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  1. Paris 2024 Olympic Sports Programme

    for me squash , karate and Baseball
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Short_track_speed_skating_at_the_2018_Winter_Olympics_–_Qualification
  3. Summer Olympic Games 2020 Team Sizes

    Update Fencing Japan
  4. The World Karate Federation has presented the International Olympic Committee with a proposal for three weight classes each for men and women in the sport’s kumite competition at the 2020 Tokyo Games, an official of the world governing body for karate said Tuesday. Toshihisa Nagura, general secretary of the federation, told a newsconference the proposed categories are over 75 kg, 75 kg and 67 for men and over 61 kg, 61 kg and 55 kg for women. The proposal, along with selection criteria plans for competitors, is expected to be decided at next February’s IOC executive board meeting. One athlete from each country or territory will be able to compete in each event, including the men’s and women’s kata contests. Every event will have 10 competitors for a total of 80 karateka. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/sports/2017/11/07/more-sports/world-karate-federation-presents-plan-three-weight-classes-2020-tokyo-olympics/#.WgIh-4iDPIU
  5. Winter Olympic Games 2018 News

    i think ^^
  6. Winter Olympic Games 2018 News

    Participated Olympic Games 2018 2 Quotas Alpine Skiing https://www.lequipe.fr/Ski/Actualites/Deux-skieurs-afghans-aux-jo-de-pyeongchang/848090
  7. Winter Olympic Games 2018 News

    I am chauvinistic, but 4th world nations at the winter games that would reveal a miracle
  8. Winter Olympic Games 2018 News

    4th MDR
  9. Winter Olympic Games 2018 Team Sizes

  10. Figure Skating 2017 - 2018 Discussion Thread

    Qualified !!!
  11. Winter Olympic Games 2018 Team Sizes

  12. Winter Olympic Games 2018 Team Sizes

    is rejected in ice dancing -2
  13. Winter Olympic Games 2018 Team Sizes

    why for the Olympic Winter Games, the "less strong nations" do not have a wild card?
  14. Winter Olympic Games 2018 Team Sizes

    France had qualified 2 pairs, but it rejected a quota