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  1. Our squad for the first weekend of world league sucks. Too many players being given rest for no reason (Conte for example played chinese league which ended... 2 months ago...) If we win one game this year I'll be happy.
  2. ^ It won't make any difference for Europe in women's volleyball. Maybe in men's there will be one more team (but isn't 100% sure either).
  3. With those times she would have won both gold medals at the last YOG and would have been in contention for medals at the last junior world championships of 2015. She said her coach is expecting her to make at least 8:26 in the 800m when she reaches peak of training, hopefully it will be at Junior WC in August!
  4. Delfina Pignatiello (17, can participate in YOG next year) at swimming argentine nationals: 400m Free --> 4:09:97 800m Free --> 8:29:86 Both are new national records. Still 1500m to go for her (hope for another record).
  5. Sorry, you were saying?
  6. Draw for Girls U18 World Ch. in Argentina:
  7. Italy is deader than death. Good pool for Japan. Maybe historic performance? Looks bad on paper, but Argentina will be fine
  8. Here we go with the cheating... everyone will start buying cubans left and right. The only good thing FIFA has ever done is imposing the one national team rule. Other international federations should follow example.
  9. 28. Just a cool fact: I turn 30 the day of the final of Russia 2018
  10. First ever world cup title for argentine shooting in Cyprus
  11. I agree with all OlympicsFan has said about english language, but I don't think there's anything we can do honestly... some users (most of the time the younger ones) like english language songs too much.
  12. I can give extra points for good clips sometimes, but I never make discounts for that reason, even if the video is just the song playing with pictures of cats in the background.
  13. An incredible statistic: Diego Alves GK of Valencia has saved 24 out of 50 penalties in his career (and two more were missed) 50% effectiveness. Today he saved one of Cristiano.
  14. Well, for me it was the only good song in the contest I just listened once and I knew it was going to have my 12 points.
  15. No uk please, so it's more interesting