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  1. Well, this year was pretty difficult for my selection process, because I actually had a few decent choices. Although I enjoy showing you guys different artists in every contest, I really wanted to share this song. LITHUANIA GJan - Wild
  2. I think it is fair to say that it is, unless it happened somewhere before 2005. The best ever result that I could find previously was 2012 Dzenis Avdic (Youth) 35th in an individual race.
  3. Aaaand our only top 10 chance just missed two targets on the first prone.
  4. Shooting can always be taught, competitive ski-speed doesn't come as easy, so I think that you should look forward to what this girl may show in the future.
  5. Very disciplined shooting from our girls, two missed two times only and one four times. 33rd place, another three athletes in top 60, two were very close to top 60 as well. Shame for the shooting on the men's side, but I believe they can get into the top 40 in the sprint. Anyways, it seems our younger generation is finally being developed professionally and I'm not that disappointed with what we showed today.
  6. It seems that our guys got overwhelmed by the atmosphere of the competition. Usually they miss from 0-1 targets, sometimes 2 on a stop at the range. Now it seems like 2 or 3 is the norm today and that is quite disappointing. Hopefully they'll pull it together before the sprint.
  7. I love German biathletes, but it would still be more fun if Dahlmeier was challenged and honestly, if she'll have no one to challenge her, she will not stick around for too long. If Wierer regains the 2015/16 form, she might have a chance to keep up.
  8. I don't remember, but an individual time penalty in the youth competition for a missed shot is 45 seconds?
  9. Well, that's fairly sad. Koukalova and Kuzmina out after the Olympics, there is a huge possibility that Kaisa will be out also and I don't think that Domracheva is going to stick around for too long either. Not many people left to challenge Dahlmeier, though I think she's going to have a short career just like Neuner, because 11 world championship medals in two years might make her bored. Looking at the post Olympic season, it seems that the Italian and the French teams are going to be very strong, Preuss is very promissing if she fixes her health issues, Merkushyna seems like she is growing up to be a star. Still, there will always be a void in my heart when Kaisa Makarainen quits
  10. Well, thank you very much for the picture. I'm expecting 7 pursuit races and 1 top 15. Let's see how my plan "minimal expectations" will work out
  11. I contacted our federation and got the information on our team. I believe this is definitely the biggest squad we have ever sent to any biathlon competition (I would still argue, that we had another youth women and 1 junior men that could have joined the team) TEAM LITHUANIA YOUTH MEN Linas Banys Jokūbas Mačkinė Maksim Fomin Nikita Romanov YOUTH WOMEN Raminta Dindaitė Ana Jesipionok Darija Jankauskaitė JUNIOR MEN Deivid Demkov Artiom Serdiukov JUNIOR WOMEN Gabrielė Leščinskaitė Kotryna Vitkūnaitė
  12. What a good day for me today. Nearly all of my favourite biathletes managed to get a medal on the last day. Way to go 2x Simon!!!! and Johannes.
  13. MAKARAINEN!!!!!!!! Thank goodness she managed to set things right in the final race of these championships.
  14. Well, we really messed up our chances for 5 quota's in the Olympics, just because two of our leaders couldn't avoid the penalty loop Beautiful skiing by Landertinger, happy for Austria.