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  1. I wanted to see athletics
  2. Paris 2024: Olympic program

    Where can I sign for Basque Pelota? I'm basque so I would live for it cause it's our national sport, but honestly, don't think it has realistic chances. They didn't even try for Tokyo 2020. Also I hope they staged surf in Biarritz, I live really close and would be awesome to have the chance to see an olympic competition. Apart from Surf and the utopia of Basque Pelota, I'm rooting for Sport Climbing (I'm so hyped about this event in Tokyo, would love for it to have continuity in the games), and Roller Sports (I' a simple dude, I love races where one comes first and other came last, and they can also add Skateboarding there) and even Boules Sports (They are staged at Mediterranean and Commonwealth games, and they offer something new). I would love Ballroom DanceSport to be added, but sadly it has no chance (Damn it, IOC, this is a sport were mixed events have logic! lol) Personally I don't like Squash and I don't want another contact sport like Karate, but they are big and make sense in the games. Also I hope they don't add another team sport. If Weightlifting gets out, they had a lot of quotas and events to be designated. So it could be fun.
  3. I already enjoy national selection competitions in events where various spaniards can took a spot.
  4. Well, and we are talking about Slalom, where all nations had the chance of sending a member in every event, unlike other sports, so I don't see the point on really complaining.
  5. Olympics is a global competition, and the fun in the thing is watching athletes for all over the world compiting. For me, it adds more to the event having a girl from Cambodia over 3 hours in marathon than the chance of having the worlds 50 fastest kenyans racing. Giving rich countrys the chance of upraising their chances takes the spirits of the games away.
  6. Well, I'd rather had a global representation than having europeans +north americans + australians dominating all over the place. And well, you don't care about a chinese athlete the same way they don't care about how many frenchs can win a gold medal.
  7. Athletics IAAF World Championships 2017

    I thought it was the IAAF having some criteria and accepting more women to enlarge the field... poor peruvian women who came second in that race being left out.
  8. Athletics IAAF World Championships 2017

    Susan Randall from US, PB 4:54 is now listed in the entrys in women's 50km. ¿Why? She clearly didn't reach the mark. I mean Spain has a women in 4:47, why can't we send her?
  9. Athletics IAAF World Championships 2017

    Not triying to brag about anything, but in Spain we have the women's team selected since April, and about 8 women with the 20km standard that weren't chosen. If just they new there was another chance they probably would had try it. Like the 1500 race that has her own mark for mille races, IAAF could have done the same and say "If you have under 1,30 in 20km you can get listed for 50km", for example.
  10. Athletics IAAF World Championships 2017

    According to portuguese press, Inès is compiting in 50km: http://www.record.pt/modalidades/atletismo/detalhe/mundiais-de-londres-divulgada-a-lista-dos-21-atletas-portugueses.html Well I hope the 2 chinese athletes and the brazilian compete. In my opinion IAAF should open their hand a little bit and invite up to 10 athletes, at least for having an accepting number...
  11. Athletics IAAF World Championships 2017

    Also, any news in the women's 50km race walk entrys? Inês Henriques and Erin Talcott both confirmed they would compete, but what about the other three girls that matched criteria?
  12. Athletics IAAF World Championships 2017

    No. He didn't compete at National Championships because he expected his performance in 2016 to be enough to be added to the team, but 3 men match the qualification criteria and he was left out.
  13. Athletics IAAF World Championships 2017

    TEAM ESP MEN 400m > Lucas Bua, Oscar Husillos, Samuel García 800m > Daniel Andujar, Kevin López, Álvaro de Arriba 1500m > Adel Mechaal, Marc Alcalá, David Bustos 5000m > Ilias Fifa 110m hurdles > Yidiel Contreras, Orlando Ortega 400m hurdles > Sergio Fernández 3000m steep. > Fernando Carro, Jonathan Romeo, Sebas Martos Marathon > Ayad Lamdassem, Javi Guerra, IvánFernandez 20k walk > Miguel Ángel López, Álvaro Martín, Diego García, Luis Alberto Amezcua 50k walk > Iván Pajuelo, Francisco Arcilla, José Ignacio Díaz Relay > 4x400 (3 from 400, Darwin Echeverry, Alberto Gavaldá) Pole vault > Adrian Valles, Igor Bychkov Long jump > Eusebio Cáceres Triple jump > Pablo Torrijos Shot put > Carlos Tobalina Decathlon > Pau Tonnesen, Jorge Ureña WOMEN 200m > Estela García 800m > Esther Guerrero 1500m > Solange Pereira, Marta Pérez 5000m > Ana Lozano 3000m steep. > María José Pérez, Irene Sánchez-Escribanp, Teresa Urbina Marathon > Paula Gonzalez, Marisa Casanueva, Marta Esteban 20k walk > Laura García-Caro, Ainhoa Pinedo, María Pérez High jump > Ruth Beitia Triple Jump > Ana Peleteiro, Fatima Diame Shot put > Úrsula Ruiz, Belen Toimil Hammer throw > Berta Castells Discus Throw > Sabina Asenjo In red, the ones who entered via redistribution.
  14. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    I didn't know where to post this. Spanish Barcelona 92 judo champion Miriam Blasco married her rival in the final, british Nicola Fairbrother. I don't think there would be a lot of cases like them. http://www.rtve.es/deportes/20170724/miriam-blasco-nicola-yo-llevamos-casadas-ano-medio/1586620.shtml
  15. I read about a new "Taekwondo Gran Slam" and the winner getting an olympic quota. Does anyone know about that?