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  1. We cant help them.. Either they are too stingy (for not using foreign IT services) or just plain lazy
  2. Ehehe it's the women's team And our team decided to abandon the match after the Malaysian umpire often "fault" our players during the opening serve kick.. (while ignoring the Malaysian players ofc).
  3. Well there is many mistake here.. Since Guillaume Soh (no 9) is the winner followed by Agus Prayogo (no 4) and Muhaizar (no 5). I think while Myanmar 2013 has terrible English in the website, they can provide a better result system
  4. So this is the biggest controversy last night.. The official guidebook distributed in the opening displayed the Indonesian flag upside down and posted by the Minister of Youth and Sports in his Instagram. His Malaysian counterpart issued an apology later and met each other today. Everyone just got crazy, blasting the already sad-state Games Authorities... But they forgot when Indonesia became host in 2011 they used the Malaysian flag with less stripes and displayed numerous wrong flags. I hope this won't happen in Asian Games 2018, or we are just another laughing stock
  5. http://gms.kualalumpur2017.com.my/RS2017 this updates faster but still same quality
  6. Summer Universiade 2017

    Well it means going to stream SEA Games 2017 and stop watching Universiade for a while
  7. Summer Universiade 2017

    Indonesian team also missed :'(
  8. Summer Universiade 2017

    Ok guys. I'm going to KL 2017
  9. Summer Universiade 2017

    Lol no... Of course I'd be sharing the info if it started
  10. Summer Universiade 2017

    Duh.. screw this and watch SEA Games Opening instead ()
  11. It's the same team: Debbie Soh and Miya Yong
  12. I want to ask everyone to test this SEA Games streaming link: https://www.vidio.com/live/5360-17-aug-12-30-aquatic-synchronised-swimming-solo-free-routine Can you access it? If it available it means http://vidio.com/live can be another SEA Games Experience
  13. Yes.. Inside a rink in integrated office tower + hotel + apartment + shopping mall
  14. Not a surprise, since the actual games is planned to be longer than 30 August, before authorities realized that 31 August is Eid-al-Adha which is really important in Malaysia and other Muslim majority countries. But usually they will push unpopular event to finish first.. Dunno why they do that with archery and synchronized swimming (where Malaysian athletes have a high chance of gold)
  15. Lol Better watch some random exotic event and opening ceremony without thinking about the website