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  1. with three athletics medals in just a few mins, 1 g 1 s and 1 b
  2. Doping Cases and Bans Thread

    Austria, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, United Kingdom, USA, Want Russia banned from the 2018 Olympics... That's pretty much the top nations... http://www.bbc.com/sport/winter-sports/41266286
  3. 2024 and 2028 Olympic Games Host Cities Election

    After the disaster behind the organization of the 2010 Commonwealth Games, I think the IOC will want to stay away from India. India needs to prove itself again before being in the conversation to host. ---- My guess for 2032 will be it will be a limited field as both Paris/LA games will not have been held before the bidding process begins. We will likely see Doha, Budapest and Baku throw their names into the ring.
  4. The FIS doesn't approve members until the summer anyways. So I think its too late for Jordan in 2018
  5. Future Sporting Events

    Almaty is interesting in that it lost to Beijing. If a European or N/a bid presents itself, Almaty will not win (and that is a real shame, because Almaty would be a new market and has all venues besides the sliding track done).
  6. An article on Barbados' athlete: https://www.barbadostoday.bb/2017/09/13/snow-white/
  7. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    Interesting https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DJMtGgFXoAAPTuu.jpg
  8. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    Irma claimed the lift of Xavier ‘Dag’ Samuels, an athletics coach from :IVB. "Samuels has guided the career of McMaster, who this year, ran a world-leading time of 47.80 seconds at the Jamaica International Invitational on May 20." http://www.sportsmax.tv/?q=articles/2017/09/07/irma-claims-life-veteran-bvi-track-coach-dag-samuels
  9. Historical Sport Pictures

    2010, Vancouver (CAN) - Sidney Crosby after scoring the golden goal of the men's hockey gold medal game at the Winter Olympics, winning Canada's 14th gold medal of the games (a record by any one nation). http://i.imgur.com/Q2iAKQI.jpg
  10. 2014 did not have this rule. Armenia had two male skiers and I am sure one didn't get below 100 points.
  11. Tennis US Open 2017

  12. The Fis will give him a quota. IIRC both Venezuela and South Africa failed to get under 140 (just barely) but still got a quota.
  13. Winter Olympic Games 2018 News

    South Koreans do everything last minute. So give it time. Also Toronto 2015 had sold similar amount of tickets at 5 months to go but it was the best attended Pan Am Games ever. Give it time, and it will work.
  14. Basketball 2017 Discussion Thread

    all have qualified for the men's basketball tournament. qualifies as host. Either or will join them, likely the latter. The loser of that match needs to have a score differential of -8 or better (so DOM cannot lost by 21 points or more to the USA) to qualify. If not than it will qualifying. Incredible, has now qualified 24 athletes for Lima 2019, their team size for Toronto 2015 was just 16 athletes.
  15. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    Scotiabank (one of Canada's big 5 banks) is paying $800 million dollars!! for the naming rights to the current Air Canada Center in Toronto. Just wow.
  16. This is where the IOC should step in and protect athletes.
  17. Men's Boxing AIBA World Championships 2017

    I didn't know women competed here just kidding
  18. Is that official? Because there is no quota spots for hosts + tripartie commission and we know there is 16 per weight category.
  19. Swimming 2017 Discussion Thread

    5 WJRs, 7 gold, 15 medals, what an unbelievable performance by the Canadian team!
  20. Not happy with women's canoeing just for the sake of adding it, but the possibiity of 2 gold medals is hard to get mad at.
  21. Swimming 2017 Discussion Thread

    Very bad indeed. This is the worst I have ever seen the men's team. Besides Acevado there might be a surprise or two. Also there is Condorelli who may or may not come back to the national team. This is in stark contrast from the peak times in 2005-2012, where Canada won medals in sprints/long distance and relays at the WC's and Olympics.
  22. Basketball 2017 Discussion Thread

    With Canada's loss (and likely losses to both Argentina and Venezuela) both the defending gold and silver medalists from the Pan American Games will not be back to defend their titles in 2019.
  23. Judo IJF World Championships 2017

    oops lol. My bad.
  24. Judo IJF World Championships 2017

    I am pretty sure Mongolia doesn't have the funds to be buying athletes...