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  1. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    I said: "those are the laws that are coming". I know they haven't done much of that yet.
  2. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    It hasn't been full liberalism yet because they didn't have much power in congress until now. Cut subsidies, cut taxes, pro-market reforms, less power for workers unions, those are the laws that are coming and they are textbook liberalism. It is isn't "libertarianism" if you want, but still, saying it's socialist is a bit ridiculous.
  3. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    But that's another dinosaur I think cambiemos won mostly because of distaste for some politicians rather than people turning all to "liberalism". It's all about Cristina... people in Santa Fe for example don't vote for Rossi, they vote for her and people that vote for cambiemos there, also vote... against her.
  4. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    Anyone can beat Cristina to be honest... we will see realistic election results when she isn't around anymore.
  5. Field Hockey 2017 Discussion Thread

    India men are asian champions, which means China is qualified for the World Cup (despite being only 7th in Asia...) and South Korea is out for the first time since 1990. Today started the african championships in Egypt (both M & W), in women competition there is not much interest as South Africa should easily win, but on the men's side home nation Egypt must defend their world league quota by winning the tournament since any other nation winning this (most likely South Africa) would see them out from the World Cup. oh, and Zambia pulled out last minute and without even noticing anyone (!) from both competitions. A classic of African/Oceanian hockey.... probably a FIH suspension coming soon for them.
  6. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    Sorry, but he's racist towards who exactly? I assume not east asians
  7. Track Cycling 2017 Discussion Thread

    Please, don't get angry but I have to point out a mistake that I see you are making often: the correct spelling is "with". Yes, I couldn't live without telling you that, sorry
  8. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    I dislike both N.I. and switzerland as teams and they got drawn together the other games will be close. I hope for Italy and ireland to win but I feel both scandinavians will win.
  9. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    What a nasty draw. I don't like any of the match-ups, for different reasons.
  10. Women's Volleyball FIVB World Championship 2018

    I think the top 12 teams aren't drawn, they are seeded according to ranking in the groups.
  11. Women's Volleyball FIVB World Championship 2018

    Argentina goes to WCh after beating Peru 3-1. As always with the women's team, I'm more happy about beating the south american rivals than about actually going to the big events (because our team will only be a punching bag there), but anyway...
  12. Women's Volleyball FIVB World Championship 2018

    Argentina is almost qualified too, only way to prevent it would be Peru winning today 3-0 and with a large point difference, which simply isn't going to happen.
  13. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    It was indirect free kick, the keeper touched the ball and made it valid.
  14. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    Pot 1 teams for the draw will be (if i'm not wrong): Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Portugal, Belgium, France & Poland.
  15. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    I think i lost 10 years of lifespan today. Thank god we have the best player in the World.
  16. Swimming 2017 Discussion Thread

    Lol she will break some world record soon and then disappear like many chinese.
  17. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    It's impossible, Denmark will overtake both Sweden and NI in the next ranking published. That's already set.
  18. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    I hope to see Denmark-Sweden and Italy-ROI, those would be great match-ups I also feel Croatia will qualify regardless which opponent.
  19. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    I read the 4th seeded team is gonna be Denmark, even if Sweden wins tomorrow.
  20. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    I know, but this match matters because then Bosnia could take 2nd place off Greece and Bosnia can't have better position than Slovakia in the 2nd placed table even if they win.
  21. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    And still Slovakia is not officially out... Greece could fail to beat Gibraltar
  22. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    I remember it was you or some other serbian user saying that actually
  23. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    Looks like everything it's settled. It's bye bye Slovakia unless Wales scores a goal in these last 10 minutes.
  24. I think in your particular case it doesn't really matter because Argentina still has me and konig as long time representatives... so argentine participation is not in risk nor it is a "one-off" thing, which is what Sindo is talking about.
  25. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    Higuaín and Agüero are both garbage playing for Argentina. It wouldn't change anything.