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  1. Happy Independence Day! Enjoy the celebrations
  2. 6 days has all the moves, some slick dancing
  3. I haven't voted yet either but my process is nearing its conclusion and I'm listening to my top 15 now for what must be 10th time to help finalise the final placings
  4. Sindo can sponsor it
  5. Thanks buddy
  6. It's about to start and looks like it's going to be typically wet . @Bohemia I hope you are enjoying your first St.Patrick's Day in Ireland despite the weather
  7. Thanks so much! I will be going to the parade in my hometown in the afternoon and enjoying some good food and a few (too many) drinks later in the day
  8. Legendary Brazilian rider Rodrigo Pessoa has been named the new Chef d'Eauipe of Irish Showjumping. Really excited to see what he can bring to the table. Hopefully he can finally bring some consistency from the Irish team who have been underperforming hugely for over a decade. Robert Splaine held that position for far too long in my opinion without merit. Hopefully progress will follow http://www.theirishfield.ie/pessoa-is-new-irish-show-jumping-chef-dequipe-262922/
  9. In Ireland we invested millions in rolling out voting machines in the early 2000s but they were never used and now lie in some storage place going to waste.... and in fact still costing us fortunes just to keep them stored. That's how we like to do things here I like the drama and suspense of waiting for the votes and the updates from each count centre. If we did move to the instant results of electronic voting then at least I want them to have some creative way of delivering the results like in TISC or something
  10. If only I was a bit quicker I might catch up
  11. Yeah but hockey rankings are pretty useless to determine current form. I remember we played Italy in World League last year (Olympic qualifiers) and your team was decent.
  12. Congrats! Italian men's team are much stronger than Ukraine
  13. OMG, this is just too good!! You should make one with all of us
  14. 2020 Vision Lee Cole - Field Hockey 2020 Vision member and rising hockey prospect Lee Cole was on the score-sheet in the opening match of Ireland's World League 2 campaign in Belfast today. As well as playing a vital part in the opening goal of the game with his interception allowing team-mate Jeremy Duncan to convert, Lee smashed home Ireland's fourth in a comprehensive 9-2 victory. The tournament is a stepping stone towards qualification for the 2018 World Cup and a top two finish here will ensure qualification to the Semi-Final stages of the World League. Up next for Ireland is a match against Austria who took a penalty shoot-out win over Italy in their opening match of the pool.
  15. Thanks for the link Really enjoyed this performance. looked good to my very untrained eye Loved the music