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  1. The World Games 2017

    It is very normal in Indonesia, even social medias are able to give better coverage for events like this. I ran a FB page with my friends to share the 'forgotten' Indonesian athletes achievements, which is only able to have 10-25% likes from famous badminton pages (around 13k likes)
  2. The World Games 2017

    I hope in 2021 we can send more than 5 athletes
  3. The World Games 2017

    10th place for our climber... Bye Thanks for hosting us Poland, we're leaving......
  4. The World Games 2017

    I think adding the livestream link in the first page post is more important haha
  5. The World Games 2017

    This is what I need
  6. The World Games 2017

    Thanks But the Olympic Channel is showing nothing but "Sorry" thing since last night (or afternoon in your timezone) despite I've tried to disable adblock or change IP..
  7. The World Games 2017

    By the way, please share any sport climbing links if available... The only Indonesian athlete is going to compete
  8. The World Games 2017

    The Ministry allocate funding to the NOC, National Sport Committee (for non-Olympic sports), NPC. Then those 3 bodies allocate to each federations in need. We have also a special committee to handle multi sport events. The problem is all of them are "conflicting" and leave athletes to suffer while they keep demanding good results.... Even the sport funding must be shared for Youth development which just host not-so-important events.
  9. The World Games 2017

    For this "third tier" sport (which is not in the Olympics nor Asian Games), it is common for athletes or federation to find their own funding. to compete. Although they can request funding from the Ministry of Youth and Sports, I think the ministry is just too focused to thr SEA Games preparation. Even some of thise SEA Games athletes haven't received funding so they can't compete elsewhere to test their skills... It was the same case for Cali 2013, our powerlifters got left out because they couldn't find funding. While our Wushu athletes can go because the Federation president is very keen of this and use his own money to cover the cost.
  10. The World Games 2017

    Feel really sad to my own country, we have 3 powerlifters (1 of them is reigning World Champion) and they couldn't go to Wroclaw... Most likely funding issues.. Only one sport climber who will compete tomorrow..
  11. Badminton: Boonsak Ponsana (2000-2016) Best Result: 4th place in Athens 2004 (MS) Robert Mateusiak (2000-2016) Best Result: Quarterfinals from 2008-2016 (XD) Both won't continue in Tokyo I believe
  12. Full Rio 2016 Olympic Games Event Videos

    Yea.. now they're focusing on old ceremonies
  13. Islamic Solidarity Games 2017

    I knew this when I watched Chinese TV which happened to broadcast about survivor of Bam earthquake about 3 weeks ago. And I also watched in Azerbaijani TV 3 days before ISG started when looking for potential streaming website What I'm interested is the difference of each event.. All I know is swinging the baseball bat looking club in certain movements. (which was the only thing shown on the 2 broadcasts)
  14. Full Rio 2016 Olympic Games Event Videos

    I don't think this really help but on Youtube they said that the events will be slowly uploaded to Olympic Channel website
  15. Islamic Solidarity Games 2017

    No surprise, because Southeast Asian nations considered the Games as a source of pride. Before the "host-must-be-first" virus started and no strange sports pushed to the program, many top athletes are not competing in other bigger championships in order to win medals. It still happens but only in a few sports.. Many countries see this as an opportunity to test their young talents nowadays (except the host nation) and the Big 5 didn't want to lose face..
  16. Islamic Solidarity Games 2017

    I have to say that the future of ISG is already dark.. 2021 in Turkey will be same pattern and same thing. Less countries will be interested, the naturalized athletes smash the countries which are serious, competition only limited to 5-6 countries and in the end no one really cares in hosting them anymore...
  17. Islamic Solidarity Games 2017

    Most of their best athletes are doing intensive training in Malaysia for SEA Games.
  18. Islamic Solidarity Games 2017

    Oh a lot because almost all of those famous 'buyers' are here Indonesia could get a few more gold if those bought people didn't play
  19. I'm okay with this.. But I cant guarantee participation if it starts in a busy moment for me. We might end up creating Continental Championships though
  20. [OFF TOPIC] Eurovision Song Contest 2017

    Portugal won.. A new host! (happy) But Italy didn't get into top 3.. (unhappy) When I woke up and checked the results and in the end I was like " okay :| " And also I found that the winner's speech is a bit... (dunno how to describe in words) Basically he wanted people to appreciate other type of not-so-appreciated music (like his own) and remind to not choosing from visual aspects but in a (maybe) wrong choice of words and (also maybe) a little sprinkle of dislike to mainstream pop music. In the end, everybody just go mad in any comment section discussing the ESC by claiming their own version of view regarding Salvador's speech
  21. Islamic Solidarity Games 2017

    Indonesia bagged its first gold and silver Men's 56 kg weighlifting: Surahmat Wijoyo Muhammad Purkon Amine Bouhijbha
  22. Islamic Solidarity Games 2017

    Turkey bags the first gold medal: 10 m Air Rifle Men: Omer Akgun Mohammad Munna Saidkhon Sayfuddinov
  23. Islamic Solidarity Games 2017

    Watched the opening delayed broadcast just now.. Personally, this is a Asian/European Games level for me. ISG 2013 Opening now looks like a provincial level sport event (we can't really help it because the expected venue was part of a big corruption scandal and relocated in a short notice)
  24. [OFF TOPIC] Eurovision Song Contest 2017

    So this year I only care for Italy Been listening and (secretly) singing the song for days like crazy The only song right now that can drive my attention from Occidentali's Karma is Portugal, but so far I managed to resist the temptation lol
  25. Islamic Solidarity Games 2017

    And no athletes data till now... Hope the events will be available in live stream