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  1. He already changed coach recently On a serious note, I definitely found very strangely that connection with Spanish sorcerer since the beginning, and it looks like I was right...
  2. Best player in the world... not
  3. Lasse Andersson injured and will probably miss the rest of the tournament.
  4. Lol 2 goals for the half-time... don't remember if I ever saw that before.
  5. Finally, thank goodness... now there's only 3 more pairs I'm waiting to win my ticket on bet.
  6. Wasn't that idiotic rule about playing 5 sets till infinity abolished recently? Because Karlović and Zeballos are now probably gonna play for the rest of the tournament.
  7. Andy Murray obviously never saw bottle of water before.
  8. https://streamable.com/fyyjc
  9. Not a big surprise for me, most of Chile players are playing for clubs in Europe, and Belarus has very poor team... I wonder how did they even qualify.
  10. I don't say I want it, I just think it may appear because there was already discussion about it. And what do we have, on the podium there are 3 guys who probably never took points before in downhill or slalom race (at least I never heard of them)...
  11. I guess there will again be talking about throwing alpine combined out of calendar. I mean, this is really not worth of World cup race.
  12. What a joke of the race...
  13. Rodeš doesn't train speed disciplines?
  14. Asia 8.5
  15. More teams means more matches, sponsors and profit for the criminal organization called FIFA. Quality of football will of course drop just like it happened with Euro, but obviously no one cares about that anymore.