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  1. Athletics IAAF World Championships 2017

    For the first time I'm happy with Lavillenie not winning at the WCh and "only" having a medal (well, don't get me wrong, I would've been happy if he had won the gold medal of course ) The 4 other times, it was quite cruel to see him lose the gold medal again and again since he was clearly the best, but this year he has been less good and he's not the best anymore so this medal is a good thing
  2. Athletics IAAF World Championships 2017

    It's pronounced like boss so it works! So 2 medals tonight, and one in gold
  3. [OFF TOPIC] Music Discussion Thread

    Yeah and the problem is that it's played A LOT on the radio and on TV so I'm just sick of it now
  4. [OFF TOPIC] Music Discussion Thread

    I'm so tired of the first one... But the second one is still one of my favorites too
  5. France National Thread

    C'est dommage que la plus grande salle serve à la gym, qui logiquement devrait attirer moins de spectateurs que le basket et le judo... C'est un peu le bordel tout ça J'imagine que c'est un des inconvénients à avoir déjà des bâtiments existants et de ne pas les construire expressément pour les JO
  6. Yes, our "golden generation" is gone, now we're really bad (except for Mehdy Metella who looks promising, I hope ) I don't even think that we have good young swimmers right now who could be the next generation... If we get the OG in 2024 I hope it will galvanize our federation (and some others) like it did for GB for London 2012. I didn't expect to be this sad to see Camille Lacourt retire I'm so happy that he won a gold medal for his last race, a great way to "say goodbye" to swimming
  7. Olympic Videos & Pictures

    5 years already... I wanna go back to these times
  8. Athletics IAAF World Championships 2017

    It was announced that Floria Gueï won't be participating for medical reasons These championships are like 2 years ago, a lot of our athletes are missing them, some of these athletes who could have won a medal... Bad luck
  9. I often sing La Marseillaise too (you really like Brazil!)
  10. Fencing FIE World Championships 2017

    Gold! This team is Olympic champions and now World champions, yes!
  11. Athletics IAAF World Championships 2017

    TEAM FRANCE MEN'S TEAM 100m: Jimmy Vicaut 200m: Jeffrey John, Christophe Lemaître 400m: Teddy Atine-Venel, Mamadou-Elimane Hanne 800m: Pierre-Ambroise Bosse, Samir Dahmani 1500m: Mahiedine Mekhissi 110m Hurdles: Garfield Darien, Aurel Manga 400m Hurdles: Victor Coroller, Mamadou Kasse Hann, Ludvy Vaillant 3000m Steeplechase: Mahiedine Mekhissi, Yoann Kowal Pole Vault: Axel Chapelle, Renaud Lavillenie, Valentin Lavillenie, Kevin Menaldo Triple Jump: Melvin Raffin, Jean-Marc Pontvianne, Benjamin Compaoré Discus Throw: Lolassonn Djouhan Hammer Throw: Quentin Bigot Decathlon: Kevin Mayer, Bastien Auzeil 20km Race Walk: Kevin Campion 50km Race Walk: Yohann Diniz Relay: 4x100m, 4x400m WOMEN'S TEAM 100m: Carolle Zahi, Orphée Neola 200m: Estelle Raffai 400m: Elea-Mariama Diarra, Floria Gueï, Deborah Sananes 3000m Steeplechase: Maeva Danois Pole Vault: Ninon Guillon-Romarin Triple Jump: Jeannine Assani Issouf, Eloyse Lesueur Shot Put: Jessica Cerival Discus Throw: Melina Robert-Michon Hammer Throw: Alexandra Tavernier Heptathlon: Antoinette Nana-Djimou 20km Race Walk: Emilie Menuet Relay: 4x100m, 4x400m
  12. [OFF TOPIC] Music Discussion Thread

    I just discovered this song from a Polish band in a video called "53 songs from 53 countries you should have heard" and I really like it : + a little throwback :