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  1. Looks like Russia might be banned http://www.reuters.com/article/us-sport-doping-wada-idUSKCN18E2KN?
  2. This is not good at all for Slovak hockey.
  3. Aren't Italy already eliminated? If they beat Denmark in regulation, they would be tied with Slovakia. The second TB is h2h points... which Slovakia has the advantage.
  4. Canada's team is just not at the quality it needs to be yikes. I do not expect a three-peat.
  5. Half of Canada's team retired... and this does not look promising for the future.
  6. I am 24
  7. Didnt the Iaaf recently pass a rule limiting nationality changes?
  8. Still far out of an Olympic medal. After a fluke 4th in London. Li actually beat silver medalist Sindhu at the Commonwealth Games and if she did that in Rio she may have been the silver medalist.
  9. Real surprise was Michelle Li losing to another Canadian. Shocking result if you ask me.
  10. Your childish behaviour is not making you look like a complete ___ Just for the record, the Algerian song was reserve 1 in my ranking, and the host can confirm that.
  11. Even then Finland has won a curling Olympic medal. 8 teams for this event makes no sense. 16 makes more sense.
  12. Closing thoughts: All songs were good minus 1 song I really did not like (won't mention which one). So it was difficult to give points. Thanks for hosting the competition Uk!
  13. CANADA Jury Scorecard: India 12 Poland 11 Serbia 10 Bulgaria 9 Malta 8 Italy 7 Lithuania 6 Brazil 5 Croatia 4 Romania 3 United States 2 Great Britain 1
  14. CANADA Jury Scorecard: Poland 11 Serbia 10 Bulgaria 9 Malta 8 Italy 7 Lithuania 6 Brazil 5 Croatia 4 Romania 3 United States 2 Great Britain 1
  15. We had to give at least a couple points to our neighbours