system is said to be pretty great ...
  7. Just to clarify: 1) wasnt only about Hungary, of course there is a lot of doping in Hungary, but the USA, China or Russia arent any better. 2) What do you mean with "Pleas(e) don't see her races!"? I shouldn't watch her races, because ... a) My comments would go on your nerves? b) Her performances would go on my nerves and you don't want me to get too angry? c) ... (Fill in your own explanation)
  8. Sorry? " ... pathetics ... ", what are you trying to say? Edit: Why didnt you just say that right away? Would have been much shorter and much clearer, despite the wrong spelling.
  9. Sorry? ".. if Germany if Germany ... ", what are you trying to say?
  10. Who said that you are not interested in swimming? Do you have a personality disorder or do i have a personality disorder and forgot that you are my second account? So please help me, are you back to not quoting me again? Its so confusing, you seem to change your mind every couple of weeks ... http://totallympics.com/index.php?/topic/389-athletics-2017-discussion-thread/&page=18 http://totallympics.com/index.php?/topic/578-athletics-iaaf-under-18-world-championships-2017/&page=5 At least be consistent, your behavior gives me the impression that you are a very confused person. I get that its hard to not quote someone, if you spend 24/7 on this website, but i just think it would be nice if you would bring me up to speed, so that i know whether i should even bother to quote you or if i shouldnt wait for an answer ...
  11. Impossible to open your eyes, you refuse to see the truth. Impossible to win medals in swimming without doping, add the fact that hungarian leadership doesnt seem to do anything to catch dopers and you get those results. Its down to who dopes better/is controlled less by their NADA, most western countries stand no chance, we see the same in athletics. People from poor countries, mainly from eastern europe and africa, have nothing to lose by doping, so its a no-brainer. Just give me one reason why a hungarian swimmer shouldnt dope? Your NADA doesnt want to catch you, FINA does nothing to catch you and you can reach a standard of living you otherwise could never reach, if performances are too good to be true (Milak, Hosszu, Kenderesi), than they normally arent "true". The problem is that federations have absolutely no interest in catching dopers, because by doing so they destroy their own product and most countries have absolutely no interest in financing an independet organization like WADA, so nothing will ever change. I would say "Just allow doping", but then nothing would really change, because everyone would still claim that they are clean, so we still wouldnt know for sure. I just hope that most parents are smart enough to tell their kids to not pursue a professional career in swimming or athletics, because you either will never become world class or you will ruin your health forever.
  12. She has been out with injuries for more than 2 months, no surprise to see her off her best, she should still win some golds at the junior world championships. Lets be honest, if you are olympic champion, a world title doesnt do much for you. I am sure she will be at her best in 2020, fighting for the gold in the 100 free and the 100 fly (against Ikee).
  13. Home world championships for Hungary, they have always been shit in the 4x100 free relay and now they suddenly win a medal, cant say that i am surprised though, we all know what Hungary is doing ... just sad. This again reminds me why i stopped caring about swimming more than a year ago: 1) Obvious doping 2) Predictable huge PBs by swimmers from certain countries at every major competition 3) German swimmers are shit 4) Swimming is just boring to watch, because you cant see much and too many races are just not close enough to be exciting. Although this wont change anything about my lack of interest for this sport, i would hope that FINA introduces the following 2 changes: 1) "Glass pools", were you can film everything from the side (like a giant aqaurium) and from below, that way you could see a lot more from the swimmers instead of just looking at them from the top. 2) Get rid of 800/1500 m and instead introduce 50 m fly/back/breast at the olympics. Its just boring to see Ledecky winning every race by multiple body lengths. If you dont want the doping to get too obvious, you should find a way to make races closer. The fact that no swimming outside of the world championships, olympics games and maybe european championships is broadcasted live just shows how unpopular swimming is. Even the world cups in rowing/canoeing are broadcasted in many countries ...
  14. I think the german female 4x100 relay just set a new U20 world record ... ?! Probably the first world record here, Niklas Kaul could also set a new world record by running 4:21 or faster later on. Duplantis probably wont be able to jump 6 m for now, so we probably wont see any more world records.
  15. Very surprising, the swiss girl improved her PB by more than 1.5 seconds, which is extremely weird at a distance of only 400 m ... Switzerland has also Hussein, Kambundji, Zbären, Fontanive and Sprunger. I guess we have to wait how the swiss girl progresses, she was born in 1999, but looks like a 25 year old, so its probably 50/50 whether she will continue to improve or not. It was kinda the same with Zbären, she reached the final in Beijing in 2015 and everyone thought that she would get only better, but then she completely vanished ... Slovenian fans should be happy that they have two great track talents who will be able to compete in London, with Zupan and the male 400 m runner.