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  1. Honestly, it's very odd to see Agger on this list, he has never left the voting on the final days, so perhaps something came up, or he's just having a tough time deciding this year. On a different note, Heywoodu, how strange
  2. Look at it that way, if you give the song that you love 12 points, you increase its winning chances (Also, if the user is feeling bad for not getting much points, your 12 points can make his day)
  3. Alright, thanks for the info, that's pretty much the conclusion that I came up with after I saw the gold, bronze and 6th place
  4. Can someone (that remotely follows gymnastics) tell me if the world cup in Baku was a serious occasion or did the good athletes skip this competition? Because I've noticed that Lithuania snatched two medals and I am wondering if it's something promissing or is he just performing well, because the competition is weak.
  5. Well, I truly hope that Mari Laukkanen is going to be inspired to carry over her results to the next season. I always supported her along with Kaisa Makarainen and it's amazing to see what Mari achieved today, especially after the shocking news.
  6. If you would look at our result history, we never climb in pursuits. Yes, Kočergina managed to climb 1 spot last time with 1+1+0+0, but that was the shooting of her life time, which she will not achieve tomorrow. We are terrible at head to head races and with 4 shooting stages it's even worse
  7. Very very close to the points, would have been a very good day if we managed to score the first points on the women's side, but I guess it's not meant to be this season. We have a lot of things to fix. The most important thing is consistency, we also need to work on the shooting, the ski-speed is also sad for some athletes. The men could have won the 5 quotas for the Olympics, but they just didn't show up this year and brushed it off on sickness, with the women, there is even a deeper problem. Hopefully the main team will stick around for at least 3 more years to give the youth time to grow up to the wc level, because if they retire after the Olympic season, our biathlon is dead and we'll go back to starting 1-2 athletes every world cup
  8. Also, it seems that we beat the Estonian women team today in the sprint and we'll have a mixed relay at the Olympics
  9. Well, I am extremely happy for Mari Laukkanen. Was waiting a long time for her first career win
  10. What I wouldn't give for a Laukkanen win today
  11. I guess this just comes from my general love of music, real life experience of judging and respect for the contest. I couldn't do it any other way if I tried Though I can completely understand not wanting to spend hours and hours listening and analysing every little part of every song
  12. I can explain why I take time to vote during a longer period of time. Firstly, it is proven that you need to listen to a song more than 2,3 times to fully experience the effect of it and to realise its full potential. Secondly, I make 3-4 day breaks after every consecutive re-listening in order to see how time changes my perception of a song. Also, ranking your selected songs on different days help you achieve more well-rounded results, because there are always mood swings (after that you can averagely see which songs constantly do well and which tend to jump around in your rankings) Then, after you have your twelve, there's another ranking required, because your brain gets accustomed to the order in which the songs are played, so you mix them up to see how they rank once the listening order is not specific Final listen to the top 12 to see that you are certainly happy with your decisions and you don't need to regret your votes after 2 days of sending them. Long story short, if your song got points from me, it travelled a long and tough road through my selection process At the moment I am down to 12, but I'm having trouble shaking off 13th and 14th places as they deserve the points as well.
  13. It's not awful, people are just not ready to accept it.
  14. I believe it's complicated now, since some have already voted.
  15. And it's all because of a cooking revolution