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  1. Asian Games 2018

    The rule is Indonesia can enter all events and other countries can only enter 2 men's events. (While Malaysia somehow entered 3, for some controversial reason)
  2. Asian Games 2018

    There will be no gold for the host today, good news or bad news?
  3. Asian Games 2018

    She's done for..
  4. Asian Games 2018

    men's team paragliding cross-country
  5. Asian Games 2018

    Not a sight you see everyday
  6. The word 'e-sport' is simply the biggest scam ever invented.
  7. Athletics at the Asian Games 2018

    Well not until either Prince/King sent some "shut-up-money"
  8. Asian Games 2018

    We have some kurash in CH3
  9. Asian Games 2018

    Nepal won silver in paragliding
  10. Asian Games 2018

    Lol no.. Remeber Korea can still rake up gold For each gold in silat, it means we lost gold somewhere else seni 1st gold - soft tennis lost seni 2nd gold - skateboarder lost seni 3rd gold - another skateboarder lost Paragliding also won't get gold this time
  11. Asian Games 2018

    This? The main of main song
  12. Asian Games 2018

    Lol, you'll be killed by the singer hardline fans
  13. Asian Games 2018

    Actually some of the tarung(fighting) matches, clear rigged judging is evident. Tbh I am not really proud winning like this
  14. Asian Games 2018

    Maybe he's just too used to in a ugly concrete velodrome But our men's cycling is just bad, unlike the women's
  15. Archery at the Asian Games 2018

    Cannot trust on screen graphics nowadays
  16. Asian Games 2018

    Head covering is not compulsory. Well actually the Thai athlete is from Southern Thailand which is the area with biggest Muslim population in Thailand. Same goes with Philippines...
  17. Asian Games 2018

    I was expecting North Korean favorite propaganda song in rhythmic gymnastics but they used Danny Boy instead
  18. Asian Games 2018

    Unified Korea won Women's 500 m Traditional Boad Race
  19. Asian Games 2018

    Lol at first I thought I was alright.. Really bad
  20. Asian Games 2018

    Share link?
  21. Asian Games 2018

  22. Asian Games 2018

    And the whole Indonesia talked about how Aswar brothers will crush everyone in the jetski events lol
  23. Asian Games 2018

    WTF CH2 is down because of copyright strike
  24. Asian Games 2018

  25. Asian Games 2018

    Sports with no live coverage..