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  1. Well, I'm nearly set with my 12 + 4. Was fairly easy to rank the top, but 8-16 really left me scratching my head. Going to have a final listen to see if anything changes in a couple of days.
  2. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    I think that our Youth Olympics started and ended with the swimming programme. Another solid medal performance from Teterevkova. Together with Šeleikaitė they medalled in all of the women's breaststroke categories
  3. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    Another one for Lithuania. Teterevkova is going to be extremely warned out after this demanding season.
  4. Yeah, I believe it is allowed to vote even if you miss the 1st stage of picking the song.
  5. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    Šeleikaitė and Teterevkova trying to save team Lithuania all on their own
  6. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    Seems that our breaststroke game is still strong from Meilutytė to Šeleikaitė to Teterevkova
  7. Brutal first round of voting here in Lithuania, only 18 songs survived. Although last open there were 17, compared to 27 and 23 from the last two annuals.
  8. It's good that we were progressive enough and already implemented the mixed rules, where men and women can start singing at any point of the song.
  9. I was pretty close to being on point with the history
  10. Well, I took some time off my hands to make this, because I felt like it. This is where the Lithuanian votes have been going these past 10 TISCS. I had full information till 2016 Annual and then I started working from my memory, so mistakes might be there and 2014 Annual I was together with Bearas, I don't know how our combined votes looked like. Two countries that did not fit in the screenshot were Romania 2014 Annual and Vietnam 2013 Open. Also, congratulations Great Britain, Brazil and Ireland, apparently I love you. Lastly, some statistics are pretty neat regarding the countries that have not entered from the first TISC or have missed a lot of contests.
  11. But we've not yet made a meme out of this
  12. Don't know what's in store for me in this TISC. Lost five countries that got points from me last time
  13. Biathlon 2018 - 2019 Discussion Thread

    What do you think about the announced changes? I think some are pretty awful, but I liked the personal quota idea. http://www.biathlonworld.com/news/detail/new-season-new-rules
  14. That was an INNAppropriate move after @heywoodu was not able to retaliate with Kensington, having chosen the song already.
  15. Inna is going after the Kensington and Eddy Grant crown.
  16. Well, Malta has never missed a single contest before, but they're sure fighting for the 'latewoodu' title these past few years
  17. Final day and we're missing 4 songs.
  18. Seeing how it was the past couple of times, I'd call this the least worrying situation we've had in years.
  19. If we keep this up, we might break a record of the least unannounced songs before the final day
  20. Songs have to be 5 years and older. Also, I don't rate music based on the view count.
  21. Well, if it's the annual competition, you can always prepare a special Skype duet performance during the month of registrations.
  22. Another idea for a mixed TISC competition could be borrowed from Youth Olympics. We could mash two random countries together and they would have to find an artist that shares nationality with both.