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  1. In an EP in December 2016
  2. 2016, so that means it's not eligible for the next TAISC right? (and even if it were, I'm not the only one in the jury)
  3. I'm so sad I didn't discover them before TAISC 2017 Now they will never have the possibility to represent France... (unless they have new songs before the next TAISC)
  4. The jury votes... I can't believe that there are still countries giving 12 points for their neighbours just because they are neighbours Second year in a row that I'm very disappointed, I think Portugal song was overrated. And I didn't like the singer's comment at the end either. But congrats And once again there was no suspense... I want stress, I want excitement!! Happy with our result (not really from the jury though, but it's still better than what we did the last... 10 years at least, excluding last year of course which was amazing), thank you to the televoting (last year I didn't like this system because we lost a few places but surprisingly this year I'm fine with this system )
  5. I'm relieved, Le Pen winning would have been waayyy worse. Now it doesn't mean that I love Macron XD
  6. I've just turned 21
  7. My votes: 12 points - (by far my favorite from the contest, when I listened to it for the first time I knew it was going to be my top choice. I really thought it would have a big success in this contest, but sadly no ) 11 points - (as often, I loved the song from Lithuania, even though I'm not a fan of this kind of voice, so at first I had placed the song lower, but it is so good overall that it finished 2nd in my ranking) 10 points - (the first time I listened to it, I didn't know what to think about it, but then it grew on me, it was a bit different from most other songs) 9 points - (I gotta be honest, I really didn't know where to put this song at first, because we heard it A LOT on radio and on TV, so I was kind of biased. I didn't want to give too much points just because it was well-known, but at the same time I didn't want to give it only a few points or none, because it IS a good song in my opinion) 8 points - (I was really sad that Morocco's first choice wasn't eligible, because I LOVED it I would've probably given it 11 or 12 points. But this one was good too, it's catchy, a good and nice song ) 7 points - (after my first listen, I had put it higher (I think that it's because before the song was posted, OlympicsFan had said he hated it, so I thought it would be terrible, but I was surprised in a good way by the song ) but when I listened to it a second time I wasn't as convinced as the first time. It's a really nice song, but I felt like there was something missing) 6 points - (it's a little bit the same as GB, it's a song we hear a lot on the radio right now, so I didn't know how many points I should give... But I really like the singer's voice and the "atmosphere" of the song, it makes me kind of nostalgic I don't know why. However the whistles are quite annoying and the music is very common, so I think it's why I "only" gave it 6 points) 5 points - (Nice voice, nice song, a little bit too repetitive) 4 points - (nice song, but I didn't really like the trumpet (I've never really liked this sound I don't know why ) 3 points - (I really like the music! However, I thought the song would peak but it didn't really happen, so I thought it was quite repetitive. But still, a very nice song ) 2 points - (kind of a weird song, especially the chorus, with the screams and the "hey hey hey hey", but I liked it, it's still very catchy and I like the verses XD) 1 point - (made me think of Amy Winehouse a little bit, with the music, am I the only one?) and as reserves (I also had other reserves but I don't remember them, I thought it would be enough to give 2 reserves)
  8. @uk12points can we post our individual votes?
  9. Can I share my votes?
  10. 12 points for GB
  11. Thank you Brazil!
  13. Thank you so much Greece Our 1st points since... a long time ago XD
  14. I'm sorry, it's not the kind of songs I like, I used to like Zaho's songs but not really right now :/