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  1. 1st half of argentina: missed shot, turnover, missed shot, turnover, missed shot, turnover... At least they reduced the difference to keep a little chance vs Egypt.
  2. As some may or may not have noticed since a few days ago my username color has gone back to blue, which means I've resigned as administrator. I hope the new people can take proper charge of prediction contests as I couldn't. From what I see tuniscof is doing an excellent job so far, rest assured that this will be in better hands from now on
  3. Today started in Malaysia the first tournament of World League round 2, which gives two places (and maybe a best 3rd eventually) in semifinal round. & should have no big trouble taking the 2 available places, should take 3rd, but has to watch out for
  4. It's not a surprise Qatar losing either, they lost half of their bought foreigners.
  5. I think you didn't read well, he meant that Africa should have more places, not less.
  6. Europe has enough with 16, I would give it to Africa, they can do a 10th competitive team. Between a Gabon or a Hungary, I prefer Gabon.
  7. Here is like that, a family get-together but no specific tradition or meal, other than giving presents.
  8. Well, I can't speak for Wanderer but in my case, it's likely that I'm going to quit after I'm done with the remaining team sport results and leave the job to other users with more spare time. The compromise I took for the olympics was the Bet Contest and 4 other team sport competitions and sadly I was only able to do 2 contests in proper time. I apologize for the inconveniences, I thought I was going to have the time to take care of everything relatively quickly but I didn't and I don't feel good about it (because, like you, I also wish to know my personal results after the effort put in filling the tables).
  9. 1 - 2 World Junior Men's Champions 2nd Title (2001, 2016) Individual Awards Best player: Enrique Gonzalez de Castejón U19 Up & Coming player: Timm Herzbruch Best Goalkeeper: Loic van Doren Top Scorer: Edward Horler (8 goals)
  10. 2-2 FT we go to extra-time. Kashima had many chances near the end and Ramos should have been sent off
  11. Kashima winning
  12. Madrid 1 - 1 Kashima HT First goal conceded by an european team in last 4 years of Club WC.
  13. Messi played better than Ronaldo this year though. I even think Pepe deserved the ball more than him...
  14. If Wanderer doesn't publish them before the end of this month, I'll make an effort and do it. But for the other sports (athletics, swimming, etc) if Wanderer can't take care of them, then sadly we will have to cancel them. I think we can't delay this more than December because the new prediction year will start soon and we have to make an schedule.