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  1. Best player in the world.... of 2016 Haters gonna hate!
  2. Ronaldo won the "Best FIFA Men's Player" award!!!
  3. This Saturday died Mario Soares, a man we called the "Father of Democracy", a man who while young fought the Far-Right dictatorship (got arrested and tortured multiple times), that after the end of dictatorship was responsible for uniting the people against a Communist attempt to take power, a man that was prime minister and then President of our country, and the man who was responsible for Portugal entrance to the European Union, with all the benefits that brought to our nation. People are making lines to "say goodbye" to one of the most important persons of Portuguese modern history:
  4. Zermatt
  5. So I returned here to check the winner... guess I will have to wait until tomorrow haha
  6. And this will be my last (and only haha) participation here, as I have to go now (i'll only wait to see the result of my prediction ) Good luck to everyone and may the luckiest person here won! I'll check the results when I return
  7. Ok! I warn when I will need to go. Let's hope I don't give bad luck hehe
  8. I'm here if needed, but I can only play for a few rounds
  9. I'm not sure I'm gonna be here either. I'll probably be eating dinner by that time
  10. in the northern west. We at the South-West eat between 20h and 21h , and I think the Spanish eat even later
  11. That's a good idea, a joined hosting like in football (Belgium/Netherlands, Korea/Japan, Poland/Ukraine). Maybe if you win you can do Algeria/Tunisia and make a joined African hosting
  12. He is being mocked here because of that video. Not that it isn't a good message for a good cause, because it is, and he is admired for that. But because he said "I am a very famous player" on a message for Syrian refugees
  13. I think I've already put this here before somewhere on this forum, but anyway here you go. It's his real mother btw...
  14. Oh, and btw, MERRY F*CKING CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE! (link to the south park song: South Park - Merry Christmas )