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  1. Well, your federation made a mistake, because when only two go up, only two can come down.
  2. The problem is that we have too many disciplines in which we are doomed to score 1 point, which is why we'll never be able to make an impression in the 1st division.
  3. I thought that it was only in 2019, I trust random sources too easily ^^ anyway, two seasons are not enough for us to give birth to talented hammer throwers and pole vaulters. There will be only some slight changes as some of our athletes will be back in two years time, but there's no space for speculation, when you never know who could get injured, who could quit and who could get better.
  4. Where can Team Slovakia and Team Lithuania buy tickets for the second league in 2019? We can start the preparations ahead of time. As for the 1st league banter, bring it on, I'm ready and I already can't wait. I hope it will be hosted by a country capable to work the camera and excel sheets.
  5. 2.5 points, not even close. Although we fell out two years ago only by 1.5 so all is fair in love & war
  6. From 3:16.30 to 3:10.98, so you were right. We had some different men in the line up, which must've helped.
  7. Thank F-ing God, we are back in the 1st league, baby We're back, Ireland (not for long, but still)
  8. Malaysia truly Asia, Israel truly update hell.
  9. Wish I would've been there to see this.
  10. Speaker A: Did we forget something whilst uploading the results? Speaker B: Nah Speaker A: Are you sure? Speaker B: Yes, let's go home, just like we did before posting the other results yesterday.
  11. Well, I think we're dead. Our SB for men is 3:16.30, which would be the 4th time in the B run. Seeing as we're going to start with 6-7 points against Slovenia after women's relay, it's over for us.
  12. I'd honestly be fine if they cancelled the relays right now Then we could add Slovakia in our rivalry as well.
  13. Before the relays: Slovakia 286.5 Lithuania 282.5 Slovenia 273
  14. I wonder which one isn't added in the 35/40 results. Women's long jump or Men's 3000 ...
  15. Nice, we nearly lost it all with two no throws in the javelin, but Edis got 80 metres on the third throw and we're in second at the moment. Edit: okay, and we stayed second and also managed to limit the damage in 5000m. This is going to be overwhelmingly close... Wouldn't be the case if our relay actually finished yesterday...