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  1. Worst Lithuanian team in years... No promotion for sure. And when you think taht we were reegated last time by missing just 1,5 points...
  2. Wow, Gudžius scoring second highest result this year with 68.61 at LLAF Cup in Kaunas. Third best result in Lithuanian history after olympic champions V.Alekna and R. Ubartas
  3. Non-Olympic Sports Results & Discussion Thread As many of you know, Totallympics had a huge database problem on February 7th, 2016. This led to a crossroads for Sindo, Totallympics’ owner. There were 2 possible options: try to recover the lost data through a long and expensive process, or to start a new forum. After a few days the decision was taken and Sindo decided to choose the second option. So Totallympics came back online on March 1st, 2016 with a new forum. Everything from the past was lost, except for the Totallympics community which is still the same. The timing was very unfortunate because this happened less than 6 months before the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. This is the reason we had to hurry and start the new forum as soon as possible, to allow users to start the discussion again before Rio 2016. To allow the discussions on Totallympics to become estabilished again after the new start, we will have a single thread for each Olympic Sport to begin with, where users can discuss about all the events of that sport. This is the reason why you'll find threads like these, which you wouldn't have found on the old version of Totallympics, where every single sporting event had a dedicated thread. We will see how the situation progresses and then decide if and when to come back to the old system of having one thread for each sporting event, and providing results for each sporting event. L O N G L I V E T O T A L L Y M P I C S !
  4. Arrrrhhh... It takes forever.... Please lock Serduchka in the cage and name Portugal the winner already.
  5. I can't not notice several black sprinters from Japan in Diamond League. Is this the way that Japan is preparing for 2020 Olympics? It's getting pathetic when host nation always naturalising athletes from elsewhere.
  6. 3 times European champion Aušrinė Trebaitė announced about retirement from sport.
  7. Donata Vištartaitė-Karalienė announced about her retirement from rowing at the age of 27. She won bronze in 2016 Rio Olympics, gold in 2013 World Championships. She also owns 4 European championships medals (2 golds, 1 silver, 1 bronze)
  8. IOC released official document of taking the medal away from Chernova. This will mean that soon Lithuania will officially be awarded with heptathlon bronze from London 2012
  9. She is not Kuchina anymore. Few weeks ago she changed ger surname to Lasickienė
  10. Latvia quaified in figure skating for the first time since 1994.
  11. Ehhh... Why does Lithuania almost always have to select something embarrassing...
  12. So many unexpected medals Anyway, I'm the happiest about the medal that whole Lithuania has been waiting and expecting by Airinė Palšytė This is also Lithuania's first ever gold in Indoors
  13. World Lithuanian Games Teams has been confirmed for multi-sport event that will be held this year in June in Kaunas, Lithuania. 3499 athletes from 29 countries set to compete. Participating countries: Australia Belarus Canada Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Ecuador Estonia Finland France Georgia Germany Ireland Israel Italy Latvia Lithuania Netherlands Norway Poland Russia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey Ukraine United Kingdom United States Uruguay Sports: Alpine skiing (Indoor slope in Druskininkai) Angling Archery Athletics Badminton Basketball Bowling Chess Darts Football Golf Ice Hockey (demonstration) Orienteering Power-lifting Shooting Swimming Table tennis Tennis Tourism sport Volleyball
  14. Seriously?
  15. First World Series of this year are happening in Beijing with no surprise of China already taking all the golds.
  16. leading men's long jump qualification Doubt he will have much success in final, but you never know.
  17. FISA congress coming to the end. Biggest drama of course was the proposal fro Tokyo 2020 programme. The results: a) FINA proposal - Replace LM4- with W4- - 94 votes b) AUS, CHN, DEN, SUI (and CAN) proposal - Replace M4- with LW4- - 67 votes Yay, finally less lightweight boats in Olympics. Of course it still will have to be confirmed by IOC. Other new resolutions: Paralympic course upgraded from 1 km to 2 km Gender of coxswain won't matter any more. This means that in Olympics a men coxswain can be in W8+ team or a lady coxswain in M8+ team. Only requirement for coxswain is to weight at least 55 kg.
  18. Well done by Ramanauskas. First gold in Lithuanian history at EYWOF and third medal since 1993.
  19. Incomplete funding for the sports federations in 2017 only from KKSD sources were announced. 65 sports was funded this year, but number might increase after Olympic committee, Olympic centre and main KKSD fund announced their funding numbers this year. Ranking so far (1/4): 1 Basketball 2 Aquatics (Swimming, Synchronized and Diving) 3 Rowing 4 Air Sports 5 Athletics 6 Modern Pentathlon 7 Canoeing 8 Cycling 9 Handball 10 Gymnastics 11 Dance Sports 12 Wrestling 13 Weightlifting 14 Sailing 15 Boxing 16 Orienteering 17 Kyokushin Karate 18 Volleyball 19 Automotive Sports 20 Table Tennis 21 Powerboating 22 Shooting sports 23 Football 24 Ice Hockey 25 Biathlon 26 Rugby 27 Field Hockey 28 Judo 29 Baseball 30 Tennis 31 Draughts 32 Skiing sports 33 Chess 34 Bodybuilding and FItness 35 Motorbike sports 36 Universal fight 37 Sambo 38 Kickboxing 39 Badminton 40 Belt wrestling and pancration 41 Figure Skating 42 Angling 43 Curling 44 Fencing 45 Water Polo 46 Archery 47 Taekwondo 48 Short Track Speed Skating 49 Powerliftinig 50 Muay-Thai 51 Equestrian 52 Compositor Chess 53 Corespondential Chess 54 Arm wrestling 55 Triathlon 56 Wushu 57 Kurash 58 Pool 59 Water Skiing 60 Softball 61 Kendo 62 Bushido 63 Squash 64 Kudo 65 Golf NF Climbing NF Tug of War NF Floorball NF Grapling NF Underwater sports NF Billiard NF -Bobsleigh and Skeleton Notes: NF- No funding by high level achievement programme Olympic sport Paralympic sports
  20. What a wonderful young talent from Lithuania - Simonas Bilis. Bronze in 50m Free and gold in 100m Free
  21. Lithuania Team Size prediction for Winter Olympic Games 2018 PyeongChang Ski Sports Alpine Skiing (2) - Probably just a basic quota of 1 men and 1 women. Cross Country Skiing (2-3) - Women's - basic quota, Men's - Basic quota +maybe additional one. Ski Jumping (0) - Unfortunately this sport is no longer practised in Lithuania Nordic Combined (0) - Unfortunately this sport is no longer practised in Lithuania Freestyle Skiing (0) - Popular among amateurs, but no one is good enough. Snowboarding (0-1) - Might be one quota for women's slopestyle. Biathlon (2-6) - at least one men and one woman, but with a little bit of luck at least one team quota is possible, Skating Sports Speed Skating (0) - Unfortunately this sport is no longer practised in Lithuania Short Track Speed Skating (1-2) - At least one girl, but some promising boys might get in to shape before 2018. Figure Skating (1-5) - 1 in ladies, 1 in ice dance (might be problems with nationality), 1 in pairs (might be problems with nationality), Sleigh Sports Luge (0) - Had a contest to create a national team, but no good efforts yet. Skeleton (0) - Had a contest to create a national team, but no good efforts yet. Bobsleigh (0) - Had a contest to create a national team, but no good efforts yet. Team Sports Curling (0) - Maybe in 2026... Ice Hockey (0) - Too much competition, not enough good players. Total Optimistic Prediction - (19) Total Pessimistic Prediction - (5) Total Realistic Prediction - (8)
  22. Yay... Lithuania just won bronze in 2012 Olympics...
  23. The only good news is that none of the parties agree to form coalition with green peasants. And they are definitely not pro-EU! Except that they want EU money for villages and agriculture.... It is a party that won all of they seas in rural mandates after all. But this is a very concerning elections as party that affiliated with Russian intentions just won elections out of nowhere shouting that they want to support "Christian democracy"... Which clearly is not a path for any country. Anyway, results clearly shows that the majority of younger generation already emigrated from country and only old grandmas and grandpas was left to vote.
  24. EG will always be a joke... It does not seem that it ever will get any respect and get in to same level as Pan American or Asian Games. Hopefully 2019 will be the last edition, otherwise we will be always stuck at Eastern part of Europe to host it.