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  1. Rugby Sevens 2017 Discussion Thread

    And no, this isn't the day either....
  2. Rugby Sevens 2017 Discussion Thread

    Argentina is in the final of the Cape Town sevens... Will this be the day we win our first world sevens stage? (I can't believe we still haven't won even 1, we lost several finals).
  3. Field Hockey FIH World League 2016 - 2017

    Australia have won the world league (again). I think Argentina didn't exactly get help from the video referee today, but oh well, australian corner defense was on point regardless. Congrats to them and see you next year for the new Hockey Pro League.
  4. Women's Handball IHF World Championship 2017

    wow what happened? after world title only 4 years ago! fora Temer.
  5. Field Hockey FIH World League 2016 - 2017

  6. Field Hockey FIH World League 2016 - 2017

    Hereee we go again with the bullshit at the world league finals, already the two top placed teams from one of the pools go out in quarterfinals. FIH gave them no rest day with their awful scheduling (the same happened to Argentina and Germany in the women's competition). Probably tomorrow we'll see Argentina and Netherlands winning and the crazyness will be complete. The message from FIH is: don't even bother making effort during pool stage... Thankfully this is the last year of this competition.
  7. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    Algeria last world cup. Also Morocco in 1986 I think.
  8. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    Saudi Arabia is no way better than Australia or South Korea (yes, I say this despite they finished above Australia in the wcq). Russia is the weakest pot 1 team by a mile. Uruguay is indeed good.
  9. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    Looking on other places of the internet I'm reading A LOT of nigerians and croatians quite confident of beating Argentina
  10. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    No, we will get through, i'm not so negative. We usually prepare well for world cups, even when we have bad qualifiers. I just don't want to jinx giving results here
  11. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    My predictions for Round 16 progress: A - 1st Uruguay, 2nd Russia B - 1st Spain, 2nd Portugal C - 1st France, 2nd Denmark D - I have a prediction but I won't share it here E - 1st Brazil, 2nd Serbia F - 1st Germany, 2nd Mexico G - 1st Belgium, 2nd England H - 1st Colombia, 2nd Senegal
  12. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    oops, just missed Mexico I'm happy Nigeria came out last, they are capable of getting points from Croatia, especially in a first match.
  13. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    I predict we will get Mexico, Nigeria (or Serbia maybe) and a nordic country.
  14. Men's Volleyball FIVB World Championship 2018

    I think the opposite, for me group D looks the easiest... cuba, finland and puerto rico are very weak compared to what they were 6/7 years ago, Poland and Bulgaria in a very low moment... Iran could sweep that if they recover some team spirit... As for the second round... if the format is like someone said above, then I think you won't face France or Brazil if you get 1st or 2nd place in the pool (I think you'll be crossing with 3rd and 4th from group B).
  15. Men's Volleyball FIVB World Championship 2018

    What a nasty group. All tricky teams in it.