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  1. Relays don't count. Someone asked about it before the deadline and I clarified that (and by the way, your bet for that one was 1 point, not 10).
  2. I'm just doing Occam's razor and inductive reasoning, but I don't claim to know anything.
  3. Sure, and you could be a monkey typing from Thailand for all I know. We can't live life without making any assumptions. (now, being more serious, Pablita is either: a real female name -it's an unusual one in spanish at least- or, more likely, a nickname for Paola, which also is a female name in all latin languages).
  4. Her profile says she's female (in the case the clues of having female username and female cartoon character as her avatar weren't convincing enough).
  5. I need confirmation of something: Sweden officially finishes higher than Finland in this tournament, right? I see in wikipedia they place Sweden 5th but I need to know if that will be official or if it's just a unofficial ranking.
  6. Meh, very predictable and boring. Disappointed with Kostner and the americans.
  7. Argentina and Chile should focus in competitive ski (all the variants) because at least they have all the structure and natural conditions for that already in place. Now it would only take for the NOCs to actually start caring one bit about winter sports...
  8. I'm very sure at least Sheilla Castro and Thaisa Menezes were part of all of them. Adding one more: Kieren Perkins of Australia won swimming 1500m Freestyle in 92 and 96 but then silver in 2000.
  9. Bobsleigh at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    You say that because your country wins lots of medals all the time, so one more or less wouldn't make any difference. If you were from Nepal and someone wins a medal for your country you would be cheering like a madman even if that person had the most bland personality in the world.
  10. Yes, you were the biggest contributor but I cannot just choose all of your suggestions. Overall, there were enough suggestions but not a big pool to choose from. Obviously in biathlon and hockey there were a million suggestions, but those are just 2 sports. For most other sports we were in a situation were we had to choose 4/5 out of a pool of 10 and sometimes there were bets that were too similar or way too easy (Yes, I know many "easy" bets made their way into the final selection, but believe me, there weren't much better bets left out in their place). As for football, I think we can be creative enough for a bet contest of around 50 questions without reaching the point of asking for players' wardrobe.
  11. Doping Cases and Bans Thread (2018)

    Apparently there is doping of russian mixed curling team.
  12. It would be fun, but if we struggled to get enough suggestions for Winter olympics I don't want to imagine what it would be for FIFA world cup. I mean, I could do 100 suggestions myself but it wouldn't be proper for me to organize and pick my own suggestions. Now if you are willing to organize it in my place...
  13. There aren't negative scores. Your possible final score ranges from 0 to 250, the more bets you win the closer you are to that maximum score, but you don't get deducted points for losing a bet. I think for next edition we could add that "risk" feature, so users think twice before betting 10s left and right (something many users did for this contest). But I will need time to think about how it could work best.
  14. Swimming 2018 Discussion Thread

    Can someone tell the guy to stop trying new stuff and focus to become good at something?
  15. Snowboarding (5) 61- Czech Republic will win at least one Gold Medal. [YES/NO]