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  1. Congratulations Tunisia with the hosting @OlympicIRL a brilliant game as always
  2. Salutations from Leon Somov & Jazzu and our band from the tour
  3. Well, there is the info on the private messages, but I still believe that it looks a bit confusing, the way it is presented right now.
  4. Well, you see, in my excel file that I have some tie-breakers are not written in bold or anything and some of the order is mixed up, plus when I copy from it, the format is not all exactly clear.
  5. Same for me, I have my limits of being blatantly disrespected, when this contest should be about bringing people together.
  6. He's gonna make TISC great again
  7. Wow, just wow I seriously don't envy the people around you. Also, I gave credit to both users in the thread that made the logo & the templates and never claimed them as my own. And you see, if you try to be more nice and straightforward with people, you can get their respect and friendship. A feeling that you probably don't share with any of the users in this forum, because you are rude as heck to nearly everyone.
  8. Ah, I see you're as nice as always. Sure, I can post the messed up/unorganised votes in two seconds from my excel file, but that would only be a mess.
  9. Okay, I've missed a lot. How is Algeria even allowed to bid when there were messages on the forum floating around that "I would never host such a thing", "I wouldn't have time for it", "I'm not interested" etc. I think someone might have screenshotted this as they are already deleted by Wanderer, if I'm correct. Edit. Just like when Germany's votes were not accepted when the user mentioned that he doesn't care about the contest.
  10. Okay, I am very sorry, but I desperately needed a break, because I was exhausted beyond understandment. After coming back from my trip to Germany, I was dreading to log in to Totallympics, because I was completely done. I have dealt with my exams, prepared for a tour and undergoing some very important music stuff in my life. I finally feel free and capable to visit Totallympics yet again and I promise to work on the multi jury votes after the Christmas tour (with the TISC competition winner Leon Somov & Jazzu). It will be on 23rd/25th/26th/27th and 28th, so I should get around to finishing my TISC work after that period of time. Thank you for understanding.
  11. Who are you to decide that your song is the definition of musical culture? People have different tastes and only 1/3 of the songs can get points from the juries.
  12. Sorry, but I'll update the other multi jury votes when I get back from Germany, at the moment I am late already.
  13. Argentina (LDOG / konig) 1. Slovakia - 20 (11+9) 2. Ireland - 14 (12+2) 3. Canada - 12 (5+7) 4. Portugal - 12 (0+12) 5. Algeria - 11 (0+11) 6. Finland - 10 (10+0) (won tie breaker) 7. Denmark - 10 (0+10) 8. France - 9 (9+0) 9. India - 8 (7+1) 10. Azerbaijan - 8 (0+8) (won tie breaker) 11. Turkey - 8 (8+0) 12. Mexico - 6 (0+6) (won tie breaker) ___________________________ 13. Slovenia - 6 (6+0) 14. Bulgaria - 5 (0+5) 15. Netherlands - 4 (4+0) 16. Romania - 4 (0+4) 17. Malta - 3 (3+0) 18. Indonesia - 3 (0+3) 19. Tunisia - 2 (2+0) 20. Italy - 1 (1+0)
  14. Winter is already coming to Lithuania, but the TISC delegations are leaving. Also, shout out to Algeria that are stuck in Estonia. Safe travels everyone and let's meet at Great Britain in 2017!