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  1. Congrats @OlympicIRL Another title, wonderful!! Also, great job by @Damian and of course, my lovely neighbour @dezbee2008, whose song I just loved!!
  2. Just like it was for Italy back in 2013, if I'm not wrong Come on @vinipereira, I'd like to eat lunch
  3. Shall we call 911 for you @OlympicIRL?
  4. Don't think so, but thanks for your wishes
  5. Now Ireland and USA are hoping Colombia is not on that list
  6. Yeah, it was probably that; but that wasn't written anywhere, that was just something we arranged in order to have a fairer process to select the hosts. I'm not mad or bitter, just saying that the rule in this particular matter shall be rewritten.
  7. Well, it was originally, and that's why Brazil is hosting. But last year when I won 2nd place, they decided to choose the host by chance.
  8. @OlympicIRL will be praying that If Colombia is on Brazil's vote, it is in the next position
  9. Oh my god!! Great job @dcro We will relieve the tension of the first contest!! @vinipereira , now it's up to you to close the voting !!
  10. The tension is great... if Colombia is in @dcro's list, then we have a new champion
  11. You really liked that, right? Mariah at her best
  12. If Colombia gets points from Croatia, it is all said and done.
  13. I'm sensing Colombia will get a 12, and possibly the victory in the contest.
  14. If you like that much, that song in concrete (Chilanga Banda) is a tribute to the urban culture that defined post WWII Mexico City, characterized by immigration from other parts of that country that resulted in a slang that is unique to the people living there (and consequently, considered disgusting by the rest of the country, myself included)