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  1. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    Looks like FIG gave Namibia a spot in artistic gymnastics despite their athlete only competing in the vault. Link
  2. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    Here are the nations that will compete in dancesport (break dancing) B-Boys: B-Girls:
  3. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    For those interested in new sports the final qualifiers for break dancing will happen this weekend. Here are the entries Looking at the website it appears no tripartite invitations was given (since they advertised 11+Argentina boys and girls will qualify) which is weird as there are a couple of tripartite nations that have made the finals. I guess the NOC didn't know about them. Also due to continental requirements Australia will qualify one of their boys while South Africa's Jordan has already qualified. No athletes from Africa and Oceania are competing in the girls' events. I wonder if at the Olympics they will be referred to by their real or stage name.
  4. Sailing 2018 Discussion Thread

    The Finn replacement is a bit dumb. I doubt ISAF will find a combination where both boats would produce equal performances, it will likely cause one gender to dominate the other. A two boat team race where they add up the two performances would be interesting though.
  5. Men's Ice Hockey IIHF World Championship 2018

    It's been 10 years since a promoted team survived, can Austria defeat Belarus?
  6. Table Tennis ITTF Team World Championships 2018

    I wonder if the winner of Japan/Ukraine will contest the decision. Probably not since the ITTF are so for it.
  7. Gymnasiade 2018

    It cost money to attend events
  8. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    Currently Algeria has a girl in a qualification position. Should Africa not be given any spots in the boys' tournament through the tripartite commission then Egypt will qualify by having the highest ranked athlete from the continent.
  9. I still don't know why Europe can't have their own separate qualifiers. They are essentially relying on the results against non-European nations to qualify. You can use the FIFA World Cup qualifiers as the initial qualifiers, but is it that hard to have the qualifiers take put in a mini tournament? I guess it's a bit awkward this year because there will be nine teams at the World Cup, maybe they can exclude the play-off winner or have three groups of three teams with the winner qualifying to the Olympics.
  10. The standard in South America and Mexico is getting better. They will likely finish in the back of the pack at the Olympics, but they won't get completely crushed. There may be a few complaints from Europe if both Canada and the United States qualify through the World Equestrian Games.
  11. Yeah, Canada has no excuse for missing out in a full team for at least the foreseeable future. I still dislike that the individual qualifiers in jumping for Groups D and E are combined, but are separate in dressage and eventing. Jumping is relatively the most competitive discipline for Group D, but it'll be a tall order to beat out Group E nations. Meanwhile Barbados has a free spot in eventing provided the athletes reach the minimum criteria and no other nation decides to qualify in eventing.
  12. Commonwealth Games 2018

    India could win no golds on the last two days and I'd give them a good chance. Canada would have to hope to sweep the remaining wrestling medals (very unlikely) to have any chance and then hope India goes 0-6 in boxing. With that said I don't see South Africa leapfrogging us. They don't have too many chances over the last two days to win gold
  13. Commonwealth Games 2018

    After five 4th place finishes in lawn bowls it looks like Canada will win a medal.
  14. Commonwealth Games 2018

    It doesn't help that the games are in April, the start of the season for many sports. Sure all of the other nations are at the same disadvantage, except for Australia whom no doubt have been peaking for this moment. It also doesn't help that Canada and Australia overlap in events that they are good at.
  15. Commonwealth Games 2018

    3 DNS in one heat for the men's 4x100m relay.
  16. Commonwealth Games 2018

    Right now India should be the favourite to win more gold medals (though in Canada we go by total medals so we have third place on lock down :P). Friday's results will likely determine who will finish on top.
  17. Commonwealth Games 2018

    We are 1 nation short from tying the record of most nations to win a medal at the Commonwealth Games (39 nations). Though given the semifinalists in boxing we will break that record.
  18. Commonwealth Games 2018

    Quite happy for the women's team. Too bad they never qualify to the Olympics.
  19. Commonwealth Games 2018

    Quite a bad day for Canada. At this rate we may not even match our total from 2014.
  20. Commonwealth Games 2018

    Looks like Canada has regain its fear of winning gold. There are still a few sports that should help; boxing, diving, rhythmic gymnastics and wrestling should give us multiple golds. Athletics too.
  21. Commonwealth Games 2018

    The Pacific Nations are having a great games, combined they have won 14 medals which is better than the 8 they won in 2014. With the end of weightlifting they won't have too many more medal opportunities with Fiji in men's rugby sevens and Vanuatu in women's beach volleyball being their best chances. For Canada it looks like we'll have third place locked up in terms of total medals. Golds on the other hand may be a big battle.
  22. Commonwealth Games 2018

    Looks like we're down to a three person race with 4km to go.
  23. Commonwealth Games 2018

    So Canada is predicting 100 medals at the Commonwealth Games and I don’t really know where they think they’ll get 18 extra medals relative to 2014. Here’s a quick breakdown. Athletics 2014 Performance: 17 medals With so many events things can be quite variable until we start seeing the performance from our athletes. For many of them (and other nations) this will be their first major competition of the outdoor season which can only add to the potential wackiness. On paper we should be able to match 2014’s performance though I’m not seeing us winning much more than 20 medals. Badminton 2014 Performance: 1 medal Michelle Li will be our best chance at winning a medal at the games and she isn’t guaranteed either. No one else really has a chance. Basketball/Beach Volleyball vs. Judo 2014 Performance (Judo): 3 medals Judo was replaced by basketball and beach volleyball and while there are only four events Canada has a chance at winning a medal in all of them. Men’s basketball is the least likely medal, but I feel strongly that we’ll be able to counter the lost medals from judo. Boxing 2014 Performance: 3 medals Boxing may not be strong in Canada, but the nation will have an opportunity to better their 2014 performance. The additional women’s events are helpful and overall Canada received favourable draws, avoiding many of the top nations until the semi-finals in most of the events. Cycling 2014 Performance: 3 medals Canada has already won two medals and are huge favourites to win one more in women’s mountain biking. Winning more medals in track cycling will be difficult given the nations competing, but arguably Canada has outside chances in a couple of more events which will be helpful. Diving 2014 Performance: 7 medals Canada had a really good performance in 2014 and it will be hard to match it. The women are maxed out and may even underperform relatively so it will be up to the men to snag more than the single medal won in 2014. Gymnastics 2014 Performance: 15 medals This will likely be a source of gained medals for Canada, mostly due to the women’s artistic team. Based on qualification the men are on pace to match 2014 while the women are on pace to win 7 vs. the 3 they won in 2014. The rhythmic team is relatively weaker this time, but should be a medal threat in all events. Hockey 2014 Performance: 0 medals Neither team is likely to win a medal here. Lawn bowls 2014 Performance: 1 medal Ryan Bester was a silver medalist at the 2016 worlds in singles while Kelly McKerihen won bronze. Both will be a medal threat, but it’ll be unlikely for both of them to win something. Netball 2014 Performance: 0 medals Canada is not participating. Powerlifting 2014 Performance: 0 medals Canada is not participating Rugby sevens 2014 Performance: 0 medals The women’s event was added meaning Canada will have a great chance at medaling here. Of course there is the chance it may finish fourth. The men are not likely to pose a threat for a medal, but anything can happen in this sport. Shooting 2014 Performance: 3 medals This will likely be Canada’s worst performing sport relative to 2014. I don’t see any medals won in this sport, though to be fair I don’t really know the rankings for the Queen’s Prize. Squash 2014 Performance: 0 medals It is unlikely that Canada will win a medal here. Swimming 2014 Performance: 11 medals As much as our women’s swimming team is talked about now, they weren’t too bad in 2014 either. Many of our most likely medal were already in events that Canada won in 2014. After the first two days I don’t see us beating our total by more than 2-3. The issue is the men’s side which haven’t really grown and are now without Cochrane. I honestly thought 0 medals for the men was possible, but at least Thormeyer has prevented the shutout. Table tennis 2014 Performance: 1 medal With Singapore and to a lesser extent England likely to soak up all the medals I’m having trouble giving anyone more of an outside chance. A medal to match 2014 is possible, but I don’t see it. Triathlon 2014 Performance: 1 medal Canada already matched 2014’s performance. Our only other chance will be in the relay. We definitely have a chance there, but I wouldn’t classify us as a medal favourite. Weightlifting 2014 Performance: 4 medals We have already won 2 medals. The women have three more chances for medals, though they could always bomb out like what happened in the 48kg. The men are favoured to win one medal, but the others will be competitive should somebody underperform. Wrestling 2014 Performance: 12 medals The reduction in events means Canada will have to win medals in all events just to match 2014. On paper we should win medals in all events, but all it would take is a bad draw or an upset to prevent a sweep. Overall Canada should perform better than 2014, but breaking triple digits will be hard to do. It’s definitely possible, but it would be at their upper range. Realistically, low 90s would be an average performance, but I guess that isn’t as flashy for the media.
  24. Commonwealth Games 2018

    And just like in 2014 Australia sets a new world record in the women's 4x100m Canada can't compete with that...
  25. Commonwealth Games 2018

    Weightlifting Men's -56kg Games record for Malaysia in the total category