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  1. Isheau Wong - Equestrian Source: http://www.setn.com/News.aspx?NewsID=170165 Flings Owusu-Agyapong - Athletics Source: http://ghanasportsonline.com/index.php/other-sports/item/9668-flings-owusu-agyapong-to-be-ghana’s-flag-bearer-at-rio-2016-opening-ceremony Shah Hussain Shah - Judo Source: http://www.radio.gov.pk/04-Aug-2016/24-member-contingent-to-represent-pakistan-in-rio-olympics Mamadama Bangoura - Judo Source: https://mediaguinee.org/2016/08/03/30e-edition-jo-rio-2016-guinee-5-athletes-3-disciplines-ralliera-lieux-de-competition-retard/ Joaquim Lobo - Canoe Sprint Source: http://www.abola.pt/africa/ver.aspx?id=624500 Karl-Martin Rammo - Sailing Source: http://rio2016.postimees.ee/3787817/eesti-lippu-kannab-omi-avatseremoonial-karl-martin-rammo (Big catch )
  2. Summer Olympic Games 2016 News

    Yep it's Turkmenistan >> Building 18 + IOC + Refugee Team >> Building 15 >> Building 28 >>Building 17 >> Building 24
  3. Yeah.. It's him, different romanization I think it's not official, I've just read a few articles that confirms he's just candidate.
  4. Lenchu Kunzang - Shooting (I just asked the Bhutanese Olympic Commitee Facebook Page )
  5. Mykola Milchev - Shooting Source:http://noc-ukr.org/en/news/12896/ And Belarus' flag bearer will change because they said IOC only let active athletes to be flag bearer Vasily Kiriyenko - Cycling source: http://eng.belta.by/sport/view/vasily-kiriyenko-named-belarus-olympic-flag-bearer-93329-2016/
  6. LAO PDR Total Athletes: 6 (4 Men, 2 Women) ATHLETICS Laenly Phoutthavong - Women's 100 m (2012 Olympian, her event is actually Long Jump) Xaysa Anousone - Men's 110 m hurdles (Bronze medalist at the 2013 Southeast Asian Games) CYCLING - ROAD Ariya Phounsavath - Men's Road Race (He is from Lao-French parents and his full name is Alex Ariya Phounsavath Destribois) JUDO Soukphaxay Sithisane - Men's 60 kg (Bronze medalist at the Southeast Asian Games 2015) SWIMMING Siri Arun Budcharern - Women's 50 m freestyle (The youngest in Lao squad, 14 y.o.) Santisouk Inthavong - Men's 50 m freestyle
  7. Summer Olympic Games 2016 News

    Some more updates.. >> Building 18 + IOC + Refugee Team >> Building 15 >> Building 28 >>Building 17 >> Building 24
  8. Summer Olympic Games 2016 News

    Even worse in Indonesia, most of them only know the top 10-15 badminton players and the European football stars. Phelps and Bolt gained popularity here during Beijing 2008, but no one really cares about London 2012 except badminton and weightlifting (and football maybe :P)... And also not until London 2012 Paralympics and Sochi 2014 most of people here know that Paralympics and Olympic Winter Games do exist. As a big fan of the Olympics, I feel I am living in the wrong place because the ratings are low thus making it hard to watch the Olympics...
  9. Ashley Kelly - Athletics http://bviolympics.org/?p=2458 Soren Opti - Badminton http://www.dwtonline.com/laatste-nieuws/2016/08/02/opti-vlaggendrager-suriname-in-rio/
  10. Summer Olympic Games 2016 News

    Nepali looking at this be like: "We're fine :') " (But seriously, this is not professional at all)
  11. Summer Olympic Games 2016 News

    Usually they have a separate village or accommodation for Sailing...
  12. Summer Olympic Games 2016 News

    Thanks. So if anyone found an update, just copy this so we can keep it as the time flows >> Building 18 + IOC + Refugee Team >> Building 15 >> Building 28 >> Building 24
  13. Summer Olympic Games 2016 News

    Let's gather information to know which nation will share a building/block in the Olympic Village.. The information is a bit rare though haha Each row of flags share the same building >> Building 18 + IOC + Refugee Team >> Building 15 >> Building 24
  14. Summer Olympic Games 2016 News

    Umm yeah.. I'll try to make a list later in the evening (GMT+7 )
  15. Summer Olympic Games 2016 News

    (What nakes it really shocking is the fact that India has 4x qualified athletes than Indonesia, and of course the chance of getting medals).
  16. Summer Olympic Games 2016 News

    For Indonesia: Gold: IDR 5 billion (about € 342.000) Silver: IDR 2 billion (about € 136.000) Bronze: IDR 1 billion (about € 68.000) Not to mention the government now will give monthly allowance to retired Olympic medalists (€ 1370 for gold, €1025 for silver, € 685 for bronze). If you're badminton player, the Badminton Federation will award another IDR 1 billion for gold medalist, IDR 500 million for silver, and IDR 250 million for bronze. And then the badminton clubs, it never ends
  17. Summer Olympic Games 2016 News

    I can see Cambodia, Afghanistan, and Vietnam
  18. Summer Olympic Games 2016 News

    Without notifying us North Korean team has moved to the village
  19. Summer Olympic Games 2016 News

    Now what makes me wonder is why the Indonesian officials doesn't have any photos about their own corner
  20. Summer Olympic Games 2016 News

    Didn't know that I feel embarrassed for googling "I feel love olympic team"
  21. Summer Olympic Games 2016 News

    I googled a bit and found that Slovenia is one building with Portugal (at the top) From the previous photo we can only see the bold part "I Feel Love"
  22. Summer Olympic Games 2016 News

    From the Indonesian corner we can see Finland, Denmark, and Portugal
  23. Summer Olympic Games 2016 Team Sizes

    Exactly. Every other countries not listed in that article will have at least 3 athletes. Little update from Brunei: - 3 Athletes - Md Fakhri Ismail (Athletics) - Maizurah Abdul Rahim (Athletics) - Jaspar Yu Woon Chai (Badminton) Source: http://www.bt.com.bn/sports-national/2016/07/31/yu-smashing-his-way-olympic-history-books#sthash.z6HP9FLW.6w2p4UqT.dpbs (Image: Jaspar Yu's IG)