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  1. Wow I didn't knew she was being coached by Karen O'Connor... hope Moguel continues to improve and now I'm gonna add her event, to my follow calendar
  2. Great result for Canada! I keep dreaming that one day, Mexico will field a complete dressage team to WCH or OG
  3. Oh, I didn't knew that as I couldn't watch the game on TV
  4. I think the important thing (in the end) of this match was to collect 3 points against Chile. However, I understand it is frustating seing a thing like Argentina win only because of a penalty goal.
  5. Good luck to Iran, you pretty much control your own destiny... maybe after the next two games, your team will qualify.
  6. Well, I think most religions talk about peace. But I understand your point, most religions have at some point in history to exert some dominance, supremacy over people. Religious extremists and orthodox followers (not to be confused with Eastern Ortodox/Christian Ortodox) often disregard peace in their crusade to bring "heretics" and "sinners" into the right path, even when that actually violates the dignity and natural rights of people.
  7. Well, I guess my taste has changed... most of the "club" songs are too generic for my taste; don't mean to be disrespectful, they're ok to dance, but not what in my opinion would call a great song. Any AI could replace the singers in most of those entries and sound better. I guess that's what happens when you replace actual instruments and voices for computers and Autotune However, there were some songs I actually enjoyed, either because of the vocals, the lyrics or the interpretation; these are (in no particular order): Bulgaria, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Azerbaijan and Belarus, and contrary to most users in the forum, I just loved the Portuguese song
  8. That's probably one of the worst showings by any team in the entire tournament. On the other hand, a great way for team USA to end its run in this edition and obtain its first title
  9. And now is USA 7-0 PUR in the middle of the seventh... What happened to the Boricuas?
  10. I think so too, with USA beating Japan and PR still unbeaten, it should be a great match.
  11. And now they advanced to the WBC final for the first time. Congrats USA Edit: Sorry I've celebrated too soon, still 3 outs to go for team USA to be in the final game.
  12. The Netherlands team is really putting all out against Team PR... bottom of the ninth, and they're still tied.
  13. Exactly, every athlete fails to follow the proper walking technique at least in one ocassion, that's why everyone has quite fast registers nowadays
  14. This weekend the city of Monterrey will host a stage of the 2017 Race Walk Challenge and they plan to apply this rule: According to the organizers, this will only be the second time this format of a "penalty box" will be used, but is under consideration by IAAF to be used as the standard rule in future competitions.
  15. Glad to see they're changing the ranking system and also seeding competitors. However I'm not too happy about the increase in weights, mainly because now 4 weight divisions will be left out of the Olympic Games, meaning less athletes in those categories, at least during the Olympic qualification period. Besides, I really expect them to distribute the divisions with a more "regular" criteria, as for me, some of the current ones are kind of senseless (like the 74k in men's FS)