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  1. @heywoodu you better win this, I've put money on you
  2. You are ignored from now on
  3. Of course, because Qatar and other muslim countries (most of them) are applying sharia law. So stop comparing incomparable.
  4. Couldn't be better.
  5. Monaco
  6. That's of course true, Barca is one of the main synonyms if you just say ''football'', but still I don't find them as any less modern/capitalistic football team than any other nowadays.
  7. You wanna say Barca doesn't gain millions from Qatar airways? I also don't like PSG, but let's be fair.
  8. Nothing new from Di Maria...
  9. Barcaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  10. Wolverine? Never liked x-men very much, but could watch this one...
  11. Yes, I know it's expensive, that's why I was surprised. Great job from your federation anyway.
  12. Wow, this is really bizarre. Btw I didn't know you have goal technology in Dutch league
  13. Totally agree.
  14. Etna's activity is increasing strongly, and lava is overflowing from the Southeast Crater (SEC) toward south-southwest, Boris Behncke of the INGV's Etna Observatory reports.