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  1. it's going to be a real disaster for europe, once again we privilege america, i hope that among men italy, serbia, poland, france, russia. and among women germany, poland, russia, italy and serbia
  2. [OFF TOPIC] Eurovision Song Contest 2018

    voted for
  3. [OFF TOPIC] Eurovision Song Contest 2018

  4. thanks for France
  5. [OFF TOPIC] Happy Holidays and Birthdays Thread

    Happy birthday belle
  6. https://www.laliga4sports.es/noticias/asi-sera-el-sistema-de-clasificacion-del-skateboarding-para-tokyo-2020
  7. http://www.francsjeux.com/breves/2018/04/26/le-skateboard-devoile-ses-criteres/42776 qualification skateboard
  8. it's still odd that these trainings do not publish the qualifications, while all others have dates from mid-March.
  9. Summer Olympic Games 2020 Team Sizes

    Women's Football CONMEBOL Copa América Femenina 2018 Coquimbo/La Serena (CHI) - 4 April 2018 - 22 April 2018 Women's Football Tournament at the Summer Olympic Games 2020 : BRAZIL 18 QUOTAS
  10. [OFF TOPIC] Happy Holidays and Birthdays Thread

    hAPPY Birthday @rybak and @Bohemia
  11. Women's Football CONMEBOL Copa América Femenina 2018

  12. I can not wait to have the sevens rugby qualification system
  13. yes that would be good, but there are still sports of which we do not know the system of qualification
  15. We miss 8 sports, I did research and I did not find anything, it's annoying
  16. added ^^ http://olimpiyat.org.tr/Tokyo2020_Branslar/Voleybol.pdf
  17. Football Tokyo 2020 Qualification System.pdf FOOTBALL TOKYO 2020 Golf Tokyo 2020 Qualification System.pdf GOLF TOKYO 2020
  18. I also recorded them on my computer. thank you
  19. inks in pdf format swimming, marathon swimming, diving in artistic swimming have not been added.