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  1. Best Sports Moments of Your Nation?

    I believe that was the year before.
  2. Best Sports Moments of Your Nation?

    I don't want to make a post that is only football and basketball. But, regardless, for me RG was more important than 78.
  3. Best Sports Moments of Your Nation?

    5. August 28th, 2004 - In the same day Argentina wins two gold medals in men's football and basketball and breaks a curse of 52 years without the argentine anthem being played at the OG. 4. Roland Garros 2004 - 3 out of 4 semifinalists were . Also it had dramatic final between Gaudio and Coria who didn't like each other that much. Gaudio winning was the ultimate underdog story since he was always seen as a guy that couldn't possibly win a major title, being a complete nutjob like he was. 3. Argentina-Brazil at football World Cup 1990 - Crazy epic victory over the neighbours with the team plagued with injuries and playing crap football. Resisted thousands of shots from the opponent for 80 minutes before Maradona placed a fantastic pass to score an unthinkable goal. 2. Argentina-USA at basketball world championship 2002 - The first loss of a USA team made up by NBA players (was holding a record of 55-0 since 1992). That was the day the whole world realised that they weren't invincible. 1. Argentina-England 1986 & world cup victory - Maradona's magnum opus, nothing else to explain.
  4. Tennis 2018 Discussion Thread

    It's only round 3 but I would be surprised if Federer-delpo isn't the final.
  5. Someone should remake the "what sports are popular in your nation?" thread.
  6. Field Hockey 2018 Discussion Thread

    Asian Games men's qualifiers going on right now, they will give 4 quota for the games. I think it's the first time I see playing any tournament, good for them. On the other hand, after winning bronze in indoor WC Iran is not even participating, so they won't even go to the Asian Games. What gives? Also Pan american YOG qualifiers (M&W) started today, with YouTube livestream in PAHF channel if anyone interested.
  7. lol athletics is not more popular here than in the US, Canada, that's ridiculous, I think if ask people the name of one argentine athlete, 8 out of 10 wouldn't be able to say one name. Also american football is absolute fringe and horse racing isn't fringe, it's minor/medium.
  8. http://totallympics.com/index.php?/topic/841-prediction-contests-pyeongchang-2018-olympic-bet-contest-discussion-thread/&do=findComment&comment=120098
  9. The Olympic Bet Contest was held for the first time in 2012 for the London Olympics and then again for the 2016 Olympics in Rio. It consisted of a series of questions asked to the users about the Games which they had to answer for Yes or No, while placing a "bet" of a certain number of points in each answer at the same time. These are some examples: 2- The best-placed European NOC in the overall 2016 Summer Olympics medal table will be Russia. [YES/NO - X] 10- Japan will finish ahead of South Korea in the medal table. [YES/NO - X] or for specific sports: Aquatics - Water Polo (1) 39- The men's final will be played by two ex-yugoslav nations (CRO, MNE, SRB). [YES/NO - X] My intention is to hold this contest again for the upcoming Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, so I'll need your help. This thread will be used for you people to make suggestions for possible questions to be featured in the contest. You can see here the questions (and the overall format) that were used for the 2016 contest, so you can get an idea of what are we looking for. Just keep in mind two basic things when making a suggestion: a) Don't make it too easy: that is, don't make a bet which has a very obvious answer for Yes or No. b) Try to avoid ambiguity in the question as much as possible: formulate the question in a way in which it's clear what it is asking for. With the Winter Olympics having less sports in comparison to the Summer ones, there will probably be a lower number of total bets this time. The Selection Committee, composed of me and some other users, will then pick by the end of January the best suggestions which will be used for the contest. Please, take into account that it is possible that we select one of your suggestions but then make a little modification to it (in the phrasing, etc) to improve it and/or clarify it. You may make as many suggestions as you like on this thread. One more thing: There are two categories you guys can make suggestions for. First, there is the "Sporting Rivalries and Medals" category, which covers general aspects of the Games and/or rivalries between specific countries. Second, there are the Individual sports categories, which are bets about each sport in particular. We count with your help! Cheers, LDOG.
  10. Shooting ISSF World Cup 2018

    No comment about Luxembourg winning a gold in Trap???
  11. It's not a matter of the fans, they will always care. I'm talking about the clubs and federations. It's just an example, but how will CBF be able to convince City to release Jesus this time? impossible, and I don't think the players themselves will make an scandal to play this tournament either. Rio was special because it was at home, but now?
  12. I'm tired of being right Hopefully Cuadrado and Mandzukic will be fit soon to complete the squad.
  13. No big player will play the olympics in football anymore, Mbappe, Cutrone, Donnaruma, no one. Thinking otherwise is laughable. The clubs are more selfish than ever and fifa isn't interested in telling them anything (since they also hate the olympics). Brazil in 2016 was an exception since they were hosting and many of their players forced their owners to let them play (Neymar most notoriously). Doubt they will care about it now that they have the gold.
  14. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    Depends of what moment of the birthday or wedding party you mean. Of course if people want to dance it's almost only upbeat songs, but in other moments there can be sad songs, if by "sad" you mean the typical "love break up" song (like, I dont know, Adele or something like that).
  15. Summer Olympic Games 2016 Replay Videos

    Finn and Nacra medal races are in YouTube. Also Jumping team final.