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  1. Zhou Yang (Short track speed skating) Source: http://www.xinhuanet.com/english/2018-02/07/c_136955798.htm
  2. Akwasi Frimpong (Skeleton) Won Yun-jong (Bobsleigh) http://english.yonhapnews.co.kr/northkorea/2018/02/06/0401000000AEN20180206009000315.html (North Korean counterpart still unknown) Marco Pfiffner (Alpine skiing) Source: http://www.vaterland.li/liechtenstein/sport/marco-pfiffner-ist-der-fahnentraeger;art174,313688
  3. Irineu Esteve (cross country skiing) https://www.diariandorra.ad/noticies/esports/2018/02/01/irineu_esteve_sera_banderer_als_jocs_olimpics_pyeongchang_126261_1128.html Lian De-an (Luge) https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/3353397
  4. Elvedina Muzaferija (Alpine ski) https://www.oslobodjenje.ba/vijesti/sport/ostali-sportovi/elvedina-muzaferija-nosi-zastavu-bih-na-otvaranju-zoi Suela Mehilli (Alpine ski) http://telesport.al/shqiperia-2-sportiste-ne-olimpiaden-dimerore-pyeongchang-2018/ Albin Tahiri (Alpine ski) http://portalionline.com/ja-me-sa-garues-do-te-perfaqesohet-kosova-ne-olimpiaden-dimerore/ Achbadrakh Batmunkh (Cross-country skiing) http://www.olympic.mn/more/870
  5. Georgia named Moris Kvitelashvili (figure skating) as the first candidate. Should he can't attend the opening it will be Iason Abbramashvili (alpine skiing, also 2010 flag bearer). Source: https://popsport.com/article/1380-opitsialurad-sakartvelo-zamtris-olimpiadaze-4-sportsmenit-gamova
  6. Daumants Dreiškens (bobsled)
  7. - Henrik von Appen (Alpine skiing) http://www.cooperativa.cl/noticias/deportes/juegos-olimpicos-de-invierno/henrik-von-appen-sera-el-abanderado-chileno-en-los-juegos-olimpicos-de/2018-01-29/162614.html
  8. Wow I even have a thought that Algeria might step in for the 2019 African Games lol
  9. 1 - Badminton - Men's doubles Maybe weightlifting can do something... But as everyone said, it is way too early. Maybe after the Asian Games I can see a better picture
  10. You should became a language expert in seconds Translating the "xxx flag bearer Olympic 2018" or "xxx flag carry Pyeongchang 2018" to Google Translate will give you access to secret files And after you found a name, try some more research to confirm the validness
  11. will be competing Meanwhile the most populous country in that region.....
  12. Badminton 2018 Discussion Thread

    Don't know what is Hoyer Larsen is up to. We also might change from 3×21 to 5×1+ in May...
  13. Badminton 2018 Discussion Thread

    BWF will announce the information about the new BWF World Tour which will replace the BWF World Superseries in a few hours.. However the names of each level has been leaked: Level 1 : BWF World Tour Finals Level 2 : BWF World Tour Super 1000 Level 3 : BWF World Tour Super 750 Level 4 : BWF World Tour Super 500 Level 5 : BWF World Tour Super 300 Also there is Level 6: BWF Tour Super 100 which won't affect ranking points for the World Tour Finals. Clear copy-paste from ATP World Tour naming, duh.
  14. You know that Poomsae is a judged event, right? 4th is too optimistic, even for the most optimistic Indonesian (unless they don't know about sports at all) Getting 5th - 8th is already a "thank God" moment for us. At this point some sports are still waiting for their funding so they can start training, provide supplements, etc. Even our weightlifters have to miss the World Champs because the government failed to allocate money for their participation. I mean if weightlifting can't get such things, how about the other sports like handball or wrestling?
  15. Winter Olympic Games 2018 News

    "The Winter Games to be held in South Korea will be a good occasion for the country" https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1059624/north-korea-willing-to-compete-at-pyeongchang-2018-reveals-kim-jong-un
  16. Poomsae because Indonesia is quite strong And yes 63 kg and 53 kg is where our best athletes are in And archery is so problematic, the compound archers complained that they're in a state of uncertainty... Table tennis - tennis team event is a no because Indonesia 99% won't get a medal The volunteer program is confusing, and we don't even have a fixed venue list yet. Basketball will move from its original venue to the same venue with badminton, reportedly basketball matches will start on 8 August.... So far it is still ""
  17. Badminton 2017 Discussion Thread

    Never thought there will be a real flag raising in normal badminton circuit lol
  18. Good. In term of badminton is quite good, we have Gideon/Sukamuljo that dominated the men's doubles, we won 1 gold in the World Championships, won 2 golds at World Junior Championships. But we were eliminated at the group stage of Sudirman Cup. Our football is meh... Whatever, I just simply tired with that s**t. We got 38 gold medals in SEA Games, the worst since 1977.. But the whole Games is quite controversial. Luckily our Para-Athletes became the overall champion at ASEAN Para Games. We also have our first swimmer in FINA WC semifinal this year Hopefully 2018 is better.
  19. Not have enough time to scroll all the pages currently but thank you to all who have voted to Indonesian song. Also, @LDOG @konig just saying... It's just a love on the first notes One funny thing is that I almost mistaken it as the Spanish representatives
  20. Go raibh maith agat @OlympicIRL
  21. Yayy first points Thanks @Werloc Unfortunately can't really follow the contest, I'm sick Maybe just showing up for next hour...
  22. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    Now many Indonesians are flooding Twitter with the hashtag #IndonesiaMencariPapah (Indonesia Looking for "Father") - a nickname of him because he used the word "Papa" as his code name from leaked phone recordings Or even joking about suing the police because they don't take the utility pole to the hospital, etc, etc..
  23. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    Still remember the Indonesian politician who staged a fake critical condition to avoid interrogation by the authorities? Now he faked an accident and being "intensively treated" in a big hospital just about 1 mile from my workplace How can a car hit a utility pole from the front but the glass on the rear left part completely off The "accident" happened when he is on the way to the interrogation of yet another corruption case.
  24. Ahh the mainstream type.. Not really a fan of this type, a quite random hip-hop with rapping and fast tempo thingy.. Well, girls from 5 continents adore them though
  25. Sa Bai Dee - Lao Choir of Department of Performing Arts Well since this is a sport forum, I thought why not try theme song from sport events. This song is used for SEA Games 2009 Laos opening ceremony and also many highlights show used this song.