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  1. Was it later released as part of an album?
  2. When was it released?
  3. Oh don't tell me the Polish lost their minds too? The disease is spreading
  4. I would love to know who was on that jury and shake them, "what the hell were you thinking?". How do I apply to become a jury member?
  5. And this becomes 24 points with jury and televote
  6. Both even competed in the same semi-final this year. Surely they could have separated them there as a minimum
  7. https://www.rte.ie/entertainment/2017/0514/875029-uk-eurovision-entry-burned-by-nul-points-from-ireland/ Greece and Cyprus take note
  8. Looks like one British politician wasn't happy with Ireland last night after we didn't award the UK any points . He is now being investigated by police
  9. But that also isn't perfect solution. Last year Poland went from having just 7 points and last place to 229 points from televoting. There needs to be some kind of balance to counteract diaspora televoting. There will never be a perfect system and this current system certainly is not perfect, but definitely way better than 100% televoting, that isn't fair for nations without diasporas spread throughout Europe.
  10. And may I say once more before this night is out..... stupid Belgium And stupid Irish jury for voting them the full 12 points
  11. This result again goes to prove that language generally isn't a barrier..... a good song is a good song in any language
  12. Congrats Portugal... so happy for you @kungshamra71
  13. Stupid Belgium
  14. Let Mrs.Merkel acknowledge that it was little old Ireland who saved the Germans
  15. Portugal are busting the scoreboard