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  1. Curling 2017 - 2018 Discussion Thread

    only lost by 2 against at the mixed doubles world championships. Not bad!
  2. Sprint Canoeing 2018 Discussion Thread

    crew(s) broke world records in C1-200 and C2-500 women's events this weekend
  3. Baseball 2018 Discussion Thread

    The winner of Brazil and Argentina tomorrow will qualify for the 2019 Pan Am Games.
  4. wow Canada won. Did not expect that.
  5. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    At least one quota was won. Canada decided to not show up
  6. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    These should be the canoeing quotas: K1 W K1 Men C1 Women C1 Men
  7. Commonwealth Games 2018

    It was added for 1990, in New Zealand. I can only think of three reasons: 1) Really unpredictable sport (even looking here at the difference in results from one day to the other) 2) Low cost sport to add as it can share a venue/staff with artistic gymnastics 3) Helps grow an Olympic sport where its not really contested at a high level.
  8. Commonwealth Games 2018

    TYler Butterfield of Bermuda breaks the national record in the marathon (and he is a triathlete!)
  9. Commonwealth Games 2018

    He will be DQd then...
  10. Commonwealth Games 2018

    men's marathon the leader Hawkins of Scotland collapses at the 40km mark wow.
  11. Commonwealth Games 2018

    For 2022, there will be a qualification system for each sport. My suggestions: -Athletics - Use the IAAF rankings to determine qualifiers and limit field size to certain numbers using past participation as the standard. -Basketball (3x3): Top 8 teams per gender (including hosts) in the FIBA Rankings -Badminton: Top 16 teams in the rankings qualified. Limit the singles/doubles fields as well. -Boxing: Top 12 athletes in the world rankings per event should qualify, with 16 wild cards to be awarded equally among men/women. -Judo: Top 9 in the world rankings + 1 wild card per event. -Diving: I don't think diving needs a system, the numbers are good enough atm. Maybe a minimum score to qualify? -Cycling: Use a similar system as the Olympics, but adjust qualified numbers, -Swimming: A/B Standard qualification times, invite 8 teams for each relay only. Also limit each individual event to a max 2 athletes from one country. -Gymnastics: The number is adequate enough across both disciplines. Not sure what to suggest here. -Triathlon: 28 athlete fields per event. 26 spots reserved for the world rankings + 2 wild cards. -Lawn Bowls: Max 20 per event, using a world rankings/qualification event. -Netball/Rugby sevens: Same system as in 2018. -Weightlifting: Same system as in 2018 -Squash: Max 32 in singles draws and 16 in the doubles draws. -Table tennis: Max 12 teams per team event. All other countries can enter a max 1 male and 1 female. -Wrestling: Top 9 in world rankings + 1 wild card per event. Parasports- Plan ahead and choose events which have the most representation. It was ridiculous too see many events here with just 1 or 2 medals awarded. -If a country fails it can enter 2 track and field athletes/2 swimmers (just like the Olympics)
  12. Commonwealth Games 2018

    Also, what a games for winning 6 medals! The most ever for them. Though it could be argued that the 3 boxing medals were because of a favourable draw, but one of them knocked down the Indian gold medalist twice in his match... so there was potential.
  13. Commonwealth Games 2018

    I'd bet that shooting will be added as the 18th sport like beach volleyball was here. This sport allows many small nations to compete. Dumb decision to omit it completely. THough I would prefer beach volleyball be added too. 17 seems like a low number for this event.
  14. Commonwealth Games 2018

    Hopefully these games are a blip in the radar for Canada. Probably the worst multi sports games in recent memory for Canada. I fully expect a return to 3rd place in time for Birmingham 2022 and onward.
  15. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    Very stupid and a lot of people were against it (like myself). I will still sing it with the original lyrics, just like Sarah Pavan did at the Commonwealth Games.