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  1. Btw the thread has wrong info on the first post both here and in the results forum: it's being played in Chile not Colombia. Also, PUT Copa America AGAIN IN THE TITLE.
  2. Yes! we go to WC so we can lose to Germany 11-0 again, so excited.
  3. Is india good in judo? I can't remember any indian judoka close to top level. Weightlifting medals awarded for total is the correct way, and what you see at almost all other games.
  4. For god's sake whoever is responsible: DON'T CHANGE the title, it's called copa america! Even wikipedia, english sites refer to it with that name!
  5. Commonwealth Games 2018

    Yes it is.
  6. Well, they played the qualifiers in Quito... of course those results weren't entirely realistic.
  7. Things like that show how insecure he is despite believing himself as the best, needs to feel he's "the man" and the main character all the time and whatnot.
  8. It wasn't pen to me, he's already falling before there's even contact (and the contact it's too soft to make him fall anyway). Only an english referee could call that since in EPL they call fouls for even breathing close to the opponent. But the most embarassing part wasn't that: it was Ronaldo's celebration as if he scored a super goal when he did nothing for 93 mins lol, best player in the world I guess...
  9. South American Games 2018

    Write the sports in english, you lazy bum.
  10. Well, at least city and Barcelona out this early is good for our NT. Let Ronaldo pick another champions league trophy, I don't care about European club football anyway.
  11. South American Games 2018

    These games will be bad though, all the venues are either bad or unfinished + the altitude that will make things hard for many athletes. It's important to rotate countries, but if someone is just not capable of hosting there's no way around it.
  12. South American Games 2018

    Argentina is sending a B team in swimming because the NOC denied funds to the swimming federation to make special altitude training for this competition.
  13. I took the time to watch Argentina-Ecuador and both teams are incredibly bad lol, some of our players look very out of shape and round like a ball. And the ref.... my god, that was the worst I have seen in a time!, she easily gave like 10 throw ins to the wrong team and showed the red card to a WRONG PLAYER of Ecuador in a last (wo)man situation!!! how can you confuse a player in a one-on-one?? the worst thing is that she consulted with assistants and still showed the card to the wrong player. Things like this damage the credibility of women's football even more.
  14. Motorcycling Discussion Thread

    I watched a bit. I don't care much about this sport but I get this Marquez isn't a fan favorite? the crowd was insulting him.
  15. Rugby Sevens 2018 Discussion Thread

    Japan becomes a core team again for next season after defeating Germany in the final of the Hong Kong qualifier. Next season of sevens series will award some places for the olympics.