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  1. Archery 2018 Discussion Thread

    qualified a women's team for the 2019 Pan Ams!! Meanwhile Canada failed to qualify both teams (there will be a second qualifier)
  2. Badminton 2018 Discussion Thread

    50 confirmed finally, including China which forgot to enter a team lol
  3. Badminton at the Asian Games 2018

    I am surprised at no the could have surprised here.
  4. Asian Games 2018

  5. Swimming Pan Pacific Championships 2018

    Incredible, Canada with top 3 times in the 4x100, and 4x200 without Penny Oleksiak. Hopefully she comes back much stronger.
  6. Pan American Games 2019

  7. A lot of the big names are here, but a lot are missing as well. Former world/Olympic champs are in the field
  8. Also the wrong anthem was played This is what happens when you ignore people's requests to help organize
  9. Two days done, almost every event with a CR and some big names here! However, a lot of the big names have also skipped it. The winner of each event qualifies for the 2019 Pan American Games, so has qualified its first athlete officially as Anderson Peters won the javelin.
  10. Athletics NACAC North American, Central American and Caribbean Championships 2018 Toronto (CAN) - 10 August 2018 - 12 August 2018 Totallympics Results Thread
  11. Stars of the Future

    Taylor Ruck, swimming, can see her breaking the record of most medals by a Canadian at a single Olympics (currently 5 by speed skater Cindy Klassen).
  12. Women's Softball WBSC World Championship 2018

    Right, but we don't have any information to suggest another team sport has fallen below field hockey atm. If baseball/softball are to hope for an Olympic place, it has to come at the expense of field hockey. Atp, that is not likely, but for LA2028, wouldn't shock me if both were on the program.
  13. Women's Softball WBSC World Championship 2018

    What rivalry? And field hockey was the only team sport that was in consideration of being dropped back in 2013 (ultimately wrestling got the boot). That's why they went to 4 quarters, to make the game more interesting? If field hockey was ranked last, its unlikely to have changed. So for any team sport to have hope of being on the Olympic program, it has to hope another team sport is dropped, ie field hockey. "Tuesday's decision came via secret ballot over four rounds, with 14 members voting each time on which sport should not be included in the core group. IOC President Jacques Rogge did not vote. Three sports were left in the final round: wrestling, field hockey and modern pentathlon." Source Personally, I would cut men's football to 12 teams, and ask all other team sports to cut rosters by 1 (except water polo, as it already has been cut) to get extra athlete quotas. However, I doubt that would ever happen.
  14. Women's Softball WBSC World Championship 2018

    It won't matter I think. Baseball/softball will not be in on Paris or LA without a team sport coming off the program. Field hockey is the most likely one to come off the program...