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  1. We've only just found this new sport and already you are suggesting we PED our way to victory. Definitely potential in this sport.
  2. That has potential for a new Olympic sport, it definitely sounds urban and youthful enough!
  3. I have a photgraphic memory. Alternatively, it could be because I kept the records to preserve the history
  4. @Werloc So here are the gaps filled in for you in your voting history.... TISC Open 2013 TISC Open 2014 10 pts, 9 pts TISC Annual 2015 TISC Open 2015
  5. I have the history of the Lithuanian votes so if you give me some time, I can fill in those gaps for you
  6. Actually A R Rahman has 3 appearance too so he is also very much in that battle. And you could say he has had 4 appearances since another Indian entry had music by Rahman.
  7. If only Inna, Kensington and Eddy Grant actually knew that in our parallel world of TISC, they are locked in a three-way battle to be the most represented artist in history
  8. I think that at TISC Open 2016, there also was no debuting nation. Edit: see dcro's answer above
  9. For me, it's no problem at all. Manfred Mann were the first to release it so it seems absolutely fine to allow this entry represent GB. So as long as the American jury @dezbee2008 @Olympian1010 have no objections then everything is fine
  10. Darts Discussion Thread

    The World Grand Prix has kicked off this evening
  11. IRELAND After a tough selection process, the Irish national TISC committee have settled on a representative for TISC Open 2018. This year's chosen entry is Gary Moore with his single "Over the Hills and Far Away". The song featured on Gary's sixth studio album entitled "Wild Frontier" which was released in 1987 - I hope you will enjoy: IRELAND Gary Moore - Over The Hills And Far Away Lyrics: They came for him one winter's night Arrested, he was bound They said there'd been a robbery His pistol had been found They marched him to the station house He waited till the dawn And as they led him to the dock He knew that he'd been wronged You stand accused of robbery He heard the bailiff say He knew without an alibi Tomorrow's light would mourn his freedom Over the hills and far away For ten long years he'll count the days Over the mountains and the seas A prisoner's life for him there'll be He knew that it would cost him dear But yet he dare not say Just where he'd been that fateful night A secret it must stay He had to fight back tears of rage His heart beat like a drum For with the wife of his best friend He'd spent his final night of freedom Over the hills and far away He swears he will return one day Far from the mountains and the seas Back in her arms again he'll be Over the hills and far away Each night within his prison cell He looks out through the bars He reads the letters that she wrote One day he'll know the taste of freedom Over the hills and far away She prays he will return one day As sure as the rivers reach the seas Back in his arms again she'll be Over the hills and far away He swears he will return one day As sure as the river reach the sea Back in his arms is where she'll be Over the hills and far away She prays he will return one day As sure as the rivers reach the seas Back in her arms is where he'll be Over the hills Over the hills and far away Over the hills Over the hills and far away
  12. Yes, seems like you are right. I will remove the first song he posted now so everyone will know which song is the actual entry
  13. Hi Memo, was this song released before December 31st, 2013?
  14. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    They grow them big in your part of the world