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  1. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    And it's official, no medal for China in 3m springboard.
  2. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    On more relevant news, Chinese diver bombed his first dive, earning 0's... he may be in trouble to even medal
  3. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    Mexican flag upside down
  4. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    And Cuba won gold in women's discus
  5. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    Second gold for Mexico
  6. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    Thanks for the answer... cross my fingers now; a good measure is that he didn't get crushed by the Russian, but again I don't know too much about this sport, except that we've improved a little in greco thanks to Cuban coaches.
  7. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    Well, Mexico sucks in freestyle, so I think this could be interesting.
  8. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    @MHSN you think Mexican wrestler has a good shot at bronze against the one from Egypt?
  9. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    And Mexican athletes continue to earn bronzes... 2 more today. I wonder if they will try to go for a silver
  10. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    Another bronze medal for Mexico, this time in wrestling. Still six to win to surpass Nanjing's total. Good performance by our male canoer, our girl race walker and both archers. Diving start tomorrow, so there will be a lot of expectation.
  11. And Jamaica's done it. A great performance, crushing the Cuban team 9-0, with still 8+ minutes to play. Cuba probably with the worst record in the tournament finals, with no goals and 29 against so far.
  12. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    No medals today for Mexico, but some good results. In swimming, we have another finalist (CAC Games Champion in women's 100m butterfly) and two other semifinalists. Plus our competitor in men's 400m finished in provisional 1st place Let's hope tomorrow will see more encouraging results.
  13. @vinipereira I´m waiting for that post blaming the Mexican team
  14. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    Well, another day, another bronze for Mexico, but I'm not clag with the mediocre display of our competitor in the semi, which in no way discredits the amazing performance by the eventual champion from Iran. Also dissapointed by our women's hockey team and both of our artistic gymnast, who threw a rather decent performance to end missing out the AA final.