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  1. The u20 championship of next year won't be the qualification event for conmebol. A special u23 competition to be played in Colombia in 2020 will award the quotas for OG.
  2. There were separate threads at 2015 pan am if i remember well. It's just that we used the main thread to comment a lot (but mostly about the progress of medal table).
  3. Is there any point in having two different discussion threads for each team sport in multi-sport events that aren't the olympics? I mean, how many posts you will see about women's or men's [insert team sport] at the asian games?
  4. Rowing FISA Junior World Championships 2018

    Our girl in single scull made a junior record time in the semis but today lost the gold by less than a second Anyway, all good results are more than welcome in this sport which is dying here.
  5. Athletics EAA European Championships 2018

    Maybe because in Poland the athletics "market" is less saturated and they could earn more money from sponsorship if they do well? (I mean, France and Germany have dozens of great athletes fighting over sponsors and funding). It also doesn't seem like a bad country to live in at all.
  6. Lol a lot of people got perfect score in womens kite and we probably all did the same: search the World Ranking and just give medals to 1, 2 & 3 as they were there
  7. Yes! Finally after eons I win a medal again (Since Rio 2016 actually, with an unofficial Australian open gold in the middle)
  8. Option z - stop caring about general standings. Come on wanderer, count those sailing points
  9. Sailing ISAF World Championships 2018

    It's over, no nacra medal race. What a disappointment even though it's good for my predictions.
  10. Sailing ISAF World Championships 2018

    Is kiteboard finished? Time for the musical chairs in Nacra now...
  11. Athletics EAA European Championships 2018

    Not the same sport but isn't Poland desperate for Wilfredo León in volleyball?? Everyone in europe has a case these days.
  12. Yes, 5 years ago... I remember many journalists were puzzled about it because Hockey was one of the most succesful events in London, with the arena full in almost all games. They told FIH some bullshit about social media influence as the reason. It was just Samaranch lobby to protect pentathlon (but anyway hockey received only 3 negative votes IIRC).
  13. Stars of the Future

    Argentina has a bunch of world champions in youth/junior age groups in different sports but none of them are on the level of the teenage superhumans you see coming from China, USA, Canada, Australia, Europe in general, etc. so I would be embarassed to write anything on this thread
  14. If you mean Germany men I would say they are slightly improved from 4 years ago (barely lost to Japan the qualifier final to be core team in the sevens series next season). But now Ireland is taking sevens seriously (made great performances in a couple of tournaments beating some of the best teams in the world) and that is one hell of a tough opponent to add for Germany. The chance is still there, I would say there are 10 teams that will qualify for sure (JPN obviously and AUS, FIJ, NZL, RSA, KEN, ARG, USA, GBR, FRA), so that leaves 2 spots to be contested between Germany, Canada, Samoa, Spain, Russia and Ireland. Six teams for two places but I think Samoa and Canada are slight favorites, so... let's say Germany has around 20% chance.
  15. You keep saying the same every year and it never happens Do you have something against the sport?... I have noted that you also seem to have some feud against India at times, is it related to it? (I mean, because it's an "indian" sport) or it's just the old "hockey code" rivalry because you are canadian?