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  1. What were those two doing there?
  2. That was just... too, too, good. Too bad we'll never get a Kostelic-Schiffrin clash.
  3. Sloppy performace tbh
  4. Frida has been MIA this whole season and peaked right before and during the World Champs
  5. Gisin... I mean... WHAT?
  6. Class is permanent
  7. Wikstroem has been 'young and talented' skier ever since I started following this sport
  8. Clean sweep When will our faves? Isn's she supposed to be future of Croatian ski sports?
  9. It's kinda sad to see Tina as a commie Miss seeing her on the snow.
  10. She was actually quite decent, given the fact this kind of courses do not suit her at all.
  11. Holdener just denied me
  12. Vero will be the only one that will be able to challenge Mikaela to some extent. I think first to places are locked.