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  1. Nice result! Would be nice to give our American based riders a chance at the WEG.
  2. Yes, too funny Good thing it was a heat so he was allowed to advance to the final
  3. This happened at the Irish intervarsities...... "Janey Mac" as the commentator says
  4. That's really great to hear I wonder is your ear trained to the Irish accent by now? It can be tricky Wow, that is wonderful.... are you learning it online or some other way? What do you think of it ?
  5. Well since this is the new trend, here is another one
  6. Oh dear, we aren't even competing at this event. Wonderful
  7. @Bohemia I'd recognise that Irish sky anywhere How is life in Galway going for you? I hope you have settled in well
  8. That is brilliant
  9. Calum Scott - Dancing on my own (Remix)
  10. Now that's no way to talk about the Belgians
  11. Perfect reasoning, what is there to lose?
  12. We will need to confirm with @heywoodu first
  13. You could join them with a move to the North Sea . Poor Iceland is still all alone too
  14. Haha, I see finally some sea beside Slovakia although not for long, his plan is to fill those gaps with fictional places.... maybe Mordor will be your new neighbour
  15. This is just ridiculous but funny in equal measures