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  1. This is surprising for me (not a big fan of Lana Del Rey) but I like it! Oh and I forgot this one: And an old one :
  2. Haha no But since she almost whispers it it could sound like "bitte", but she really says "putain" XD
  3. I love how she started with "putain..." (I think they were mostly laughing about that) When I hear them talking in English, I wonder why some people think that the French accent is sexy
  4. I just can't wait for his new album!
  5. I neither have a suggestion nor a problem But I wanted to know if there was a topic about the 2024 Olympics candidate cities and news?
  6. Thank you! Haha, don't remind me of that night I was only 10 but I will always remember this XD
  7. Ďakujem! I love our women's team
  8. It's definitely going to pay off some day And it would be good if it paid off when it matters most, at the Olympics I'm crossing my fingers for your team(s)
  9. Congrats! I was rooting for Slovakia (after France ofc :p) so it's great to see them in the top 10!
  10. Poor Italy, once again so close to the podium
  11. Yeeeeesssssssss Congrats Ukraine for the silver, wow! Too bad Justine had a terrible shooting, but that's a relay so we have to deal with it ^^
  12. Come on Marie pleaaase
  13. Oh God, this is gonna be stressful...