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  1. Messi
  2. You mean May? Champions league will be played on that date, so I clearly doubt it, maybe if they put it in 18:00 CET or something like that.
  3. Hope for Juve-Monaco final..
  4. 2 offside goals in just few minutes. Only Real Madrid can do that. And yes, Cristiano probably deserved another ballon d'or with these offside goals. Pity there weren't any penalties this time.
  5. Uefadrid.
  6. People on the pitch are Lyon fans from southern stand, forced to go onto the pitch for their own security, after Besiktas fans threw flares and firecrackers on them.
  7. ...
  8. Lol Vidal.. I knew exactly what would happen when I saw him taking penalty. Bayern can be very happy with 1:2 at the end.
  9. Probably, you are certainly much more familiar with the situation in your team. What about Icardi?
  10. I see, also Messi, Mascherano, Biglia and Otamendi. But I can't understand how Dybala and Aguero couldn't have a place in starting lineup in this match. Pratto, Pizarro, Acuna... wtf?
  11. Argentina lol. What happened to Higuain?
  12. Very glad to see this team full of pussies and with worst coach ever losing 3:0 to poor Estonia.
  13. Leo Messi suspended for next 4 world cup qualifying matches...
  14. @heywoodu you better win this, I've put money on you
  15. You are ignored from now on