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  1. Tour de France 2018

    what a bad luck for nibali. organizators should make more room for riders.
  2. Men's Football UEFA European Europa League 2018 - 2019

    all 3 slovenian clubs went to 2nd round
  3. Men's Handball EHF Under 20 European Championship 2018

    good start from our youngsters group B: SLOVENIA - NORWAY 27:19 (11:9) Slovenia: Ferjan, Žabić 1, Kunst 3, Horzen 2, Kavčič 1, Rozman 1, Ocvirk 5, Kotar 3, Pipp, Ozmec, Makuc 4, Mazej, Kosi 4, Dobovičnik 1, Novak 2, Dobaj. Norway: Imsgaard, Egeli, Naerland, Simonsen 4, Linderud, Sandven 1, Heldal 4, Hoffstadt 2, Haugseng, Paulsen Haug, Enoksen, Boilesen 4, Mitrovic 1, Weidemann, Roenningen 1, Myklebust 1. Serbia - Izrael 35:28 (21:13)
  4. Tour de France 2018

    great stage,good race for roglič
  5. Tour de France 2018

    kruijswijk in leading group. maybe he isnt strong enough for overall in will try for stage victory
  6. Tour de France 2018

    roglič will atack in 5 serpentine on start on Huez, now called "slovenian turn", when it will be a lot of slovenian fans like last year
  7. Tour de France 2018

    roglič 5th overall he said after the stage his legs wasnt the best so he has reserves i hope he does good job today
  8. Tour de France 2018

    come on roglič
  9. Men's Football UEFA European Champions League 2018 - 2019

    yes,but its strong team.you have some less strong teams in 2nd round
  10. Men's Football UEFA European Champions League 2018 - 2019

    rematch for olimpija after loss in 1 round. i dont know how they get this strong club - quarabag, who played champions league last year in first round
  11. Football 2018 Discussion Thread

    liverpool close to alisson, roma wants 5m more
  12. Tennis Wimbledon 2018

    what an emotional speech at the end with his son. great, that nole found his form
  13. congrats to all winners in football world cup predictions. 3 bad days ruined my medal opurtunity
  14. Tour de France 2018

    agree, but in next 3 stages we will see a lot of changes in top 20 and favourites will stand out
  15. Football 2018 Discussion Thread

    football market is full of speculations, some stars from world cup are getting new clubs my liverpool is still trying to get fekir, maybe alisson, roumers are they bid for vida,...