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  1. Archery 2018 Discussion Thread

    Indeed a respectable achievement for them Sorry that Canada only has one chance left, but if they prepare themselves right, the men should get the last team spot.
  2. Equestrian 2018 Discussion Thread

    WHAAAT? Totally surprised by the result... three years ago we didn't have a team, and now they win CAC Games and then this competition. Someone pinch me.
  3. Bad judgiing sees the Dominican Republic lose gold medal against Mexico in women's boxing -64kg
  4. : French Guiana lost match for bronze in women's rugby sevens, its best chance at a medal
  5. Gold medal for Jamaica in men's doubles in badminton
  6. Second gold medal for Barbados, winning the men's 4x100, establishing a new NR.
  7. Second medal for in men's triple jump
  8. In his last attempt, Keshorn Walcott from Trinidad and Tobago wins gold with a 84.47 mark. In the same event, Grenada won a silver, their only medal of the Games.
  9. Mexico came back from being two sets down,to win the bronze medal match against Cuba in men's volleyball That's the spirit guys
  10. I voted yes, but it should be conditioned to AIBA changing the current scoring system and an evaluation of the corrupt judges.
  11. In athletics, Catherine Ibarguen won her 2nd gold of the Games, setting a new Games record of 14.92 in triple jump
  12. Amazing results for Guatemalan male boxers today In men's -56kg Juan Reyes defeated host Jhon Martinez In men's -75kg an even bigger surprise as Lester Cardona beat World and Olympic champion Arlen Lopez
  13. Pan American Games 2019

    Men's Handball +14 +14 +14
  14. And Mexico's basketball team is out Main responsibility is within the team, they already knew they were the favorites and that the referees could try to ruin their chances even more. So, along with baseball (joined soon by handball and waterpolo) this will be the only sports/disciplines which will come home empty handed
  15. Kyron McMaster wins men's 400m hurdles with a new Games record of 47.60