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  1. Fencing CPE Pan-American Championships 2018

    Especially modern pentathlon... increased in 2015 then 2019... Literally every country competing in qualifiers will compete in Lima. One of the most powerful sports admins used to be a modern penathlete (Ivar Sisniega) so no surprise there lol. Originally they had 5 individual fencers per event but CPE decided against it.
  2. Fencing CPE Pan-American Championships 2018

    Second time Paraguay missed out on a quota by 1 spot. If Peru wasn't host nation, they likely would have qualified by now.
  3. Fencing CPE Pan-American Championships 2018

    They only budgeted for 420 athletes. Any additional will require the national federation to sponsor the athletes. I honestly think top 5 is out of possibility. Ridiculous because Canada would easily be top 3 with its best :'(
  4. Fencing CPE Pan-American Championships 2018

    Canada's epee team barely qualified. Don't think they will use the quota though because they won't send a team to the Worlds, but for all other events they will.
  5. You answered my question with your answer lol What is the problem if they are competing in the qualifiers ?
  6. Fencing CPE Pan-American Championships 2018

    @phelps Any idea on why the full team results for women's sabre is taking forever?
  7. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    qualified in triathlon
  8. Fencing CPE Pan-American Championships 2018

    Zi-Shan is only 16
  9. Men's Handball PATHF Pan-American Championship 2018

    It isn't. Almost $2k per person to go there from Canada.
  10. Olympians who died in 2018

    Robert Santavy
  11. Football 2018 Discussion Thread

  12. Men's Volleyball FIVB Nations League 2018

    Canada swept Brazil
  13. Sprint Canoeing 2018 Discussion Thread

    They are sending a team to the qualifiers so they should be able to qualify.
  14. Sprint Canoeing 2018 Discussion Thread

    Canada will send a B team to the Pan Am Games http://canoekayak.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/2019-Pan-Am-Selection-Criteria-Draft-1.pdf