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  1. Figure skating is already done too.
  2. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    FUTSAL Ok I think the qualifiying tournament for Europe already take place? I'm lost here but acording to this; http://www.uefa.com/futsaleuro/news/newsid=2454068.html "For the girls' event, the top eight nations in the UEFA men's futsal rankings will be invented to qualifying. Two four-team mini-tournaments will be held with the two winners qualifying for the Youth Olympics." Acording to the spanish federation web page, a Team Qualifiying event was held between RUS, ROM and KAZ, with Spain winning it. So, as I understand, Spains women team has qualifiyed. Boys also had a tournament against CRO, KAZ and BEL, and they won, but acording to qualifying rules they can'tgo to the YOG as the girls get the quota. So I have no idea who the other teams are.
  3. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    And now the 2018 Mediterraean Games are going to be held in a country that's not compiting
  4. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    Well I really don't think we are going to take the army to the streets. I mean all the people voting yes today will end up in jail because it was ilegal. So then is going to be how Catalonyan pro-independence people react to that. In their world they are a independent country, but in reality the goverment is aproving one of the laws in the spanish constitution that's going to allow to the goverment to take control of Catalonya, disolve their parlament and make elections this January.
  5. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    Well, that hurts. I mean, the same parliment has said it's ilegal, but they don't hurts. Catalonya is now independent. So now the waiting game starts, would any other country legitimaze them? (I mean, except Venezuela, of course)
  6. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    Also, with this catalonyan independence, I don't know about the future of the Mediterranean Games in 2018. They are in Tarragona (part of Catalonya), so..........
  7. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    In a fact it was, YES won. But actually if you look more deep, it wasn't. Not even half of the census of Catalonia voted, and the referendum was a big mess. People voted like three times. And when the police close some of the schools were the votes were planned, they took the booths out so people could vote. They are videos of it in youtube were you see multiple people in a crowd voting without any checks. Then, the results are totally hideous. There are cities with more votes for the yes than people living there....
  8. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    So, this is a sad day for me. Today seems to be the last day of my country as I have know it all my life. The parlament of Catalonia will declare today the independence of the so called Republic of Catalonya. Seems like the parliment is going to vote about it today, and they had absolute mayority. They have some broken strings in their parties and maybe a few wild votes from the independence team, but they have a mayority of four, so I don't think they would miss so many votes. Also, seems like two parlamentaries from an spanish sided party may go wild and vote a yes. It's really sad all it's happening. The don't have the peoples votes, neither an international recognition and their economy is going down as more and more business are leaving the cities and the tourism is going down in Barcelona.
  9. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    I think this was the qualification event from Oceania in sport climbing, no? http://www.ifsc-climbing.org/index.php/component/ifsc/?view=event&WetId=7044 If that's the case: Girls: Boys:
  10. Athletics 2017 Discussion Thread

    And why don't just host European under23 championships and thats it? I rather had nothing than this, to be honest.
  11. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    So, Catalonian president just declared the independence of Catalonia. Just to overthrow the independence in the next sentence and start a negotiation with the Spanish goverment again. So, Catalonian indepence lasted a record time of 32 seconds, must be a new world record.
  12. SPANISH ENTRY. Well, I hope you like it. It's mi go-to karaoke song, I really enjoy the rhythm.
  13. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    They had to create their own league. Acording to spanish liga rules no international based team can play, so
  14. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    That's the thing. This voting was a joke since the beggining and literally no one was going to take the results seriously, but the stupid president decided to use police and now all the world is talking about palice brutality against democracy in Spain instead of talking of the Catalonians politiancs going against the law to pursue their personal agenda.
  15. I'm in. Not so hard on spanish music but I'll try to find something cool.