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  1. Haha, I suddenly feel I have been transported to WINTERFEST
  2. Séamus is already building a raft in case we need it .
  3. St.Kilda!! Ever since learning of this island I have always thought this must be a wonderful place to visit, I am delighted . Lots of beautiful relaxation time and as soon as I get bedded down in a safe location I will look forward to all and any weather! Looking forward to getting in touch with nature here in the Outer Hebrides and joining my Tunisian friends for pleasant company over tea (or coffee ). We will no doubt have TISC Open in our minds and what better backdrop to provide inspiration. Woohoo, finally I get to visit these islands which are on my bucket list
  4. Yes, our dressage scores improved so much and i remember thinking we actually had a chance of a team medal (we are usually outside top 8 after dressage phase ). But we had a nightmare in the cross country which is usually where we gain ground so everything seemed backwards for us in Rio. I don't know what to expect to be honest in this Olympic cycle. After Rio my confidence and hopes were dented that it seems like we start back at square one again.
  5. Thanks for the info! Yes Jonty was wonderful in Rio and nice to see many of our top riders here . I'm especially interested to see how Cathal Daniels performs, just competing here will be a vital learning curve for him. Hopefully our larger participation at events like this is an encouraging sign of our future direction in eventing.We had good junior teams in recent years so I hope this will translate somehow to senior level in future.
  6. @dcro Which are our best riders here would you say?
  7. Wow, that's great news. I haven't been up to date on eventing since Rio so this is news for me
  8. Lies
  9. But for me the snooker worlds are like the darts world championships.... you can't miss a single round . But snooker and darts are two big loves of mine so I understand completely
  10. I mean the snooker is the place to be, never mind the Europa League or the premier league darts
  11. The snooker is where it's at this week and next anyway .
  12. Wish You Were Here.... We focus on three nations from different parts of the globe in today's edition. Australia has shown interest in many TISC contests so far but have only managed to compete in two editions, scoring a personal best of 5th place in a very tight TISC Open in 2015. Hungary hasn't competed in TISC since the TISC Open in 2015 and it was at that contest where they had their best result to date. Colombia still holds the record for most successful debut at TISC when Shakira brought the nation a 2nd place finish at the TISC Open in 2014 with her hit "Whenever, Wherever" which is also the highest scoring runner-up in TISC history. Today's post marks the final in the "Wish You Were Here" series. It's been a pleasure re-visiting the music from our former TISC compatriots. Australia Participations: 2 (TISC Annual 2014; TISC Open 2015) Best finish: 5th (TISC Open 2015) Hungary Participations: 3 (TISC Annual 2014; TISC Open 2014, 2015) Best finish: 21st (TISC Open 2015) Colombia Participations: 4 (TISC Annual 2016; TISC Open 2014, 2015, 2016) Best finish: 2nd (TISC Open 2014)
  13. What's wrong with a pair of socks? Today's generation are so spoiled with their fancy gifts
  14. "He"? Yes, so close
  15. Wish You Were Here.... Today we have a selection of entries from former participants from Spain, Guyana and Norway. Spain have intermittently competed at TISC since their first appearance in the TISC Annual in 2014 and achieved their best finish at the TISC Open in 2015 where their entry scored strongly to place 8th. Guyana took TISC by storm at the inaugural event with Eddy Grant and his song "Gimme Hope Jo'anna" coming agonisingly close to the podium, finishing in 4th place. Eddy Grant has since gone on to represent Guyana a further two times at the TISC Open but to date Guyana hasn't been able to reach the heights they achieved at that first edition. And finally we reminisce on Norway's sole entry from their only participation in TISC, placing 15th at the TISC Annual in 2014. Let's hope these nations will write a new chapter in their TISC journey in the years to come! Spain Participations: 4 (TISC Annual 2014, 2016; TISC Open 2014, 2015) Best finish: 8th (TISC Open 2015) Guyana Participations: 4 (TISC Open 2013, 2014, 2015; TISC Annual 2014) Best finish: 4th (TISC Open 2013) Norway Participations: 1 (TISC Annual 2014) Best finish: 15th (TISC Annual 2014)