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  1. second female to accomplish that.
  2. http://www.sportsnet.ca/olympics/gold-standard-day-11-olympian-cheater/ Welp there goes exotic countries qualifying again
  3. http://www.sportsnet.ca/olympics/canadians-left-frustrated-confused-short-track-chaos/ Still does not explain why Korea was not dqd
  4. They change between men and omens events
  5. I was in the arena. Canada Italy and China were all robbed to give Korea another gold...
  6. Figure Skating at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    What a way to close out a career. 3 golds one silver. Thank you Virtue and Moir
  7. Figure Skating at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    French way overscored.... not surprised.
  8. Winter Olympic Games 2022 News

    Its a 2 sided game but there is been huge progress in improvement.
  9. Ski Jumping at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

  10. Winter Olympic Games 2022 News

  11. Figure Skating at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    French overscored, not shocking