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  1. Wrestling 2016 Discussion Thread

    Olympics rigged in favour of Russia, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan...http://www.flowrestling.org/article/46587-how-uww-leadership-rigged-the-olympic-games any thoughts??
  2. India National Thread | Road to Tokyo 2020

    Harikrishna took down the world championship challenger Serjey Kajarkin today !!! And he plays Magnus Carlsen tomorrow !!! The win also moves him to world no. 11 in the live rankings and into the individual silver medal position on the top board. Unfortunately, the final round pairings mean that Indian men are pretty much assured of missing the medals. Only way they have a chance is if Italy somehow takes down Russia, which would be an upset for the ages... The girls on the other hand have a great chance of medalling. They play USA tomorrow and need to win (India are seeded 5th, USA 6th). Then, depending on other results, they can end up anywhere from 2nd to 5th !!!
  3. India National Thread | Road to Tokyo 2020

    Really fail to understand how journos are STILL given so much importance in India when its clear to all that most of them know nothing about anything and just are looking for ways to shout their lungs out and create controversy...not just in sports but in everything...
  4. India National Thread | Road to Tokyo 2020

    Good to see your optimism but the way I see it it is all talk and no substance. Failure never wakes up the authorities in India, its only success which makes them come running for their photo-ops and reflected glory... Also, all olympic plans are always "long term". Modi declared forming a task force for next 3 olympics - what happens if he loses elections?? Do you think that task force will remain unaffected ??? Soon, authorities will start saying that 2020 is too close and we need to focus on 2024 - then after 2020, they'll either be out of power or start saying we need to focus on 2028 !!! Even NRAI's "post-mortem" seems aimed at increasing their own influence (no personal coaches, no individual separate foreign training) as opposed to actually making improvements... Earlier, everyone used to say we need world class foreign coaches. So authorities got the cheapest, most dope-tainted coaches available and observers became happy as they had white skin. Now, with Sindhu, Sakshi and Dipa all having Indian coaches, the foreigners will be shown the door and we'll return to the old outdated Indian coaching manuals...
  5. India National Thread | Road to Tokyo 2020

    Didn't happen at the Olympics, but the national anthem finally played in Rio !!!! Also, TWO Indians on the same podium !!!! GOLD jump at the 2:47 mark, anthem at 3:35...
  6. India National Thread | Road to Tokyo 2020

    Where are you following the results?? Any live scoring/live streaming link ???
  7. India National Thread | Road to Tokyo 2020

    What a day for India at the Baku Chess Olympiad !!! Adhiban took advantage of a blunder from his opponent while Harikrishna fought and held on against Anish Giri for a draw to give India the victory and the SOLE LEAD at the Olympiad. First time in history that India is leading at the chess olympiad !!! Huge match tomorrow - India vs USA !!! The women's match was a complete roller coaster. First, Harika finally found her touch and completed a quick victory against the Latvian minister of finance Dana (no typo, her opponent is not only the current minister of finance of Latvia but also defeated World No. 1 Hou Yifan just a few days ago). The other girls were also playing solidly. But then, Tania blundered bad and lost her match, with white, in no time to make the scoreline 1-1. Then Padmini got herself into deep trouble and with Saumya's position looking drawish, it looked like India's first loss was on the cards despite Harika's win. But somehow, after a lot of suffering, it all changed suddenly as Saumya found an opening and capitalized quickly for the win, with BLACK. Around the same time, Padmini's opponent also lost her chance and the game reached a drawish position !!! It however kept going on and on with the Latvian just waiting and waiting and hoping for a mistake from Padmini, but she eventually secured the draw on move 140 to give India a narrow 2.5-1.5 win !!! So the girls now move to 10 match points (along with a few other teams), closely behind joint leaders Russia and Ukraine on 11 mach points
  8. India National Thread | Road to Tokyo 2020

    Yeah obviously it doesn't matter as far as the result is concerned. But it will still be a lot of fun to watch Nadal in the tie...especially for Delhiites (without having to pay the exorbitant ticket prices charged by the IPTL)
  9. India National Thread | Road to Tokyo 2020

    By the way, is anyone here following the chess olympiad ?? The Indian men are doing absolutely awesome. They are 1 of only 3 teams to have won all 5 of their matches so far. Yesterday, Harikrishna defeated a higher-rated Azebaijani (home favorite and with a record of 4 wins out of 4 till then, also now in top-10 of the world) with BLACK pieces. Then, the new star Vidit Gujrathi doubled the joy by repeating the same - defeating a higher rated home player with a 4/4 record so far, again with BLACK pieces. Vidit so far is one of only 4 players (out of the 1000+ competing at the Olympiad) who has won all his 5 games. India eventually won the match 3-1 (India is seeded 9th, Azerbaijan 4th). Today is rest day. Tomorrow, India face Netherlands, also 5/5 (third 5/5 team is Ukraine) with Harikrishna (2752) facing Anish Giri (2755) on the top board. The women unfortunately haven't fared so well. After starting with 3 wins, they have had to settle for draws against lower-rate Israel and Vietnam. They face Latvia tomorrow. You can follow on www.bakuchessolympiad.com and www.chess24.com
  10. India National Thread | Road to Tokyo 2020

    I will believe it only when Rafa lands in India. Before that, good chance he will pull out...
  11. India National Thread | Road to Tokyo 2020

    Surprise !!! Surprise !!! Sarita Devi's controversial bout in Asain games and Michael Conlan's controversial bout in Rio both had the same refree, and had one of the same judges. http://www.thesun.ie/irishsol/homepage/sport/boxing/7229157/Kevin-Byrne-Lifetime-ban-in-offing-will-HELP-Michael-Conlan.html
  12. India National Thread | Road to Tokyo 2020

    Nope, everyone complains about AIBA and boxing. Unfortunately, it has got to the point where unless you were knocked out, you are gonna complain if u lose (one example being the USA boxer who lost to Vikas in the first round. He was beaten black and blue but still acted as though he was shocked by the result). This is something which AIBA wanted as they can now even ignore the genuine complaints among the deluge of merit-less complaints. CAS unfortunately has no role to play here. CAS is very clear on the fact that they will never give a decision on the refreeing/judging/umpiring in any sport. Thats why Vikas' appeal in 2012 was a lost cause. They adjudicate only on off-field matters - like doping and qualification procedure and so on. The biggest controversy this year was the loss of Irish Michael Conlan - who openly put up two middle fingers and shouted abuses right after his match. No ban/santions have come yet but AIBA has said they will take action...though it remains to be seen. Bit ironic that in London, we complained a lot about decisions going in favour of home team GB and psuedo-home team Ireland but the shoe was on the other foot this time. By the way, Ireland had 4 boxing medals in London, 0 in Rio.
  13. India National Thread | Road to Tokyo 2020

    Injuries can happen in training as well. Saina didnt get injured in any competition. Amit Kumar didnt get injured in any competition. It is just an excuse.
  14. India National Thread | Road to Tokyo 2020

    NRAI actually had a detailed selection policy for the Olympics which considered scores from international tournaments as well as selection trials. It involved considering your best 6 scores across tournaments and trials + bonus points for doing well in international tournaments and winning quota. And they followed the policy to the tee. Its just that all the quota winners anyways came out on top as per the criteria of the policy. The one person who didnt come out on top was Sanjeev Rajput as Gagan finished 2nd in the 3 position category ahead of Sanjeev despite Sanjeev receiving significant bonus points for winning the quota. A few people on this forum have also said that Pooja Ghatkar should have been selected ahead of Ayonika but Ayonika was selected not because she won quota but because she was way ahead of Pooja in the selection policy (and Ayonika's quota didnt matter at all. As per NRAI policy, winning a quota or performance equivalent to winning a quota gets you 3 merit points. BOTH Ayonika and Pooja got those 3 merit points based on their performance in the Delhi qualfier since Pooja's performance was quota-equivalent with a shooter having finished below her getting a quota) Also, NRAI officially declared that Manavjeet was selected ahead of Kynan based on the selection policy for Kynan's quota. And then there was an application with ISSF to award Sanjeev's quota to Kynan. So, had ISSF turned down the quota exchange request, it would have been Kynan mising out and not Manavjeet. So we don't have pure trials in shooting but it is a detailed policy based on scores achieved in trials and at international tournaments. And it works for an unpredictable sport like shooting where you don't want selection to be based on a single trial as anything can happen on a given day. However, wrestling is a far more predictable sport than shooting with the stronger wrestler generally coming out on top. Also, it is unfortunately a sport where every country has only one representative in major international tournaments and thus u cannot compare the performance of two wrestlers at the same event. WFI anyways selects the wrestlers to represent India at all tournaments, except the Olympics, through trials. Why not even use trials for the Olympics ?? Trials are required to ensure that (a) the best wrestler at the time of the olympics actually goes and (b) to provide a chance to a wrestler like Amit Kumar who got injured at the time of quota tournament but is healed by the time of the olympics. At best, what they can do is give an advantage to the quota winners at the trials. They can adopt the chess model where you have a challengers' trial for all the wrestlers other than the quota winner. The winner of this challenger's trial then challenges the quota winner for the olympic berth. If required, this final trial can also be a best-of-3 with the quota winner given the first win by default. So that would imply that the quota winner has to defeat his challenger just once whereas the challenger has to beat the quota winner twice. Further, such trials can even be televised to make wrestling in India more popular. There was so much hype this time for a Sushil vs Narsingh trial. WFI missed a huge opportunity to hold it, televise it, and earn some moolah. In my opinion at least, trials are now a necessity with India having multiple wrestlers in the same category at around the same level.