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  1. Yes!! Lesser was impressive, he was quite far behind and managed to finish 2nd
  2. Haha, not bad at all I think I'm gonna use it, but first I need your permission, I wouldn't want to be accused of plagiarism
  3. Already?
  4. Yay, Slovakia 1st and 2nd, congrats, that's amazing!
  5. I know that these penguins are evil, but they are so cute... (my lucky number is 17 and I see that it hid one key and the other silver ticket ) Good luck to all the remaining countries! This is a fun way of choosing the next host!
  6. Lol yes that's the difference between here and Ireland I guess, the summer weather Yes, I already love this city even though I've only seen photos and videos!
  7. Yes There is something written on it, "même pas mouillée" = not even wet XD Haha yes I know, and I've already been looking at the weather forecast in Galway for the past few months (and surprisingly it's not that different from where I live, except maybe for the wind)
  8. Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates! The food was amazing One of my presents was an umbrella "because you're going to Ireland in 3 weeks" as my parents said We opened the gifts last night but when I was a kid we opened them on the 25th, in the morning.
  9. Béatrix thought he had missed the last shoot and didn't take the time to look at it so he did a penalty loop
  10. Belgium!! Fillon-Maillet from 16th to 3rd, and Béatrix from 31st to 8th! Aaand... Martin Fourcade I hope the women's team will follow and have amazing results too!
  11. Happy for Anaïs Chevalier's 2nd place, her first podium Very good day in general, all 5 of our biathletes were in the top 15
  12. Yup, that's why I said almost perfect