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  1. Ski Jumping at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    Yeah, of course ... based on you constantly crying about Wellinger winning the first competition, it was completely obvious that you were joking. "... you must be very sad person ..." ... yeah, that sounds like someone who is ready to lead a calm discussion. Your last point is complete nonsense anyway, it doesn't matter whether i am completely calm or completely furious right now, i gave an argument and you weren't willing to discuss, blaming it on me being angry, which is of course an easy way to escape a discussion. Sadly you aren't willing to discuss, so it will probably remain a mystery forever, but i'd still like to ask what "... you should be happy for this gold ..." is supposed to mean? Are you saying that i should be happy about Stoch winning gold or what? The "... and judges points ..." part is a complete mystery as well to me. You are hinting something but then don't follow up on it in any way, so what exactly is your point? Right after i claim that Stoch got overscored, you suddenly come up with the idea that Wellinger got overscored as well? So basically your strategy to counter my argument is just saying the same i said about Stoch but now about Wellinger? Very creative indeed ... I will never understand how any polish fan can cry about an athlete of an other nation getting lucky with the wind in this season, given how lucky Stoch got at the 4-hills tournament (unlike you i even used actual data to support my claim), of course Stoch/Hula not winning a medal on the normal hill also had nothing to do with the wind, i gave proof earlier, so i won't say the same over and over again, but Wellinger jumped 113.5 m to win the gold in the second round, although even 109 m very likely would have been enough to win the gold, so he was just better than anyone else that day. Stoch won the gold by about 3 points on a LARGE HILL while Wellinger won by about 8 points on a NORMAL HILL, but yeah, it was Wellinger's victory that was lucky ...
  2. Did "we" really struggle to get enough suggestions? I think i posted enough suggestions already + i think this was only a problem in certain sports that are not very popular + why not just cut it to 20 or 30 questions (i don't think that it would make any sense to have more questions for a single sports event anyway, otherwise you will probably end up with questions like "how many players of Saudi Arabia will wear pink shoes in their match against Russia")?
  3. Ski Jumping at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    Wow ... brilliant response ... Didn't think that anyone would be able to misunderstand my comment, but apparently i expected too much. Stoch "won't be there in 4 years" to fight for the medals, hope that clarifies it for you (he won't be around so to say). My problem is that his landing was rather bad and for sure no 19 or even 19.5. Some athletes (for example Ammann) will always get worse points for the same landing than others (for example Stoch). I absolutely don't think that he deserved 19 or 19.5, but i have no proof that the judges deliberatly gave him scores that were too high, so it is just my opinion based on what i saw. It wasn't a clean telemark in my opinion. In order to prevent you from misunderstanding it again: I think Stoch deserved 18, maybe 18.5, which still might have been enough for gold. Wellinger had very good conditions in the second round, so there is no doubt that Wellinger and Stoch were pretty much on the same level, either one could have won yesterday. Also i didn't intend to say that Stoch's landings in general are at the same level as those of Ammann, Stoch might even have the best landings in general and the polish athletes are clearly better at producing a telemark at big distances than the german athletes, who had very shaky landings very often this season.
  4. Speed Skating at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    Yes that is true, Biedermann would have never won gold without the suits or even set the world records, i don't think i quiet understand what you are trying to say?
  5. Speed Skating at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    Lee had a small mistake and Erbanova seemed to be in pretty good shape recently, so not completely shocking i would say. Of course i wouldn't have thought that before the race, but Erbanova is pretty much where she was expected to be compared to Herzog for example. Only a bit surprised that Go wasn't faster.
  6. Biathlon at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    I am not surprised about this result. German team is stupid enough to play fair, but that's normally not how to win. When Fourcade cheated with his ammunition and stole the mass start world cup from Schempp, the german team didn't even protest. Today Fourcade switches the lane to block Schempp at the latest possible moment. It wasn't illegal, but certainly unfair and he got rewarded with the gold. In general i have the feeling that german athletes and coaches are just too stupid. For example i honestly believe that the people in power in german swimming or cross-country believe that it is possible to win medals without doping, they look completely clueless whenever Germany is lightyears behind the top nation, they just can't seem to explain why that is the case ...
  7. Speed Skating at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    Korea vs. Netherlands for gold?
  8. Speed Skating at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    You should definitely do that. During men's 10 k she knitted with her co-commentator (Matthias Stach) ...
  9. Ski Jumping at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    I don't want to answer to you and heywoodu, so here is my answer to both of you: Calling Poland and Norway stronger is just kindergarten, please look at the overall world cup. Count the number of world cup victories and then think again whether it makes sense to call Norway stronger. Althaus and Freitag both dominated the beginning of the season and then clearly got worse, otherwise they would have been the favorites here and certainly at least one of them would have won gold. After the season so far only 2 individual medals in the two individual competitions on the men's side certainly must be considered disappointing. Stoch winning gold here is just sad, of course he will be gone in 4 years, but other talents (Prevc) might take the gold then, so this was the big chance for Wellinger.
  10. Yeah, sorry that is what i meant.
  11. Speed Skating at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    So Kasai being competitive until 1 or 2 years ago was showing us the same about ski jumping? Bjoerndal winning gold in 2014 was also showing that there is no progress in biathlon? The old american woman winning gold in individual time trial in Rio was also a bad sign?
  12. Speed Skating at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    I agree, although Germany being so bad in speed skating and cross-country (as well as swimming and distance running) is a very good sign for the clean sport in Germany. Impossible to be world class in any of those sports without doping, so i am rather happy about Germany being so bad in those sports.
  13. You mean that they will stay at the top till the end? Would be the first day that Germany isn't at the top of the medal table. Of course the undeserved gold for Norway in freestyle skiing and the shocking losses of Wellinger and Lölling didn't help ... Edit: I will look at all the gold medal chances of both countries in a moment, just have to make some coffee first. Norway has the best chances for gold in 4 x cross-country, biathlon men's relay, ski jumping team, snowboard men's big air (+maybe biathlon mixed relay, alpine skiing men's slalom). Germany has the best chances for gold in 2 x bob, 2 x nordic combined, biathlon women's relay (+ maybe biathlon mixed relay, women's bob). Norway is probably the favorite, but who knows? If they really win all 4 remaining golds in cross-country, they will win the medal table, but if they will win only 2 golds there, Germany has a chance.
  14. Biathlon at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    Hope this gold will help Kuzmina to pay for treating her acne.
  15. I was rather talking about the whole North Korea vs. South Korea conflict.