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  1. Well I understand why the cut Women's baseball, as it is not that developed enough, but women's football? Just because the Peruvian women are weak, that's no excuse to kick this event from the program And to think they added bodybuilding, which is actually full of doping
  2. Indeed terrible changes for the sport program @MHSN And bridge Just as ridiculous as E-sports
  3. I guess because they could not a single country willing to host the tournament by itself... I mean sure it means some heavy expenses, but I guess in a country like Argentina, Puerto Rico or Mexico they will have enough revenue from sponsors, TV rights and ticket sales. I agree with you this system is stupid and unfair, specially because Argentina has a wild card to the semis, even if they team perform terrible in the preliminaries (which I hope won't happen but you never know); plus this tournament is also supposed to serve as the qualifier for 2019 Pan American Games, giving 7th tickets which still keeps me wondering how are the planning to determine.
  4. Well, there's no left or right in Latin America really... just a bunch of thieves with netiher philosophical nor ethical platforms who are just expecting to benefit from the deals they made while in power due to the neoliberal agenda. Personally, I stop believing in elections some years ago, since there's no politician (at least in my country) that actually puts attention to what governments are actually needed for, which is, security, justice and well being of its citizens.
  5. Wow, 3 teams DNF in men's 4x100, including Canada
  6. Well anything can happen in relays, so best of luck for the Dutch team
  7. Nice performance by the Netherlands relay... probably they could fight for a medal here.
  8. And with Jamaica out of contention, now Canada are the favorites.
  9. qualifies for Men's Youth World Championships for the first time!! I was just watching their last match against Uruguay, and I must say, they did a good job on securing that spot. Video
  10. Well it seems that finally Santiago will host... maybe in 2017 Central America or the Caribbean could host.
  11. It seems this is a direct elimination tournament http://worldtour.2017.fivb.com/en/436/format-and-event-regulations
  12. COLOMBIA Carlos Vives & Shakira "La Bicicleta"
  13. Draw Results for FIBA AmericaCup 2017 IMO: Group A is open, but Puerto Rico will have an advantage over the other teams; sadly Brazil is currently suspended from participation, so another South American team will take its place, probably Paraguay. In Group B, Argentina is already qualified for the final phase, so the other ticket shall be between Canada and defending champion Venezuela; it all will depend on Canada's roster. Finally, tough luck for the other teams in Group C, as USA is the clear favorite to advance to next phase, but again, only if they send a solid "B" team. Edit: It seems likely that FIBA Americas will readmit Brazil, thus allowing them to compete in Group A, in which case, they could win it.
  14. Excellent news
  15. Beautiful location for the Mexican delegation to be based @uk12points I really enjoy hiking trough the countryside and this path seems to offer wonderful places, so now I have another place to visit around the world