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  1. http://www.cbc.ca/sports/olympics/winter/speedskating/speed-skating-canada-financial-pinch-1.3994213
  2. Malaysia is in the A final of the men's 5000m relay... and this is due to dq's of two teams. So they are going to be in the final 4 (barring a dq). So if one of the big 3 are disqualified then Malaysia will win an unlikely medal!
  3. Compound archery has been added to the Pan Am Games (individual event and a mixed team event) along with a mixed team event in recurve.
  4. Looks like might have an outside shot in ccskiing.
  5. Only 4 (maybe 5, North Korea's pairs is ranked third) countries should win medals at the AWG.
  6. Sorry lol, I was typing on my mobile and forgot to write Jordan will compete in alpine skiing and Uzbekistan in figure skating (they entered way after the entries deadline). Also for your interests, the Sri Lankan athlete will not compete in the Biathlon competitions, the IBU has refused to let him, so he will just compete in cross-country skiing.
  7. Wow, but Canada always does well (as in win a gold or a medal) and then just do horribly at the Olympics. Hopefully they can repeat, but I am definitely not holding my breath.
  8. Derek Drouin, Commonwealth Games, Pan Am Games, World and Olympic champion in the men's high jump has switched to the decathlon The goal is the 2018 Commonwealth Games, in which we might see a Canadian sweep in the event (Drouin, Warner and Pierce Le Page, imo Canada's best young athlete atm). 2.36 in the high jump in Rio's decathlon would have given him 169 more points than the rest of the field in the high jump. Looks intriguing
  9. IOC Session in Lima is the date the final events will be approved.
  10. World Championships draw to be held next month: http://www.fina.org/news/budapest-2017-water-polo-draws-february-24th
  11. The ceremonies venue will hold 35,000 only.
  12. Madagascar has an athlete at least. Its bizarre that just a delegation is being sent to the Universiade from a country (Gambia) with no winter sport tradition
  13. Gambia has no athletes. THe organizing committee confirmed directly with me. They are just sending a delegation with officials.
  14. Venezuela's skier also started well behind as well in his quest for Sochi