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  1. This was Lisbon's Airport today, when Salvador arrived. Unbelievable!!!!
  2. Here you can see Portuguese reception of salvador, at the airport. Amazing!!!! Salvador airport reception
  3. Amazing!!!!!! Never thought I would be alive to see something like this!!!! PORTUGAL!!!!!!!
  4. After all of the songs, I could bet that the winner is going to be Bulgaria this year. not my favorite, but I think it's the one that will get more votes.
  5. Not sure about winning (Portugal don't have a lot of neighbor countries from which we can get safe votes, like what happens to other countries), but I really would like it to be the best classification ever, which would be ending better than 6o place!
  6. Dont resist the temptation.... Join the Dark Side....
  7. You know what really surprised me? That, among all the weirdness of our portuguese singer, he still managed to be one of the most normal singers compared with most of the competition
  8. Jamala : "Thank you to all my fans!!!" [akward silence.....]
  9. My top (excluding my own nation): - Finland - Iceland - Slovenia That's it, I found all the other ones terrible, really painfull to watch, sorry for the nations involved
  10. In fact, I think people only started to support him after finding out he has a heart condition that almost made him give up from going to kiev, forbidden by his doctor. Now, it seems (for what I see on social network, since I no longer live in Portugal ) that all the nation, which usually dont care at all about the contest, is watching and supporting him!
  11. Yap, the guy is weird. So weird that everyone initially didnt like the song actualy. I like it, but I dont think this is a Eurovision song, that is why i dont understand the favourite thing.
  12. Definitely not Although, with so many horrible songs, I would not be surprised if qualifies for the final hahaha
  13. He has heart problems, we werent even sure if he would be allowed by his doctor to participate on the contest......
  14. Sorry everyone but this last weeks have been terrible busy with work. I just finished reading throught all the contest posts, and I am really happy that Portuguese song ended up in such a high place! 8th is great, but more than that it means that there were a lot of you who liked the song, and I am happy to be able to show you the good music from my own nation. Also, I congratulare the winners for their song, but also for the awesome second place! Although I didnt enjoy their song at all and that i didnt gave it any points, it would be great to see our "povo irmão" winning the contest Great organization and great contest, and I dont know the exact historical statistics, but I think the greatest contest ever for Portugal!