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  1. Mediterranean Games 2018

    Actually Claudia's story is "interesting" She's a basket player turned athlete actually. She played with Spain in an U17 World Championships before because she has double nacionality, but because she played with Andorra in the 2011 Eurobasket C U16, she's only eligable to the Spanish rooster as the "nacionalizated" spot, Because of Spain also having Astou Ndour at the same age, she wasn't going to international competitions so she switched to Andorra again. So she's a pretty decent level basketball player actually
  2. Mediterranean Games 2018

    And ver The Vatican in it too!!!!
  3. Mediterranean Games 2018

    I can't see Israel in here. Palestine should be. Same for Jordan and Bulgaria, seeing how Portugal got in..... I would push for Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Romania too, to be honest. Even Hungary and Austria, close enough for me. Gibraltar isn't an IOC member so I couldn't see this working, but I wouldn't mind the UK.
  4. Mediterranean Games 2018

    TEAMS RANKED BY MEMBERS 419 396 356 310 300 226 196 177 174 140 127 123 114 099 072 070 059 057 040 034 033 030 022 021 016 011
  5. Sailing 2018 Discussion Thread

    Well, my knowledge about Sailing is limited so I really don't understand the different boats in a mayor extense. But I can imagine that two different ships can't race togheter, so there goes the end of my idea. A Relay in sailing sounds awfull.
  6. Sailing 2018 Discussion Thread

    If the 470 went to became a mixed event like Nacra, with a crew of 1 men and 1 woman, I wouldn't be pissed, to be honest. I never understood the difference between 470 and 49er ship, so if 470 becames mixed I'm happy and fits for me. About the Finn being mixed, I don't know. Really, if it is a team event I would love to see mixed regatas, and the result points are added to a team, could make for a more interesting event than individuals cause two ships are involved per country and anything can happend. Mixed kite, meh. It's a different enough event to all the other sailing classes, I really hope IOC would give World Sailing one more medal event so they can have different sexes events in this one and made a great debut at the games.
  7. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    Reading the Futsal qualification process, it sais you can qualify both teams
  8. Mediterranean Games 2018

    Well, Portugal and Andorra aren't Mediterranean either
  9. Mediterranean Games 2018

    The groups for the 3x3 basketball MEN'S Group A: Group B: Group C: Group D: WOMEN'S Group A: Group B: Also, the following event's dissapear from the competition, due to low numbers of people participating: Athletics: 1500 Men's T54 Bowls: Raffa individual women, and men's and women's doubles. Wrestling: 125kg men's Boxing: -49kg Weightlifting: Men's -62kg Shooting: Men's Skeet Rowing: LW2x
  10. Mediterranean Games 2018

    So Portugal seems like a great addition to the games, they seem commited to them and send a lot of sport teams. Hoping this would open other countrys to join the games, like Bulgaria or other asians like Iraq.
  11. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    Japan also has the Girls Rugby qualifiyed, so they have to choose what to send. If they choose to discart Rugby, the place would go to , who already has girls handball and hockey to choose from, so propably they'll reject their Rugby and it would go to third placer If they choose to discart futsal, the 3rd place winner would take it (still to play between and ). Thailand already has beach handball girls team qualifiyed. In conclusion, a lot of realocation is coming from Asia.
  12. Mediterranean Games 2018

    SPANISH TEAM FOR WEIGHTLIFTING MEN: - Andrés Mata (77 kg) - Alejandro González (77 kg) - David Sánchez (69 kg) - Acorán Hernández (69 kg) - Marcos Ruíz (105 kg) - Josué Brachi (56 kg) - Manuel Sánchez (94 kg) WOMAN: - Lidia Valentín (75 kg) - Ilia Hernández (69 kg) - Irene Martínez (63 kg) - Mouna Skandi (58 kg) - Atenery Hernández (53 kg) - Alba Sánchez (58 kg)
  13. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    qualifiyed in Nacra 15 (sailing) Also , but europeans are less exciting.
  14. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    I'm pretty sure basketball doesn't count as a Team sport so hoy can still qualify women in another team sport (futsal, handball, hockey and rugby)
  15. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    If I'm correct, 8 people move to finals in european trampoline junior, so qualifiyed in men's. In women's, 7 country's in the final for 5 places.