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  1. I am very close to finalising my points, should be done in the next couple of days
  2. Tennis 2017 Discussion Thread

    Ričardas Berankis has made a nice run in an ATP 250 tournament, beating a couple of opponents from top 100, he reached the final. It's his first 250 ATP final since 2012.
  3. I think that I still need 3 stages in order to fully deduce my votes and be thoroughly ok with them. The only thing that is most definitely in the clear is the 12 points. Just like last year, it clicked from the 1st listen.
  4. I think that it's a possibility. Usually we even get a drop out from 1 semi-active user.
  5. Pretty easy to find alternative videos if you search him up on Youtube. That's what I did, listened to both live & studio versions.
  6. Thanks for not spilling my secrets all over the Internet. Yet.
  7. Well, I usually get close to the same amount of songs that pass my 1st round, doesn't matter if it's annual or open. There is a song that got my 12 points after a single listen though and a pretty peculiar story behind how it happened, but it's already been replayed about 10 times this evening. I somehow have this feeling that @OlympicIRL already knows where my twelve points are heading, since he knows me so well and guessed my twelve last year
  8. So far, in case there'll be no more changes with the entry list (well, possibly Malta will change their song), only 16 songs passed my first round, compared to the 23 of the 2017 Annual TISC
  9. @Glen needs to hurry up with a new song, hope he can make whatever deadline that we give him
  10. Funny thing, I am listening to all of the songs and Malta's just came up, ran here to comment on that
  11. Come on, Finland @Finnator123 don't leave us hanging! And don't think that I forgot about Czech Republic @ahjfcshfghb too
  12. I don't think that you can represent Colombia if you're from Afghanistan unless I don't know something peculiar about your nationality.
  13. I completely missed the fact that India entered the competition just now Somehow my mind had included you already.
  14. Well, that is the issue that's usually solved with them forgetting to vote In any case, I don't think they magically found out about this forum and magically wound up in this thread and then magically disappeared without ever looking up a single thread that's not TISC related and I think that's on the morality of the user/s that are inviting them to take part. They need to ask themselves if they truly want completely inactive users posting 1 song and disappearing never to be seen again, especially when TISC is about bringing everyone together and actually participating in the festivities, not only participating to participate. Of course, I would like to be proven wrong with these users being active participants in the community well after TISC ends, but one can only hope.
  15. Yes, that's my point exactly. As much fun as TISC is, this is still first hand a sports forum and we shouldn't forget that. As for sending reminders and such, I'm definitely guilty of this one, because I've tried to bring back people to the contest that used to participate a lot (even before the Totallympics website move), because I did not want them to miss out on the event. As for inviting new users to the forum, I'm always making sure they know where they're going, but unfortunately, I haven't found a single one throughout the years (I only have 1 close friend that's interested in sports and he's been a member on Totallympics here before, a very funny story on how I've met him ) Finally, regarding all of the new users that had their first post registering to this contest, it is a clear sign that they know what they're going and where they're going and I believe they were informed about this contest on some other platform and hopefully they're participation in the forum activities does not end up being limited to TISC only. When I first set foot on Totallympics (You left a comment & link of it in the comment section of some sports article), I was pretty much overwhelmed, I didn't really know where to start, there was no such thing as TISC, not even any Eurovision discussions were started, mostly sports results & discussions. I don't really remember how well I assimilated into Totallympics, (I remember that I didn't post a lot, because I didn't really know what to say, perhaps it was the prediction contests that helped me find myself here) I only remember it being a long process, before I was able to freely discuss on the topics that I cared about. Comparing it to my experience and seeing that they're posts don't extend outside of the TISC thread is pretty much a good indication to me what is the main priority of these users.