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  1. Official trailer for new GoT season
  2. Yes, Kek really did great job. Mamić isn't president of the club anymore, but still has function. He has a trial now, many transfers investigated including Modrić and Lovren, but that will probably last for certain period of time.
  3. Yes, the reign of the thieves is finally done. Though I'm not Rijeka fan, they totally deserved it.
  4. Nah, that's a common thing in football. Btw Ajax plays Europa league final, it may not be ''absolutely nothing''
  5. I see Dirk Kuyt scored hattrick, didn't know he still plays football. And Giovanni van Bronckhorst is coach, I remember him from Barcelona.
  6. Andre Ayew with the miss of the season
  7. So there are 4 Croats playing for teams that qualified to the final. Only Spain, Italy and Brazil will have more.
  8. Vamos Atleti!!!
  9. And he has 3/4 with Cristiano
  10. FIFA abolished suspension for Messi, so he will be able to play the rest of the qualifying matches for Argentina.
  11. And what about spanish sorcerer?
  12. Messi
  13. You mean May? Champions league will be played on that date, so I clearly doubt it, maybe if they put it in 18:00 CET or something like that.
  14. Hope for Juve-Monaco final..
  15. 2 offside goals in just few minutes. Only Real Madrid can do that. And yes, Cristiano probably deserved another ballon d'or with these offside goals. Pity there weren't any penalties this time.