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  1. Fantastic results for both Tunisia and Algeria, congrats We can't compete with that standard but still, 14th place is great so well done to our team . I hope the championships return to London again soon, the UK public are brilliant at supporting Para events.
  2. 2020 Vision Akpe-Moses claims 100m Gold at European Juniors It was a weekend to remember for Ireland's Gina Akpe-Moses as she stormed to gold in the final of the women's 100m at the European u20 Championships in Grosseto, Italy. 18-year-old, Gina, who we are tracking as part of our 2020 Vision project here on Totallympics, posted a personal best time of 11.56 secs in the semi-finals. Although conditions in the final were not conducive to fast times it was all about taking home silverware and she could not have delivered a better result, claiming gold and the European junior women's 100m title in 11.71 secs, seeing off the challenge of Germany Keshia Kwadwo in the final 20m. Her Irish teammate Ciara Neville came home in 7th place, a rare sight to see two Irish contesting a sprint final! It's another stepping stone for Gina on the way to hopefully qualifying for Tokyo 2020 and follows on from her success at the EYOF in 2015, where she claimed silver in both the 100m and 200m. Gina and Ciara were also in action this afternoon in the final of the women's 4x100m relay finishing just outside the medal in 4th place. Hopefully this points towards a bright future for Irish sprinting. Here you can watch a replay of that glorious gold-medal winning moment for Gina Post-race interview with a delighted Gina: Ciara Neville congratulating an emotional Gina after the race Gina with her gold medal Congrats Gina, very proud moment for our athletics
  3. Sjostrom smashes WR
  4. Great bronze for Hungary!
  5. Certainly, and when the commentator cannot help you out then it is very confusing and ultimately frustrating.
  6. I wonder why they don't make the balls more distinguishable, clear difference in colour for example..... would make it way more spectator friendly.
  7. The commentator is of no help whatsoever in determining the situation of play... he keeps mixing up which team owns which balls
  8. I am watching Madagascar v Thailand in the boules... the quality and skill of those players is incredible, so accurate with shots and tactics
  9. By the way, why is there only one person listed as part of our Men's 700kg Tug of War team?.... impressive if he is a one-man team
  10. Thanks Well yes, looks like Tug of War is where I need to be then . So we compete in a grand total of 5 events, really impressive .
  11. Is there somewhere you can find list of athletes by sport? I have no idea who is competing for Ireland or which sports. I checked wikipedia just to be sure and apparently we have some athletes here
  12. That's a clever way of getting your swimmers to go a bit faster, add some piranhas to the pool
  13. The 100k milestone reached, but still a long way to go and with time running out. Come on Jonty and Art
  14. No Makhloufi at the Worlds this year, he's out with a calf injury
  15. Great opening day for us, really unexpected!