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  1. Slalom Canoeing 2017 Discussion Thread

    Wow Andorra,
  2. Samuel Girard and Kim Boutin are first members of team for PyeongChang 2018
  3. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    Another attack... this time in Turku, Finland. I wonder when Europe will decide enough is enough of this and actually implement steps to preventing it.
  4. Can't believe they have hockey competitions here, its nice to see it in such a warm country
  5. Field Hockey 2017 Discussion Thread

    They are top 2 in South America based on performance at the Pan Am Cup, so if they repeat that performance at the 2018 South American Games then they will qualify. T/T is almost guaranteed a spot, so I wonder if they will send their best team to the 2018 Central American and Caribbean Games, which if they don't then we might see them fall out of the top 2.
  6. Field Hockey 2017 Discussion Thread

    Men: are guaranteed a spot at the 2019 Pan Am Games in Peru. For women
  7. Doping Cases and Bans Thread

    http://www.cbc.ca/sports/olympics/russia-doping-lumsden-girard-1.4243509 When will the IOC grow a set and ban this country from the Olympics? Its sickening to see Canadian athletes work so hard and be robbed by Russian dopers!!
  8. Softball 2017 Discussion Thread

    (as hosts) qualify for the 2019 Pan American Games women's tournament.
  9. Athletics IAAF World Championships 2017

    Thankfully these championships are over. Horribly organized and just a horrible time for Canada. It doesn't get better though in 2 years.
  10. Athletics IAAF World Championships 2017

    If Thorne does not medal, this will be the first time Canada does not medal since 2001 (the only time Canada hosted the event).
  11. Athletics IAAF World Championships 2017

    10 top 8 place finishes without Degrasse... London is horrible for Canadian sports.
  12. Football 2017 Discussion Thread

    lol Morocco is bidding for the 2026 World Cup... what a waste of money/time
  13. Athletics IAAF World Championships 2017

    Stop this spam
  14. Athletics IAAF World Championships 2017

    Not with 3 athletes who have an unfair advantage ahead of her. There is still Warner and maybe a medal in the walks.