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  1. my maribor against my liverpool today
  2. Football 2017 Discussion Thread

    bunkerinho played awful tactic in anfield today.reds wanted to win,united was happy with 0:0
  3. Volleyball 2017 Discussion Thread

    thiefs and criminals.no slovenia who would beat half of those teams.we were invited in second league,but our federation allready ruled out that move. its all about a money once again
  4. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    lost against england in 94.minute. clasic. finally our coach katanec step down,2 years too late
  5. Handball 2017 Discussion Thread

    celje has beaten kielce
  6. Slalom Canoeing ICF World Championships 2017

    jupi,savšek world champion
  7. Slalom Canoeing ICF World Championships 2017

    kauzer got another medal.he was the quickest,was sure he won gold,but later camera showed he got one touch
  8. Slalom Canoeing ICF World Championships 2017

    3 medals for slovenia today 43 years old hočevar got medal(his 28th) and also kauzer
  9. good luck maribor and liverpool today
  10. Road Cycling UCI World Championships 2017

    congrats to sagan.what a champion
  11. Road Cycling UCI World Championships 2017

    come on slovenia guys
  12. Road Cycling UCI World Championships 2017

    rogla did it.jjjuuuhhhhuuu
  13. Road Cycling UCI World Championships 2017

    time trail tommorow. roglič allready trained how to switch bikes for last climb
  14. Men's Basketball FIBA European Championship 2017

    goran dragič announced retirement today(we all hope he changes his mind),also coach kokoškov wont be available for qualifiyng for world champs,cause he is second coach in utah
  15. yes,but everybody got points(and not small amount of it)