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  1. Biathlon IBU Summer Biathlon World Championships 2018

    Though it seems there is no livestream for the junior competitions.
  2. Asian Games 2018

    “The Great Successor”, Kim Jong-un, must be quite satisfied with this result. But poor Tajikistan
  3. Football 2018 Discussion Thread

    Former goalkeeper and legend for my home city club, Odense Football club, Lars Høgh, has been diagnosed with cancer at age 59 He played his whole career in Odense Football club, from 1977-2000. He played 817 games for them and 8 on the national team. He has won 3 national league championships with the club, which are how many the club have won overall in their history. Outside of Denmark, his is most known for being part of "The Miracle in Madrid", where Odense Football club won 2-0 over Real Madrid in Madrid in the 1994-1995 UEFA Cup. He is in treatment at the moment.
  4. Asian Games 2018

    Kyrgyzstan was so close to beat Bahrain
  5. Men's Tennis Davis Cup 2018

    The new format described in pictures:
  6. Men's Tennis Davis Cup 2018

    It's now official https://www.daviscup.com/en/news/290057.aspx "From 2019, the competition will see 18 nations compete in a week long season finale to be crowned Davis Cup champions. The first edition of the new event will be held in Madrid or Lille from 18-24 November, with the inaugural host city to be announced soon. The Davis Cup Finals will be held in a round robin format from Monday to Thursday, with the countries divided into six groups and each qualifying round consisting of three matches – two singles and one doubles – of best-of-three sets. The first placed teams from each group and the two best runners-up will reach the quarterfinals on Friday, while Saturday and Sunday will host the semifinals and the final. The two worst qualified teams from the round robin stage will be relegated to the Zone Groups for the following year and the rest of the nations that did not qualify for the semifinals will have to participate in February's qualifying round the following season".
  7. FIA Formula One World Championship

    Carlos Sainz replaces Fernando Alonso as McLaren driver for next season. https://www.mclaren.com/formula1/inside-the-mtc/carlos-sainz-race-mclaren-2019/
  8. Auto Racing Discussion Thread

    Thanks! I wasn't sure to put it there because the thread was named "Formula 1 FIA World Championship 2018" and this involved the 2019 season.
  9. [OFF TOPIC] Music Thread

    "The Queen of Soul", Aretha Franklin, has died at the age of 76
  10. Asian Games 2018

    0-2 It looks like it's game over for Nepal
  11. Auto Racing Discussion Thread

    Carlos Sainz replaces Fernando Alonso as McLaren driver for next season. https://www.mclaren.com/formula1/inside-the-mtc/carlos-sainz-race-mclaren-2019/
  12. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    Weirdly enough, according to Heritage, an American conservative public policy think tank, Denmark is a more economic free (capitalistic) country than USA. Denmark is 12 and USA is 18 For your information, Venezuela is number 179 out of 180. At least they are higher than North Korea https://www.heritage.org/index/ranking
  13. Asian Games 2018

    I wil fix it immediately!
  14. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    Well I never been in Venezuela, but I have heard some rumours that it is not going too well. When I went to the supermarket today to buy sugar and flour for my cupcakes, the price was the same as last week. But what do I know? I'm just a student who wants to start a cupcake-cafe apparently
  15. Football 2018 Discussion Thread

    Tough Champions League for Martve Kutasi women. 0-29 in goal difference, and 107 shots allowed in three games! But they had 6 shots and 1 on goal in three games