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  1. so, still about the "amazing" Cristiano Ronaldo Airport, today was the inauguration, and they inaugurated a statue in the airport in honour of Ronaldo and.... well, I can't explain it without laughing so here it is: And of course, everyone in Portugal started to use their skills in photoshop and created hilarious pictures hahaha
  2. You shouldn't, you would miss a lot of amazing landscapes
  3. Just a curious fact related to football: from tomorrow, March 29th, Madeira's International Airport (Madeira is one of the Portuguese islands) will be renamed to "Cristiano Ronaldo Airport". No, this is no joke. Some are already wondering if this will be the look of the airport at the nearby future:
  4. Great! Mission acomplished then But I want to show my country's music on different music genres, so I wouldnt put Moonspell again
  5. Yes, I just did! Easy choice for the first 3, reeeallllyyyyyy difficult for the other ones.... Not a good contest for my music taste
  6. Portugal song is quite nice to be a radio national hit, but in my opinion a bit terrible for Eurovision. But since we are kind of used to end up in the last positions, and because the other portuguese candidate songs were beyond horrible, it's an ok song for me.
  7. Sorry for the delay, I only had this weekend to look for a song. A bit difficult task, since I dont particullary like any released song from last year, but I found this one a few weeks ago, and I like it, so now it is Portugal's entry for this year's contest!!! He is Portuguese, she is not. She is from Cape Verde (Cabo Verde), one of our ex-colonies, a nation with whom Portugal (and portuguese people) have really good and friendly relationship with. So, consider this a kind of joined entry from two friendly nations PORTUGAL Branko & Mayra Andrade - Reserva Pra Dois
  8. Nope, I will put the last America First video. We actually launched a while ago, right after the dutch one, but I forgot to share it with you
  9. I actually was happy to know that Ajax was on Europa league, and I was thinking of watching this eliminatory match when they play here in Holland. But then I saw that their opponents were Legia, and I saw what they did in Lisbon a few years ago (or months? i dont remember), so I think I will skip it this time
  10. Amazing Benfica!!!! Great victory today against Borussia!!! I think it is still gonna be hard for them to pass, but who knows!
  11. You can put one of those on the contest and show the remaining on the festival of music, no? If you think are good songs, they should be shared, even if not for the contest
  12. Hey hey! Those are busy times here for the Portuguese delegation (i moved to the Netherlands recently), but there is no way I would miss this contest!! After all, Portugal and Great Britain share the oldest alliance in the world still in force, since 1386!!! Not really sure if there is any song that I find suitable, but something will be arranged!!
  13. Best player in the world.... of 2016 Haters gonna hate!
  14. Ronaldo won the "Best FIFA Men's Player" award!!!