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  1. I'm waiting for the men's decathlon but I think that I will have to wait forever since it's 10 events and 2 days long
  2. Thank you!
  3. I tried using the website given by hckosice but it doesn't work well for me, for example when I click on the search button, nothing happens, same for some other buttons. But I would really like to rewatch some athletics events, and I can't find them anywhere. (that's weird because I'm almost sure that a few months ago there were entire days of athletics available on the official Olympic YouTube channel... but now nothing)
  4. Revenge
  5. I'm changing the subject but who do you think is going to host the 2024 Olympics between Paris and LA?
  6. Aww that's really sweet of you to say!
  7. Haha this is really funny to me (not in a bad way, I'm not mocking you And I understand because there are indeed no indicators of gender on the forum)
  8. I didn't know either And I was sad that she had left XD And she was here all along and almost everyone knew
  9. In France visitors never take their shoes off unless their host asked them to, and there is almost always a doormat of course ^^ At home I don't take off my shoes if I just went home and I know I'm going outside again 10 minutes later. But most of the time, no shoes
  10. In an EP in December 2016
  11. 2016, so that means it's not eligible for the next TAISC right? (and even if it were, I'm not the only one in the jury)
  12. I'm so sad I didn't discover them before TAISC 2017 Now they will never have the possibility to represent France... (unless they have new songs before the next TAISC)
  13. The jury votes... I can't believe that there are still countries giving 12 points for their neighbours just because they are neighbours Second year in a row that I'm very disappointed, I think Portugal song was overrated. And I didn't like the singer's comment at the end either. But congrats And once again there was no suspense... I want stress, I want excitement!! Happy with our result (not really from the jury though, but it's still better than what we did the last... 10 years at least, excluding last year of course which was amazing), thank you to the televoting (last year I didn't like this system because we lost a few places but surprisingly this year I'm fine with this system )
  14. I'm relieved, Le Pen winning would have been waayyy worse. Now it doesn't mean that I love Macron XD
  15. I've just turned 21