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  1. Right, forgot to post which sport it was
  2. Well I respect your position, and it has some potential to work, Personally I think it would be like increasing the chances of wining by ignoring half of the people in the contest; when I select the Mexican entry only on my personal "taste", so whether it does well or flops, I come to terms that my "taste" in music is not shared by other users.
  3. Totally unfair for the other countries in that semi, as both entries have alreay secured at least 12 points.
  4. Final Results from Latin America Qualification Tournament Girls Adriana DIAZ Bruna TAKAHASHI Boys Nicolas BURGOS Guilherme TEODORO
  5. I understand it is not possible to control the televote, but EBU must have imposse some sanctions on Greek and Cypriot juries as they always award 12 points to each other every single contest. It just ridiculous.
  6. Kristian gave Portugal a run, being 2nd in both, being only 17,,, I know, you wanted to win, but still nice position for him
  7. Congratulations Portugal
  8. It deserved better... amazing singers!!
  9. And Blanche can't sing live, so she should be in last place with Spain... I can't understand the juries
  10. Another 12 for the Netherlands
  11. I don't seem to understand how juries are having Sweden's crap ahead of Italy
  12. Wow, Portugal is on fire
  13. The Australian guy flashing just as Jamala was starting her song
  14. What just happened