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  1. Wasn't their a rule that anyone that didn;t qualify for the long program would be ranked 17th .. so in that case France would qualify 2?
  2. Rachel Homan (and team) 13-0 and new World Champ
  3. It was sarcasm, and Buddhist terrorism is alive in Sri Lanka and Myanmar among other places I am sure. Religion unfortunately brings out the worst in ppl...
  4. Islam is the religion of peace!!!!!!!!!1111111
  5. More funding increases: http://www.cbc.ca/sports/olympics/canada-athletes-raise-funding-1.4037050
  6. has officially qualified. 73 nations are qualified right now. The following should qualify (all have athletes meeting part of the standard/good enough to qualify): That leaves us with 88 nations that should qualify (hopefully all of them choose to compete). The following have athletes just outside qualification and may qualify: So a record 95! might be competing in 2018. Unlikely to qualify atp:
  7. Spain's third athlete would have to meet minimum standards anyways
  8. Moguls judging this season is a sham.
  9. Most of Israel's team is jewish players from the USA
  10. Sorry for the confusion, The Weeknd - False Alarm shall be Canada's entry.
  11. http://www.cbc.ca/sports/olympics/winter/speedskating/speed-skating-canada-financial-pinch-1.3994213
  12. Malaysia is in the A final of the men's 5000m relay... and this is due to dq's of two teams. So they are going to be in the final 4 (barring a dq). So if one of the big 3 are disqualified then Malaysia will win an unlikely medal!
  13. Compound archery has been added to the Pan Am Games (individual event and a mixed team event) along with a mixed team event in recurve.