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  1. In spanish we would say "aca nada" that is "here nothing"
  2. I would like to have the atp finals.
  3. Football 2018 Discussion Thread

    Conmebol had agreed to vote for usa some months ago, but it seems Brazil changed their mind and voted alone for Morocco...
  4. Women's Volleyball FIVB Nations League 2018

    Wow we won a match, it's a miracle.
  5. Football 2018 Discussion Thread

    As far as i understand Morocco is the favorite to win, purely because of the number of votes they are supposed to have.
  6. [POLL] Who will win the FIFA 2018 World Cup ?

    We don't have any chance.
  7. 10-13 -3 to 5 in team sports (hockey x2, boys rugby, boys futsal, girl beach handball) -1 or 2 in swimming (girls 400/800 free) -1 in athletics (boy pole vault) -1 in judo (boys -81kg) -1 in sailing (in nacra or windsurf) -3 between: rowing, triathlon, pentathlon, equestrian, boxing, tennis (boy singles) and shooting (rifle).
  8. [POLL] Who will win the FIFA 2018 World Cup ?

    I don't get the people that say France has more chance than Brazil. Did you guys see how each team has been playing over the last two years??? Brazil is a rampant winning machine with unstoppable Neymar and France has great matches one day then the next struggles against much weaker teams.
  9. South American Games 2018

    No, it's not the same for everyone, altitude has less effect on chileans, colombians, peruvians and ecuatorians since many of their main cities have altitude as well.
  10. South American Games 2018

    They are in no way prepared to host a panamerican games. Would be a big step back in terms of standards for odepa to give it to them.
  11. Tennis Roland Garros 2018

    And finally, all the relevant players in wta have a Slam. Nice.