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  1. The one I enjoy more The 1st time I heard it I kinda knew it was gonna be my number 1 and it is!
  2. I sent my votes! It was really hard because I had to eliminate a few songs that I quite liked.
  3. I'm watching the Dublin parade on TV and the weather seems to be better than in Galway, where it's raining a lot and very windy XD Thanks! Happy St Patrick's Day
  4. I now have 22 songs, with two big favorites, I will give my votes in the weekend (maybe not tomorrow because St Patrick's Day )
  5. It makes me think of this scene in the TV show Parks & Recreation:
  6. Usually I listen to the songs only 1 or 2 times (1 time if I hated it or if I already know how much I like it) and I never look at the video clips since it doesn't affect the song and all the songs don't have a video clip. But even if I make my votes in one evening/afternoon, it still takes time and we don't all have that much free time, even if we like participating to the contest.
  7. Wow really? :O What is causing this?
  8. Apparently the strongest was 198 km/h (I'm not in France right now but my mother told me). Scary.
  9. Mayer
  10. I only watched Rear Window (when I was in high school. I'm not a big fan of old movies) but I really enjoyed it!
  11. Just to be clear, I didn't say he didn't have the right to say this I just can't believe we're still living in a world where we hear people saying things like that or "grab women by the p*ssy", etc. This is disgusting to me.
  12. What is this bullsh*t world we're living in? It's 2017 and we still hear things like this
  13. This is surprising for me (not a big fan of Lana Del Rey) but I like it! Oh and I forgot this one: And an old one :
  14. Haha no But since she almost whispers it it could sound like "bitte", but she really says "putain" XD