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  2. Pan American Games 2019

    Archery +2 +3 +5 +3 +6 +8 +4 +2 +6 +8 +2 +1 +8
  3. Archery 2018 Discussion Thread

    Indeed a respectable achievement for them Sorry that Canada only has one chance left, but if they prepare themselves right, the men should get the last team spot.
  4. Equestrian 2018 Discussion Thread

    WHAAAT? Totally surprised by the result... three years ago we didn't have a team, and now they win CAC Games and then this competition. Someone pinch me.
  5. Bad judgiing sees the Dominican Republic lose gold medal against Mexico in women's boxing -64kg
  6. : French Guiana lost match for bronze in women's rugby sevens, its best chance at a medal
  7. Gold medal for Jamaica in men's doubles in badminton
  8. Second gold medal for Barbados, winning the men's 4x100, establishing a new NR.
  9. Second medal for in men's triple jump
  10. In his last attempt, Keshorn Walcott from Trinidad and Tobago wins gold with a 84.47 mark. In the same event, Grenada won a silver, their only medal of the Games.
  11. Mexico came back from being two sets down,to win the bronze medal match against Cuba in men's volleyball That's the spirit guys
  12. I voted yes, but it should be conditioned to AIBA changing the current scoring system and an evaluation of the corrupt judges.
  13. In athletics, Catherine Ibarguen won her 2nd gold of the Games, setting a new Games record of 14.92 in triple jump
  14. Amazing results for Guatemalan male boxers today In men's -56kg Juan Reyes defeated host Jhon Martinez In men's -75kg an even bigger surprise as Lester Cardona beat World and Olympic champion Arlen Lopez
  15. Pan American Games 2019

    Men's Handball +14 +14 +14
  16. And Mexico's basketball team is out Main responsibility is within the team, they already knew they were the favorites and that the referees could try to ruin their chances even more. So, along with baseball (joined soon by handball and waterpolo) this will be the only sports/disciplines which will come home empty handed
  17. Kyron McMaster wins men's 400m hurdles with a new Games record of 47.60
  18. What a race in women's 400m hurdles with only a .05 difference between first and third. Rhonda White won, followed by Mexican Zudikey Rodriguez, with a new National Record of 55.11 and Cuba's Zurian Hechavarria in third.
  19. Local announcers notified that Cuba's Echevarria suffered an injury during training
  20. And the 200m record is broken once again, this time by Panama's Alonso Edward with 19.94 seconds and also by Kyle Greaux from Trinidad & Tobago clocking 19.96 Tomorrow's final is a must watch, at least for me
  21. Third Games record broken, now by Cuba's Yaime Perez with a 66.00 meter throw in women's discus
  22. Another GR in athletics, this time in men's 200m by Bernardo Baloyes of Colombia with 20.04, which puts him joint 16th in this year's list *Update: and he did it again in the semifinals with 20.00 I hope he goes under that in the final.
  23. Gold medal for Andrea Vargas Mena of Costa Rica in 100m Hurdles First gold medal for the Ticos. In the same event, a great silver medal for Vanessa Clerveaux from Haiti, its first of the Games New Games record in men's hammer throw for Mexico's Diego Del Real with 74.95; he was close to a new Mexican and Area record but his last attempt was a fault.
  24. Good day for English speaking countries: Cejhae Colin Green gained bronze in the men's 100m; also their men's doubles in tennis placed fourth, winning their first two matches against better ranked teams. won a couple of bronze medals: one in women's boxing (-64kg) and the other one in women's 800m; so far only Barbadian women have been able to be on the podium, so their men should try to keep up the pace. added a silver in men's trio in bowling, but at middle point they were close to winning. Too bad they couldn't close an excellent performance. earned its first two medals: a silver in women's long jump thanks to Chantel Malone and a bronze by Eldred Henry in men's shot put, being the first of the medalist to break the Games record. got three golds and a silver in athletics; first, both of their competitors break the Games record in men's shot put, to finish 1-2; next it was their turn in women's 100m with Jonielle Smith and in the men's 100m with Nesta Carter. finished with silver in men's 100m, thanks to Jason Rogers' performance. earned two silvers, both by women, one in 100m and the other in the 800m
  25. Three Games records today in athletics: Greene with 10.00 in 100m men's. Jamaica's Nesta Carter ran 9.92, but wind was 2.1. Silva retained her title in women's pole vault, with a 4.70 mark. Sanchez won women's 10000 meters race, with an amazing sprint in the last 200 meters to overtake Puerto Rico's Beverly Ramos (who led all the race and had a 50 meters or so advantage until the last hundred) to finish in 33:41.48