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  1. Brazil has qualified for the World Cup. It may not look like it when you read the table, but Uruguay and Argentina still have to play so it's impossible for both of them to overtake them.
  2. He should be called, but it is rumored that the players don't want him in the team because of his attitude and "extravagant" life.
  3. Dybala was injured. Agüero is also terrible with the NT, he doesn't deserve to even be called. Pratto, Pizarro and Acuña were our 3 best players today, you don't know them because they don't play in Europe but they are good. In Argentina NT everything is upside down: the ones that play for big clubs are the worst players of the team (except Messi).
  4. I'm cool. Bauza is 90% going to be fired now, and since Colombia is beating Ecuador 0-2 in Quito we'll only have to win our two home games vs Venezuela and Peru to reach at least 5th place.
  5. He's suspended, fortunately.
  6. They didn't change much, they have the same coach and the same players. Fiji relaxed a lot it seems (and also changed coach) so they are taking opportunity.
  7. It was a soft penalty, like those a team can only get playing at home. Still, I didn't care about that. The tactics and player selection are my worry.
  8. We play worse and worse every match. I don't know what Higuain and Agüero have to do to stop being called up for the NT, maybe spit the coach in the face? I think not even that may be enough....
  9. Listened to everything today and voted
  10. You guys sure go through a lot of trouble just to vote for an internet contest... I think I have an easy time voting because I rarely like more than 10 songs (especially in the anual contest which usually has less quality in my view).
  11. I don't understand that either, I always get it done in an afternoon or a night and I listen all the songs at once, not progressively as they come out like most people here do. PS. I haven't listen any song yet. I'll do it tomorrow or the day after.
  12. U20 world cup draw: A - B - C - D - E - F -
  13. The posts here are a bit confusing..... from the info you guys are giving it does seem to me, however, like an slight attempt at censorship of a minority from dutch/german governments. In the dutch case, are they denying entrance just on a presumption that there could be incidents or there is some law that forbids foreign governments from campaigning on dutch soil or sth? PS. I don't care about the politics, just legal considerations.
  14. wtf Does he have american citizenship? because otherwise I don't know how will he do that.
  15. Sorry, why exactly it is not allowed to give those speeches?