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  1. Asian Games 2018

    Hopefully it stays for the Olympics.
  2. Swimming Pan Pacific Championships 2018

    Too bad the men's team is almost non-existent. Only one medal and several races where they didn't make the A Final. Though to be fair Brazil did make it harder for the men vs. the women.
  3. Summer Olympic Games 2020 Team Sizes

    There will also be a quota given from the mixed team competition which will allow athletes to compete in both the mixed and individual events
  4. Sailing ISAF World Championships 2018

    Yeah, only four events which will have free spots to Pacific nations (though sadly Laser Radial isn't one of them). There's still the 2019 World Champs...
  5. Women's Softball WBSC World Championship 2018

    I think the discipline will be safe until the other sports become gender neutral. It at least keeps the difference slightly smaller. So basically until Greco-Roman wrestling adds women events or gets kicked out of the Olympics.
  6. Women's Softball WBSC World Championship 2018

    Remember when that vote happened water polo was protected because the vote was by sport (and no way aquatics was going to get kicked out). I'd argue that water polo is the most likely team sport to be kicked out, not only is it played by relatively few nations the ones that do play it come from mostly one continent with a bunch of token nations around the world. At least in field hockey and rugby sevens the top and secondary teams are more geographically diverse. As for softball, they are better off trying to bring in a men's team than to try to get a 24 person baseball tournament that will likely never get MLB to agree to join.
  7. There's a chance, but they definitely won't be the favourites. The core teams are still a step ahead of the other teams and the final qualification tournament will have at least three of them competing, not to mention Ireland whom is a bit of a wildcard now that they are starting to care about rugby sevens. Germany's best bet is to hope Great Britain (England) and France qualify through the world series and then go all in at the European champs and defeat Spain/Russia/Ireland
  8. Women's Softball WBSC World Championship 2018

    I'm just upset that so few quotas are available in baseball/softball. It likely won't matter for Canada in softball, but baseball will be quite difficult to qualify in.
  9. Sailing ISAF World Championships 2018

    Poor Austria, they capsized and lost the gold...
  10. Women's Softball WBSC World Championship 2018

    Huge win by Canada against Australia. This also guarantees an American nation will win the quota (even if the US was a huge favourite pre-tournament) and likely means Chinese Taipei won't qualify a team. Of course in a six team tournament there was always going to be snubs.
  11. Shooting ISSF World Championships 2018

    Probably to guarantee there would be enough entries for the event. In the unlikely scenario that an entirely different set of 29 countries qualified in the two individual events.
  12. Shooting ISSF World Championships 2018

    They won't have to, as you said they could be double starters. Honestly I doubt a nation would use three athletes over the individual and team events, they'll most likely return an athlete quota.
  13. Shooting ISSF World Championships 2018

    No because in the qualification document it states that the athlete can still qualify their NOC a quota in the individual event. Also if you were to add up the athlete quotas the mixed team event quotas are separate so in theory you could have a completely different athlete competing in the mixed team event than in the individual events.
  14. Women's Softball WBSC World Championship 2018

    It's a winnable match, IMO
  15. Sailing ISAF World Championships 2018

    Why is it unworthy?
  16. Sailing ISAF World Championships 2018

    The results page for the women's 470 seems to suggest there will be two medal races? I think it's a glitch, have we ever seen that before?
  17. Sailing ISAF World Championships 2018

    Most of the quotas are given through the 2018 and 2019 World Championships so for the most part the top nations are qualifying. Besides the only event where both Canada and the United States are in qualifying positions is the Laser Radial, which isn't too bad considering 44 nations will compete. There are a couple of chances for the 2019 Worlds. It's definitely no Australia/New Zealand where both nations will likely qualify in almost all of the events between the two World Championships.
  18. Women's Softball WBSC World Championship 2018

    China/Italy will decide the fourth team in Group B. The Netherlands will have a chance in Group A, but require Mexico to defeat Chinese Taipei
  19. Summer Olympic Games 2020 News

    Just schedule the events at different times...
  20. Poland isn't too bad, maybe they left out a few people in athletics or decline to replace an injured athlete with another one. The Netherlands and Sweden are pretty bad, while in swimming for France they won't let you in unless you have a legit chance for a medal.
  21. Sailing ISAF World Championships 2018

    The 5th Nacra 17 race had almost half the racers failing to finish due to going over the time limit. The wind just died
  22. I look forward to this experience. Right now there's not much since qualifications just began, but I hope to keep you guys updated.
  23. Women's Softball WBSC World Championship 2018

    Quite the third inning for TPE/PUR: 6-4, that's usually the score seen in an entire game...
  24. Women's Softball WBSC World Championship 2018

    Yeah they were not impressive so far, they needed an 8th inning to defeat Italy. I had Australia as the favourites to win the Asian/Oceania qualifier, but unless things changes they may be the underdog.
  25. [OFF TOPIC] Sports related jobs

    More of a hobby, but I rebooted my blog to report on the 2020 qualification process, hopefully gaining early information on nation's athlete's selection. Once I get enough viewers I'll upgrade to have my own domain name.