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  1. Asian Games 2018

  2. Asian Games 2018

    No more.
  3. Asian Games 2018

    Well not if from 2002 the host is almost homogenous
  4. Asian Games 2018

    Wow it's strange.. They also used it in 2010 too I've also tried asking 5 other Indians from different ages and they also don't know. What did the Chinese put for India
  5. Asian Games 2018

    Opening ceremony: Vidio (only in Indonesia): https://www.vidio.com/live/6273-19-00-opening-ceremony-asian-games-2018 DD sports: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdWsWfyP6Zg Some random startup channels: https://www.youtube.com/results?sp=EgJAAUIECAESAA%3D%3D&search_query=opening+asian+games+2018 (just grab any video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiOt4A-N3CE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4TE5bvKEN8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyxo5Vc-R8M
  6. Asian Games 2018

    Also in this occasion I'd also like to ask Indian members about the title of the song when the Indian team marches in Beijing 1990: @Dolby @Fly_like_a_don
  7. Asian Games 2018

    Rio 2016 Paralympics anyone?
  8. Asian Games 2018

    Hmmm.. If I'm not mistaken it is "Svagat hai" on the sign right? So what's the correct one?
  9. Asian Games 2018

    Fingers crossed guys, I'll try to share some streaming links to the opening In the meantime, enjoy this welcome sign
  10. Asian Games 2018

    According to vidio.com, this is 720p for water polo
  11. Asian Games 2018

    But the coach was not impressed and yelling: "Pass properly, you punks!"
  12. Asian Games 2018

    Kuwait suspension lifted. No more IAA flag.
  13. Badminton at the Asian Games 2018

    They only play in individual event.. Just like Malaysia decided to stay away from women's team
  14. Asian Games 2018

    We don't see this very often
  15. Badminton at the Asian Games 2018

    Men's team draw: vs Bye vs vs Bye vs vs vs vs vs Bye
  16. Badminton at the Asian Games 2018

    Women's team draw: vs bye vs bye vs bye vs vs vs bye vs vs bye
  17. Asian Games 2018

    Badminton draw will be done today at 7 PM local time
  18. Asian Games 2018

    But, but we spent a lot to hire the same Sport Result IT Services from Incheon 2014 (Ssangyong)
  19. Asian Games 2018

    It's normal now..
  20. Asian Games 2018

    Looks like they're testing something again..
  21. Asian Games 2018

    Looking forward for Indonesia vs Saudi. Might even bet for the coach throwing some swear words in Korean
  22. Asian Games 2018

    Yeah, and they also randomly sort countries when you are searching (Indonesia at the bottom, they thought this is the parade of nations!). And the organizing committee is already hallucinating for 2032 Olympics
  23. Asian Games 2018

    Thanks! Asian Games broadcast outside Asia is usually hard to find because imo OCA don't know the potential.. Besides they never really interact with the fans. And this year, even in Indonesia the broadcast is a mess. The right holders (Emtek) have 3 FTA TV stations and till today they only broadcast 2 football matches. Other broadcast partner (from different media group) did broadcast basketball and non-Indonesian football team but those using Pay TV can't watch it. Streaming provided in that Vidio.com website but the quality is trash (720p but still blurry, WTF) Most Indonesian in remote areas uses satellite dish, but they can't watch anything because of the 'broadcast spillover' prevention. During the Asian Games they became a foreigner lol. Lots of complaints (and bad words) were directed to the organizers and Sport Minister. The Sport Minister even sent a letter to Sheikh Ahmad regarding this issue. Pay TV ban is lifted afterwards. The decision to let this Emtek Group is a big question mark when it was announced. Even the CEO caught off-air saying that "Indonesians don't watch the Olympics, and we don't want any low rating shows." >> (yet still get the broadcast rights for Olympics) #donerant
  24. Asian Games 2018

    If you want to know how frustrated is the Indonesian handball coach with the men's team