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  1. Did you check out the first post of this thread? I have it linked to the post with the right one.
  2. I was able to see it. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. Okay, folks, as of now the voting lines are open. Send your votes to me via PM with your top 12 + at least 4 reserves. The format in which you send your votes will be something similar like this 12 points -- 11 points -- 10 points -- 9 points -- 8 points -- 7 points -- 6 points -- 5 points -- 4 points -- 3 points -- 2 points -- 1 point -- Reserve 1 -- Reserve 2 -- Reserve 3 -- Reserve 4 -- Remember, guys, the voting deadline is October 23.
  4. Update: I have sent my votes to a neutral party. Once @Olympian1010 votes and we get a combined set, then we'll be opening up the voting lines. I'll let you know how you can send in the votes (and more importantly, the number of reserves)
  5. Can you send another link, as this one is broken? And don't worry, your entry is still secure.
  6. I am impressed with you all that I didn't have to extend the deadline as all 36 countries have submitted their entries to the contest, though the deadline doesn't close for another 6 hours. This weekend, @Olympian1010 and I will vote for our favorite entries and then we'll open up the voting process as soon as we voted. Once again, I congratulate you all for heeding the deadline, and I hope we can do the same for the voting process.
  7. I've already said it, but I'm cool with it. He can use it.
  8. I would allow it, as there is more importance of the performers' nationality than that of the songwriter's. We'll see what we can do.
  9. Remember, folks, the deadline (to enter and announce the entry) is this Friday
  10. LOL it's about time I've been featured in one of your animations.
  11. It would, but I left the song choice to @Olympian1010 while I tend to administrative duties.
  12. LOL I thought I was the only one who has seen Charlie the Unicorn. Brings back great memories (aka about 15 years ago)
  13. We're now in the song selection portion of the contest, so starting today you can post your potential entries. Remember, you have until October 5 to send it in, when everything (countries and entries) will be provisionally confirmed.