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  1. Congrats to all iranian. Very happy that we qualified so easy this time. I hope we will also win next two matches. Our guys surely will play with full heart.
  2. Everybody who had any doubts that there is systematic corruption in Wrestling and that certain countries always benefit from that should read this.
  3. Using this criteria will be very difficult in the asian games since we have hardly 8 competitive nations in Swimming in asia. Surely we have not 8 competitive nations in sports like baseball, Water Polo, Rugby etc.
  4. Yeah I know what you mean. On the other side we have already not very developed sports in asian games like Wushu, Sepak taktaw or Kabaddi. But I get your point. This time we will have so many redundant martial Art sports. If I could I would remove some of them immediately. Also this time we will have bridge in the asian games . Amyhow I like that the asian games include non olympic sports, but this time it will be too many.
  5. I think you are right, but if you send a full team in Muay Thai why not sending full teams in Ju-jitsu, Kurash etc. I think they clearly didn't want to send a big Delegation and thus every exotic federation was allowed to send max. 3 or 4 athletes. I think they introduce these new sports to please Indonesia. I don't think this will destroy asian games. At least Iran should benefit from these changes.
  6. Talking about the rules in wrestling. What is your opinion about the new rules in GR-Wrestling. Apparently they removed the par-terre position, but referees can still give caution points whenever they want. I think GR-wrestling will surely remain a corrupted sport with this rules.
  7. To me it looks like they want to give athletes from exotic sports a chance (sports that are not in the asian games). On the other hand they clearly followed a low budget policy and thus they send only small groups of athletes and no teams. So this might be just a rotten compromise.
  8. RIP to our cyclist Bahman Golbarnejad. Very sad story
  9. By the way he lifter 310 kg in his 4th attempt
  10. This is really insane. 305 kg . 70 kg more than the Silver medalist.
  11. Thank you! I am also following Indian sport results very closely. BTW what happened with your freestyle wrestling? I remember in 2012 two of our medal contenders lost against Amt Kumar and Yogeshwar Dutt. Actually we won one gold in Rio in wrestling (Hassan Yazdani). Freestyle wrestling results were ok in Rio. We got better results compared to London. GR wrestling results were disappointing this time. We had 3 gold medals in London, but tbh I knew we couldn't repeat these results in Rio. But Taekwondo was the biggest Disappointment. We won 3 gold medals in last year WCH . Our men also dominated the asian games. I was excepting 2 gold medals for Rio. You have to keep in mind that we could have only two athletes qualifying per gender before Rio and our Women weren't medal contender before Rio. But this time we had 4 athletes and all were good enough to win the gold medal. Two of them were favourites for the gold (khodabakhshi and Ashourzadeh).
  12. It looks like Japan got robbed against UAE http://footballitarin.com/video_page.php?id=24246
  13. Group B will be a very exciting Group. It's not such a big surprise, since we knew that UAE has a very strong team. Can't wait for the match tonight