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  1. Spain is out for this one, have fun guys and good luck!
  2. Apparently the organizers didn't ask for new sports so no Ice Climbing, Bandy or Ski-mountainering, or crazyest thins like snow-volley or cyclocross,
  3. It sounds lika a new discipline to me, I hope is separate to be honest.
  4. I hope all of those made the cut
  5. I just read in twitter that Canoeing is studying the posibility of having more than one boat per country compiting, and that's going to be aproved in June. But I can't find any news or article talking about this. Does anyone now something? Cause it sounds fake to me, but the person I had read it from knows about this kind of things....
  6. Basketball Men's Women's With the men's I went with the 2020 Qualification. With the girls I went with the 2016 Qualy format: HC + WC + 5 continental + 5 best within the world Handball Men's Women's I went with the 2016 qualy format: Host + 5 continental + 6 best within the world Field Hockey Men's Women's I went with: Host + 5 continental + 6 best within the world Football Men's - - Women's I've used the 2020 qualifiying Rugby Sevens Men's Women's I've gone woth the 2016 qualy format: HC + 4 world best+ 6 continental + 1 last world q The other sports I don't know enough
  7. I have the biggest crush in Julian Yee, the skater from Malaysia
  8. I hope Felipe Montoya do well and doesn't finish last... He has an interesting story behind him. He is originally from Colombia. he used to live there in an dangerous place. One day his father disapeared and he had to immigrate with her mum to Spain looking for a safe place to live at 7 years old, where he started to skate.
  9. Small little fact, Regino Hernández is from Ceuta, a spanish city located north of Morocoo. So, yeah, you can say that there's a medallist in winter games from/born in Africa
  10. Regino pointing to the sky in honor the deceased coach of the spanish team, Israel Planas.
  11. Reginoooo!!!! I was not expecting a medal from him! Amazing result!! I'm about to cry!!!!
  12. Is she gonna be replaced or her quota would be reallocated? Cause Spain in close to another place, lol
  13. Spain received another quota
  14. Skeleton at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games

    In freestyle/snowboard is the most obvious for me, 3 per country should be the maximum.