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  1. Well, a historical bronze medal in the women's 20km race walk team standings, 8th, 11th and 17th place respectively. A respectable 5th place for Marius Žiūkas in 20km as well. Yet more proof that our nation is pretty skilled in the race walks, seeing as the 11th and 17th place were the U20 twin sisters. In other news, Juozas Baikštys broke our national U20 record in High Jump with 2,20 Another U20 record was nearly broken in 100m. Hurdles for men. U20 and U18 records broken in the Decathlon. This season for Lithuanian athletics looks to be the best in a very long while. Medalist contenders in the World Championships In U23 we have Domantas Poška, Edis Matusevičius, Živilė Vaiciukevičiūtė, Simona Dobilaitė, Jogailė Petrokaitė that can fight for the medals. Also, looking at the rate in which everyone is improving, we will have the largest squads for WCH, U23, U20 and U18 that we've ever had and qualifications in disciplines that are usually not that great for us, making our athletics a bit more well-rounded which gives me hope that we'll get back to the 1st league this year and possibly remain in it.
  2. A few interesting/promising results from Lithuania over the week: Andrius Gudžius improved his discus result to 67,62 and still is the 3rd best throw in the world this season. Edis Matusevičius opened his summer season with 80.73 in javelin, producing the 3rd best U23 throw. Agnė Šerkšnienė in her first summer competition after having a child ran 52.89 and produced the 7th best European result in 400m this year.
  3. At the moment, for me everything is like this. 1. Portugal 2. Finland 3. Azerbaijan 4. Australia 5. Albania 6. Armenia 7. Czech Republic (For the love of everything good in this world, change your awful clothes) After that I have Sweden, Belgium, Poland and Latvia from 7-11 2nd semi 1. Austria 2. The Netherlands 3. Norway 4. Belarus 5. Bulgaria 6. Lithuania 7. Denmark 8. Ireland 9. Hungary Everyone else I don't care about, but I guess Malta or Croatia would take the last spot from me. 1st semi flops: Belgium (everything looks very bad, I'm just very attached to the song, so I can only hope things will get better during the live, though it's highly unlikely.) Montenegro (the worst song of the year additionally claimed the worst performance) 2nd semi flops: Serbia (Well, this is the biggest let down. The vocalist is struggling to sing like the studio version, just like Azerbaijan last year. The back vocals are completely out of tune as well, because the chords that they picked are bad and if it'll sound like 1st/2nd rehearsals it will be awful and possibly the worst performance of the night) Macedonia (I pretty much expected that she wouldn't do well, so it doesn't surprise me in the slightest) Romania (they didn't really flop, but I just hate the concept and it's too ridiculous for me)
  4. Lithuania stuck in probably the hardest group with Norway and France, but still fighting honourably, Lithuania vs Belgium is a must win on the 7th.
  5. Welp, my predictions on who will be good and who will flop seem pretty accurate after 3/4 rehearsals. The singers which I had the feeling wouldn't do well vocally, don't sound good in the first rehearsals either and the truth is finally coming out now that they can't hide behind their recordings. The songs that I actually loved and had expectations for that are letting me down a bit: Belgium looks very bland at the moment. Azerbaijan is very good, but I still want a bit more vocal power & assurance to come from Dihaj. Czech Republic needs a clothes change and they're fixed. Songs that do not sound great at the moment (perhaps it'll get better on further rehearsals, though I'm sceptical) Serbia, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro (no surprise here). Otherwise everyone else is pretty legit on the vocals, though I still expect flops from Spain, Bulgaria has a brilliant song, but I think Kristian will have troubles on his falcetto, good example was the meet in Amsterdam, also I'm not sold on Switzerland, judging from the lives that I've heard before, but I guess tomorrow will answer most of these questions.
  6. We like to use this opportunity to snag a medal or two and then float on our success for years, whilst simultaneously failing to qualify for any important event in the future. Cough Raivydas Stanys cough, won a medal in high jump with 2,31 and haven't jumped that high for 5 years after that and never made a single final in any important competition.
  7. Can't begin to explain how WRONG that is, just another example how little ***** you give for this contest and that your scoring is untrustworthy.
  8. Unfortunately next year, my candidates don't really have a chance to get into top 10, cause it doesn't belong to the mainstream, unless some other song comes up in the mean time, but our older music is nothing to brag about.
  9. Yeah, I mentioned that it reminded me of Amy in my review too
  10. Well, I am fairly satisfied with the results and not only because it's our 4th top 10 in a row. If we look at the top 20 finishers, 9 were from my points, 5 were my reserves that were very close to the points, had to listen to three that I didn't remember and two I didn't like. (tbh, I think it's better to be disliked than not even remembered) Other than that, extremely surprised with USA ranking, fairly surprised with how Ireland finished and a bit disappointed that Germany was underrated, but oh well, you can't win them all
  11. You can't ignore the Italian success story, they managed to do it for 8 contests with 4 jury members every year. (Since I had to host once, I have first-hand experience on how messy their combined votes can get and the favourites are all over the place, since even your number 1 pick might not make it in the table if others haven't voted for it)
  12. This is how the committee awarded their points. (Further proof that we don't choose GB and IRL by default)
  13. Even we don't know what we're doing there PS: We nearly lost Canada this year.
  14. Yeah, that's exactly what happened, Mr. Conspiracy man.
  15. Congratulations to Great Britain and @uk12points for the victory and a wonderfully hosted competition. Congratulations to Iran for a brilliant debut Very happy I got to listen to some German and Moroccan music after such a long time. Anyways, from a musical stand point, the reason why I believe that team GB won this contest, it's because there was not a single clear favourite, so the votes dispersed amongst many acts, whilst Great Britain had a very universal song, where nearly every single forum member could find a bit of what they enjoyed in the song. Also, very glad to have achieved the 4th consecutive TOP 10 in TISC competitions. 8th contest in and I'm still in the committee See you all in Tunisia