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  1. Lol 6th fallout in row in 1/8 finals... guess that's probably some kind of record. Congrats Arsene.
  2. Germany and Netherlands are the best imo.
  3. Omg I'm dying
  4. Lol I think even I would be faster than this girl from afg
  5. What a robbery, unbelievable. It is obvious that Madrid has to be champion again.
  6. The worst match from Rafa throughout the whole tournament...
  7. Rafa
  8. Stan finally started to play, this could be interesting.
  9. Vamos Rafa!
  10. Mikica
  11. Ugppphhhhhhhhh, I'm glad I'm still alive.
  12. Roger vs. Stan
  13. This is Mischa Zverev, not Alexandar who is actually more famous