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  1. Speed Skating 2017 - 2018 Discussion Thread

    Following nations would qualify (29 in total!):
  2. Speed Skating 2017 - 2018 Discussion Thread

    Quota standings: http://www.isu.org/docman-documents-links/isu-files/event-documents/speed-skating-8/2017-18/world-cups-10/series-files-16/documents/15450-qualification-of-noc-event-quota-places/file
  3. Luge FIL World Cup 2017 - 2018

    Not yet. He has not officially qualified.
  4. Ice Hockey NHL 2017 - 2018 Discussion Thread

  5. They give all first ranked athletes a quota spot (to the country). When it came down to the 1500m some countries had 3 athletes already ranked higher and therefore cannot receive a quota. Edit: My bad, I just read the document again and it says spots are given to NOCs not athletes... so it appears yours is correct.
  6. Speed Skating 2017 - 2018 Discussion Thread

    What advantage?
  7. They do not need to necessarily be in the top 36. The third Italian + Second Kazakh athlete would be the 4th qualified from each nation (and thus they cannot qualify, as the max is 3 per nation). Therefore the last two trickle down to and
  8. Wikipedia has and qualifying and on a quick glance that looks to be right (in the men's 1500m).
  9. Beijing 2022 Olympic Sports Programme

    Big air seems reasonable... everything else sounds bad. The parallel slalom was already on the program and then removed in favour of big air.
  10. Beijing 2022 Olympic Sports Programme

    The FIS has proposed the following for 2022 Winter Olympics inclusion Ski Jumping Mixed Team Competition (3rd application) ·Ladies’ Nordic Combined Individual Competition (gender equity) Freestyle Ski Big Air Men’s and Ladies’ (2nd application) A further six events have been submitted to the 2018 FIS Congress for eventual proposal to the IOC: · Alpine Skiing Individual Parallel Event · Freestyle Ski Aerials Mixed Team Event · Snowboard Cross Team Event · Snowboard Mixed Team Parallel Event · Snowboard Parallel Slalom · Telemark Parallel Sprint and Team Parallel Sprint Source Surprised the FIS does not want to propose Dual Moguls!
  11. @ahjfcshfghb Coincidentally enough the FIS approved Jordan for membership yesterday!
  12. Winter Olympic Games 2018 Team Sizes

    Only 20 nations will likely qualify to compete in Short track speed skating. New for 2018: Out from 2014:
  13. Totallympics Open International Song Contest 2017

    Congrats to Ireland pitty I didn't vote for it Also Americas with 5 top 10 songs!! Not too bad
  14. Is there an update on the Egypt/Jordan situations? @ahjfcshfghb @thepharoah
  15. Speed Skating 2017 - 2018 Discussion Thread

    Any idea why Colombia is not competing at the World Cup in Norway?
  16. Totallympics Open International Song Contest 2017

    Thank you to those who voted for Canada. It was hard for me to pick 12 songs.
  17. 11 people are ranked ahead of SGP in the women's 1500m standings... cutting it really close.
  18. will not compete in PyeongChang unfortunately (unless they randomly get someone else to qualify). Patrick Brachner retired
  19. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    Let the people decide in a referendum
  20. Winter Olympic Games 2018 Team Sizes

    The same 8 qualified 5 athletes each in Sochi.
  21. Winter Olympic Games 2018 Team Sizes

    Women's Short track speed skating +5 +5 +5 +5 +5 +5 +5 +5
  22. Totallympics Open International Song Contest 2017

    Yes a would be nice...but not necessary. If I miss it so be it.
  23. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    GOD: Brazil, Spain, Iceland, Nigeria GOL: Russia, Peru, Iran, Panama (NO offence to anyone)
  24. Cheyenne Goh did not advance out of the preliminaries in the women's 1500m. Out of the athletes that advanced only 2 can pass her in points. This would put her into 36th position overall. The top 36 do qualify. Canada has 4 athletes ahead of her, so in fact she is ranked 35th. There is also an athlete from Italy who did not advance who might get more points in the standings, which would drop her to 36th. So worst case scenario is she will be ranked 36th??? So that means she has unofficially qualified for PyeongChang 2018, and will be come the first Singaporean to compete in the Winter Olympics PS. I hope I am not wrong...