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  1. Winter Olympic Games 2022 News

    Just so you'd be in your comfort zone, the IBU agrees to letting you race on roller skis even on the snow.
  2. Winter Olympic Games 2022 News

    The steady horse wins the race.
  3. Winter Olympic Games 2022 News

    I remember someone put forth a suggestion to fund Lithuanian Swedish/Norwegian immigrants so that they'd take up winter sports there and become super stars. Still waiting for that plan to be set in motion
  4. Winter Olympic Games 2022 News

    Or you can build a super relay around yourself and become nr.1 in the world just like Belgium. There are still some Claude brothers to choose from. Then, I would have suggested to borrow something from Germany, but sadly Florian Graf is retiring this season, buuuut you could try Christiansen or Gjesbakk, because Norway's world cup team seems to hate them. Lastly, top it all off with someone washed up or a potential youngster from Austria and Olympics, here you come.
  5. Winter Olympic Games 2022 News

    Who are you going to shoot? The IBU officials? The Germans? Or are you going to put The Netherlands on the Biathlon map and represent your country?
  6. Winter Olympic Games 2022 News

    Easy. No non top 20/25 nations at all. 20 quotas saved so that Germany can send 12 athletes and start with 8.
  7. Winter Olympic Games 2022 News

    I've heard there's 20 less quotas for Biathlon. That's all I know at the moment.
  8. The Netherlands need a drastic change in coaching staff. @heywoodu promised his fans to tackle top 45 and yet it did not work out in the end.
  9. Athletics IAAF Under 20 World Championships 2018

    Well, the final day of U20, was fairly okay for us. Martynas Alekna finished 10th in the Discus Throw final and Urtė Baikštytė improved her PB up to 1.87 and finished 6th.
  10. Athletics 2018 Discussion Thread

    Lithuanian national 200m. record falls yet again. This is the third time this year that Agnė Šerkšnienė betters the time, it now stands at 22.99
  11. Athletics IAAF Under 20 World Championships 2018

    Well, Alekna made it to the discus final, that's something that I haven't imagined writing for a long time Anyways, with Andrius Gudžius, Domantas Poška (that's already throwing 62 metres and is trained by Olympic discus champion Ubartas), two sons of Virgilijus Alekna and Makaravičius brothers, our discus throwing future looks stacked
  12. Athletics IAAF Under 20 World Championships 2018

    And injury takes away our second final of the day Heartbroken
  13. Athletics IAAF Under 20 World Championships 2018

    And a PB for Urtė Baikštytė with flawless jumping today. She jumped 1.84 and is in the final. An amazing day for our athletics!!!
  14. Athletics IAAF Under 20 World Championships 2018

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Akvilė Andriukaitytė, 23.35, new U20 NR for Lithuania and a qualifying time for Berlin!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, Urtė Baikštytė remains flawless in the high jump at 1.82 and equals her PB of 1.82, probably going to the final with this one. .