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  1. INDONESIA Jury Scorecard: United States 12 Kazakhstan 11 Italy 10 Serbia 9 Moldova 8 Portugal 7 Bulgaria 6 Morocco 5 Croatia 4 Malta 3 Poland 2 Slovenia 1 That concludes the Indonesian jury vote results. Good luck to everyone. Sampai jumpa ! Goodbye !
  2. INDONESIA Jury Scorecard: Kazakhstan 11 Italy 10 Serbia 9 Moldova 8 Portugal 7 Bulgaria 6 Morocco 5 Croatia 4 Malta 3 Poland 2 Slovenia 1
  3. INDONESIA Apa kabar Britania Raya? Salam dari Jakarta Hello Britain. Greetings from Jakarta Thank you for hosting the event, it is amazing. Without any further delay, here are the votes from Indonesian jury. Jury Scorecard: Italy 10 Serbia 9 Moldova 8 Portugal 7 Bulgaria 6 Morocco 5 Croatia 4 Malta 3 Poland 2 Slovenia 1
  4. Despite the late arrival due to demonstration in Jakarta yesterday, Indonesian delegation managed to have a visit around Londonderry. Well actually just a visit to one section of the wall, take a photo, and hurriedly getting ready to the main venue
  5. Well according to a news 2 days ago, there will be 431 events and so far OCA currently lists 426 of them. OCA rejects our vice-president's plan to reduce to 420-something events in 36 sports (so the sports will stay as it is now, unless the equestrian issue finally force those events to be held somewhere else and maybe it is possible to make room for other events). What I know is that all the Olympic events listed in the current program, no changes will be made. And the Organizing Committee's VP also stated that there will be no changes of event numbers in jet ski, paragliding, and bridge.
  6. Well... I can understand your anger/dislike, but as I've posted before: You haven't seen Southeast Asian Games yet. Take note that Indonesia is the first non East Asian country or oil rich West Asian country to host the AG since 1998 (and will be like that until 2026). We have limited resources, funds, athletes, interest in sports, etc but we want to win more medals as host and we are going to try everything possible to get more medals (that's how we do it in the Southeast ). Dirty, unfair, full of scandal, just name it.. I believe any country with the same sport condition at least will cut some events which will be a disadvantage for them since OCA doesn't really enforce a strict rule about the events (even worse in SEAGF for SEA Games). Bridge, jetski, paragliding - yes... a warm welcome to those coming to the beautiful archipelago to compete next year And addition of sport like Pencak Silat for me is just like adding Sepak Takraw in 1990, it's about the Southeast Asian nations. But as of today the Asian Big 3 already winning medals... It's about time before countries started to picking up... Plus that "list of events" is not confirmed... There might be changes until a final list in August 2017. I think OCA trusts Indonesia too much - hopefully we will be able to deliver them in time
  7. Yea forgot to add "bizzare title" at that one
  8. Yes. Despite the bizarre lyrics there are some good melodies to offer "We have Nothing to Envy in the World" and "Let's Study" are some of my favorites
  9. Bayonets, bombs, revolution and "General, I will bow to you" is not that good haha There are much better songs out there
  10. Yes.. It was a desperate thing from my country to achieve "15 gold medals" or "top 10 position" in 2018 But since we are dealing with more countries, we can't really force our way like in the Southeast Asian Games In SEA Games, the host can freely include or exclude events in order to gain more medals. No country will really object the decision since they also have done it when they are hosting the SEA Games..
  11. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    Pfftt so funny Indonesia is omitted from badminton and shows up in table tennis instead.
  12. You can post any song as long as the country of origin not from the competing nations.
  13. Ye Lay ft. Hlwan Plaing - Lady Ye Lay ( ရဲလေး), born Ye Htun Min, is a Burmese hip hop artist, In May 2013, he wed Aye Mya Aung, the daughter of Burmese minister Aung Min. That's what Wikipedia knows I just find this song catchy after a random search in Youtube.
  14. Ai Piah Cia Eh Yia (Strive So You Can Win) So this is a hit Taiwanese Hokkian song from late 80s, sung by Yeh Hsien-hsiu. It is so popular in Hokkian-speaking Area of Asia, the motivational lyrics in the song is so powerful even Chinese descendants in Southeast Asia who didn't really speak Chinese/Hokkian know the lyrics or can hum the song. jit si shi ji ng mien luang than Once failed, no need to lose hope Jit si lok piek ng mien tan than Once dreaded, no need to worry na tang sit khi hi bang Mustn't lose hope or mui dit chui bang bang Get drunk everyday bo hun uu the chin ching eu chow lang Body became soulless like a scarecrow lin sin ko tee si hai seong eh po luong Life is just like ocean's wave wu si khi wu shi lo Sometimes up sometimes down ho un phai un Good luck or bad luck chong mai ciao ki kang lai kia Just accept and get thru it sa hun thi ju tia 30 percent from the Heavens chit hun kho pa pia 70 percent from yourself ai piah jia eh iah Strive, so you can win
  15. I hope I don't forget to vote Btw, for the FOTM: Myanmar and Chinese Taipei
  16. [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread

    I have learned German for a while and I catch a few words.. Nice one "Kein Dictator!"
  17. Badminton 2017 Discussion Thread

    So after 74 days, let's have a bit of update on BWF event bidding candidates: Thomas/Uber Cup (Men's and women's team WC) 2018: Bangkok and New Delhi World championships 2018: Nanjing (sole bidder) Sudirman Cup (Mixed team WC) 2019: Nanning, yes Nanning not Nanjing (sole bidder ) World championships 2019: Tokyo and Basel Basically everyone is so afraid of Chinese venue collections and stayed off from bidding in that events And it looks like all those events will be in Asia, since it is very likely for BWF to award WBC 2019 to Tokyo for Olympic test event. Unless an European (or other continent) country bids for the World Junior Championships (TBD later this year), we won't see any badminton major events outside Asia until 2020. A reverse condition from 2015-2017 bidding where it managed to spread to Pan Am and Oceania
  18. [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread

    For me this is pretty simple. Imagine this: If you want to have a birthday party in your house with your friends, no one will really care because it is your business and happens in your place (unless you shoot fireworks to your neighbor's house). But if you want to have one in your friend's house, have you make sure his/her parents agree with that? Can you make sure that the house will still stand after the party? Well I'm aware about the politics in this case is somehow complicated, but prevention is better than cure.
  19. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    Olympic bidders nowadays are around this type: Developed countries which whine about the cost Political agenda seasoned bids which originate from countries with unstable politics Extremely "rich" countries or a country that really want to host so bad in order to show their "development" "Mediocre" countries which want to host but unable to guarantee how will they deliver the games and what will happen after the Games It is really saddening to see the Olympic bids had gone to state like this.... Are there any countries which want to bid solely for the spirit of sports? (none ofc ) How many times will East Asian country act as "Bangkok" of the Olympics?
  20. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    Many countries are preparing for 2028... It's a pity if we can't see their idea becoming a reality.. And we also don't want the appointed 2028 host suddenly go mad (due to politics or whatever) and withdrew in 2025 or 2026
  21. Asian Winter Games 2017

    Pretty sad in women's figure skating.. Almost everyone in the first batch touched the ice (including ours...)
  22. Just wondering if @#MA has changed his song since it was from 2015? Or we need @bestmen to speak to him in Arabic/French?