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  1. no, no, I said cut just men's football, women's football stays of course. 16 men's teams of 18 players is 288 quota total. If we say futsal squads could do with 12 players, then we have enough free quota for 24 teams, so we can have 12 men and 12 women teams for the futsal program about popularity hmmm, it's difficult to say, I think men's futsal and women's football have equal popularity right now. They have different markets I guess... women's football is more popular in northern Europe, East Asia and USA. Futsal instead is more popular in mediterranean countries, latin america, the middle east and southeast Asia.
  2. I agree in everything except: -I think TKD needs a few more weight categories (too many people are currently fighting above/below their normal weight just to be in the olympics, it's dangerous). -Also I think in Fencing you meant 12 events and not 6. -I would axe men's Football and use all that quota for men's and women's Futsal instead, but I guess you won't like it cuz Germany is just starting to play it
  3. Los Angeles would win anyway in 2028 if they bid again (who's gonna beat them?). And Paris will probably not bid for the next 50 years if they are snubbed again, so... yes, awarding both games now would be a good decision.
  4. van As winning is undeserved, should have been K. Walsh or S. Michelsen. The other awards are ok I guess, though I'm a bit salty cuz our men's team didn't get a single category.
  5. Exactly. The only way it could work is if we were to set a number of nations that every participant has to present a song for. For example, 2 nations. The problem is that it could reduce interest in the contest since many people either don't feel like presenting a song for any country other than their own or they simply don't have the time to do so.
  6. 1) 34 in the Annual contest, 33 in the Open one. 2) Someone forgot to write it in the rules for some reason, but we have established since the first contest that a user can only represent one nation. And it has to be the nation he/she chose to represent in this forum (not necessarily the one the user was born in, e.g. Wanderer is serbian but he represented New Zealand out of sympathy cuz he moved there). In your case it has to be Germany, unless you wish to change your country.
  7. Well, I, of course, haven't seen you lay out all of your political ideology here, but from what I got out of your opinions whenever there is a terrorist attack you seem to be at the very least "skeptic" about the integration of muslims into european society.
  8. ^Won't you vote him? at least on Islam you have opinions similar to his...
  9. They can't be so obvious, that's why they give him some random category. These awards ain't serious, it's all commercial interests. They give prizes to people who are super popular in countries where they can sell cars (USA, UK, Germany, Australia, etc) and leave some categories to lesser known people to give an image of "plurality".
  10. Cuz this shit is funded by Mercedes
  11. and qualified for semifinal round of women's world league. With taking 3rd, it means has also qualified due to higher ranking. However, Scotland has a high ranking (17th), so they will qualify too as long as India doesn't finish 3rd in the last tournament of this second round.
  12. Brazil out of U20 world cup. & qualified
  13. Not as relevant as these matches of course, but in the "6 nations B" Germany defeated Romania big upset. Maybe Germany will play their first WC in 2019...
  14. That's one ambitious schedule If some indoor volleyball had to be included I'd like a return of the world league or grand prix instead of Norceca championships to be honest. Also I have no idea who here follows women's rugby union... Anyway, if you can make 21 events, you're a god.
  15. [hide] Round Robin February 4th - March 18th, 2017 6 Nations, One Group, 1st Nation wins the championship. Week 1 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) Date and Venue Team 1 T1 T2 Team 2 February 4th 2017, h. 14:25, Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh Scotland 7 Ireland February 4th 2017, h. 16:50, Twickenham Stadium, London England 12 France February 5th 2017, h. 14:00, Stadio Olimpico, Roma Italy 12 Wales Week 2 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) Date and Venue Team 1 T1 T2 Team 2 February 11th 2017, h. 14:25, Stadio Olimpico, Roma Italy 21 Ireland February 11th 2017, h. 16:50, Principality Stadium, Cardiff Wales 3 England February 12th 2017, h. 15:00, Stade de France, Paris France 8 Scotland Week 3 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) Date and Venue Team 1 T1 T2 Team 2 February 25th 2017, h. 14:25, Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh Scotland 1 Wales February 25th 2017, h. 16:50, Aviva Stadium, Dublin Ireland 1 France February 26th 2017, h. 15:00, Twickenham Stadium, London England 30 Italy Week 4 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) Date and Venue Team 1 T1 T2 Team 2 March 10th 2017, h. 20:05, Principality Stadium, Cardiff Wales 5 Ireland March 11th 2017, h. 13:30, Stadio Olimpico, Roma Italy 9 France March 11th 2017, h. 16:00, Twickenham Stadium, London England 15 Scotland Week 5 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) Date and Venue Team 1 T1 T2 Team 2 March 18th 2017, h. 12:30, Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh Scotland 3 Italy March 18th 2017, h. 14:45, Stade de France, Paris France 7 Wales March 18th 2017, h. 17:00, Aviva Stadium, Dublin Ireland 3 England [/hide]