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  1. Thank you @dcro and @Gianlu33 I tried to find some highlights and I got it on Vietnamese TV. After all they followed the "concept", the president speech makes my expectation down..
  2. I thought it was another speech Looks like I can watch a few more minutes...
  3. Feel bad to those 2 guards holding the Turkmen flag and the OCA flag
  4. Grazie Let's see how much of Berdy's speech I can take
  5. North Korea is beaten hahaha
  6. I have a humble request for you guys.. Can you screenshot the Indonesian team in the parade? Looks like nothing will be uploaded after the events are done. I think I can't watch this all, too tired already.. Apart from failed start, I have to wake up early tomorrow for work Thanks in advance.
  7. And by the way, I think their planned concept is too far from their reach
  8. What kind of Games starts with speech from the head of state
  9. And the actual opening is 20:17 (UTC+5), so was that a countdown to the pre-show?
  10. We have to be patient haha
  11. No, not yet.. 30 minutes to go..
  12. These 2 events today (jiujitsu and traditional wrestling) are Turkmen show. Same thing you can expect in wrestling-related events too. But not in the mainstream sports like track cycling, swimming, athletics, etc.
  13. This other channel also broadcast the Games: http://tv.online.tm/ch006.html Basically you can just switch between channels at that site, Turkmen Sport and Asgabat are the ones that will be non-stop broadcasting
  14. Well Turkmenistan is basically an open and calmer North Korea with religion So I'm not surprised. And the "traditional wrestling" is actually Turkmen wrestling, where athletes are mostly judoka or wrestler. Too many wrestling..
  15. And tomorrow is figure skating debut.. But I dont think they'll broadcast it..
  16. Another Spanovic incident in SEA games which (might) costs us gold.... He protested right away but dismissed by authorities
  17. Badminton BWF World Championships 2017

    Too busy about SEA Games It is broadcasted 11 PM in Indonesia, and because of SEA Games I'm already tired as hell Maybe I'll watch SF and Finals
  18. We cant help them.. Either they are too stingy (for not using foreign IT services) or just plain lazy
  19. Ehehe it's the women's team And our team decided to abandon the match after the Malaysian umpire often "fault" our players during the opening serve kick.. (while ignoring the Malaysian players ofc).
  20. Well there is many mistake here.. Since Guillaume Soh (no 9) is the winner followed by Agus Prayogo (no 4) and Muhaizar (no 5). I think while Myanmar 2013 has terrible English in the website, they can provide a better result system
  21. So this is the biggest controversy last night.. The official guidebook distributed in the opening displayed the Indonesian flag upside down and posted by the Minister of Youth and Sports in his Instagram. His Malaysian counterpart issued an apology later and met each other today. Everyone just got crazy, blasting the already sad-state Games Authorities... But they forgot when Indonesia became host in 2011 they used the Malaysian flag with less stripes and displayed numerous wrong flags. I hope this won't happen in Asian Games 2018, or we are just another laughing stock
  22. http://gms.kualalumpur2017.com.my/RS2017 this updates faster but still same quality
  23. Summer Universiade 2017

    Well it means going to stream SEA Games 2017 and stop watching Universiade for a while
  24. Summer Universiade 2017

    Indonesian team also missed :'(