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  1. Well that's just half of the real story happening in my country... Yes last week there were some protests against the increase in fuel prices that turned into chaos and looting... this was exploited by the Government to spread the panic and to organize groups to replicate the lootings... however the citizens were already ware of that and avoided more lootings. This weekend I took part in a pacific protest along at least 10,000 others in my city, urging the government to reduce the salaries of the elected oficials, to punish corruption and to lower the tax in fuel (which represent almost half of the final retail price). There were similar protests in other cities and towns, so finally, the Mexican people is starting to show how upset are we of this inept and corrupt administration. Here is a link to the event page in FB...
  2. Happy New Year to everyone!!
  3. Congratulations @Wanderer I also had the feeling chest 14 was the winner... the problem was to find the key
  4. 9 Edit... I didn't read I've missed the turn, sorry for the inconvenience
  5. You can replace me if by any chance I'll go offline
  6. Nice pic!! Lots of success for everyone involved in the tour!!
  7. I'm here right now... unluckily I'm traveling (not so much for holidays, but due to an eventuality)... I'll try to be on thr game as much as I can, but in the event my connection fails, I'd like to ask anyone else who is able to do it to replace me.
  8. Very interesting article... I liked the part where she tells about playing with the fish before they cook it (personally, I would have wailed and throw a tantrum if anyone touched the fish I was playing with ) Also I'm intrigued by the waffers with garlic and honey... although I remember eating something in Prague during Easter which also had dough, nuts and honey. So, I hope you continue enjoying your celebration. Merry Christmas!!
  9. Wow! You celebrate Christmas like we do in Guadalajara in particular... Tonight we have dinner with our family and we open the presents after dinner. Also, kids presents are brought by Baby Jesus, unlike the rest of Mexico where they're brought by Santa Claus or by the 3 Wise Men (of course, until January 6th)
  10. Merry Christmas everyone!! My best wishes for you and the people you cherish...
  11. I'm stepping up to help Wanderer and LDOG with the point calculation of the predictions for Cycling, Swimming and the Miscellaneous Events, since I'm having a few days off work. I'm planning of finishing the results next week. Still I think you shall be patient; it's a hard work filling out each form without mistakes, so please consider that.
  12. I agree... at least one place in each individual event, subject to the athlete achieving an "easier" standard, like what Triathlon or Badminton did in the last Summer Olympics.
  13. We can all go to Ireland... I'll bring a piñata and, we take turns to hit it and after someone breaks it, whoever finds the golden key is the winner Seriously, why not do it like the format many of us suggested... some kind of bracket (with a previous round between me and the Serbs) from which 4 winners go on to the final contest?
  14. Indeed a nice accomplishment for them... hope to see them contending for a spot in PyeongChang