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  1. Weightlifting 2018 Discussion Thread

    YAY!!!! Maybe now something will be done with national coach in Lithuanian Weightlifting Federation who's son tested positive twice and who was also a cough for every single weightlifter that was sanctioned in Lithuania... It's the most corrupted federation in Lithuania's history.
  2. Snowboarding at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    Currently it doesn't seem that anyone wants to give up a spot in women's halfpipe which is a tragedy since first country for rellocation is
  3. So the marathon of confirming the quotas started. Sill a long way to go, but we already have some rejections: Ski Cross: rejected one female spot. It should go to Halfpipe: rejected one male spot. It should go to
  4. Your own Summer Olympic Games Programme

    Aquatics - Diving [9] 3m springboard (m/w) 10m Platform (m/w) Synchronised 3m Springboard (m/w) Synchronised 10m Platform (m/w) Mixed Team I know that everyone hates mixed events, but I don't mind those. Aquatics - Swimming [37] 50m Freestyle (m/w) 100m Freestyle (m/w) 200m Freestyle (m/w) 400m Freestyle (m/w) 800m Freestyle (m/w) 1500m Freestyle (m/w) 4x100m Freestyle Relay (m/w) 4x200m Freestyle Relay (m/w) 100m Breaststroke (m/w) 200m Breaststroke (m/w) 100m Butterfly (m/w) 200m Butterfly (m/w) 100m Backstroke (m/w) 200m Backstroke (m/w) 200m Individual Medley (m/w) 400m Individual Medley (m/w) 4x100m Medley Relay (m/w/mixed) 10km Open Water (m/w) Aquatics - Synchronised Swimming [3] Women's Duet (w) Women's Team (w) Mixed Duet Aquatics - Water Polo [2] Tournament (m/w) Archery [5] Individual Recurve (m/w) Team Recurve (m/w/mixed) Athletics [45] 100m (m/w) 200m (m/w) 400m (m/w) 800m (m/w) 1500m (m/w) 5000m (m/w) 10,000m (m/w) 110m/100m Hurdles (m/w) 400m Hurdles (m/w) 3000m Steeplechase (m/w) 4x100m Relay (m/w) 4x400m Relay (m/w/mixed) Marathon (m/w) 20km Race Walk (m/w) 50km Race Walk (m) Long Jump (m/w) Triple Jump (m/w) High Jump (m/w) Pole Vault (m/w) Shot Put (m/w) Discus Throw (m/w) Javelin Throw (m/w) Hammer Throw (m/w) Heptathlon (w) Decathlon (m) Badminton [5] Singles (m/w) Doubles (m/w/mixed) Baseball [1] Tournament (m) Basketball [4] 3x3 Tournament (m/w) Tournament (m/w) Boxing [12] 6 Men's weights 6 Women's weights Way too categories for small weight. Canoeing - Slalom [4] K-1 (m/w) C-1 (m/w) Canoeing - Sprint [16] K-1 200m (m/w) K-1 500m (w) K-1 1000m (m/w) K2 200m (m/w) K-2 500m (w) K-2 1000m (m/w) K-4 500m (m/w) C-1 200m (m/w) C-1 1000m (m/w) C-2 500m (w) C-2 1000m (m/w) Cycling - BMX [2] BMX Race (m/w) Park (m/w) Cycling - Mountain Bike [0] Men's/Women's Race (m/w) Cycling - Road [6] Road Race (m/w) Time Trial (m/w) Team Time Trial (m/w) Cycling - Track [16] Individual Sprint (m/w) Team Sprint (m/w) Team Pursuit (m/w) Individual Pursuit (m/w) Keirin (m/w) Omnium (m/w) Scratch (m/w) Madison (m/w) Equestrian [4] Individual Dressage (mixed) Team Dressage (mixed) Individual Jumping (mixed) Team Jumping (mixed) Individual Eventing (mixed) Team Eventing (mixed) Fencing [6] Individual Foil (m/w) Team Foil (m/w) Individual Épée (m/w) Team Épée (m/w) Individual Sabre (m/w) Team Sabre (m/w) Field Hockey [2] Tournament (m/w) Football [2] U-23 Tournament (m/w) Golf [2] Individual Stroke Play (m/w) Gymnastics - Artistic [14] Individual All-Around (m/w) Team All-Around (m/w) Floor (m/w) Vault (m/w) Pommel Horse (m) Rings (m) Parallel Bars (m) Horizontal Bar (m) Balance Beam (w) Uneven Bars (w) Gymnastics - Rhythmic [2] Individual All-Around (w) Group All-Around (w) Gymnastics - Trampoline [2] Individual (m/w) Handball [2] Tournament (m/w) Judo [12] 6 Men's weights 6 women's weights Team Event (mixed) Karate [8] 3 Men's Kumite weights 3 Women's Kumite weights Individual Kata (m/w) Modern Pentathlon [3] Individual (m/w) Mixed Relay Rowing [12] Single Sculls (m/w) Double Sculls (m/w) Lightweight Double Sculls (m/w) Quadruple Sculls (m/w) Pairs (m/w) Fours (m/w) Eights (m/w) Rugby Sevens [2] Tournament (m/w) Sailing [11] RS:X (m/w) Laser (m) Laser Radial (w) Finn (m) 470 (m/w) 49er (m) 49er FX (w) Nacra 17 (mixed) KiteSurfing (m/w) Shooting [12] 10m Air Rifle (m/w) Mixed Team 10m Air Rifle (mixed) 50m Rifle Three Positions (m/w) 10m Air Pistol (m/w) Mixed Team 10m Air Pistol (mixed) 25m Pistol (w) 25m Rapid Fire Pistol (m/w) Trap (m/w) Mixed Team Trap (mixed) Skeet (m/w) Skateboarding [2] Park (m/w) Street (m/w) All Around (m/w) Softball [1] Tournament (w) Sport Climbing [2] Combined (m/w) Surfing [0] Shortboard (m/w) Table Tennis [3] Singles (m/w) Doubles (mixed) Team (m/w) Taekwondo [8] 4 Men's weights 4 Women's weights Tennis [5] Singles (m/w) Doubles (m/w/mixed) Triathlon [3] Individual Race (m/w) Mixed Team Relay (mixed) Volleyball - Beach [2] Tournament (m/w) Volleyball - Indoor [2] Tournament (m/w) Weightlifting [10] 5 Men's weights 5 Women's weights Wrestling [16] 5 Men's Freestyle weights 5 Men's Greco-Roman weights 6 Women's Freestyle weights Additional Sport [8] Acrobatic Gymnastics - Mixed Pair Air Sports - Canopy Piloting (Mixed) Air Sports - Paragliding Accuracy (m/w) Air Sports - Skydiving 4-Way Formation (Mixed) Orienteering - Individual (m/w) Dance Sport - Latin Mixed Pairs Dance Sport - Standard Mixed Pairs Total medel events: 322 in 35 sports Total athletes: 12000 Days of competition: 19 (including Day -2, Day -1 and Day 0 before the Opening Ceremony)
  5. Your own Winter Olympic Games Programme

    Alpine Skiing [12] Slalom (m/w) Giant Slalom (m/w) Super-G (m/w) Downhill (m/w) Combined (m/w) Team Event (mixed) Parallel slalom (m/w) Biathlon [11] Sprint (m/w) Pursuit (m/w) Individual (m/w) Mass Start (m/w) Team Relay (m/w/mixed) Bobsleigh [4] Two-man/woman (m/w) Four-man (m/w) Cross-Country Skiing [13] 15/10km Freestyle (m/w) 30/15km Skiathlon (m/w) 50/30km Classical (m/w) 4x10/5km Relay (m/w/mixed) Individual Sprint (m/w) Team Sprint (m/w) Curling [3] Tournament (m/w) Mixed Doubles (mixed) Figure Skating [5] Singles (m/w) Pairs (mixed) Ice Dancing (mixed) Team Event (mixed) Freestyle Skiing [10] Aerials (m/w) Moguls (m/w) Halfpipe (m/w) Slopestyle (m/w) Ski Cross (m/w) Ice Hockey [2] Tournament (m/w) Luge [4] Singles (m/w) Doubles (m/mixed) Team Relay (mixed) Nordic Combined [4] Individual Normal Hill/10km (m/w) Individual Large Hill/10km (m) Team Large Hill/4x5km Relay (m) Short Track Speed Skating [10] 500m (m/w) 1000m (m/w) 1500m (m/w) 5000m (m/w) 5000m/3000m Relay (m/w) Skeleton [2] Singles (m/w) Ski Jumping [5] Normal Hill (m/w) Large Hill (m/w) Large Hill Team (m/mixed) Snowboarding [8] Halfpipe (m/w) Slopestyle (m/w) Big Air (m/w) Parallel Giant Slalom (m/w) Snowboard Cross (m/w) Speed Skating [14] 500m (m/w) 1000m (m/w) 1500m (m/w) 3000m (w) 5000m (m/w) 10,000m (m/w) Mass Start (m/w) Team Pursuit (m/w) Additional Sport [2] Ski Orienteering: m/w individual Total medel events: 109 in 16 sports Total athletes: 3000 Days of competition: 18 (including Day -1 and Day 0 before the Opening Ceremony)
  6. Lithuanian team has been confirmed: Modestas Vaičiulis Mantas Strolia Marija Kaznačenko
  7. Sereikaitė was not that far away from qualification in any of the distances, but unfortunately fell and injured her back... Very unsuccessfully season for her, way outside her form, yet it was Olympic qualification season and its over for her with no Olympics
  8. Winter Olympic Games 2018 Uniforms

    the most boring and ugliest one so far...
  9. Modern Pentathlon 2017 Discussion Thread

    And a surprise - Lina Batulevičiūtė wins Champion of Champions Silver to Alice Sotero and Elodie Clouvel in third.
  10. Sailing 2017 Discussion Thread

    Robert Scheidt and Gintarė Scheidt officialy announced about their retirement from competitive sailing on social media.
  11. Rowing FISA World Championships 2017

    4th twice... So annoying.
  12. Figure Skating 2017 - 2018 Discussion Thread

    Good start by pair in ice dance, but I guess we will have to let go the Olympic quota again as there won't be a chance for A.Reed to gain Lithuanian citizenship, especially after last Tobias situation...
  13. Historical Sport Pictures

    Valdas Adamkus - as national record holder of 100m sprint and as the President of Lithuania (1998-2009)
  14. Historical Sport Pictures

    Lithuanian National Team - winners of EuroBasket 1937
  15. I agree that top 4-6 athletes should always be in Olympics regardless of nation, but dismiss those "Chinese or Kazakh athletes that nobody cares for" (like somebody mentioned here before) and it's no longer the Olympics for me. Let's take such an undeveloped sport as Canoeing slalom and remove those asian/african/small-oceanian quotas and you are left just with a smaller part of Europe + US/CAN/AUS. Is this really an event that deserves to be kept in Olympics then? NO! And if you disagree - then why just stop with canoeing slalom? Let's remove all of the continental quotas from basketball and let's have 4 teams from USA, 2 from Spain, 2 from Serbia, 2 from Lithuania and 2 from Argentina, because let's be real - who cares if Africa or Asia sends a team to basketball tournament... And let's have 60 out of 64 archers from South Korea, instead on wasting archery quotas on Slovakia or Finland... And my favourite Table tennis - 100% Chinese NOC, because let' be realistic - all top 180 players in China will be way stronger than any other table tennis player around the world. I understand that I'm overreacting here, I'm just not a fan of isolating poor countries from opportunity to participate at the Olympics.
  16. Shooting ISSF Shotgun World Championships 2017

    I know, right! I mean you have to respect Susan Nattrass as she achieved so much in her shooting career - but as a commentator she just a bit annoying because she interested more in the colour of glasses that shooters are wearing rather than competition itself.
  17. Shooting ISSF Shotgun World Championships 2017

    Oh come on! They completely ruined the broadcast - no footage of target itself.... At least that red/green emoji is cute....
  18. Shooting ISSF Shotgun World Championships 2017

    Team medals: Women's Junior Trap 1st 2nd 3rd Women's Trap 1st 2nd 3rd
  19. Of course no... I don't understand what IOC trying to reach by slowly destroying Olympics with new/trendy/progressive (and other nonsense words they used) events and sports (although I don't want to call video games as a sport) introduced to the games. Pus - again this would decrease the number of athletes per traditional sports ... Or maybe let's just cancel the games completely and IOC will be live streaming players from around the world playing Olympics simulator on Twitch....
  20. Summer Universiade 2017

    With victory against USA in basketball and third gold medal Lithuania finished in 2017 Universiade. 3 golds, 1 silver, 3 bronze. Currently one of the worst performances for Lithuania (f.e.: 2011 - 5G5S3B; 2013-6G1S3B; 2015-5G1S3B) although I'm still quite pleased. Many disappointments in our athletics team as quite a few athletes had medal worth PB's and underperformed. Also no medal in weightlifting was very disappointing (but since I don't support Lithuanian weightlifting - not a tragedy).
  21. Wrestling 2017 Discussion Thread

    If they are introducing 10 weights for women - why they need to cut it off on 76kg? Do at least 80kg or 85kg. Those categories every 2kg is just ridiculous and hurting the level of respect for the sport of wrestling.