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  1. Wow Andorran athlete beat two time Turkish Olympic medalist!
  2. Last time Canada was in the final 6, they got Russia and Brazil. However they did get one victory back then, so maybe they could do it this time too.
  3. Lol Canada is better than both Japan and China... What a joke.
  4. The wind was illegal Though this is promising: Jon Mulkeen‏Verified account @Statman_Jon 40m40 minutes ago More 9.69 (+4.8m/s) = 9.79 (+2.0m/s) = 9.88 (0.0m/s) (According to: http://myweb.lmu.edu/jmureika/track/wind/index.html …)
  5. Asia will get the same number of guaranteed teams as Europe and Americas Oceania gets one, what a joke, they should have merged it with Asia (the amount of slots)
  6. Anyways, Canada (and I would imagine other Commonwealth Countries) are skipping the Worlds, in favour of the Commonwealth Youth Games (which slightly conflict with each other).
  7. Fun fact: Canada won more track and field medals in Rio than Algeria has won at the last 4 Summer Olympics across all sports.
  8. It likely has to do with the controversies from Rio, and its not a popular sport among the EB (after all it was dropped).
  9. Qatar will have all 4 naturalized
  10. Yes I did mean aren't 7, with the relays (50m, 100m, 200m, and the four relays now)
  11. They should have cut duets to 12 from 24. That would allow for each water polo team to have one additional athlete.
  12. Its plain madness, I agree. Politically correct or not, women's sports are as globally developed as their men's counterpart (though with these additions, that should hopefully change?)
  13. Which part(s)?
  14. Quite disappointing to see them keeping synchronized swimming intact, while reducing from swimming/water polo. This goes to show you how dumb these people are.
  15. They had to be compensated for losing 200+ for Rio and now +105.